The Legend of the lost soul and the man sleeping under the Pyramid near the Sphinx,who is waiting to be awaken.

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Dear sir, In my first letter which i have sent you i was flabbergasted from the fact that i saw man in a space suit in front of the Sphinx.I call the generator which i have described-The first Ark in the world.If this is the only Ark in the world-im not sure. But i know that my curiosity to see the pyramid near the Sphinx brought me to surprising results. I must tell you what i saw with a clairvoyance method called automatic writing. Briefly,through the Pyramid there is entrance which is reaching a room.I saw container,something like a tank and inside -man.Sleeping or hibernating?This man was from the future with something like a space suit,with load on his back, hose-pipe. My conclusion is that this man wants to go outside,thats why im sending you this letter.If there will be more letters they will be published on my web site and in YouTube.These are my summary notes.
The Pyramid-i see scheme,only the half of the Pyramid is having importance for its creator.Only the middle part of the pyramid is receiving the energy,then follow two big halls underground.The one is playing the role of plus,the other one is acting like minus.
Now the Sphinx-There are three layers.Im watching it from above.The biggest fragment is underneath.The connection is between the second and the third fragment of the rock.The upper fragment of the rock is divided in two parts-in the middle .There are signs which i will describe later.Imagine a rectangle-the middle is taken from the two shorter parts. The energy is going down from the statue of the Sphinx under angle of 90degrees. The back left leg of the Sphinx is connected with the Pyramid. Through The front right one is passing energy. The pyramid was home.The frontal doors are two smaller and two wide doors.The two smaller and the one wide are from the one important quarter and there are +,and toward the minus are one wide hole and unground gallery.
Three holes to + the unground gallery,the first one-low pitched-its not,the second one is short and is higher the main hole connected with the energy.The third hole is slightly oval and high.
In my next notes i will tell you if you can enter from there or the entrance is connected with a rainbow corridor-only for the energy which is going 10 floors bellow.
Down there is a room,deep pool and inside there is a man.
A man in a space suit with 2 energy centers-infront of his forehead and infront of his navel.Infront of his navel the energy center looks like a sun and is stonger.
-Man with locks of hair,dressed with something that looks like a space suit ,two loads ond his back and hose-pipe.When i saw it for the first time i decided that he is having wings,but...the time will tell.
He is lieing like in the air or in a pillow,almost straight.I feel smooth movements.
Yes -the entrance is in the pyramid.This man has builded the pyramid.I  recognized the same lines of his face.
The conclusion which i see is -There is a man who eants to go outside ,to be awaken.Im sure that im the only one who is sending you clairvoyance information about the sphinx.There are signs which i still dont understand.
the rest of this letter will be published later on our web site in in the facebook profiles of clairvoyant dimitrinka staikova.
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