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HOTTEST NEWS PREDICTIONS CLAIRVOYANCE PREDICTION OF DIMITRINKA STAIKOVA-8.05.2013 Clairvoyance profile of the president of Syria Bashar all Assad time after the photo is made-18.04.2013 THE PEACE FOR SYRIA WILL COME FROM OUTSIDE SYRIA-ROAD TO IRAN FOR ATTACKING ISRAEL WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS Here is part from the future of Syria through the view and the thoughts of Bashar Assad. 1.Part from the Syria according to Bashar Assad will belong for some time to nobody. 2.Soon withdrawal.In this moment he is seeing his people and his army in a small rectangle ,and his residency and the hard positions in a circle in 1/4 of his country. 3.The circle-the strong positions are expanded very fast.not only Sarin,its used nuclear weapons too. 4.Untill there is a civvil war in the country the border are strengthened with strong army and weapons from Iran. 5.Creation of his core at the rebels-he is winning the fights against them from inside. If we split Syria to four circles and Bashar Assad is in the one circle the other three soon become successively its circles. 6.When he has won the fights he will loose the war THE PEACE FOR SYRIA WILL COME ONLY FROM OUTSIDE .From the world with force. 7.syria will stay road to iran for meeting and war with israel with nuclear weapons. author-dimitrinka staikova-bulgaria-clairvoyant 08.05.2013©