Turkish heiress Mina Başaran 's plane crash - The Reasons - Clairvoyant/Psychic reading March 12,2018 - by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna. http://sites.google.com/site/dimitrinkastaikova

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Turkish heiress Mina Başaran 's plane crash - The Reasons - Clairvoyant/Psychic reading March 12,2018 - by Clairvoyant  Dimitrinka Staikova from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna.

I see the falling of the plane directly down with hardly noticeable angle at East. The reason is a square box, then there is an explosion - everything as electronics has refused to work and  then a momentary falling  perpendicularly downward,  the light angle is because of the height. 
I see the passengers are seven and sleeping. The Eighth passenger was also sleeping,  but separated by the  others. The plane while flying to Dubai was in a perfect condition. From Dubai the plane was marked - and there was a bomb inside (a small box) at the front. The explosion has interrupted the whole electronics in the plane for a moment. I see the explosion was made remotely - from the ground. 
The murder is made because of a business for a lot of money  - government treaties (agreements) about constructions and transportation of energy. 
There will be made a parallel investigation by western experts, because of a future business contract of the father - the Turkish businessman Huseyin Basaran - he will learn the truth with details in 6-8 months - the justice will win - the killers are two - Turks.

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Published  January 27, 2018

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