21the of december year 2012
the beginning of the end i'm back after 10years of isolation. god is calling me to help the people who needs me. 
Dimitrinka Staikova clairvoyant -consultant prognostic and her daughters stoyanka staikova -herbalist and ivelina staikova -iterpretation of dreams the famous clairvoyant -consultant from bulgaria, citty of varna mrs. dimitrinka staikova will begin to give clairvoyance consultations only in internet on skype -dika.staikova video chat. conditions :
 1.first -you must make a money transaction with western union on the name of dimitrinka ivanova staikova, bulgaria, citty of varna ,stara planina str35 
2.the full details of transaction must be send to skype -dika.staikova in a text message. Тhe consultation will be made three days after we receive the details of the transaction. message with the day and the hour of the consultation (in bulgarian time). 
3.the consultation will be made only for the person which is infront of the web camera. 
4.spoken languages-bulgarian and english
 5.the payment is only for the health diagnosis, the information for your life is for free (bonus . information for this moment -january 2013 for 10 minutes costs 100 euro. Тhis is accepted as donation (this must be noticed in the money transaction ). 
We accept the donation for building a well with healthy water. If clairvoyant mrs. dimitrinka staikova refuse to make a consultation to a person the donation will be back to the person without the tax of the transaction. The consultation can be refused only from the clairvoyant. All clairvoyance consultations will be made only in bulgarian time. The consultation is personal -only for the person who has made the payment and is sitting infront of the web camera. the person must stay infront of the web camera and with a few sentences must describe the weather outside. after that must be silent and the clairvoyant will begin to talk 10(ten) minutes. you may ask additional questions in the end of the consultation. anonimity >