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Ease Your Life 

One of the most difficult things required by the owner of a company, is to organize it. Most Owners are well aware of the business subjects they are dealing with, but they are not equaly adept in the issues of Managing & Organizing a company. As a result, they end up by either wasting valuable time to oversee every aspect of their company (Customer Contacts, Supplies, Services / Production of Products, Legislative Affairs, Health and Safety, Training, etc.), or simply by losing slowly the control of their business.

It has never been easier (and more necessary) to organize effectivly a company in order to reduce errors, times and costs. 

Set the budget you can spend and learn about the results you can get: from simple guidelines to certification of your company accodring ISO 9001:2008 and / or ELOT 1801:2008 (OSHAS 18001:2007) Standards.

Save Your Life

Most business owners know it even though many of them choose to ignore it: all enterprises operating in Greece (as in other EU countries) are oblidged to provide their personnel with the services of a Safety Practitioner ("Technikos Asfalias"). 
In addition, for all Construction Projects there is an obligation to assign aHealth & Safety Coordinator (for both the Design phase and the Constructionphase).

The experience of ten years is at your disposal to organize your work or your business from the beginning on a strong foundation concerning your workforce's Health and Safety. Define and assign responsibilities and taskstrain your staff, control your installations, your equipment and your work practices in order to reduce the possibility of an accident, as well as the penalties from legislative bodies. Cultivate a safe environment for your staff distinguishing your company from the competition. Certify your business according to ELOT 1801:2008 (OSHAS 18001:2007) Standard 

 Offered services now extend to Private Clients in order to provide a Safe Housefor babies, children, adults as well as a Safe School.

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