D-A-G Guidelines


Introduction/Project Background

The Dime-A-Gallon project was started in 2004 by Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting (SCMM) as one step in seeking to align our behavior with our Quaker values. We began by acknowledging that under current US energy policies, we are not paying the full cost for our use of fossil fuels. "Aware of the influence that humans have on the health and viability of life on earth," (PYM Faith & Practice), our intention is to make more visible and ‘real’ the discrepancy between what we pay for fossil fuels and the staggering cost they place on our society and ecosystem. We recognize Climate Change as an urgent issue of our times, and the DAG fund is one way to address that concern.

The Dime-A-Gallon project encourages SCMM members and attenders to impose a voluntary ‘surcharge’ on personal use of fossil fuels at the rate of a dime (10¢) per gallon. Funds collected are held in the Dime-A-Gallon Fund for grantmaking.

More information about the Dime-A-Gallon Project: sites.google.com/site/dimeagallon/

Dime-A-Gallon Grantmaking

The Strawberry Creek Dime-A-Gallon Fund is administered by the Meeting’s Peace, Earthcare and Social Witness Committee. The Committee uses the Dime-A-Gallon Fund to support projects that further our dream of a world that is more peaceful, more just, and organized around caring for, rather than destroying, the very sources of life itself. 

Our over-arching concern is for "the interdependent community of life on earth" of which we are one small part; grants will be given with an eye to "the principles of right relationship and right action within this larger whole, ... translating this understanding into ways of living that reflect our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations." (PYM Faith & Practice).

To that end, Dime-A-Gallon support will primarily be given to projects that:

  • directly reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • support sustainability education
  • support the healthy interdependence of people with nature

Funds available for grantmaking will vary over time according to the level of contributions, and will range from $200-500 per year for each project. We hope to make several grants each year, funds permitting.

  • Sample past grants have included: 
  • Sustainability projects for students attending the sustainability-focused Woolman Semester
  • Scholarships for students attending the Woolman Semester
  • Scholarships for meeting members and attenders for earthcare-related travel or educational expenses
  • Purchase of energy-efficient appliances at the Berkeley Food Pantry
  • Subsidizing the use of public transportation for students at YSA

How to Apply

Proposed projects may be submitted in writing to the clerk(s) of the Peace, Earthcare and Social Witness Committee for consideration by the committee as a whole. Please see contacts below. Your submission does not need to take the form of a formal proposal, but it should include the following elements:

  • How does the proposed project align with the grantmaking goals of the Dime-A-Gallon fund as outlined above?
  • How much support is being requested? 
  • Are there any opportunities for the Strawberry Creek community to participate in the project apart from donating funding? If the proposal is for a non-Quaker community initiative, are any Strawberry Creek members or attenders already actively involved?
  • If the project is for individual travel/educational support, how will this experience be re-invested in the meeting and/or enrich the Earthcare witness of other Quaker bodies?
Grant applications must be submitted in Word or RTF format inside the body of the email. No attachments or PDFs please.


Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting, P.O. Box 5065, Berkeley, CA 94705

Phone: 510-524-9186

Email: Dimeagallon@strawberrycreekquakers.org

Revised and approved 03/23/14

Updated from guidelines approved 3/25/12