Clairvoyance profile of the Moon made by clairvoyant-consultant Dimitrinka Staikova -Europe,Bulgaria,Varna 23.06.2013,10 pm phase of the moon-so called SuperMoon,or blood moon.

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The moon is composited by two energy sources-the one is under the surface,the second is on its surface .The energy sources have different energy.Above the surface there is only gas. There is life only under the form of fungi.They have interesting form -like an acorn with hat.I didn't find internal energy-like volcanoes. The Moon is visited by people from other galaxy.The moon is used like some kind of springboard or station on travveling to other galaxies. The energy-the gases above the surfaces are shallow.I see in the past buildings which in the future will be found from from the mankind.In future the Moon will be used for travvelings and connection with other worlds. Now-near this Moon i saw one invisible for us Moon from the side of the Earth. From the other side there are another two moon -invisible from the Earth.From the gas on the moon can be made water,but the life will be only in closed spase-space moon bases. After a little more than 1000 years,that mean after year 3000 near the moon will come red star.Yet collision of the moon with the red star/fire element,changes of the climate on the Moon and on the Earth.Soon after that collision the moon will be settled with life. Author Clairvoyant -consultant Dimitrinka Staikova,Europe,Bulgaria,Varna -©All rights reserved