World Predictions to -Our Lady of Fatima ,the three shepherd children at Fatima – 21.01.2015,9am. -“What did they saw and how many prophecies for World Wars exactly” -Clairvoyant/ Psychic Predictions by Clairvoyant House “Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova “- from Europe,Bulgaria,Varna-21.01.2015,9am.

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World Predictions about  the Roman Curia-the Vatican,the secrets of : The holy  places, Our Lady of Fatima – Prediction How and where will start the Third World War,the Mount Hermon,the Mount of Olives,The Wailing Wall – Jerusalem,Magic prayer and weekly world predictions and… by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova

Publication Date: January 23, 2015

World Predictions to -Our Lady of Fatima ,the three shepherd children at Fatima – 21.01.2015,9am. -“What did they saw and how many prophecies for World Wars exactly” -Clairvoyant/ Psychic Predictions by Clairvoyant House “Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova “- from Europe,Bulgaria,Varna-21.01.2015,9am.

Fatima kids

A woman – on her head – Device,which looks like antennas -2 (two) ending with round balls – total 3 ( three) balls -one in the base – two antennas with thickness between 3-4cm. and in the end balls – the left is plus (+) – the right minus(-) – they were seeing it – the right in white ,the left – in yellow.

The device on the head in the back side – high above the neck is made from two parts – In the left there are six buttons, in the right – only two bigger : For the right side the one button is connected with metal fiber with the box, and the other is connected with one of the buttons with fiber which is hedged around the button/ the button emits (broadcasts)  white light and is bigger than the first.

The Woman – she has no ears, only holes (openings) for ears.

Lucia was closer inside the cloud, and she was watching – like through a mirror. Behind the cloud there was a machine, which a little looks like a tank – Time Machine.

It was making the sound “Hhhhh”.

The difference between the tank and Time Machine is the dome with hight of a door and with door.

They were called by the thought of the boy. He was thinking about money. Lucia was frightened, she thought that this were sentinels (soldiers).

The boy felt the moving of the machine.

The smaller girl saw the halo of the woman. She saw wings and under her chin she saw metal yellow plate.

The smaller girl heard about four event – A war – destruction and dictatorship ( dictatorial regime) ,Third World War. It is coming after irradiation from the Space or Strong Sun.

It is showing a picture of cataclysms on the Earth – meteors, which are falling ;A war on Northeast. At Northeast – dictatorial country (looks like Russia), Spaceport (cosmodrome) by fallen meteors (looks like Mount Hermon,Lebanon), War – Israel, air attacks on two countries (including Israel) ,a War that becomes World War, the Next Space coming in Northern Country.

A power (authority) that comes from West – a War. The South under Russia is separated by the Western influence – independent.

The sound that is heard through all the time is “Hhhh”.

There was no direct contact – the children were seeing like through a mirror. The talking was also about the Third World War.

Telepathically the children were hearing also pacification (soothes).

The smaller girl heard in the beginning cries(shouting).

When everything ended – she had the feeling that she felt deep in the ground.

The visions of the smaller girl were also written, but because they were more detailed – are hidden. They differ from the visions of Lucia with that – the smallet girl saw four (4) predictions (prophecies).

The two children – Jacinta and Francisco Marto died due the radiation – the flu is killing them,because they were weaker and their organism didn’t had the power to fight with the high temperature.

The Man in White ,killed by the soldiers is from the Space, he is not the Pope.

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