Key to Suborders

CA. Spodosols that have aquic conditions for some time in normal years (or artificial drainage) in one or more horizons within 50 cm of the mineral soil surface and have one or both of the following:
1. A histic epipedon; or
2. Within 50 cm of the mineral soil surface, redoximorphic features in an albic or a spodic horizon. Aquods, p. 251

CB. Other Spodosols that have, in normal years, a mean annual soil temperature of 0 oC or colder and a mean summer soil temperature that:
1. Is 8 oC or colder if there is no O horizon; or
2. Is 5 oC or colder if there is an O horizon. Gelods, p. 255

CC. Other Spodosols that have a cryic soil temperature regime. Cryods, p. 253

CD. Other Spodosols that have 6.0 percent or more organic carbon in a layer 10 cm or more thick within the spodic horizon. Humods, p. 256

CE. Other Spodosols. Orthods, p. 256

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