JEJR.Anthraquic Hapludalfs

Key to Subgroups 

JEJR. Other Hapludalfs that have anthraquic conditions. Anthraquic Hapludalfs 

Description of Subgroups 

JEJR. Anthraquic Hapludalfs.—These soils are like Typic Hapludalfs, but they have been irrigated for paddy rice production for many years and have developed anthraquic conditions. They are permitted, but not required, to have redox depletions with chroma of 2 or less in layers that also have aquic conditions in normal years either within the upper 25 cm of the argillic horizon if its upper boundary is within 50 cm of the mineral soil surface or within 75 cm of the mineral soil surface if the upper boundary of the argillic horizon is deeper than 50 cm. These soils are not extensive and are rare in the United States. They have level or nearly level slopes.

Soil Families and Soil Series in Subgroup

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