Predictions of clairvoyant -consultant Dimitrinka Staikova -year 2013 about Bulgaria and the World

                     Рredictions of clairvoyant -consultant dimitrinka staikova about bulgaria and the world year 2013

year of many and fast changes.the fight for the supreme power in the bulgarian church will not finish now.the second chosen will become the first.yes,the name will be kiril.he will survive after shooting against him and then kiril will become patriarh of the bulgarian church-but that will happen further in the time.
in the month of march will start many excavation works.
for the world i see overland operation and local fight actions not far from bulgaria-on south-near Тurkey.
the first days of march will be raging kind of flu which will looks like pox with rash
after 7-8 march are expected fight pressures,but they will calm down.
from the middle of march will start very terrible fight actions in syria,around the date 20 of march iran will prepare for fight actions. i see it as a withdrawal from the world this region there will be natural phenomenons and cataclysms.
in the end of march till the 1 of april the world will be infront of the war.
april we will talk about the space.iron body will crush and fall from the space on pieces.
3-4 april in bulgaria-a lot of industrial actions(strikes). a hard april for "gerb" the only think they must watch is the middle of april problems with the end of april -givving of money.
the month of may will begin with tranquility.the people are some kind of awaken,and big part of them are closing in their selves.
24-25 assault...local rebellion...breaking of glasses...subside- slowly.
31.05.2013 strong authority.
from 1  of june -conspiracy-party,building constructions,drugs,authority...
june is the month of catastrophes of politicians.
and july..