My Favorite Stuff

Music Artists

Metallica - grew up on them.  Favorite song:  One
Lincoln Park - Who can't love this group?
DJ DoBoy - Techno Master
DJ Tiesto - Techno Master
DJ GT - Techno Master

Actors / Comedians

Undertaker - Watched him since his arrival in WWF, when it was WWF.  What an incredible actor!
Arnold Swar - The big mean machine.  After movies, he goes political.  Not sure what to think.
Lucy Liu - Asian godess from the heavens :)
Kobe Kai - Porn version of Lucy liu.  Yea I know :)
Larry the Cable Guy
Jeff Foxworthy
3 Stooges - The classics are sometimes the funniest

Movies / TV Shows

Lord of the Rings
Star trek
SAW Series
Shrek Series
Spiderman Series
Pirates of the Caribbean - Disney's smash hit movie.  Proving you don't need blood & language to make a hit.


Lord of the Rings Collection
Star Trek Collection
Command & Conquer series
Ghost Recon Adv. Warrior (GRAW)
Evil Genius
Age of Empires Series
Dungeon Keeper
Supreme Commander - New game.  They've expanded the battlefield considerably

Drinks / Food

Mountain Dew
Prime Rib
Porterhouse Steak
Mom's italian cooking
DICEs - Local Hot dog stand that sells 1 pound hot dogs.  I eat 2 of them at a time.
McDonalds Double Quarter Pounders & Fries - Truely the american tradition :).  2 double quarters for me.

Favorites Places to Visit

Japan, China, Korea, etc - Yea, I LOVE asian ladies.  Go figure.
New Zealand - Thaks to LOTR for showing us this incredible country
Germany & Russia - Be interesting to visit