Malayalam is a Dravidian language, originated from Tamil and Sanskrit. Malayalam has several words borrowed especially from English and a few may be from Dutch/Portuguese etc.  In spoken Malayalam, it is common that some people unnecessarily use so many English words making the language, “Manglish”.

In general Malayalam is a difficult language (not for Malayalees). The only difficult part in Malayalam is that the auxiliary verbs, the prepositions etc are combined with preceding verb or noun. There are a set of rules for this ‘mixing’. Additionally, the pronunciation of a hatful of Malayalam consonants is a little difficult. For a foreigner they all sound the same. But, it is easy to sound out them right by placing the tongue at the right positions in the mouth.

The easiest part in Malayalam comparing to many other languages is that the nouns do not have gender. Also the verbs do not change with gender or number (singular/plural). Thus the tense system in Malayalam is relatively simple.                        

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