IEDF.Vitrandic Calcixerolls

Key to Subgroups 

IEDF. Other Calcixerolls that have, throughout one or more horizons with a total thickness of 18 cm or more within 75 cm of the mineral soil surface, one or both of the following:

1. More than 35 percent (by volume) fragments coarser than 2.0 mm, of which more than 66 percent is cinders, pumice, and pumicelike fragments; or

2. A fine-earth fraction containing 30 percent or more particles 0.02 to 2.0 mm in diameter, of which 5 percent or more is volcanic glass, and [(Al plus 1/2 Fe, percent extracted by ammonium oxalate) times 60] plus the volcanic glass (percent) is equal to 30 or more. Vitrandic Calcixerolls 

Description of Subgroups 

IEDF. Vitrandic Calcixerolls.—These soils have significant amounts of cinders, pumice, and pumicelike fragments or glass. They do not have a lithic contact within 50 cm of the soil surface, a high shrink-swell potential, or saturation within 100 cm of the soil surface. These soils are not known to occur in the United States.

Soil Families and Soil Series in Subgroup

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