Great Sphinx of Giza-the founded Ark

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Great Sphinx of Giza-the founded Ark.
The Sphinx of Giza is woman.Angry woman which is expexting and sending energy signals to the space.The angle is 140 degrees.In the statue of the Sphinx there is a motor which is perpetum mobile-eternal.The generator is sending signals through the right part-the right leg and is receiving energy 90 degrees-vertically,like from spine.
The statue of the Sphinx is talking evenly and to certain intervals -equally.
It's frontal view is only for beauty.The secret is in the hair  of the Sphinx and the lines of the hair.
The statue  is made from four craftsmen,which were angry debating about pedestal.The pedestal is part of an open room.The statue has a stone heart which serve for generator.Near that room(in front of it),there is a stone room with entrance and exit.The rooms are from one complex.The Cheops Pyramid is the ladder to the space.
The Cheops Pyramid is made like a complex with many rooms side by side.Important part of it's top is a stone-connection with the generator(the Sphinx).The complex-Sphinx and the pyramid are havving one entrance-subterranean.This complex-the pyramid and the sphinx is made with very good intentions from people-cosmonauts(spacemen)-died on the Earth.The first between the first....
THIS IS ONE OF THE ARKS IN THE WORLD-working with the light of the stone on the top of the pyramid.Even now if the degrees match with the receiving of the light theArk will begin to work.
The light and the heat of the stone must must be infront of the Sphinx..,the angle is 90 degrees-the legs of the Sphinx.
The proofs for generator of spaceship are in the Great Sphinx of Giza.
Article by Clairvoyant-Consultant mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova,Europe,Bulgaria,Varna
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