Hitler burned the Reichstag (the German congress) and blamed it on the communists. At that point he was given carte blanche by the German people to handle the situation anyway he wanted. It was then child’s play to ram the Enabling Acts through what was left of congress. All Hitler had to do was simply label a person a “communist” and that person was jailed and murdered. No trial, no due process, no nothing. And if you have documentation to the contrary, proof that all those “communists” (Ditto for all the “communists” recently murdered in Latin, Central, and South America.) were found guilty in a fair trial – a fair trial being required by the LORD and the Holy Bible – please present it to us.

G. Wimp Bush, in imitation of his mentor (and his grandfather, Preston’s, business partner), Adolph Hitler, destroyed the two towers of the WTC on 9/11 and blamed it on “terrorists.” Now, all he has to do is call someone a “terrorist”, and that person is jailed without due process and without access to legal defense. Do a search on “Guantanamo prison” for details. Bush ruthlessly castigated members of Congress as traitors if they didn’t go along in passing the “PATRIOT” Acts, which they did overwhelmingly.

Hitler combined military and police functions in a superagency which he called Fatherland Security. At that point secret police were everywhere, and Germany became a nation of informants.

Bush created Homeland Security for the same reasons.

Hitler, drunk with power, invaded Poland for its territory.

G. Wimp Bush, drunk with power, invaded Iraq for its oil.

Hitler saw a big part of the world as potential enemies.

So does Bush and his neocomm cronies.

Hitler inundated Poland with vodka prior to invasion.

The Reagan/Bush nazis flooded America with drugs to destabilize this country and give their satanic party an excuse to begin taking away rights.Tens of millions of Real Americans have seen the evidence and know it’s true. Check out this evidence at the websites of the militias (don’t listen to the “liberal” media’s bias against these groups), the libertarians, the constitutionalists, the real conservatives, and many Christian ministries. You’ll realize there is more evidence linking Bush to 9/11 than there is evidence linking Saddam (which you amerinazis aren’t men enough to admit you put in power in the 80s to combat the Ayatollah) to 9/11.

Educate yourselves in these most crucial matters. Don’t be content listening only to the authorities’ accounts. They are hardly an impartial party.Our forefathers were extremely suspicious of the military and the police. They knew how evil and cruel “men” could be when they held in their hands absolute power. That’s why we have the Bill of Rights; it’s a leash around the authorities’ necks. Or at least it was prior to the “PATRIOT” Acts. Over the last thirty years, Milpol (the military/police) has stepped up its conspiracies to rid America of the Bill of Rights.

Of course, decent citizens wanting to do the right thing (usually the hardest thing to do - I include modernday Americans in this) have always been a minority. They were in colonial America. Most people wanted to retain British rule, even though it was becoming more tyrannical everyday. And the German Underground. A majority of Germans scorned them for standing up to Hitler and couldn’t wait to turn them in to the SS. And to the north a few decades later, the Soviet dissidents found themselves up against a brainwashed populace (similar to today’s Americans) who believed everything the authorities (the communist party – the business party in America is its rough equivalent) told them.

If people like you had lived 200 years ago, you would have sided with the British in The Revolutionary War. You would have called anybody rebelling against King George III “crazy.” The same label you use for those protesting the Iraq War and who are fighting the good fight against wannabe fuehrer G. Wimp Bush, a “Commander-In-Chief” who didn’t even have guts enough to serve, even though he expects our sons, brothers, grandsons and nephews to serve. And die.

It couldn’t be more obvious the amerinazis are the ones who created, first, a national emergency by flooding this country with drugs as a pretext to taking away our liberties, then, second, by imitating the terrorists who attacked the WTC in the 90s – all this as a pretext for martial law.

Fortunately, our democracy is still intact enough to withstand such treasonous activities.

And, you have to admit, if you know anything about how the CIA works, the CIA obviously put G. Wimp Bush in the Whitehouse. They pulled the same strings to accomplish the same objectives they’ve been using in the Third World for 50 years. It’s a sad state of affairs when America has degenerated to the point that this satanic organization – who will most likely have a significant role in ushering in the anti-Christ – is deciding who our next president will be. If Bush hadn’t been placed in office by his dad’s CIA operatives and certain relatives, I would be much less suspicious of Baby Doc’s actions.

In Jesus’ Glorious and Holy name,
Dean Berry – REAL Christian, REAL American