Dead-Dylan Redwine,Jacob Samusenko,Adji Desir

< clairvoyance profile of Dylan Redwine made 15.02.2013 from Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova,from Europe,Bulgaria,Varna . dylan redwine-date-15.02.2013-dylan nicholas redwine-missing date 19.11.2012 walk,looking at shops,nice car.sharply stopping car infront of the boy-the words are known to him"the boy of nick" -light maroon hair,lightly bald,with scars on his face.the boy entered in the is seen by a camera of a shop-i see "777" on the showcase(window) of the shop stopping of the car-the man are drunk-the second men is thin(weak) with dark hair and dark face,he was visiting doctors for problems with prostate. dylan has tryed to escape but he was captured.dylan redwine can be found in house in the end of habitation.near the house there are clustered old irons,probably cars. a lot away is cemetery. the boy is alive,he likes to talk-dylan redwine is born journalist.

this profile was made for free with faith that i will help for the good end,because the mother  didn't contact me she did not receive the rest of the clairvoyance profile.
From the profile date-22.02.2013 jacob samusenko missing date-29.01.2013 he was gone out from his home together with a boy and a girl with headphones in the ears.the girl is friend of jacob samusenko.she is having a lot of problems and she caused a lot of problems to jacob...he has wanted to help her.the problems of the girl are connected with money-a lot of money. the health condition of jacob samusenko is very impaired-hormonally,problems with the kidneys(poison or radiation),pain in the eyes and the head.he likes to overboard and stay a lot in front of is givven to jacob samusenko some kind of poison or drugs. he is in love with that girl ,and hisproblems are connected with her debt. he is alive.there will come mediator for jacob's returning,who will travel to another town.the negotiations will be near to railway station in a big hall,or storage-without result. 2 times negotiations and a lot of travels-no result. the trace where is jacob samusenko is in his house-foreign object. now i feel only cold around him.a sign leo is connected with him. i see prosecution and halve solved problem. there is a guilty.the place where jacob is,where it is? glued buildings infront of train(might be electrical train).when i tryed to trace him with the sattelite maps i get his last location somewhere around east ave, around dr.mary e.mcnamara.
adji desir
when i put on the sattelite maps the road which adji gave me,i see that this is the road from it's mother home to the home of it's grandmother.the road is looking like the letter"z". adji desir has seen a person who is making primary checkings-servant-the boy doesn't show me face. adji desir died near it's grandmother' s house .i see accident.
the boy is squatting ,shrunken in the lines of little front of the house of the grandmother of adji desir there is  one witness.
             i will not search for the grave of adji desir.
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