Iv Staikova-interpretation of dreams

 Every man can interpretate alone it's dreams.Answer to the questions below before asking Iv Staikova for help to interpretate your dreams.The answers of these question can know only you,and you know it after you wake up. -Is your dream caused by some kind of physical irritation? -Do your dream remind you for the moments of your life,to harrasing problems from your life ,or to incidents from your past. -Do you connect this dream with something you are dreaming about? If you are confused how to interpretate your dreams,send message to skype:Dika.staikova . The conditions are described on the first page.
How to interpret or read your own prophetic dreams? 
 First,lets make the clarification that not all your dreams are prophetic.Big part of the dreams are pointed inside-they are caused by the mentally condition of the person ,by events in the life,by disease process in the body,from external irritant.that's why before starting to interpret your dreams you must ask your self if it's not caused by the reasons above. the dream is using manly symbols,and one symbol can mean different things,depending from the way you are dreaming it.this is the reason the books for dream interpretations can not help us in many ways. externaly pointed dreams also is not necessary to be prophetic.sometimes happens to a man while sleeping to feel what's happening in the moment,doesn't matter in what point of the world and to go there while sleeping. in this cases you may dream people ,you have never met and you may see in your night dreams some fantastic views which you don't understand.it's enough only to take a look at the news on tv,and you can explain your dream very fast. 
Example-my client-a woman with innitials v.b. was dreaming that she is underground,around her there are many men with dirt on therir faces and she was talking to them that its not too bad here because there is food and water here,they only can't go out.On the next day she has seen on the tv news for the miners in Chilе barried iunderground in a mine but alive because they have found a shelter with food and water.
 The prophetic dreams are these dreams which are sending a message from the future for events still not happened.THE QUESTION IS WHO IS SENDING THIS MESSAGE? In the bible is said that god is talking through the dreams,but God in this case only is givving you the possibility to see the message. The Sender of the message is YOU. IN THE FUTURE THIS EVENT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED,and your feelings has sealed it,that's why your dreams are allowing you to see it in the present time. There are some events which can not be chanched-there are your destiny.Even with the price of supreme human effort they can not be stopped,only delayed,but after that these events will attack you with double force. BUT,there are events which CAN be changed IF a man is warned and IF he is listening that warning.The warning very often is undefinitely. YOU CAN FEEL THE SIGNS FOR APPROACHING DANGER,BUT YOUR MIND AND YOUR LOGIC ARE INTERFERING US TO PERCEIVE THESE SIGNS,AND THE WARNING STAYS UNCLEAR. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU TO INTERPRET YOUR DREAM. UNDER UPDATE! READ SOON PART TWO OF THE ARTICLE-DREAM SIGNS PROGNOSTIC TROUBLES,SORROW AND DISASTERS. AUTHOR-IV STAIKOVA-DREAM INTERPRETER. 02.05.2013 ©