MULLAH OMAR- His base is in the mountains situated near old diamond mine

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Mullah Omar-His base is in the mountains situated near old diamond mine-Mullah Omar:Clairvoyant profile made from skype clairvoyant mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova-Europe,Bulgaria,Varna citty.
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   mullah Omar-We are talking only for money,road,and end of the road.Everything has begun from a sacred grave and loss of person close to Mullah Omar.He has a primary hate to civil servants.He is very patient.He does not build up,he builds down.Generally,there are tree people -leader.
   He is connected with room(premises) which is jail(prison).Big Prison with which he is having common bussines. 
   As generally his health condition is-Except what can be seen on the photos,problems with teeth,bones,urethra. Soon-paralysis of his left hand and strong pain in his right hand.Problems in the heart as constriction.The pains will be very strong in his teeth and his right hand.In the future-the problems with kidneys and urethra will be very painful.In the future he will have medical operations in the eyes and kidneys.He has intolerance to chemicals and allergies.
     When he was young he had a family-Now he is alone. He will leave young boy-his son,who is aside from Mullah Omar.
     He has big help from the former republics of the Soviet Union.There -he will have medical operations. There will be a chanse Mullah Omar to be captured in a citty in Pakistan when he is negotiating weapons. I see a man with the letter "O" to connect him.Then i see Mullah Omar in a car,running away.I see fire from the air. 
    The base of Mullah Omar is situated in the mountains near old diamond mine.
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