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Previous Courses:

Spring 2017: Industrial Organization (with Erich Muehlegger)
Winter 2017: Economics of Uncertainty (with Andres Carvajal)
 Fall 2016: Teaching of Economics (with Erich Muehlegger)
Summer 2016: Public Economics (with Erick Eschker)
Spring 2016: Intermediate Macroeconomics (with Paul Bergin)
Winter 2016: International Economic Relations (with Ina Simonovska)
Summer 2015: Analysis of Economics (with Mark Siegler)
Spring 2015: Health Economics (with A. Colin Cameron)
Winter 2015: Financial Economics (with Derek Stimel)
Fall 2014: Intermediate Micro Theory (with Burkhard Schipper)
Summer 2014: Principles of Microeconomics (with Kevin Williams)
Spring 2014: Intermediate Micro Theory (with Emanuel Frenkel)
Winter 2014: Principles of Macroeconomics (with Ann Huff Stevens)
Fall 2013: Intermediate Micro Theory (with Burkhard Schipper)