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About Dima

Dima Birich

As an accomplished artist and singer, Dima's Daycare is a play based environment that centers around inspiring children through music, nature, and art.  Children are naturally drawn to her creative spirit as she enjoys watching them grow and their creativity flourish. Dima has run her daycare for over 15 years and integrates gardening, art, exercise, and nature into the children's day.

Exposing children to the arts at a young age creates a foundation for freedom of expression, and creative thought. It allows children to explore and enjoy learning. 

"After becoming a mother, instead of working outside the home, I decided to create a daycare around being a mom" -Dima

Dima is a licensed daycare provider.

Katie Holtan


Katie has coached childrens' gymnastics for 7 years and has been a part-time nanny for 4 years.  She grew up in Oakland and loves to dance, cook and listen to music.  Katie shares her love of creative movement with the children, working on expressing emotion through action.  During circle time, she does gymnastics through animal characters.

"I know how to listen to the kids' unique needs.  I helped to start a special needs program at the gym I coached at where I learned a lot about child development."

Claire O'Neill


Claire first started working with kids at age 14, babysitting the neighborhood kids. She considers herself a child at heart, and  treats the children with a lot of respect. At age 19, she was running the playcare at the YMCA and also directing a summer camp of 30 three and four-year-olds. 

"Besides working with children, my main passion in life is music. I share my love of music through drum circles, shakers, singing, and playing children's songs on the piano. It helps develop each child's coordination, sense of rhythm and math skills."