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Former Police Officer, Paramedic, Fire and Rescue trainer / Rescue Technician and Disaster Management Specialist Gary Foo.

He is a published author and an authority on matters of Security / Protection, Disaster Response, Search and Rescue, Medicine and Healthcare and International Disaster Coordination.  He is a United Nations Coordinator and Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response Advisor.  He specialised in Use of Force and Armed / Tactical Policing and Close Protection / Bodyguarding and has worked all over the world protecting Royal Families, Celebrities, HNW Individuals and Political / Corporate Leaders.  

He also pursued Tactical Medicine (is a Tac Med Instructor) and has been involved Search & Rescue for some 20 years.  He is a Tech. Rescue Instructor in several disciplines and also a working operational Paramedic with PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support).  He is qualified in health and fitness disciplines and complementary medicine. He does a lot of volunteer and charitable work including active global deployments with the United Nations recognised INSARAG (International Search and Rescue Advisory Group) Disaster Response team ERT Search and Rescue as well roles within the Police and Ambulance Service.

His recent books, the second edition of, Tactical Communications (Professionally Dealing with the Public and Diffusing Aggressive Behaviour)  and Emergency Response and Search and Rescue  and 10 International Disaster Essentials: Important considerations for responders have been sold all over the world and in major international organisations.

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Gary Foo, as the Chairman 
and a keynote speaker at 
Disaster Management and Crisis Response - Middle East 2009 
in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Gary has some 25 years in the Emergency Services starting Policing at 18 years old.  He initially specialised in Use of Force and Armed Tactical Policing and also pursued Tactical Medicine and got into Search & Rescue in Canada.  He is a  Registered Paramedic with PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support).  

He is a United Nations Coordinator and Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response Advisor and has lead Search and Rescue missions all over the world..

A published author since 1990 - his first publicly circulated book: "Tactical Communications - Professionally dealing with the public and difussing aggressive behaviour with verbal and non-verbal messages" was sold extensively in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.  (The Home Office, Queen Annes gate, London and Association of Chiefs of Police Offices (ACPO) sub-committee on self-defence used much of it to circulate to some 50,000 Police Officers in the United Kingdom between 1993 and 2000. 

Gary Foo was a keynote speaker at SAR 2007 in Washington DC, 
which was attended by a global 
"Who's Who" of 
Search and Rescue professionals. 
(Hosted by the Shephard Group.)

Gary Foo lead the deployment to New York, USA in response to Hurricane Sandy at the end of 2012
[Picture taken in Staten Island, NY, USA]

Gary presented at that time all over the world including the Canadian Ministry of the Solicitor General, The Ontario Police College and before Hertfordshire Police Asst, Chief Constable, head of the Public Safety Committee and the rest of the ACPO Use of Force Senior Police Officers at that time.)  It is still listed in the library resource with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Police College and the Justice Institue of BC, Canada.  It is now in its second edition. Gary's last book, "Civil Defence in Schools" (2008) was circulated to some 40,000 students in Pakistan and was also translated into Urdu.

He is also the author of the popular "Emergency Response and Search and Rescue" book - available on Amazon which has sold in outlets all over the world including: *The United Kingdom * The United States * Canada * Africa * US Military * The United Nations * Denmark * Singapore * Germany * Egypt * The United Arab Emirates (Dubai & Abu Dhabi) * Australia * Germany * Pakistan * The Metropolitan Police Library * The Justice Institute of B.C. * Mountain Rescue Assoc. *  etc.

Gary enjoys his family time when he can get it!  He also enjoys working out, martial arts, reading, adventure pursuits (like survival training), hiking, riding his motorcycle, Mountain biking, playing music (guitar and piano), movies, travelling and his job! Gary has appeared in some movies and televisions and is also a songwriter.  He is also the Founder (Si-Jo) of Philosopher & Warrior Martial Artswhich he developed whilst on the Police and has taught celebrities, business leaders, Police & Special Forces.  

Gary Foo holds several positions. He is a DIRECTOR DIMERSAR.  He is also founder of Philosopher & Warrior Martial Arts, The Police Charter and Mountain Bike Search and Rescue and involved in a lot of charity and volunteer work - including the International Disaster Response Search and Rescue Charity - ERT Search and Rescue in CANADA and the United Kingdom.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (FInstLM) and A Fellow of the College of Teachers (FCollT) and a Member of the College of Paramedics (MCPara).


 He is associated with the following Twitter Accounts, personally or by Organisation:

Summary - Professional Bio:

  • Civil Defence /Civil Protection Advisor
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor / Disaster Management Consultant
  • Capacity Building Consultant
  • Technical Rescue Specialist / Instructor
  • (including NFPA Compliant Tech Rescue Subjects 
  • High Angle Tech. Rope / River and Swiftwater Rescue / USAR (Urban Search & Rescue) 
  • Former armed Police Officer
  • Use of Force / Tactics Instructor 
  • PFPO (Police Fitness Pin Of Ontario) - Appraiser
  • University Lecturer & Instructor
  • Published Author (over 3 dozen books & manuals)
  • Specialist & Instructor in Search and Rescue
  • SAR Chief for ERT Search and Rescue
  • UN (United Nations) Civil Military Coordinator
  • UN (United Nations)  OSOCC Coordinator
  • UN OCHA Training
  • UN INSARAG Team Leader – Delegation UAE
  • Technical Advisory in Disasters and Rescue
  • UK Paramedic - Registration Number PA18093
  • Police Tactical / Combat Medic
  • PHTLS Certified (Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support)
  • ALS (Advanced Life Support) Certified
  • MFS (Master of Fitness Sciences) - ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) 
  • Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT)
  • Medical and First Aid Instructor (RYA, HSE, etc)
  • VIP / Diplomatic Security & Close Protection Advisor
  • Policing and Security Specialist
  • Close Protection Officer (CPO)
  • Several Disaster / Rescue Missions
  • Mountain Bike Instructor and Leader (MIAS)
  • Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor and also a complementary Therapist (trained in Toronto, Canada and Bei Jing China.) i.e., Acupuncture, Trigger Point Therapy, Massage, Sports Therapy, Fitness & NLP / Martial Arts Black Belt Instructor (Philosopher & warrior Martial Arts and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and a Weapons Trainer.

L2R: Lieutenant Janice Oh, Major Alvin Tan, Gary Foo (ERT) and Melvin (DART Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team - Commander) 

With a senior officers from the Medical division, Fire and Technical Rescue and DART (Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team) in Singapore (Civil Defence Force.) 

The Singapore Civil Defence Force is a government organization and provides domestic (Singapore) and International Disaster Relief and have some 10,000 members and divisional locations all over the Singapore.  
The training is second to none and they have hosted INSARAG courses for the UN and regularly attend international SAR training as well as localized training and daily deployments. They are a very highly trained, well prepared impressive professional group.


Gary Foo presenting to an official delegation of 
Disaster Management and Response Experts at 
The United Nations (OCHA) training for 
On Site Operational Coordination in Austria.


HAITI EARTHQUAKE MEDICAL USAR (Urban Search And Rescue) Response

Gary Foo Led the Search and Rescue deployment 
as coordinated by the UN (United Nations) 
OSOCC (On-Site Operations Coordination Centre) in 
Port Au Prince, with his team, ERT Search and Rescue.

A Haiti Response Video

Gary Foo - Haiti Deployment ERT Search and Rescue

Gary Foo was an invited delegate at the 
United Nations (UN) International Search And Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) Team Leader's Meeting - Dubai UAE (United Arab Emirates) Delegation.


Boxing Day Tsunami 2004 - SRI LANKA

Boxing Day Tsunami Response to Sri Lanka

Gary Foo led a response to the Boxing Day tsunami, specifically in the area of Galle and surrounding areas as part of a Medical and Flood Rescue / Response.



Afghan border of Pakistan: Gary was contracted to the German Government - specifically GTZ Germany, as a Disaster Risk Reduction Advisor with a specialist background in Civil Defence and Search and Rescue.  

He worked closely with the Ministry of the Interior and their Federal and Provincial Civil Defense, The NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) and ERRA (Earthquake Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Authority.) Gary's book from the project was also translated into Urdu for some 40,000 students in NWFP, Pakistan.

VOLUNTEER WORK: Gary Foo does a lot of Charity and Community / Volunteer work - inlcuding his support of the Emergency Services, volunteering in schools and church and community groups. Gary also volunteers many many hours for the rescue team and registered charity, Emergency Response Team - Search and Rescue.

Thames Valley Police

Award from Chief Constable Sara Thornton

Gary receiving his engraved 'medal' for his service to the Thames Valley Police - specifically volunteer service.

Recipient of the County Council 
"Unsung Hero's Award"
Gary Foo was Awarded the "Unsung Hero's Award" by Chairman of the Buckinghamshire County Council, Mr Robert Woollard, as Presided by the High Sheriff and the Lord Lieutenant.

It was for volunteer service to alleviate suffering in the UK and abroad in his work with his registered charity, the Emergency Response Team - Search and Rescue.

It was also in relation to forming the charity which has saved so many lives since it started 1st December 2002.

Templars Humanitarian Event, Toronto, Ont. Feb. 2012: Gary Foo and Virginia Foo with Nick and Anna Migliore hosts 
Police Chief Bill Blair, XO, Stu Ely, Supt. Mario di Tommaso - the great men of Toronto Police Service.  

Gary Foo Interviewed on CTV National News, Canada - May 2013

Gary Foo led disaster search and rescue mission to the Philippines 2013