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    I'm looking forward to a fantastic year!

  • Homework For Week Of March 20th
    - Friday, 3/17: Optional Test corrections due Monday; Extra help today 3-3:30

    - Monday, 3/20: Happy spring!; Extra help tomorrow 7:30-8; Rocks and Minerals Test early next week!

    - Tuesday, 3/21: Extra help today 3-3:30; Read the sedimentary and metamorphic rock sections on pages 223-231, complete #16-21 and 30-37 - bring book tomorrow!; Rocks and Minerals Test Monday

    - Wednesday, 3/22: Rocks and Minerals Test Monday

    - Thursday, 3/23: Extra help cancelled today - moved to tomorrow before and after school; Rocks and Minerals Test Monday; Rock Identification Lab Report due Tuesday

    - Friday, 3/24: Extra help 3-3:30 today; Rocks and Minerals Test Monday; Rock Identification Lab Report due Tuesday; Have a gneiss year - don't take it for granite!! :)
    Geology Virtual Lab: If you need more practice with distinguishing between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, use this website to run through the characteristics that define each type. There are also several videos and websites posted under "useful links" that can help you!

    Use this link to get the climographs for the coastal vs. continental activity!

    The most awesome weather review website!

    Here are animations of fronts.

    Here's the Present Weather Link!

    Dewpoint and Cloud Formation Lab Links:

    Head to Mr. Timlin's website for animations that review what the Sun's path looks like for different latitudes: GIF's for Changing Paths of the Sun

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