Jeremy Corbyn – UK General Election 2017 (Leader of the UK Labour Party) – United Kingdom more powerful after the “divorce” with the European Union. When Jeremy Corbyn will be ready for the victory in the UK General Election 2017 ? – Clairvoyant reading /Psychic predictions May 7, 2017, 9am – by Clairvoyant House “Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova” – from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna.

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Jeremy Corbyn – UK General Election 2017 (Leader of the UK Labour Party) – United Kingdom more powerful after the “divorce” with the European Union. When Jeremy Corbyn will be ready for the victory in the UK General Election 2017 ? – Clairvoyant reading /Psychic predictions May 7, 2017, 9am – by Clairvoyant House “Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters Stoyanka and Ivelina Staikova” – from Europe, Bulgaria, Varna.

Photo – May 6, 2017. Time – after the photo.

The Election campaign of the UK Labour Party is suffering from the lack of money. I see a lot of nerves, united five leaders in one party under the sign of war and in one big energy company. The more time is coming, more financed will be the UK Labour party. They themselves see, that a man will not become winner in the UK General Election 2017. The man only is overwhelming tension and is making a way. They start slowly and bad with the UK Election 2017, but after the first two days, they are starting increasingly confident and offensive to build a victory. They receive support by russian energy company; big power plants, support by Putin, Russia.

For now, mr. Corbyn thinks that they are staying in one place and they are not taking important and fast decisions. Until May 10, 2017 – there are organized groups of UK labourists. About Jeremy Corbyn is important to be increased the enthusiasm between the people. He doesn’t see changes and promises, which he can give. According to him, there must be ” freezing”, stagnation and recapitulation of the accounts after the separation from the European Union. There are no doubts that United Kingdom will exit the situation even more powerful.

There is no wish for pre-election struggle. There is unclear agreement which he hasn’t accepted. Around May 20, 2017 – there is a turning point in the policy of the UK labourists and they are going to the UK General Election 2017 with new partners and faith in the victory. They have an idea for for pre- election struggle (contested election) and war, but they are too tired. They are awakened by the far-right with their enthusiasm for power. In the end of May 2017 – they are ready and set to the victory, but they are not believing in it.

The truth is that they themselves retreat, the people behind them wants them and is ready for the victory.

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         Published – February 15, 2017
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