The main question is that are good people capable of evil

    My name is Dillan and I'm doing this final project for my English 10 class I was always a big fan of the hero that becomes the villain in movies or the villain becoming good and so in English we chose a central question mine was ARE GOOD PEOPLE CAPABLE OF EVIL AND DARK HISTORY BEING GOOD.
    The main reason I chose this question is because is there a true evil in people and can they find away to use it. And would they use that evil in them to evil things or use what good they have in there body's.I also wonder can people with dark histories also do good things and how would they find a way to do this

    The reason I chose these quotes is because each one is playing its part in explaining my ideas of the concept. The one on the left "YOU EITHER DIE A HERO OR YOU LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE YOURSELF BECOME THE VILLAIN" shows that yes you can be good but bad decisions your entire life you show the dark side you had all along and you become the evil one.
    The quote in the middle "IT'S NOT WHO I AM UNDERNEATH BUT WHAT I DO THAT DEFINES ME" shows
 the idea a person from a dark past can be good as long as they don't make any mistakes making people think there bad.
    The one on the right "COMPASSION ALONE STANDS APART FROM THE CONTINUOUS TRAFFIC BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL WITHIN US" shows that people choose who they are on the inside some may be evil but some are good. Take for example prisoners they had only been in prison for outrages crimes but some when they get out some of them are good people and hardly ever go back. The point is I think people yes can be capable of evil things and some people with dark pasts can be good as long as rules are fallowed.