Pope Francis - May 13, 2017 - Plan and Organisation about the100th Anniversary of Apparitions Our Lady of Fatima through the eyes of Pope Francis - Clairvoyant reading and predictions April 23, 2017 - by Clairvoyant House "Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova " - from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna. http://sites.google.com/site/dimitrinkastaikova

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Pope Francis -  May 13, 2017 - Plan and Organisation about the100th Anniversary of Apparitions Our Lady of Fatima through the eyes of Pope Francis - Clairvoyant reading and  Psychic predictions April 23, 2017 - by Clairvoyant House "Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova " - from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna.
Photo - April 14, 2017. Time - after the photo.

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Clairvoyants : Dimitrinka Staikova, Ivelina Staikova, Stoyanka Staikova

Published – April 22, 2017

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Pope Francis- health April 2017 - I see heavy pain in the head - above the eyes and the fontanelle. There is a strong pain in the left ear, left sinus drainage ducts and heart. In the heart - there is already a disease. So far in the time there were treatment and surgical intervention. The energy is spinning around the heart, it is not increasing it, but is keeping the level - like a machine. Although I see strong gases in the stomach - there is colitis. Now, there are already problems caused by the pancreas and with increased acidity in the blood. Now is sick the left kidney, spine, the left pelvis, the left shoulder area and the both knees.
In the moment, around Easter 2017 - his thoughts are about an airplane and airplane travel. He sees the airplane cabin after the cockpit and despite he imagines a nice chat, he hears a speech, which is like moralizing - it is telling him what to do. It is a conversation between russians, germans and jews. The jews have bigger presence and inside them is included a catholic presence and influence. There are tough negotiations with russians. Two of them are imposed as representatives of energy business. Over them, there are representatives of jews - the letter "J", also there are representatives of two banks and they are in the Vatican for negotiations - April 2017.
I see May 13, 2017 in Portugal -  Cova da Iria (the place of the Apparitions Our Lady of Fatima) - the locality is covered with electricity and security guards. There is entrance from North - a corridor (pathway) - from North to South and then staying (stopping) on something like podium (platform, stage) which is in the northeastern corner. From that corner there is something connected with the sky - machine, balloon, flag. The Operative Center is behind them, strictly in the northeastern corner. There is a pathway from the Operative Center to the podium (tribune, platform). The eastern corner is surrounded by russian guards - a lot of nerves. The southern  end is surrounded by papal guards.
There is a Space object coming from West to East. It is entering slightly on the locality, slightly at South direction and it is stopping a little before the podium (tribune). It is reaching the end of the meadow and it is going back to West - where it came from. And here, the nerve-racking question of the russians is - what if someone is shooting on the object and brings it down. There was the same fear 100 years ago, that's why there were three military persons in the spaceship.
The waves which are irradiating the locality will be on the western end. In the northwestern end there is a business of which are earned money in the moment. In the northwestern end is also the place for photos and cameras - running and targeted to the sky. There are people arranged on that pathway (corridor),which in a certain moment in three beams will gather infront of the Pope and the people on the tribune . From East on the pathway are arranged germans (at East, before the Eastern end with the russians). After them in South direction are the jews (before the eastern end with the russians) and in the end - the southeastern border - I see people, which are from the energy business - they are at a slight height. The western side of the area is full with people of which will be earned money and there is a call for patience.
From the western side is entering also the black cloud, that will try to cover the whole area. It will rise higher in the air, because from the southeastern side at a slight height, there are machines for the blowing of the black cloud. The black cloud is rising high and is going on East, it covers the area - Cova da Iria for a short time, because of the machines. The same machine for the blowing of the black cloud is located also in the northeastern end of the area (it is covered).
When the Sun stays over the area - Cova da Iria - in the same time a space object will be seen, covered with a special shining (brilliant) paint, in order to be invisible - russian object, that stays near the Sun. It is using the reflection of the Sun and it is showing a second Sun, then a third one - it is going slightly on West, then returns in the first point of the Sun and then it disappears with fiery gleams. If there will be someone inside to speak or predict - Peace and Love between the people.
The Pope is quite nervous and supported with special medications. I see a fire from above - it will be seen as a beam, that will indicate one of the both Popes - Pope Francis and the Ex-Pope Benedict. There will be a bustle - a little before the end - shootings - for one of the Popes this will be the last day.
The Prediction for death is not about Pope Francis.


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