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Dima's Mission:
Provide a nurturing environment for children, allowing them to grow and learn through music, art and an innovative child-based family daycare. 

As a family daycare, the kids do everything together, learning the routine.  Dima encourages children to stay from baby to 3 years of age. 
In the 3 years that they stay at the daycare, they become like siblings.  There's a huge bonding; friendships are born.  At first, they learn from the older children, and when they grow older they teach the younger children.

This prepares them for preschool.  When they walk into a preschool from the Dima's, they feel empowered because they are truly ready to go to the next level.  All the kids sail into preschool, excelling at interacting with other children and creating art. 

Dima's daycare creates a community.  Just like in a small town, the daycare creates a neighborhood feel.  Through the seasonal potlucks, we create bonds not only through the children but through entire families.  Soon, playdates and birthday parties involve all the children at the daycare.  Because of this family feeling, many families continue to send the younger siblings of graduates.