Welcome to Dinosaur Philosophy: the website of Leonard Finkelman, PhD. Here you will find access to Leonard's background, writings, course materials, and other relevant works.

About Leonard Finkelman
Leonard Finkelman is an assistant professor of Philosophy at Linfield College. He received his PhD in Philosophy from the City University of New York Graduate Center in 2013. His research focuses on issues in Philosophy in Biology and particularly those related to paleontology and classification. In addition to this research, he has written on topics in ethics, possible-world semantics, and human nature. He will also occasionally indulge interests in astronomy, prehistoric art, science fiction, and graphic novels. He can be reached at the e-mail address: dinosaurphilosophy  at linfield dot edu.

Why "dinosaur philosophy"?
While still an undergraduate in the University of Virginia, Leonard made a promise to himself: every piece of writing that he thenceforth completed would include at least one reference to dinosaurs. (He has admittedly faltered in keeping this promise at several points.) As a result, he has become (somewhat) skilled at explaining philosophical concepts through the use of examples from paleontology. This combination of interests should make sense: to engage in philosophy is to approach the world with childlike wonder, and nothing inspires childlike wonder like dinosaurs.