"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." (
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2018 Doctor of Education. Faculty of Arts and Social Studies. University of Sydney.
       Research topic: Pilgrimage to a foreign land: The lived experience of teaching with graphic novels in             the secondary English classroom

2008 ‘Teaching for Understanding' Certificate, Harvard University School of Graduate Education

2003 Master of Education with Distinction (Teacher Librarianship), Charles Sturt University

1976 Diploma of Education, University of Sydney

1975 Bachelor of Arts (Hons), University of Sydney


2015 Hawley-Jarvis Award for Services to Boys' Education. International Boys' Schools Coalition

2008  Teacher Librarian of the Year. Australian School Library Association (NSW):  



Making at TKS. Challenge to change. ASLA National Conference. 13-14 July. Sydney.
       Beyond Books. International Boys' Schools Coalition Annual Conference. 25-28 June. The Shore School.        Sydney.

Engaging hearts, heads, and hands in the TKS Maker Place. National Boys' Education Conference. 8-9                  October. The King's School, Sydney.

The post-grad pilgrimage. TKS Research Symposium. 23 October. The King's School, Sydney.



Graphic Novels to Promote Global Citizenship. International Boys' Schools Coalition Annual Conference.          26-29 June. Vancouver.



Making to build character. National Boys' Education Conference. 6-7 October, The King's School.



Panel Power: Graphic novels in the English classroom. English Teachers' Association Queensland                     Seminar Series. 31 May, Brisbane Grammar School. 

Bring it alive with Thinglink. TeachMeet presentations. 5 May (St Ignatius College), 13 May  (William     
        Clarke College)

Voices from the classroom: Teaching with graphic novels. Anticipating New Territories: AATE/ALEA                     National Conference. Darwin. 9-12 July. 



Graphic novels: Different texts for different times [Lecture]. University of Notre Dame.  Sydney.                             14 March.

Picture this: Growing character development in boys through graphic novels.  [Lightning Session]. Brother              to Brother: International Boys' Schools Conference. Richmond, VA. 30 June - 3 July.


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Visual literacy & graphic novels. [Lecture]. University of Notre Dame. Broadway, Sydney. 5 - 6 March.

Action! Research! Reading. [Joint presentation with Linda Gibson-Langford]. AIS Teacher Librarians'                    Conference. Sydney. 1 June.'Teacher tales from the graphic novel classroom. [Paper]. Comics                     Rocks: Third International Comics Conference. Bournemouth University, UK. 28-29 June.

Visual literacy, graphic novels & Maus. [Lecture]. St Pius X College. Chatswood, Sydney. 30 July.

Data collection: What do you want and how do you get it. [Mini-presentation]. Capture the evidence: Shout             it out!: SLA NSW Action Research Day. 15 September.

Telling tales: Voices from the graphic novel classroom. [Joint presentation with Alex Wharton]. Five Bells:             English Teachers' National Conference. 3-4 October.

Organise your research life. [presentation]. Barker College Research Forum. 9 October.

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Different texts for different times. [Paper], Inspiring Boys, Inspiring Schools, International Boys' Schools             Coalition Annual Conference, London,  8-10 July. 

Engaging the Eye Generation: Graphic novels in the English classroom. [Paper]. Making Connections that         Count: English Teachers' Association (NSW) Annual Conference, Redfern, Sydney. 5 August.>


RSS, info@asla - newsletter of ASLA (NSW), regular column (x4 p.a.)

Higher Research Degree Student of the Month. August.



Different texts for different times. [Paper].  New Literacies, New Learning Conference. ASLA (NSW) State             Library Day. Sydney.  27 February.

Action research. [Online workshop]. Toronto Action Research Group. August.

New literacies, new literature. [Paper]. Future Directions in Literacy Conference. University of Sydney.                4 September.

Action research in boys' schools: ALARA World Congress. Melbourne. 6-9 September. [Joint paper with             Margot Long]

Graphic novels: Different texts for different times. [Paper]. Libraries Lighting and Leading the Way                     Conference. Catholic Education.  Wollongong. 22 November.

Building a community of inquirers. [Keynote address]. Libraries Lighting and Leading the Way Conference,         Catholic  Education Office professional learning day, Wollongong. 22 November.


RSS. info@asla - newsletter of ASLA (NSW), regular column (x4 p.a.)




The alchemy of action research. [Workshop]. Barker Staff Conference. Barker College.27 April.

Comics in the classroom. [Workshop]. Barker Staff Conference. Barker College. 27 April.

Comics for leisure: Comics for learning. [Paper]. Just Picture This Conference. MANTLE (Maitland &                 Newcastle Teacher Librarian Association). Newcastle. 22 May.

Different texts for different times. [Featured address]. Seeing Things Differently Conference. School Library         Association of Victoria. National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne. 22 November.


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When worlds converge. [Paper]. Balancing the Differences: National Boy’s  Education Conference, The             King’s School, Parramatta. 13 October.

Making a difference in boys’ learning…and knowing it. [Joint paper with Brad Adams], Balancing the                 Differences:  National Boys’ Education Conference, The King’s School, Parramatta. 13 October. 


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