Hottest news predictions from clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova about THE WAR IN SYRIA,28.08.2013

публикувано 28.08.2013 г., 7:03 ч. от dimitrinka staikova
Four big powerfull countries plus one will start the War in Syria. Today is 28.08.2013 till the next four days i see decision about the start of the War in Syria. I see now pressure on ordinary syrian people to travvel in Syria. The Start of the War will be from FIVE COUNTRIES FOR TWO MONTHS. The military actions will split Syria in two parts. Unexpectable change -till one month and one week. The bad answer from Russia,China, and Iran -one day before the end of the second month -A strike in the kernel of the war-the FLAG OF THE VICTORY IS SUNKEN IN DARKNESS AND SADNESS. ONE OF THE COUNTRIES WILL PAY THE HIGHEST PRICE FOR THE PEACE IN SYRIA. For now-I don't see nuclear attacks over Israel. Author-Dimitrinka Staikova-clairvoyant consultant from Europe,Bulgaria,Varna Skype-dika.staikova 28.08.2013 ©