ECBO.Typic Acrustox

Key to Subgroups 

ECBO. Other Acrustox. Typic Acrustox 

Description of Subgroups 

ECBO. Typic Acrustox.—The central concept or Typic subgroup of Acrustox is fixed on soils that do not have a petroferric contact, a lithic contact, or redox depletions with a color value, moist, of 4 or more and chroma of 2 or less within 125 cm of the mineral soil surface and also do not have aquic conditions for some time in normal years. These soils have less than 16 kg/m2 organic carbon to a depth of 100 cm and have less than 5 percent plinthite in all horizons within a depth of 125 cm. Their colors are reddish, but the soils do not have very dark reddish colors throughout the layers between depths of 25 and 125 cm. These soils are not known to occur in the United States.

Soil Families and Soil Series in Subgroup

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