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Dillon J. Carlos

University of California, Davis        Email: dillon@dilloncarlos.me
Dept of Economics / Dept of Statistics        Site: dilloncarlos.me
1 Shields Ave.        Github: dilloncarlos
Davis, CA 95618        Phone: +1 (985) 856-4482

Objectives A. To work on the frontiers of Data Science and Analytics for a company invested

in the future

B. To enter a role that promotes collaboration, learning, and development of technical

skills and domain expertise

EducationUniversity of California, Davis Tulane University

M.S., Statistics, expected 2018 B.S., Economics, Mathematics 2013

Ph.D. - ABD, Economics

M.A., Economics, 2014

Work Graduate Student Researcher, UC Davis Sociology (2017–)
Experience Parsing text from PDF / XML, natural language processing, topic classification,

file and data management. Extensive python programming. Recommendations

for statistical analysis and approach to language processing.


Affiliate, UCD Data Science Initiative (2017–)

Cross-discipline interactions, workshops, and reading groups on all things data.


Graduate Student Researcher, UC Davis Economics (2014–2017)

OCR of raw historical text. Extensive data cleaning and formatting.

Programming primarily in Stata.


Research Assistant – TREU-AMPE, Tulane University (2012–2013)

Project: Estimating the Impact of Star Ratings on Medicare Advantage Enrollments

Advisor: M. Darden

LanguagesPython: Pandas, sklearn, keras, nltk, matplotlib, + more. Main language since 2014
and SkillsC/C++, R, MySQL, Stata, Excel, Unix Shell, LATEX

Model Simulation, Data Visualization, Expl. Analysis, Machine Learning

Honors andMars Machine Learning Prize (Fall 2017)
AwardsJustin J. Marcus Endowed Scholarship for Louisiana

Tulane Presidential Scholarship         Dean’s List (2x)

References Athanasios Geromichalos Alan M. Taylor

Economics, UC Davis Economics, UC Davis

ageromich@ucdavis.edu amtaylor@ucdavis.edu


Kimberlee ShaumanGregory Clark

Sociology, UC Davis Economics, UC Davis

kashauman@ucdavis.edu gclark@ucdavis.edu


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Dillon Carlos,
Jan 23, 2018, 4:52 PM