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  • 4-21-2006: If you decode this, I will answer one question about a computer, whatever that question might be. No holding back trade secrets. Encoded File 
  • 4-20-2006: I got alot done last night, i finished, and published Opera, Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, Paintstar, and the Guestbook, WOOHOO. I just want to be listed in the the google search directory soon!!! I have submitted my site, not only to google, but also to every other free submission directory i could find, created a sitemap, and have gotten links on a bunch of sites, as well as soon hopefully being linked to on slashdot. Pray for my website! Expect a Tutorials Section soon.
  • 4-19-2006: Sorry it has been so long since my last update, school has been taking most of my time. Anyway expect Opera, Google Talk, AIM, MSN, and finally a guestbook, all coming soon.
  • 4-15-2006: I got listed in google pages guide, here is a link to it, check it out its a really awesome idea, along with this, i have finished Ad-Aware SE, AVG, Crystal Player and Norton Antivirus.
  • 4-14-2005: Started working on AVG, Ad-Aware SE, Crystal Player, and Norton, ill probably have them finished by tomorrow.
  • 4-13-2006: Put Google Pack up, did the pictuer, uploaded my personal pack. Have Fun Downloading. 
  • 4-12-2006: I have uploaded the software install files, as well as added reviews for DivX, Hamachi, Mozilla Firefox, Silent Night cd/dvd burner, SpeeDefrag, Trillian, VNC, WinRAR and XMPlay.
  • 4-11-2006: This is my first edition/rendition. Hopefully I can fit all I want into the 100mB google offers for this free service.