Abu Bakr Al-Bagdhadi :Hottest News Predictions 2014-by Clairvoyant House "Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters" from Europe,Bulgaria,Varna http://sites.google.com/site/dimitrinkastaikova

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Only the time and Allah are on his side.This is a man who travels slowly and conquer Iraq-And after that he is negotiating with the millitary inteligence of Syria and he is going to make a crusade in Syria.The question is not "if" but "when" he will stop.On this stage nothing can stop him. He has faithful inner people.After the sixth man barely-it's about money from abroad. The money are coming from Oil Company.And this oil company is having office also in USA.The invasion is successful and is about oil wells and their control-In The begining. The interesting is that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is double agent-in the begining.The other interesting is that he is using sattelites and communications. His goal is -Central of Intelligence-and soon we will hear about a bomb-Im talking about USA. Expect soon his health clairvoyant/psychic profie. tags-Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,invisible sheikh,Baghdad,Iclairvoyant,psychic,psychic predictions,dimitrinka staikova
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16.04.2014-Bashar al-Assad and clairvoyant/psychic predictions about Syria2014 .Author-mrs.Dimitrinka Staikova and daughters-skype clairvoyants from Europe,Bulgaria,Varna.Contact on skype-dika.staikova http://sites.google.com/site/dimitrinkastaikova PART TWO-After the middle of May-order for killings in Syria. June-11 Military fractions (detachments) are making attempts for consolidation ( union).Only two military fractions stay together.Five fractions will be destroyed including the biggest grouping+ four will separate. The destroyed fractions are with russian participation. The four fractions belong to the West. June is the most important month of the year.A lot of money will be invested in Syria. July is closing the cycle for the elections.After that the life continue for the people of Syria. Bashar al-Assad is running! And the most interesting is that he is chased by small group of Syrians and He is running. August-running,fast month for Syria. September is good month for establishment and seizure of energy fields. October-The roads are back in Syria-I see people to come back home. November-preparations for new ellections. December-Again ahead war-civvil war. November and December are months of Iran in Syria.People of Iran will be chosen on important positions.1/3 of Syria will look with faith and hope to Iran. December are emptying underground storages for weapons and the weapons are givven to people from the mountains. It will be difficult to be stopped the so called “civvil war” in Syria.Bashar al-Assad doesn’t leave Syria,but im seeing him outside the capital of the country.His people will continue the war. About his family there is agreement and it will be kept (protected). Untill two years,there will be problems because of the russian participation.Then the things will mellow slowly. Another weakness of Bashar al-Assad are the councellors.Practically-two councellors(advisors) and one minister are leading the country. From May the separation of Bashar al-Assad with his family influence on him.This year he will suffer from pains in the heart. The Curse which weighs above Bashar al-Assad and his family is because hanging of innocent,that’s why above the head of Bashar al-Assad I SEE ROPE. EXPECT OUR NEW EBOOK SOON!