for the location of missing people-connection with the relatives,latest photo,and the place where the missing person is seen for last time.

from the

3.kara kopetsky- information about kara kopetsky till the date-29.01.2013

when she disappear,she is leaving first with young boy.observed very close from the person which is leading the operation for  the missing of kara kopetsky.
the missing from the home of her mother in the same day is not accidentally.from the home they don't take nothing ,but they leave microphones.
the connection with the young boy-simple friend.i don't see the boy more around her.
she was observed near untill the end of her road by a man with flat above skull.which impressed her a lot is railroads line by the side of the road- she is watching the railroad as negation of her outgoing life.
kara kopetsky is leaving with a big truck,with a cover on the truck display big sign -like three hills,it's a company car-a long trip. the driver is thick man with fat cheeks.before the gas station they have passed through a place which from above is looking like a big round domes(approximately 11).
then they have passed through the gas station.
they they are stopped in the company's office-it's a trade company in regional/county citty.the company is making business with real estates too.
who are they?  
former special soldiers with high rank,with a lot of money,access to sattelites.
kara kopetsky is meeting there 4 the office i saw a woman -servant -working with the real estate of these ex soldiers is kara's guardian angel.
the road to the office is deviation from the main road.overnight.
-the next place they are going with a car) is like"prosecution",or place which is owned by the justice department.
as conclusion-kara kopetsky is alive,she is happy .she likes her life very much.she is protected by guardian angel.she will decide when to call her mother,when kara become a mother too.
wheter her mother will succed to wait for her?