GECM.Ustic Paleargids

Key to Subgroups 

GECM. Other Paleargids that are dry in all parts of the moisture control section for less than three-fourths of the time (cumulative) when the soil temperature is 5 oC or higher at a depth of 50 cm and have a soil moisture regime that borders on ustic. Ustic Paleargids 

Description of Subgroups 

GECM. Ustic Paleargids.—These are the Paleargids that have a soil moisture regime that borders on ustic. These soils do not have a high shrink-swell potential; saturation with water for 1 month or more within 100 cm of the soil surface in normal years; a calcic horizon; a sandy or sandy-skeletal particle-size class from the soil surface to a depth of 50 cm or more; or a significant amount of volcanic glass, pumice, cinders, pumicelike fragments, durinodes, nodules, and concretions. These soils occur in desert areas of the United States and Argentina.

Soil Families and Soil Series in Subgroup

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