Digital Chaos's Macgyver Toolkit (2007)

Building the ultimate Admin tool for the one-click solutions

This page was born in recognition of all the GUIs out there that people were making.  It so happens that I was right in the midst of designing my own admin toolkit when I started to sniff around the forums for help and stumbled on all the GUIs.  I am seeing a lot of nice ones out there, all for different needs.  It is my purpose to design 1 tool and incompass as many possible features as I can.

My project was born due to a lack of managebility and automation in my work place.  So when I have the time, I quietly sit back and work on my scrip @ work, adding new features as they are needed while everyone else ends up walking around and spending tons of time on wasted man power.  In fact, a recent project came up and while it took the other guys hours to do their part, I only had to click 1 button.  Amazing!!! 

Since I've made this toolkit on a as-need basis, it lacks a proper GUI.  In time, it will be revised.  Since my time is short, I need to work mainly on the functionality more than looks

In 2010, I got back on this project as I started working for another company.  I'm more determined to be able to automate 90+% of the stuff I do.  I'm so sick and tired that everyone thinks we have to call the user, ask them to log off the system, and then wait 30 minutes for us to work on their system.  We have the tools and solutions to simply work in the background, invisible to the user.  We have an obligation to become invisible stealthy IT Ninjas!  We also have an obligation to know what is happening to the systems and become PREACTIVE; not REACTIVE or even PROACTIVE.  In other words, we wait until someone calls in about a problem then REACT to it.  Proactive is where we try to figure out a solution for known issues (i.e. virus).  PREACTIVE is where we actively look at the systems and PREVENT an issue from even occuring (i.e. Hard drive crashing).

 "The less we are seen, the better the IT department is"


Take a look.  It runs under WIN7 too!

Last Updated:  12/3/2011



Change Log

v.4.5 (2011)

* Remotely install Printers per Machine (PrintServer, IP, or Hostname).  This was huge!!!!
* Query PC & User info from AD and put into Database
* Remotely install apps SILENTLY!!!  Remote user see's nothing!!!
* Remote command prompt
* Remotely change folder permissions (Separate utility I made, not incorporated into GUI yet as this came due to viruses / BHO's / Chrome / Firefox installs that weren't needed on company PC's)
* Remotely get last user who signed on
* Change Autologon settings for generic IDs
* Remote shutdown / reboot PCs
* Remote GPO management (Reset / update)
* Query USER settings (i.e. printers).  Need to obtain way to get resolution settings still.
* SQL Database backend (Much more to add into this later)

Future Addons
* Login with alternate credentials (If you have a network admin account that's separate from your normal desktop account)

* GUI in different resolutions / fonts doesn't work properly

* New GUI
* App settings are now contained in a INI file.  Was looking into a XML file but for now, INI will work
* Partial Logging capability to CSV file

Future Addons
* SQL support.  This will be a major addon
* Remote Desktop
* Manage processes on remote systems (List / Kill)
* Install Printers PER MACHINE rather than per user
* Data Encryption

* MAXIMIZING the app wil make the GUI get jumbled.

* Resized GUI to 800x600.  Was set to 1200x600.  Much easier to use on smaller screens
* Reorganized code for easier reading
* NEW - Find the WUS SID (Report Section)
* Removed unused menu items

* Report on multiple PCs various items - Being developed further, currently in .CSV file.
* SQL manager being developed


Dynamic Menu system
Using a INI file, I am now able to pull my menu from the the file instead of hard coding
the information.  Makes making a menu system extremly easy and doesn't require any coding.  This has been a major headache for me.  I've spent the last 2 weeks working on just this function.  After posting for help, I  was given a solution (  It worked well but I  ended up redoing it, partly because I wanted to learn it, partly because I wanted to shrink it, but mainly I had to expand on the capabilities to include mutiple menu items.

Credit to WiredBits for his posting


Future Updates / Enhancements

1)  Use SQL (Autoit has a 'lite' version SQL *SWEET*) / INI / XML for storing configs.
          INI will probably be 1st as I am not finding any XML support in autoit (even custom solutions)
          SQL support - Need to research this. 

2) Encryption of data.  I think I saw some option to do this.

4) Of course, make it skinable!

5) Optimize code further.  Some other GUIs I've seen are hundreds of lines of code.  I prefer clean and simple.

6) Further debugging.  Need to add support for custom error codes

7) LDAP support - Need help on this part.  Trying to fnd some good docs on working with LDAP queries.  While I have a few scripts, I still need to learn a lot more.

8) WMI support - researching

9) Help File - Need to learn to make CHM files.  I have the tools but haven't look into it.  I could always make a PDF document instead as I have that capability.

10) NTFS file Permission editor - lock down those folders remotely

11) Registry Manager - View / edit / lockdown the registry on remote system

12) Logon page - Wouldn't want just anyone getting into this tool, do we?

13) Outlook Manager addon - Inspiration

14) Manage User Specific settings (Researching)

15) Remote CTRL-ALT-DEL function to unlock a PC if you know the proper credentials

16) TCP Functions - Idea 1

17) IE Password Manager - Probably a seperate project but google for Roboform and you'll get the idea.  Only mine would be simple and clean.


Credits to those whose code I may have used
     GaFrost - I've seen you everywhere.  Your avatar haunts me :)
     joshiieeii - You sound like a System admin with the projects you've done :)  We need to talk!!
     WiredBits - For the initial Dynamic Menu function.  Many thanks!

Links to source code I may have used - UH YEA!!! - GaFrost's admin toolkit - Skin Autoit - Autoit Tutorials



Future Projects

User Profile Manager
     I need to make a project where I am able to copy someone's profile and put it onto another PC in preparation to moving the user to the new PC.  Need to research if there is any way I can get a tool that can handle open files to avoid interupting the user / rebooting.  Also need to know how profiles are generated.  If I copy the profile to another PC and then add the user and login, windows actually creates a new profile since it 'sees' the existing one and refuses to touch it.

This could spin off into a custom backup tool as well. 

Need to look into the USMT tool from MS