Exciting news: we have now relocated to:

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute
College of Medicine
Department of Radiation Oncology

Our primary areas of investigation are aimed at enhancing our understanding of cancer biology to discover and develop improved methods for cancer treatment. The goals are to establish new knowledge that can be directly translated into the design of clinical trials for current and future approaches.

Our major future objective is to significantly and positively contribute to translational research and clinical practice. Our recent particular areas of research are 
- Drug discovery, design and development in different biological areas
(e.g. cancer, angiogenic, prokaryotes) 
- Tumor microenvironment 
(e.g. vessel normalization, physiology, immunology)
- Cancer glycobiology
(e.g. galectins)
- Conventional treatments 
(e.g. combinations, optimizations, new mechanisms)

Please check out our Highlights section (under construction),
for more specific (and hopefully visually appealing) examples.

We welcome any academic and industrial collaborations to advance and accelerate the research. 

This information does not substitute for advice or information provided by your physician. Please consult your physician for further information on standard care and/or experimental clinical treatment strategies.

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