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I am a new Data Scientist at Big Data Federation, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA. Formerly, I was graduate student in Economics / Statistics and affiliate of the Data Science Initiative at the University of California, Davis. My
primary interests include the economics of open source software in enterprise, natural language processing, and machine learning.

I used to do Neuroscience research at this lab, where I learned just how messy experimental data can be - even in double blind lab experiments. I first took on Economic research in the NSF backed TREU_AMPE program. That's where I learned the art of programming stats models. Since then I have done my own graduate research and also worked as a research assistant to Gregory Clark and Alan M. Taylor. My last year at Davis, I worked as an R.A. for Kim Shauman programming machine learning models and parsing text documents in python.

I am a New Orleans native and alumnus of Tulane University. For the best beignets and watery but somehow delicious coffee in the city, go here (to see a picture of my cat Beignet, look here). For the best music and drinks go here. To have the world's best char-grilled oysters, go here. For additional New Orleans recommendations, shoot me an email.