KAFB.Typic Vermaquepts

Key to Subgroups 

KAFB. Other Vermaquepts. Typic Vermaquepts 

Description of Subgroups 

KAFB. Typic Vermaquepts.—The central concept or Typic subgroup of Vermaquepts is fixed on poorly drained soils that have an exchangeable sodium percentage of less than 7 (or a sodium adsorption ratio [SAR] of less than 6) in all subhorizons within 100 cm of the mineral soil surface. The recognizable bioturbation in the soils is caused mainly by crayfish. These soils are of small extent in the United States. They occur mostly on the coastal plain in Texas. The native vegetation consists mostly of water-tolerant trees and shrubs. Most of these soils have been cleared and are used as cropland. Rice is among the commonly grown crops. Crayfish are sometimes raised on the crop residue.

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