Welcome to Dimension 2000's website for math education!

Dimension 2000 is a math professional development company that specializes in helping schools improve math instruction, and their students’ math achievement scores. Dr. Ed Thomas, President of Dimension 2000, has had a celebrated career as a math teacher, a math instructional leader, and a math presenter/consultant. Dr. Thomas has developed a full range of powerful instructional strategies and student engagement activities that are guaranteed to increase students’ interest in math, their understanding of math, and their success in math.


Mathcore2k Online Common Core Math Resources

Mathcore2k is a website that provides K-12 math teachers with the most valuable tools and resources for teaching math associated with the Common Core Math Standards.

The website includes:

  • Innovative Lesson Plans
  • Paired-Learner Activities*
  • Task Rotation Activities that address students' learning styles
  • Professional Development Videos that feature engaging strategies and learning activities
  • Daily Warmup Challenges, all aligned to the Common Core
  • Number Sense and Mental Math Development tools
  • Practice Assessment Items for K-8 end of year tests
  • And More!...