The Full Report for the Policy Recommendations for the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda for the National Language and Literacy Learning Strategies for the Filipino and English Languages 

(submitted Sept. 30, 2006)

This is my virtual repository for this confidential report to the Department of Education of the government of the Philippines.  Also included is the powerpoint presentation I use to discuss the issue of languages of learning for Filipino children.

 If you stumbled upon this page, then it is quite by accident, rather than by design, as I have not announced that these pages exist on the web.  Please be judicious when you use the contents. 

The policy research on this page is supposed to inform the DepEd programs on language and literacy as well as the curriculum. 

It is a pity that some legislators think that there is no need to consider the research and the knowledge of education practitioners about how people and children learn when making laws that pertain to education -- particularly the languages of learning and the medium of instruction.  Their knee-jerk reaction to the need to fill up the quotas of business processing organizations such as transcriptions and call centers will put our children in schools at a learning disadvantage for their entire school careers, which will redound on more future economic and employment problems.

Dina Ocampo

created in 11 Dec 2007

Full Report

BESRA on Language and Literacy Cover Page

Table of Contents and Executive Summary

Chapter 1: The Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda 2015

Chapter 2: Methodology of the Policy Research

Chapter 3: Theoretical Framework

Chapter 4: Proposed National Language and Literacy Learning Strategies for Filipino and English

Chapter 5: Recommendations for Early Childhood Care and Development

Chapter 6: Rec ommendations for the Primary Grades

Chapter 7: Recommendations for the Intermediate Grades

Chapter 8: Recommendations for Secondary Education

Chapter 9: Recommendations for the Alternative Education System

Chapter 10: Strategic Communication Program for the National Learning Strategies for the Filipino and English Languages



Appendix 2A: 1st Consultative Meeting with Public Philosophers

Appendix 2B: 1st Regional Consultative Workshop: NCR and Southern Luzon

Appendix 2C: 2nd Regional Consultative Workshop: Central, Northern and CAR (Bagiuo City)

Appendix 2D: 3rd Regional Consultative Workshop: Visayas (Cebu City)

Appendix 2E: 4th Regional Consultative Workshop: Mindanao (Davao City)

Appendix 2F: 5th Regional Consultative Workshop: ARMM (Davao City)

Appendix 2G: Orientation on the Nature and Aims of BESRA (presented by DepEd officials)

Appendix 2H: Results of the Initial Consultation, the Analytial Framework and the Workshop Process

Appendix 2I: Documentation and Analysis Templates

Appendix 4A: Draft DepEd Order to replace the prevailing Bilingual Education Policy

Appendix 4B: Policy Directive to Implement the BESRA Recommendations on Language and Literacy

Lecture Handouts for The Philippine Roadmap to Multi-literacy