Global Ding Pu Wonderland 環球頂埔樂園

What a Small World!

天涯若比鄰 世界就在身旁。
看看世界圖 隨時可以找找看自己喜歡國家的位置喲!
Come and find on the map any country you like.
Countries far away are close to each other here.

1 樓環球頂埔國際教育
Global Ding-Pu International Education Board on the 1st Floor

4 樓環球頂埔樂園世界牆
Global Ding-Pu Wonderland World Map on the 4th Floor

4 樓國際文教交
International Cultural Exchange on the 4th Floor

學生自主學習空間 Self-learning Zone

2013 頂埔國際教育
Ding-Pu International Education in 2013