IECC.Aquic Palexerolls

Key to Subgroups 

IECC. Other Palexerolls that have, in one or more horizons within 75 cm of the mineral soil surface, redox depletions with chroma of 2 or less and also aquic conditions for some time in normal years (or artificial drainage). Aquic Palexerolls 

Description of Subgroups 

IECC. Aquic Palexerolls.—These soils have redox depletions with low chroma and either have shallow ground water at some time of the year or are artificially drained. They developed in nearly level or gently sloping areas where they receive more moisture than the amount that falls on the surface. The native vegetation is dominantly grasses and shrubs, but some of the soils support trees, mostly oak species. The soils are of very small extent in the Western United States. They are used mostly as cropland or pasture, some of which is irrigated.

Soil Families and Soil Series in Subgroup

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