1903 - Idiom Neutral




    I. Pronunciation and Orthography.
    II. The Substantive.
    III. The Adjective.
    IV. The Numeral.
    V. The Pronoun.
    VI. The Verb.
    VII. The Adverb.
    VIII. The Preposition.
    IX. The Conjunction.
    X. The Interjection.
    XI. Formation of Words.
    XII. Abbreviations.



    (a) Neutral-English.

    (b) English-Neutral.



    (a) History of the International Academy of the Universal Language.

    (b) List of the Members of the Academy.

    (c) Statutes of the Academy.

Index to the Grammar.


    "What is most International is nearest the Ideal."

    In publishing this Dictionary of the Neutral Language, something must be premised as to the origin of the latter, for very few are aware that there exists a well organized international society, to which the language owes its origin.

    After many fruitless attempts — and all by eminent scholars — had been made in the course of the last three hundred years to construct an artificial language that would serve to facilitate intercourse between persons of different nationalities, in the year 1879 Rev. J. M. Schleyer of Litzelstetten, Baden, succeeded in excogitating such a language, called Volapük, which at the time attracted general notice, since the grammar of this language, in contradistinction to the difficult grammars of the living languages, is surprisingly simple; in a few hours the rules could be acquired and correspondence immediately entered upon with the aid of a dictionary.

    This simplicity caused many to learn the interesting language, and after a few years Volapük was so widely spread that there were hundreds of Volapük clubs, and over twenty Volapük papers were published.

    Soon, however, complaints arose as to certain imperfections of the language: some Volapükists arbitrarily introduced changes or corrections, which were not recognized by others, among them the inventor; disagreements arose, and in consequence it was universally deemed desirable to call into existence a society which would preserve the unity of the language and perfect Volapük.

    Such a society, under the name of International Academy of the Universal Language, was founded by the Volapük congress, held in Munich in the year 1887, and the statutes of this Academy were ratified by the international Volapük congress held in Paris in the year 1889; by which statutes the Academy is to this day guided. At first seventeen persons, from twelve different countries, were chosen to constitute the Academy; later the number of members fluctuated between fifteen and thirty-six. The labors of the Academy could be carried on only in writing, since the members lived in various localities (in Europe, America, Africa and Asia).

    In the beginning the Academy was occupied with the discussion of grammatical questions; later, when it was seen that very many words are common to most European languages and consequently are already familiar to those speaking a European language, e.g. tenor, plan, basin brutal, and that therefore all these world-words must find favor in a language intended for international communication, the Volapük words, which are to a great extent taken from the English, but often so distorted as to be unrecognizable, were replaced by international words.

    Now, as the result of the labors of the Academy, a language has arisen — called Neutral Language (Idiom Neutral), — which has retained the good qualities of Volapük, but differs essentially from Volapük in this, that it consists almost exclusively of international words, and can thus, whether spoken or written, be understood by every educated man almost without any previous study.

    Consequently the Neutral Language is capable of rendering effective service in all cases where persons of different nationalities must make themselves understood either orally or in writing, whether it be for commercial, scientific, or other purposes; in a word, wherever the need of a so-called universal language exists.

    M.A.F. HOLMES.

    Macedon, N.Y., May 4, 1903.



§ 1. The Neutral Language (Idiom Neutral) has 22 letters, 5 vowels: a e i o u, and 17 consonants: b c d f g h j k l m n p r s t v y.

The vowels are pronounced as follows:

a   as a in the English word far, father, guard.
e as a in the English word cape, dale, fate.
i as e in the English word me.
o as o in the English word no, note.
u as u in the English word truth, or
u as oo in the English word   moon, room.

Consecutive vowels are pronounced separately, e. g. hebre-ik Hebraic, a-utomat automaton, E-urop Europe, no-i we, si-e his.

The consonants are always pronounced as follows:

b as b in the English word bar.
c as ch in the English word   chain, charity. (r. 115, r. 126) (*)
d as d in the English word date.
f as f in the English word fate.
g as g in the English word get, give, got.
h as h in the English word hold. (r. 119).
j as z in the English word azure, seizure, or
j as j in the French word Jean, je, jour. (r. 110).
k as k in the English word keep, kill.
l as l in the English word late, let.
m   as m in the English word mat, met.
n as n in the English word not, note.
p as p in the English word pale, pair.
r as r in the English word rain, red.
s as s in the English word sale, seal, sill (r. 118).
t as t in the English word tale, till.
v as v in the English word vale, vague.
y as y in the English word yet, yoke. (r. 112).
d as d in the English word date.

(*) g: Never as in the English word gentle.

(*) s: Never as s in the English word rose; in other words, s of Idiom neutral is always voiceless, never voiced.

(*) The figures after the “r.” denote the number of the respective resolution of the Academy.

    The letters s and h, if they stand together, form an exception hereto; they are then pronounced as sh in the English word “shall.” (r. 109).

    Remark. In the phonetic writing of proper names and foreign words, in order to show their pronunciation, the following letters and combinations of letters may be used (r. 116, r. 117):

  1. ä for the sound ä in the German language = ai in the English word fair.
  2. ö for the sound ö in the German language = o in the English word word.
  3. ü for the sound ü in the German language = u in the French word une.
  4. z for the sound z in the English word zeal, zinc.
  5. gh for the sound g in the Danish language, e. g. in the word sag.
  6. kh for the sound ch in the German language, e. g. in the word Sache.
  7. th for the sound th in the English language, e. g. in the word Bath.

§ 2. Words are accented according to the following rule (r. 57):

    The accent (or stress of voice) is on the vowel that immediately precedes the last consonant, if there be such vowel, e. g. fortun (pronounced fortùn) fortune, manu (pr. mànu) hand, aloe (pr. àloe) aloe, filio (pr. fìlio) son; otherwise it is on the first vowel, e. g. mai (pr. mài) May, Deo (pr. Dèo) God. In exceptional cases the accented (stressed) vowel is denoted by a written accent, e. g. idé idea, alé alley, depó depot.

    Remark. In the compounding of such words, that is words having the written accent, with a suffix, the accent is dropped and the word is accented (stressed) according to the general rule, e. g. aleatr (pronunciation ateàtr) alley-like.


§ 3. The Neutral Language has only one declension for all substantives (r. 43-47):

Nominative: dom ; the or a house.
Genitive: de dom ; of the or a house.
Dative: a dom ; to the or a house.
Accusative: dom ; the or a house.
Nominative: domi ; the houses.
Genitive: de domi ; of the houses.
Dative: a domi ; to the houses.
Accusative: domi ; the houses.

The accusative is distinguished from the nominative by its place in the sentence: the nominative stands before the verb, the accusative after the verb, e. g. mi klos porta, I lock the door; patr puni filio, the father punishes the son. (r.46)

The dative can be used also without the preposition a, and in that case it is indicated by a fixed place in the sentence, namely before the accusative; this applies particularly to pronouns, e. g. il donav mi libr, he gave me a book; il mit mi flori, he sends me flowers. (r. 55).

§ 4. There is no article; accordingly the English articles the and a, an are not translated, and conversely the word dom can mean the house as well as a house ; which meaning is to be taken can be almost always determined from the context. —If the word a stands for a certain, it is translated by sert: sert dom, a house, a certain house; but if it stands for some, any, it is translated by kelkun: kelkun dom, a house, some house. If we wish to refer to a definite object, the demonstrative pronouns can be used: ist dom, this house; el dom, that house. (c. 42/44) (*).

(*) The figures after the “c.” denote the numbers of the circulars of the Director of the Academy to the members thereof, (1) of the circular in which the respective words were proposed, (2) of the circular in which the Director announced the acceptance of these words on the part of the Academy.

§ 5. Nouns are (1) of the masculine gender, if they denote persons or animals of the male sex, (2) of the feminine gender, if they denote persons or animals of the female sex, and (3) of the neuter gender in all other cases. —Masculine nouns are formed by the addition of the suffix -o, e. g. kavalo stallion, ansiano old man, —and feminine nouns by the addition of the suffix -a, e. g. kavala mare, italiana an Italian (woman) (*). (r. 34, 35. Cf. r. 122 d).

(*) The meaning of the roots kaval, ansian, etc., can easily be found in the dictionary; it is therefore not repeated here.

§ 6. Diminutives are formed by the addition of the suffix -et, e. g. sigaret cigarette, kavalet pony. filieta little daughter. (r 103).

§ 7. Designations for not full-grown (young) animals are formed by compounds with the word yun young, e. g. yun-kaval colt, yun-ran tadpole. (r. 86, c. 53/56).


§ 8. Adjectives are distinguished as primitive, e. g. grand great, fasil easy, and derivative, which are formed from other parts of speech by the addition of one of the seven suffixes -abl, -al, -an, -atr, -id, -ik, -os. (r. 12).

    Adjectives in -abl show that something is possible or worthy, with a passive meaning; this suffix is used principally with verbal roots, e. g. komprendabl comprehensible, intelligible, konvenabl suitable, fitting. (r.49).

    The suffix -al is used instead of the suffix -ik (see below), if the root ends in -ik, e. g. gramatikal grammatical, teknikal technical. (r. 133).

    Adjectives in -an show appurtenance to some one or something, e. g. mahometan Mahometan, amerikan American. (r. 32).

    Adjectives in -atr indicate similarity or likeness; this suffix can be joined to substantive and adjective roots, e. g. petratr stone-like, petrous, verdatr greenish. (r. 50).

    Remark. If words end in a, the suffixes -abl, -an, -atr are changed into -bl, -n, -tr, e. g. rusian Russian, akuatr watery. (r. 49, 32, 50).

    Adjectives in -id show a quality of some one or of something; this suffix is used with verbal roots, e. g. timid timid, splendid splendid, bright. (r. 135).

    Adjectives in -os indicate a fullness or multitude of anything, e.g. petros stony, oleos oily, lanos woolly, amoros amorous. (r. 33).

    The suffix -ik is the general adjective suffix; it indicates quality and is used to form derivative adjectives, for which the remaining suffixes, -abl, -an, -atr, -id, -os, are not suitable because of their special signification, e. g. elektrik electric, rusik Russian, anuik annual, Atlantik Atlantic, fantastik fantastic, galvanik galvanic, hastik hasty, historik historic, homik human, horisontik horizontal, idealik ideal, identik identical, lanik woolen, etc. (r. 31, r. 39).

§ 9. Comparison takes place by putting before the adjective the adverbs plu, for the comparative, and leplu for the superlative, e. g. plu grand greater, leplu grand greatest. (r. 123).

    The conjunction than after the comparative is translated by ka, e. g. vo es plu grand ka mi, you are taller than I. So—as, as—as, are rendered by talekuale, e. g. vo es tale grand kuale mi, you are as tall as I. (c. 42/44).

    The adverb very is translated by multe, e. g. multe grand very great. (c. 42/44).

§ 10. The adjective always follows the substantive to which it belongs, e. g. dom grand the large house, lingu universal the universal language (r. 84), and is never varied, e. g. patr bon the good father, filia bon the good daughter, filii bon the good children. (Gl. n.) (*).

    (*). The letters Gl. n. signify that the rule in question is quoted from the Glamat nomik (Normal Grammar), written in Volapük, which was duly accepted by the Academy and published in the year 1892 ; which rule has not been changed by any subsequent resolution of the Academy.

§ 11. Every adjective can be used as a substantive, and is then declined as a substantive, e. g. boni e mali the good and the bad, poltron cowardly, a coward. (r. 132).

§ 12. It is not allowed to form a verb from an adjective by means of the general verbal suffixes, but, for the sake of clearness, either the verb esar to be, or one of the suffixes, –ifikar or –eskar, is to be used, e. g. esar san to be well (healthy), sanifikar to heal, saneskar to recover, to convalesce. (r. 121).


§ 13. Cardinal Numbers [which answer the question kuant? how many?] are either roots, e. g. 1 un, 2 du, 3 tri, 10 des, or compound words, e. g. 20 du-des, 34 tri-des-kuatr.

    The following are roots: 1 un, 2 du, 3 tri, 4 kuatr, 5 kuink, 6 seks, 7 sept, 8 okt, 9 nov, 0 nul, 10 des, 100 sent, 1,000 mil, 1,000,000 milion, 1,000,000,000 bilion, 1,000,000,000,000 trilion, 1,000,000,000,000,000 kuadrilion, 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 kuintilion. The rest are formed from these by composition, des with other numerals being always combined into one word, sent, on the contrary, only when another numeral precedes; the higher numerals, mil, million, billion, etc., always stand alone, e. g.

1. un. 1o. des. 11. desun.
2. du. 20. dudes. 12. desdu.
3. tri. 30. trides. 21. dudesun.
4. kuatr. 40. kuatrdes. 32. tridesdu.
5. kuink. 50. kuinkdes. 46. kuatrdesseks.
6. seks. 60. seksdes. 101. sent un.
7. sept. 70. septdes. 120. sent dudes.
8. okt. 80. oktdes. 200. dusent.
9. nov. 90. novdes. 873. oksent septdestri.
0. nul. 100. sent or unsent.  1000. mil.
1001. mil un. 1020. mil dudes. 1300. mil trisent.
3000. tri mil.  10000. des mil. 100000. sent mil.
1000000. milion. 2000000. du milion.
25,768,194. dudeskuink milion septsent seksdesokt mil unsent novdeskuatr. (r. 80, 128).

§ 14. The ordinal numbers [which answer the question kuantim? which of the number? what number? which? What? (what-th, if there were such word)] are formed from the cardinal numbers by the addition of the suffix –im to the respective cardinal number, and to the last word of the cardinal, e. g. 1. unim first, 2. duim second, 7. septim seventh, 30. tridesim thirtieth, 100. sentim hundredth, 120. sent dudesim hundred and twentieth, 325. trisent dudeskuinkim three hundred and twenty-fifth, 1000. milim thousandth, etc., but it is allowed to use instead of the derived forms the following seven well-known roots: 1. prim first, 2. sekund second, 3. ters third, 4. kuart fourth, 5. kuint fifth, 6. sekst sixth, and 8. oktav eighth. –It is also permitted to use the cardinals instead of the ordinals, if the sense shows that there is no question of a cardinal; but in this case the cardinal must occupy the same sense in the sentence that the ordinal would, if it were used, namely after the substantive (see below, § 19), e. g. § des § 10, pagin trisent dudeskuink page 325. (r. 81).

§ 15. Multiplicatives [which answer the question kuantupl? how many fold?] are formed by the addition of the suffix -upl to the respective cardinal number, and to the last word of the cardinal, e.g. 1. unupl simple, 2. duupl double, twofold, 3. triupl three-fold, triple, treble, 105. sent kuinkupl hundred and fivefold, etc., but it is allowed to use instead of the derived forms the following three well-known roots: 1. simpl simple, 2. dupl double, twofold, 3. tripl threefold, triple, treble. (r. 82).

Remark. The suffix -upl is used also with the word mult many: multupl manifold, multiple. (r. 82).

§ 16. The distributives [which answer the question a kuant? how many apiece? each how many? by how many?] are formed by placing the preposition a before the respective cardinal number, e.g. a un one apiece, one each, one by one, a du two apiece, two each, two by two, etc. (c. 20/28, 42/44).

§ 17. The iteratives [which answer the question kuantfoa? how many times? and kuantimfoa? for the which time? for the what (what-th; see § 14) time? for the how many-th (?) time?] are formed by the addition of the suffix -foa to the respective cardinal or ordinal, and to the last word of the cardinal or ordinal, e.g. 1. unfoa once, 2. dufoa twice, 100. sentfoa a hundred times, 1. primfoa for the first time, 139. sent tridesnovimfoa for the one hundred and thirty-ninth time, etc. (r. 83).

Remark. The suffix -foa can be used also with other parts of speech, e.g. multfoa many times, ultimfoa for the last time, etc. (r. 83).

§ 18. Fractions are formed by a cardinal (for the numerator) with an ordinal (for the denominator) following it, e.g. ½ un sekund or un demi, 2/3 du tersi, 0.2 du desimi, 0.03 tri sentimi, 2/109 du unsent novimi, 0.007 sept milimi. If a fraction is used with a whole number, the fraction is joined to the whole number by the conjunction e, e.g. 3 ¼ tri e un kuart, π = 3.14159.... = tri totali e un kuatr un kuink nov e s., 0.145... nul totali e un kuatr kuink e s. (r. 85).

§ 19. Cardinal numbers and fractions always precede the substantive to which they belong, e.g. du kavali two horses, tri kuarti metr ¾ meter; — the remaining numerals always follow the substantive or verb to which they belong, e.g. paragraf sekund § 2, plesir dupl double pleasure, noi andav a du we went by twos, mi klamav trifoa I shouted three times. (r. 84).

§ 20. Numeral adverbs are formed by adding the adverbial suffix -e to the respective ordinal, e.g. 1. prime first, 2. sekunde secondly, etc. (c. 29/33).

§ 21. Numeral verbs are formed by the addition of the suffix -ifikar to multiplicatives, e.g. simplifikar to simplify, duplifikar to double, etc. (r. 52).

§ 22. Dating takes place in the following manner: in diurn tridesim de mens yuli de anu mil novsentim po nat de Krist, which, by the omission of the words printed in ordinary roman, and even of the word in, is usually shortened to: tridesim yuli, mil novsent 30 July, 1900.

The twelve months of the year are called: yanuar, februar, mars, april, mai, yuni, yuli, august, septembr, oktobr, novembr, desembr.

The seven days of the week are called: lundi, marsdi, merkurdi, yovdi, vendrdi, saturndi. (r. 100).

§ 23. The time of day is expressed in the following manner: [it es] hor tri e un kuart, it is quarter after three o'clock; hor tri e des minuti, ten minutes after three; hor tri e kuinkdeskuatr [minuti], six minutes to four; in hor septim de matin, between six and seven o'clock in the morning.


§ 24. The Personal Pronoun. (r. 122).

1st Person:   mi, I. noi, we.
2d “ vo, you. voi, you
3d “ il, he. ili, they (masc. and neut.).
ila, she. ilai, they (fem.).
it, it. — —
on, one, they, people.

    The reflexive pronoun is se, self.

§ 25. If only one person is addressed, the pronoun is always in the singular, namely vo.

Remark. There is also another pronoun for the second person singular, namely tu; but it is used only for a literal translation of the word thou, if such translation is absolutely necessary. (r. 79).

§ 26. The pronouns il, ila, it are employed according to the following rule: il is used if we speak of persons or animals without distinction of sex, or of male persons or animals; ila—if we speak of female persons or animals; it—if we speak of notions signifying neither persons nor mammals.—ilai is used only if there is special question of female persons or animals; in all other cases the plural form is ili. (r. 122).

§ 27. The pronoun it with an adjective or participle following is used to express the indefinite, e. g. it bel the beautiful, it bon the good, it lekted the read (what has been read). (r. 122).

§ 28. Personal pronouns (also other words) can be made emphatic by the addition of the pronoun aut self, e. g. mi aut I myself, vo aut you yourself, direktor aut the director himself. (r. 122).

§ 29. The personal pronouns (as also all other pronouns used as substantives) are declined by placing the preposition de (for the genitive) and a (for the dative) before them, e. g. mi I, de mi of me, a mi to me, mi me; voi you, de voi of you, a voi to you, voi you. (r. 122).


1st Person:   mie, my, mine. nostr, our, ours.
2d “ votr, your, yours. vostr, your, yours
3d “ sie, his, her, hers, its.   lor, their, theirs.

The reflexive possessive pronoun is sue his (own), her (own), its (own), their (own). It is used instead of sie and lor, if it relates to the subject of the sentence in which it stands. (c. 31/36). The possessive pronoun tue corresponds to the personal pronoun tu. (r. 79).

§ 31. The possessives, and in general all pronouns that relate to a substantive, are always placed before the respective substantive, e. g. mie dom my house, ist sirkular this circular, kel tabl? which table? kuant homi? how many men (human beings)? kelk paroli some words, omni lingui all languages. (r. 84).


ist, this. ist-kos, this (thing).
el, that. el-kos, that (thing).
tel, that, the one.   tel-kos, that (neuter).
    el sem, the same.
    yuste el sem, just the same.
    it sem, the same thing.
    yuste it sem, just the same thing.

In case the pronouns ist and el are used as substantives, they may take the masculine suffix -o and the feminine -a, if we wish to specify particularly the sex of the persons or animals spoken of. e. g. ista, elo. (c. 42/44, 46/48, r. 122).

ist-kos, el-kos, tel-kos, it sem and yuste it sem can be used only substantively.


ki? who?
kel? who? which? what? that?
kekos? what? which?

The pronoun ki is used for persons and kekos for all other notions. (r. 122).

These pronouns are declined like substantives by means of the prepositions de and a, and kel takes in the plural the suffix -i: keli. If it should be necessary to indicate the sex of the persons or animals spoken of, kel may take the endings -o and -a, e. g. matr de ist sinior, kela veniav a mi, the mother of this gentleman, who (the mother) came to me.

The pronoun kel may also be used adjectively, in which case it remains unchanged, e. g. kel sinior es votr fratr? which gentleman is your brother? kel siniora es votr matr? which lady is your mother?—The remaining interrogative and relative pronouns can be used only substantively. (c. 42/44).


kelk, some, any, several,
kelk-kos, something, anything.
kelk-hom, somebody, some one, anybody, anyone.
kelk-un, some, any, a.
nohom, nobody, no one.
nokos, nothing.
noun, no
omni (followed by the sing.), each, every.
omni (followed by the plur.), all.
omni du, both.
omni-hom, everybody, everyone, each one, each.
omni kekos, whatever.
omni ki, whoever, whichever.
omni-kos, everything.
otr, other.
otr-kos, something else.
sert, (a) certain.
sert-kos, a certain thing, some thing.
un—otr, the one—the other.

The pronouns kelk, omni, otr, sert and un—otr can be used substantively and adjectively.Pronouns used substantively are declined by means of de and a and the suffix -i for the plural. These pronouns can take the suffixes -o and -a, if it be necessary to indicate the sex. (r. 122).

The pronouns otr and sert can take the adverbial suffix -e, in which case they mean: otre otherwise, else; serte certainly, surely. (c. 27/32, 42/44).


kual? what kind of? tal, such.
kuant? how much? how many?   tant, so much, so many.

These pronouns can take the adverbial suffix -e, in which case they mean:

kuale? how? tale, so.
kuante? how much?   tante, so much, so greatly.
(c. 42/44).


§ 36. Idiom neutral has only one conjugation for all verbs; there are six tenses: present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect, future, and future perfect.

§ 37. The present active is formed from the simple root of the verb, and is recognized by the place that the verb occupies in the sentence, namely after the subject, e. g. mi am I love, infant dorm the child sleeps. (r. 61).

    The form of the present, as also of all other tenses of the indicative and conditional, is independent of the gender, grammatical person, and number of the subject, that is, it always remains unchanged, (r. 59) e. g.

mi am,   I love. noi am,   we love.
vo am, you love. voi am, you love.
il am, he loves. ili am, they love.
ila am, she loves.       ilai am, they love.
it am, it loves. on am, one loves.

§ 38. The imperfect is formed by adding the suffix -av to the root (r. 87) e. g.

    mi amav, I loved;

the future, by adding the suffix -ero, (r. 88) e. g.

    mi amero, I shall love.

§ 39. In the same way the present, imperfect, and future of all other verbs are formed, including avar, to have, and esar, to be, which are used as auxiliaries in forming other tenses, thus:

  • mi av, I have.
  • mi es, I am.
  • mi avav, I had.
  • mi esav, I was.
  • mi avero, I shall have.
  • mi esero, I shall be.

The passive participle, which is used also in forming some other tenses, always ends in -ed, (r. 94) e. g.

  • amed, loved.
  • aved, had.
  • esed, been.

§ 40. The perfect, pluperfect, and future perfect active (r. 95) are formed by means of the auxiliary verb avar and the passive participle of the respective verb; thus there is employed for the formation of the

(a) perfect the present of avar, e. g. mi av amed, I have loved.
(b) pluperfect the imperfect of avar, e. g. mi avav amed, I had loved.
(c) future perfect   the future of avar, e. g. mi avero amed, I shall have loved.

§ 41. The present conditional is formed by adding the suffix –erio to the root, e. g.

mi amerio, I should love. (r. 96).

§ 42. The past conditional is formed by using the present conditional of the auxiliary verb avar and the passive participle of the respective verb, e. g. mi averio amed, I should have loved. (r. 73).

§ 43. The subjunctive has the same form as the conditional and is used in conditional secondary propositions with the conjunction if, if the condition expressed is considered as not having happened or as not actual, e. g. mi akuirerio dom, if mi eserio rik, I should buy a house, if I were rich.

Remark. In secondary propositions with the conjunction ke, that, the indicative, not the subjunctive, is used, e. g. on dik, ke il es malad, they say that he is sick or they say he is sick; (r. 74) the conjunction ke, that, is never omitted, though it may be in English.

§ 44. The imperative is formed by the addition of the following suffixes to the root of the verb:

(a) for the 2d pers. sing. -a, e. g. ama! love you!

(b) for the 2d pers. plur. -ate, e g. amate! love ye!

(c) for the 1st pers. plur. -am, e. g. amam! let us love!.

For the third person the conjunction ke, that, is used, e. g. [mi komand, mi demand, mi desir] ke il (ili) am! let him (them) love! ke nostr patria viv! long live our native land! (r. 75).

§ 45. The general infinitive suffix is -ar, e g. amar, to love. (r. 36).

§ 46. If the sense positively requires that past time be indicated (which is very seldom), the past infinitive may be formed by the suffix -avar or by the infinitive of the auxiliary verb avar with the passive participle of the respective verb, e. g. amavar or avar amed, to have loved. (r. 91).—The future infinitive (a still rarer form) is formed by the suffix -erar, e. g. amerar, to be about to love. (r. 92).

§ 47. The general suffix for the active participle is -ant, e. g. amant, loving. (r. 58).

§ 48. The past participle is forned by means of the suffix -avant or by the participle of the verb avar with the passive participle of the respective verb, e. g. amavant or avant amed, having loved. (r.89)

The future participle is formed by means of the suffix -erant, e. g. amerant, being about to love. (r. 90).

§ 49. The participial adverb is obtained by adding the adverbial suffix -e to the participle, e. g. amante, lovingly; ridante, laughingly. (r. 58).

§ 50. The indicative, conditional, imperative and infinitive passive are formed by means of the active of the auxiliary verb esar, to be, and the passive participle of the respective verb, e. g.


Present: mi es amed, I am loved.
Imperfect: mi esav amed, I was loved.
Perfect: mi av esed amed, I have been loved.
Pluperfect: mi avav esed amed, I had been loved.
Future: mi esero amed, I shall be loved.
Future Perfect:   mi avero esed amed, I shall have been loved.


Present:       mi eserio amed, I should be loved.
Past: mi averio esed amed, I should have been loved.


2d pers. sing.:   esa amed! be loved !
2d pers. plur.: esate amed! be ye loved !
1st pers. plur.: esam amed! let us be loved !


esar amed, to be loved. (r. 76).

§ 51. The passive participle, as already mentioned (§ 39), is formed by the addition of the suffix -ed to the root, e. g. amed, loved.

The past participle takes the suffix -aved, the future -ered, e. g. amaved, having been loved; amered, about to be loved. (r. 94).

§ 52. The gerundive is formed by means of the suffix: -and, e. g. amand, to be loved (that must, ought, deserves, to be loved). (r. 97).

§ 53. The following synopsis gives a distinct idea of the conjugation of the verb amar, to love:

  (a) Indicative.
Present: mi am. mi es amed.
Imperfect: mi amav. mi esav amed.
Perfect: mi av amed. mi av esed amed.
Pluperfect: mi avav amed. mi avav esed amed.
Future: mi amero. mi esero amed.
Future Perfect: mi avero amed. mi avero esed amed.
  (b) Conditional.
Present: mi amerio. mi eserio amed.
Past: mi averio amed. mi averio esed amed.
  (c) Imperative.
2d pers. sing.: ama! esa amed!
2d pers. plur.: amate! esate amed!
1st pers. plur.: amam! esam amed!
  (d) Infinitive.
amar. esar amed.
  (e) Participle.
amant. amed.
  (f) Gerundive.

All verbs without exception can be conjugated according to this model; and any subject may be used instead of the pronoun mi, e. g. mi skrib, I write; vo audiav, you heard; il av oleed, he has oiled; voi avav volued, you had wished; noi andero, we shall go; it avero esed aksentued, it will have been accented; paya! pay! etc.

§ 54. In impersonal verbs the pronoun it, it, is used as subject, e. g. it pluvi, it rains. (r. 78).

§ 55. Reflexive verbs are conjugated according to the following rules: (r. 98)

(a) For the first and second person singular and plural of the indicative, conditional and imperative, a personal pronoun [mi, vo, noi, voi] corresponding to the subject is used after the verb, e. g.

mi lav mi, I wash myself.
vo lav vo, you wash yourself.
noi lav noi, we wash ourselves.
mi e mie fratr vis noi in miror, my brother and I see ourselves in the mirror.
mi laverio mi, I should wash myself,
lava vo! wash yourself !
lavate voi!
lavam noi! let us wash ourselves !

(b) In all other cases the pronoun se is used after the verb, e. g.

il lav se, he washes himself.
femini lav se, women wash themselves.
lavar se, to wash one’s self.
lavant se, washing one’s self.

§ 56. Reciprocity is indicated by the pronoun unotr or by the adverb resiproke, e. g. noi vis unotr in miror or noi vis noi resiproke in miror, we see each other in the mirror; patr e filio am unotr or patr e filio am se resiproke, father and son love each other. (r. 98).

§ 57. Questions, both direct and indirect, are introduced by the conjunction eske, whether, if an interrogative word is not already in the sentence, (c. 23/28, 42/44) e. g.

Eske vo volu skribar? Do you wish to write?

Mi no konos, eske it plis a vo, I do not know whether it pleases you.

If, on the contrary, there is an interrogative word in the sentence, eske is omitted; the interrogative word always precedes the verb, (Gl. n.) e. g.

Ki parl? Who speaks?
Libr de ki es su tabl? Whose book is on the table?
A ki vo donav flori? To whom did you give the flowers?
Ki patr puni? Whom does the father punish?
Ko ki vo esav in teatr? With whom were you in the theater?
Kuant arbori es in votr hort? How many trees are in your garden?
Kuant paroli vo av skribed? How many words have you written?


§ 58. Adverbs are distinguished as primitive and derivative.

§ 59. The following are the primitive adverbs: (c. 42/44)

a (before numerals), apiece, each.
ankor, still, yet.
bene, well.
denove, again, anew.
ergo, therefore, consequently.
gratis, gratis.
ipse, even.
kuasi, nearly, almost.
la, there.
leplu, most.
minu, less.
no, no, not.
plu, more.
respektive, respectively.
retro, back.
si, yes.
sirka, around, about.
tro, too.
ya, already.

§ 60. The remaining adverbs are derivative, and they are formed by adding the suffix –e to other parts of speech or to roots, (r. 37) e. g.

dome, at home.
fakte, in fact.
finie, finally, at last.
frekuente, frequently, often.
interiore, within.
kontinue, continuously.
lente, slowly.
multe, much, very.
noktue, by night.
norde, in the north.
obstine, notwithstanding.
pede, afoot, on foot.
pene, hardly, scarcely.
posible, possibly, perhaps.
probable, probably.
rare, rarely, seldom.
serte, certainly, surely.
setre, moreover.
sikause, hence.
sole, only.
sue-tempe, in due time, duly.
sufise, enough, sufficiently.
tale, thus, so.
totale, totally, wholly.
ulteriore, further.

Remark. For the adverbs in -foa see Chapter IV., § 17 (Iteratives).

§ 61. The following are the Interrogative adverbs:

kefrekuente? how often?
kekause? why?
kelfoa? which time?
kelimfoa? see Dictionary.
keloke? keplase? where?
kemaniere? in what manner?
kuale? how?
kuande? when?
kuante? how much?
kuantfoa? how many times?

The interrogative adverbs can be used also as relatives. (c. 42/44).

§ 62. The prefixes si- and pre-, the preposition po and the adverb plu are joined to the word diurn, day, to form words denoting days close at hand: (r. 125)

sidiurne, to-day.
pre-sidiurne, yesterday.
posidiurne, to-morrow.
plupre-sidiurne, day before yesterday.
plu-posidiurne, day after to-morrow.

In the same way also from other roots, hor hour, seman week, mens month, anu year, etc., adverbs of time are formed, e. g. sihore at this hour, presimense last month, plu-posianue year after next, simomente at this instant.

§ 63. Adverbs are compared by placing the adverb plu for the comparative, and leplu for the superlative, before the word to be compared, (r. 123) e. g.

  • tarde late.
  • plu tarde later.
  • leplu tarde latest.

§ 64. An adverb used to modify a verb is always placed after it, e. g. skribar korekte to write correctly, mi skrib korekte I write correctly. The adverb no forms an exception to this rule, and is always placed before the verb, e. g. mi no skrib I do not write.—An adverb used to modify any other part of speech than a verb is placed before this word, e. g. multe grand very great, no ankor not yet, yuste ist just this. (r. 84).

Remark. Complements of time, place and reason may be placed before the verb, if they are of special importance, e. g. nokuande mi skribav tale never did I write so, in ist dom Emerson moriav in this house Emerson died, kausu pluvi noi restero dome because of the rain we shall remain at home. (Gl. n.).


§ 65. The following are the primitive prepositions: (c. 42/44)

a, to, (before the infinitive) in order to.
ad, at (local).
ante, before (time and place).
da, from, since.
de, of.
di, about, concerning.
eks, out of, from.
ekstr, besides.
in, in, into.
intr, between, among.
ko, with.
kontr, against, toward.
per, through, by.
po, after, behind.
pro, for.
sine, without.
sirka, around, about.
su, on, upon.
sub, under.
trans, over, across.
ultra, beyond.
usk, until, till.
versu, toward.
via, by way of, via.

§ 66. The remaining prepositions are derivative and are formed from other parts of speech or from roots by the addition of the suffix -u, or they are formed by circumlocution. The principal ones follow: (c. 42/44, r. 38)

a kont de, to the account of.
dekstre de, at the right of.
dorsu, back of, behind.
durantu, during.
ekseptu, excepting, except.
eksteriore de, outside of, outside.
favoru, in favor of.
in dom de, in the house of.
inferiore de, below.
in honor de, in honor of.
in manier de, after the manner of.
in mediad de, in the middle of.
in nom de, in the name of.
in sentr de, in the center of.
in sosietet de, in company with.
in temp de, at the time of.
interiore de, inside of, inside.
kausu, because of, on account of.
konsiderantu, in consideration of.
ko permit de, by permission of.
ko sukurs de, with the help of.
longu, along.
manku, for lack of, in defeault of.
mediu, by means of, through, by.
negligantu, regardless of.
obstinu, in spite of.
okasionu, on occasion of.
plasu (or: in plas de), instead of, in place of.
presentu, before, in presence of.
profitu, for the benefit of.
proksimu, near.
relativu, relative to.
sekuantu, according to.
sekuantu komand de, by order of.
sinistre de, at the left of.
siteriore de, on the hither side of.
superiore de, over, above.
ulteriore de, on the thither side of.
visinu, in the vicinity of, beside.

Prepositions always precede the substantive in the nominative, e.g.:

favoru mie fratr, in favor of my brother.
ad mur, at the wall.
pro mi, for me.
kausu pluvi, because of the rain.


§ 67. The following are the primitive conjunctions: (c. 42/44)

e, and.
e—e, both—and, as well as.
eske, interrogative particle, ?, whether, if.
et, also.
if, if.
if et, even if.
ka, than.
ke, that.
ma, but.
ni—ni, neither—nor.
u, or.
u—u, either—or.

§ 68. The remaining conjunctions are rendered by circumlocution; for some conjunctions adverbial forms suffice. The principal ones follow: (c. 42/44)

a fini ke, in order that.
ante ke, before.
da temp ke, since.
durante ke, while, whilst.
eksepte ke, unless.
in kualitet de, in the capacity of, as.
kause, because, for.
kuale if, as if.
kuande, when.
negligante ke, although, though.
nemediate po ke, as soon as.
no solema et, not only—but also.
obstine ke, notwithstanding that.
omnifoa ke, whenever, as often as, every time that.
omni-loke ke, wherever, every-where that.
plase ke, instead of, in place of.
po ke, after.
sine ke, without.
suposante ke, provided that, supposing that, assuming that.
tale ke, so that.
tale longe ke, as long as.
usk ke, until.


§ 69. The following are the primitive interjections : (c. 42/44, 51/56)

a! ah!
apo! away! begone!
ekse! behold! look! here! there!
fi! fie!
o! 0! oh!
stop! stop! halt!
ve! woe!

§ 70. The remaining interjections are rendered by other parts of speech. (r. 107).—The principal ones follow: (c. 42/44, 51/56)

a revisad! until we meet again!
audia! hear! hello!
brave! bravo! good!
damnos! it is a pity! what a pity!
haste! hurry! be quick!
o Deo! for God's sake!
parat! ready!
pardon! I beg your pardon!
regrete! alas! unfortunately!
silensi! silence! hush!
sukurs! help!
ve a mi! woe to me!


§ 71. Words are distinguished into primitives (otherwise known as radicals), e. g. tabl table, derivatives, e., g. nemult few, drogist druggist, and compound words, e.g. grand-patr grandfather.


§ 72. Radicals are taken from the Aryan languages. The “International Academy of the Universal Language” has laid down the following rule for the selection of radicals: “That word is most suitable for an international language, which already exists as a national word or as a foreign word in the most of the leading languages of Europe.” (r. 11). In this the following seven languages were especially considered: English (e), French (f), German (d) [from the first letter of the word: deutsch], Spanish (s), Italian (i), Russian (r) and Latin (l), and, wherever practicable, such words were chosen as occur in all seven languages, e. g. apetit, e f d s i r l, appetite; diametr, e f d s i r l, diameter; eksaminar, e f d s i r l, to examine; tri, e f d s i r l, three, etc. This work of the Academy has shown that there are very many words which are already international, — many more than is generally believed. The most of the radicals chosen occur in at least four of the above-mentioned leading languages; only exceptionally had roots to be taken, that are common to fewer than four of these languages, e. g. trotoar, f d r, side walk ; urs, f i l, bear; tint, d s, ink. For those notions for which there are no international words, derivatives or compounds (see below) were given the preference over words of the natural languages; thus were formed, for instance, words such as nemult, (*)few; kanalet, ditch, trench; saneskar, to convalesce; bel-filio, son-in-law.

 (*) The meaning of the separate parts of words can be easily looked up in the dictionary; they are therefore not repeated here.

§ 73. In order to bring the pronunciation into agreement with the orthography, that is, in order to obtain a really simple, easily acquired orthography, it was resolved to write:

1. ku, where qu appears in the national word, e. g. kuadrat quadrat, square. (. 120).

2. that c before consonants and before a, o, u is, in accordance with general pronunciation, replaced by k, e. g. kart card, klas class, kolor color, kub cube; and before e and i by s, e. g. selebr celebrated, sipres cypress. (r. 23).

3. that t in the ending -tion is, in accordance with the pronunciation, replaced by s, (*) e. g. nasion nation. (r. 23)

4. if a word occurs in English, French and German, but with different endings, e. g. Anker d, anchor e, ancre f;—Meter d, meter e, mètre f; Bibel d, Bible e f, —two or three consonants may be written consecutively at the end, e. g. ankr, metr, bibl, because the insertion of a vowel, for instance e, before the final consonant, would, according to the general rule for accentuation, cause an unnatural accentuation, e. g. bibél, and on the other hand the writing of a meaningless vowel at the end of a word is useless. (r. 23).

5. that z of the national languages is replaced by s, (*) e g. basar bazaar, market. (r. 23).

(*) For the pronunciation of s see Chapter 1, § 1.

6. ph is replaced by f, e. g. fosfor phosphorus. (r. 23).

7. x is replaced by ks, e. g. eksaminar to examine. (Gl , n., c. 23/28).

8. if for the same meaning different roots are extant, e. g. vid and vis, redig and redakt, kresk krev and kret, kolig and kolekt, that root was chosen which is the better known, the more general, e. g. visar to see, redaktar to edit, kreskar to grow, kolektar to collect (r. 23).

9. in some cases roots having the same form but different meanings were admitted, but only when they belong to different parts of speech, e. g. dur hard, durar to last; libr book, libr free; nov new, nov nine. (r. 23).

10. ae and oe of Latin words were replaced by e, e. g. diet diet, homeopati homeopathy. (r. 23).

11. ch of Greek words was replaced by k, e. g. kerub cherub, Krist Christ. (r. 23).

12. double consonants of the national languages were replaced by simple, e. g. aprendar to learn, erar to err, suposar to suppose, because double consonants possess merely a historical, and no practical, value. and at the same time are by no means international, e. g. adresse f d, address e. (r. 23).

13. that j of Latin words was replaced by y, e. g. yug yoke, obyekt object, mayestet majesty. (r. 23, 112).

14. g (before e and i) and j in words of French origin are written j and pronounced like the French j (the sound of z in the English words azure, seizure), e. g. jalus jealous, kurtaj brokerage. (r. 110).

15. the sound sh was written sh, e. g. shalup sloop, sharm charm. (r, 109).

16. in the endings -ion, -ier i was written, e. g. nasion nation, kavalier knight. (r. 113).

17. in words which in French contain li and gn liquid, an i was written after l and n, e.g. biliet billet, viniet vignette. (r II4).

18. it was resolved to use: (a) no consonants with any distinctive mark, e. g. c with a cedilla as in French, (b) no inverted letters, e. g. [*an inverted g], such as phonetic societies make use of. (r. 108).

These rules served in general for guidance, but the Academy did not deem them binding in every instance, and examined each particular root as to its form and meaning. (r. 24).

§ 74. All words that, in any respect, do not agree with the rules given below for the formation of derivatives and compounds, are considered radicals of the Neutral Language, even if they are derivatives in the national languages, e. g. dialekt dialect, doktor doctor, eksempl example, optimist optimist, original original, perpendikular perpendicular. (r . 25).

§ 75. A root remains always unchanged; prefixes and suffixes may be added to it, or a second radical may be joined with it. (r. 26).

§ 76. Radicals can belong to all the parts of speech, e. g. tabl table, grand great, tri three, mie my, [mi] am [I] love, ergo therefore, de of, if if, fi fie. (r. 12).

§ 77. There are radicals of one, two, three, four, and even (in a few instances) five syllables. e. g. verb verb, tortur torture, mineral mineral, temperatur temperature, perpendikular perpendicular. (r. 1, 2, 21).

§ 78. Roots may begin with a vowel. e. g. adres address, amar to love, and end in a vowel, e.g. akua water, lingu language, kontinuar to continue, pronunsiar to pronounce, fluar to flow, vaku empty. (r. 18, 19).

§ 79. Two, three, and even four consecutive consonants may stand at the beginning and in the middle of a word, if such spelling is found in English, French and German, e. g. katastrof catastrophe, magistrat magistracy, monstrar to show, obskur obscure, splendar to shine. (r. 22).


Derivatives are formed by the addition of prefixes or suffixes to the root.

§ 80. PREFIXES. (r. 99, 124, 125, 129, 134, 141).

1. anti- corresponds to the preposition kontr against: antialkoholik antialcoholic; antipap antipope.
2. arki- signified precedence, superiority: arkiangel arch-angel; arkiepiskop archbishop.
3. auto- signifies self, auto-: autobiografi autobiography.
4. dis- signifies a separating, a parting, a sundering: disfrangar to break to pieces; diskupar to cut up.
5. ekui- signifies equality: ekuikrurik isosceles; ekuivalar to be equivalent.
6. elektro- signifies electricity: elektroteknik electrotechnics.
7. foto- signifies light: foto-grafar to photograph.
8. gala- signifies magnificence or pomp: galadiné state-dinner; galavest gala dress (attire).
9. hidro- signifies water: hidrodens water-tight.
10. homo- signifies proportionateness: homoton consonance.
11. kali- signifies beauty: kali-graf calligrapher.
12. ke- signifies interrogation: keloke? where? kekause? why?
13. krono- signifies time: krono-metr chronometer.
14. ksilo- signifies wood: ksilo-graf xylographer, wood-engraver.
15. kubik- signifies cubic: kubikradik cube root.
16. mikro- signifies smallness: mikrokapik small-headed, microcephalous; mikro-metr micrometer.
17. mis- signifies something not good or something miscarrying: miskredit discredit; miskomprendar to misunderstand.
18. ne- signifies contradictory opposition: neamik enemy; nemult few; nefasil difficult.
19. neo- signifies something new: neopersian Neopersian.
20. no- signifies contrary opposition: nokuande never; noloke nowhere; nokos nothing.
21. para- signifies preservation from (against) something: parapluvi umbrella; parasol parasol.
22. pleni- signifies fullness: plenilun full moon; plenipotent plenipotent(iary).
23. poli- signifies many-, poly-: poliangul polygon; politeknikal polytechnic.
24. pre- signifies pre-, before: prelud prelude; preskribar to prescribe.
25. proto- signifies origin: protoforest primeval forest; prototip prototype.
26. pseudo- signifies something not authentic, not genuine: pseudonom pseudonym.
27. re- signifies repetition or return: redonar to give back, to return.
28. semi- signifies semi-, half: semilun half moon; semifilio stepson.
29. si- signifies the present time or the nearest object: sitempe now; siloke here; sidiurne to-day.
30. te- forms words correlative with the interrogative words formed by means of the prefix ke-: teloke there; tekause for that reason.
31. termo- signifies heat: termo-metr thermometer.
32. ultra- signifies something excessive ultra-: ultraviolet ultra-violet.
33. vise- signifies a person taking the place of another; subordinate; vice-: visedirektor vice-director.

These prefixes may be appended to all radicals, in so far as the sense allows it.


Besides the suffixes given above in the discussion of the various parts of speech, the Neutral Language has the following:

-ad; this suffix has no fixed meaning and forms substantives having some reference to the root; it is used also for the formation of substantives that denote the result of an action; e.g. bene-fasiad benefit; edad food; fontad spring; garantad guarantee, surety; intrad entrance; kampestrad country (not city); kandelad candlestick; kavalkad cavalcade; konosadknowledge; limonad lemonade; mediad middle; merkantad merchandise; piktad painting, picture; platad dish; preferad preference; promenad promenade; skribad writing; ganiad earnings; kaptad capture, catch, booty; pensad thought; rostad roast; skribad writing, treatise, essay. (r. 70, 93).
-aj forms collective nouns signifying things: foliaj foliage; linaj linen (washing); montaj mountain range; ekipaj equipage (e.g. horse and carriage); plumaj plumage. (r. 104, 110, 127).
-asion with a verbal root forms substantives denoting action: deklinasion declension; preparasion preparation. (r. 53).
-ativ with a verbal root forms adjectives expressing a capability or possibility: purgativ purgative. (r. 103).
-ator with a verbal root forms substantives denoting a person or thing acting: orator orator; salvator savior; ventilator ventilator; numrator numerator. (r. 54).
-el forms collective nouns signifying persons: parentel kindred, relations, relatives; klientel clients, customers, clientele. (r. 105).
-er with a non-verbal root forms substantives denoting persons or things having some reference to the root, and for which the suffix -ist (see below), according to its special signification, is not suitable: aksioner stockholder; milioner millionaire; senater senator; tabler cabinet-maker, joiner; pinser eye-glasses, pince-nez. (r. 28, 138).
-eri forms substantives denoting place: taneri tannery; apieri beehive; restaureri restaurant; kaferi coffee-house, café; bireri beer-house, ale-house. (r. 106).
-esk[ar] forms verbs denoting to become, to grow, to begin; verdeskar to become green; putreskar to putrefy; palideskar to become pale; saneskar to recover, to convalesce. (r. 51).
-graf forms substantives that denote persons who write, draw, in a certain way: foto-graf photographer. (r. 131).
-ia forms substantives that denote a country: Espania Spain, Rusia Russia; Italia Italy; patria fatherland, native country. (r. 30).
-ifik[ar] forms verbs denoting that something specified in the root is made: grandifikar to make large; falsifikar to falsify; simplifikar to simplify. (r. 52).
-ism forms substantives denoting a religion or a mental disposition: protestantism Protestantism; realism realism; kosmopolitism cosmopolitanism; partikularism particularism. (r. 140).
-ist with a non-verbal root forms substantives denoting persons who apply themselves to something, occupy themselves with something: velosipedist velocipedist; drogist druggist; telegrafist telegrapher, telegraphist. (r. 29, 140).
-itet with an adjective forms substantives denoting a quality: egualitet equality; amablitet amiability; kualitet quality; raritet rareness, rarity; totalitet totality. (r. 27).
-metr forms substantives denoting a person or thing measuring something: termo-metr thermometer; hormetr clock. (r. 102).
-on forms substantives that denote an enlargement: rastron harrow. (r. 101).
-or forms substantives denoting the state or affection of a person or thing acting, e.g. amor love, ardor ardor, eror error. (r. 70).

All these suffixes may be employed in the formation of new words, and in accordance with the rules given above, by anyone using the language; the suffix -ad is, however, excepted; the Academy reserves to itself the formation of new words in which this suffix appears, on account of its indeterminate meaning. (r. 70).


§ 82. Compound words, that is, words containing two roots, may be formed from all the parts of speech with the exception of the cardinal numbers (see below), if the sense allows it, by simple juxtaposition, with a hyphen or (usually) without it; the determining (or modifying) word precedes the determined, e.g. post-mark postage stamp; grand-patr grandfather; dupl-akuil double eagle; omni-potent omnipotent; bene-fasiar to benefit; eks-posar to expose, to exhibit. — Instead of cardinal numbers special prefixes are used, the principal of which are the following: 1 mono-, 2 bi-, 3 tri-, 4 kuadri-, 5 penta-, 6 heksa-, 7 hepta-, 8 okto-, 9 nona-, 10 deka-, 100 hekto-, and 1000 kilo-, e.g. monookulik one-eyed; bikavalik two-horse; pentaangul pentagon. (r. 86).

§ 83. Remark. As the most common prefixes and suffixes taken from the natural languages have been chosen, the most of the artificially formed words correspond fully to the natural words with the same meaning; e.g. preskribar, prototip, kavalkad, deklinasion, ventilator, milioner, patria, falsifikar, realism, drogist, kualitet are formed according to the rules of the Neutral Language, and yet they are perfectly international words. Often, however, the natural words that have become international are not identical with the regularly formed, artificial words,e .g. visibl — visabl visible; egualisaregualifikar to equalize; anual — anuik annual; infeksion — infektasion infection. Such international words are placed in the dictionary (in the orthography of Idiom neutral) in parentheses immediately after the regularly formed, artificial word of the same meaning. It is allowed to use at will either form. (r. 56).

XII. Abbreviations.

§ 84. The following abbreviations are used in the Neutral Language (r. 137):
e s. for e setri means: etc., and so forth.
i.e. for it es means: i.e., that is.
kh for kelk-hom means: somebody, some one.
kk for kelk-kos means: something.
p.e. for pro eksempl means: e.g., for instance, for example.
s. (before numerals) for sirka means: c., circa, about.


§ 85. The following will serve to show how whole sentences are formed:

    Sankt-Peterburg, 8 februar 1901.
A sinior
    P. Lachou, injenier,
    in Boulogne sur Seine; Fransia.
    Respondante votr letr de 1 februar 1901, direktorad de sosietet de relsrut S. Peterburg-Tobolsk av honor komitar a vo, sinior estimed, trides (30) nivelmetri (*) de votr sistem pro lokomotivi a pris de seksdeskuink (65) franki pro eksemplar franku S. Peterburg, a termin 8 april 1901 loku S. Peterburg e a kondisioni sekuant:
    1. Aparati deb esar adresed a shef de stasion Peterburg de relsrut nomed e deb esar asekured per vo e pro votr kont; if aparati u partii de ili esero ruined u perded in voyaj, vo deb mitar nemediate otri, plasu aparati e partii ruined u perded.
    2. Vo prend su vo garantad de funksion rekt de aparati durantu un anu da resivasion de ili per ofiseri de relsrut nomed.
    3. Mon esero payed a vo no plu tarde ka un seman po resivasion definitiv de aparati.
    Direktorad nomed av honor pregar vo, sinior estimed, avisar di akseptasion de ist komision no plu tarde ka 15 februar 1901 – If tetempe votr respond no esero resived, direktorad nomed estimero, ke vo av refused ist komision.
    Shef de seksion ekonomik, N. N.
    President de direktorad, N. N.

    (*) Aparat pro observasion de nivel de akua in kaldron.

    Kristiania, 27 februar 1902.
A doktor de medisin P. O.
    in S. Peterburg, Rusia.
    Koleg estimed!
    Mi aprendav, ke votr artikl di influensa es traduked eks lingu rusik in lingu fransik.
    It es motiv pro mi komunikar a vo, ke “Akademi internasional de lingu neutral” av publiked in ist anu diksionar e gramatik de idiom neutral, tale ke sitempe artikli medisinik potes esar skribed in ist idiom, kel potes esar komprended per omnihom kultived kuasi sine aprendasion anterior.
    It es ver, ke ekspresioni mult spesiale medisinik no ankor eksist in diksionar nomed, ma it no es obstakl pro skribasion de artikli sientifik in ist lingu, kause ist ekspresioni es paroli internasional.
    Skribasion in idiom neutral don profiti sekuant in komparasion ko kelkun lingu nasional:
    1. Libri e broshuri sientifik publiked in ist idiom potes esar lekted per omnihom in original,
    2. traduksion no plu es nesesar,
    3. ili avero sirkl multe plu grand de lektatori, e tekause
    4. ili potes esar imprimed in kuantitet plu grand de eksemplari; ergo
    5. ili potes esar vended a pris plu minim, e
    6. profit material de editor (respektive de autor) esero plu grand.
    Idiom neutral es usabl no sole pro skribasion, ma et pro parlasion; sikause in kongres sekuant internasional de medisinisti mi av intension usar ist idiom pro mie raport di maladitet “lupus” e mi esper esar komprended per omni medisinisti present.
    Publikasion de idiom neutral interesero et votr filio, kel kolekt postmarki, kause ist idiom es lingu praktikal pro korespondad ko kolektatori in otr landi.
Ko respekt grand e ko saluti kordial mi rest
Votr serv leplu devot



a. adjective.
ad. adverb.
anat. anatomy.
art. article.
astr. astronomy.
bot. botany.
c. conjunction.
cf. compare.
chem. chemistry.
e. g. for instance.
fig. figurative.
i. interjection.
intr. intransitive.
med. medicine.
n. substantive, noun.
nr. numeral.
p. preposition.
part. participle.
plur. plural.
pr. pronoun.
pr. d. demonstrative pronoun.
pr. ind. indefinite pronoun.
pr. int. interrogative pronoun.
pr. pers. personal pronoun.
pr. rel. relative pronoun.
sing. singular.
tr. transitive.
v. verb.

Words containing a hyphen, e. g. grand-patr, grandfather, are compounded of two roots; the hyphen need not be employed in the actual use of the language, e. g. grandpatr.

Prefixes and suffixes of derivatives are printed in italics, e. g. prototip, prototype; bonitet, goodness.

If a word in parentheses immediately follows a derived Neutral word, e. g. “absolution, n., absolvasion (absolusion);” either form may be used.

On the Neutral-English side the root of the Neutral word occurs but once; the suffixes in italics which follow should be added to the root to form words, e. g. “dorm, n., sleep. -ar, v., to sleep” read: dorm, n., sleep. dormar, v., to sleep.—“kolektar, v., to collect. -ad n., collection” read: kolektar, v., to collect. kolektad, n., collection.

The letters in parentheses given after the names of the chemical elements, e. g. Fe in “fer, n., iron (Fe);” indicate the symbols used in chemical formulæ.


a, ad., (before numerals) each; apiece; by.
a, p., to; (before the infinitive) in order to; also before the infinitive in the following usage: il es tro prudent a monstrar sue koler [which is a shortened form of il es tro prudent a ke il monstr sue koler], he is too prudent to show his anger.
a! i., ah!
-a, suffix denoting a person or animal of the feminine gender.
-a, suffix forming the second person singular of the imperative.
a anteriore, ad., to the front.
abandonar, v., to abandon; to forsake; to leave.
a base, ad., down; to the bottom.
abat, n., abbot. -a, n., abbess. -eri, n., abbey.
abatar, v., to fell; to cut down.
abdikar, v., to abdicate. -asion, n., abdication.
abdomin, n., abdomen.
aberar, v., to aberrate; to stray; to wander. -asion, n., aberration; straying; wandering.
abiet, n., fir.
Abisinia, n., Abyssinia.
abism, n., abyss.
-abl, suffix forming adjectives showing that something is possible or worthy, with a passive meaning.
ablativ, n., ablative.
abominar, v., to abominate; to detest; to abhor; to loathe. -asion, n., abomination. -abl, a., abominable.
abonar, v., to subscribe for. -ant, part., subscriber.
abreviar, v., to abbreviate; to shorten; to abridge. -asion, n., abbreviation; shortening; abridgment.
abrikos, n., apricot.
absent, a., absent. -itet (absens), n., absence.
abses, n., abscess.
absint, n., wormwood; absinthium.
absolut, a., absolute. -ism, n., absolutism.
absolvar, v., to absolve. -asion (absolusion), n., absolution.
absorbar, v., to absorb.
abstinar, v., to abstain (from); to refrain (from).
abstinent, a., abstinent; abstemious. -itet (abstinens), n., abstinence.
abstrakt, a., abstract.
abstraktar, v., to abstract.
absurd, a., absurd. -itet, n., absurdity.
abundar, v., to abound. -ad, n., abundance.
abyurar, v., to abjure; to forswear.
ad, p., at; by; to; on; against; with.
-ad, suffix forming substantives (see § 81 of Grammar).
ad-bordar, v., to land; to put into; to touch at.
ad-dorsar, v. trans., to lean.
a dekstre, ad., to the right.
a Deo! i., adieu! good bye! farewell!
ad-glutinar, v., to glue to; to agglutinate.
adiurnar, v., to adjourn; to put off; to defer; to postpone.
administrar, v., to administer. -asion, n., administration. -ator, n., administrator.
admirar, v., to admire. -asion, n., admiration. -abl, a., admirable.
admiral, n., admiral.
admiralitet, n., admiralty.
admitar, v., to admit.
a dome, ad., home (to the house).
adoptar, v., to adopt.
adorar, v., to adore; to worship. -asion, n., adoration; worship. -ator, n., adorer; worshiper. -abl, a., adorable.
ad-pendad, n., appendage; appendix.
ad-portar, v., to fetch; to bring.
ad-proksimar, v., to approximate (trans.). -asion, n., approximation.
ad-rangar, v., to arrange.
adres, n., address; direction. -ar, v., to address; to direct.
adult, a., adult.
adulterar, v., to commit adultery.
adverb, n., adverb.
adverb partisipik, participial adverb.
advers, a., adverse. -er, n., adversary; antagonist. -itet, n., adversity.
advokat, n., advocate; lawyer.
adyektiv, n., adjective. -ik, a., adjective; adjectival.
ad-yudikar, v., to adjudge; to adjudicate.
ad-yunktar, v., to add; to subjoin.
ad-yustar, v., to watch for; to wait for; to lie in wait for.
adyustar, v., to adjust; to adapt.
adyutant, n., adjutant.
a eksteriore, ad., out; (to the) outside.
aer, n., air (atmosphere).
afabl, a., affable; friendly. -itet, n., affability; friendliness.
afeksion, n., affection (inclination).
afekt, n., affection (feeling).
afektar, v., to affect (pretend).
afer, n., affair; concern; matter.
a fini ke, c., in order that; that.
afirmar, v., to affirm; to assert. -asion, n., affirmation; assertion.
afirmar mediu yurad, to confirm by oath.
afish, n., bill posted up; poster. -ar, v., to post; to publish.
a flanke, ad., aside; to the side.
afliksion, n., affliction.
afliktar, v., to afflict; to embitter.
aforism, n., aphorism; saying; adage.
Afrik, n., Africa.
agat, n., agate.
agensi, n., agency.
agent, n., agent.
agil, a., agile; nimble.
agitar, v., to agitate. -asion, n., agitation. -ator, n., agitator.
agnel, n., lamb.
agoni, n., agony.
agr, n., field; tilled land.
agraf, n., clasp.
agreabl, a., agreeable. -itet, n., agreeableness.
agrikultur, n., agriculture.
ai, n., sloth (animal).
a inferiore, ad., downward(s).
a interiore, ad., inward; (to the) inside; within.
-aj, suffix denoting collective nouns signifying things.
ajio, n., agio; premium.
akademi, n., academy. -an, a., academic, and n., academician.
akasia, n., acacia.
a ke, c., that; to (used in the second clause, if the word tro is in the former, p. e. il es tro benevolent, a ke il refus it, he is too kind to refuse it).
aklamar, v., to acclaim. -asion, n., acclamation.
akomodar, v., to accommodate; to adapt. — se, v., to accommodate one’s self; to submit. -asion, n., accommodation; adaptation.
a kont de, p., to the account of.
akord, n., accord; agreement. -ar, v., to accord, to agree. -ar se, v., to agree (be on good terms).
akreditar, v., to accredit.
aks, n., axis; axle.
akselerar, v., to accelerate; to hasten; to hurry. -asion, n., acceleration; hastening.
aksent, n., accent (mark).
aksentuar, v., to accentuate; to accent. -asion, n., accentuation; accent.
aksept, n., acceptance. -ar, v., to accept.
aksidar, v., to happen.
aksident, n., accident; incident. -e, ad., accidentally.
aksiom, n., axiom.
aksion, n., share; stock. -er, n., shareholder; stockholder.
akt, n., act; deed; action. -ar, v., to act.
aktiv, a., active. -itet, n., activity.
aktiv, n., active voice; the active.
aktor, n., actor. -a, n., actress.
aktual, a., actual. -itet, n., actuality.
aku, n., needle.
akua, n., water. -tr, a., watery (water-like).
akuafort, n., aquafortis; nitric acid.
akuarium, n., aquarium.
akuavit, n., brandy.
akuil, n., eagle.
akuirar, v., to buy; to purchase.
akumular, v., to accumulate. -ator, n., accumulator. -asion, n., accumulation.
akurat, a., accurate. -itet, n., accuracy.
akusar, v., to accuse.
akusativ, n., accusative. -ik, a., accusative; accusatival.
akustik, n., acoustics.
akut, a., acute; sharp. -itet, n., sharpness; acuteness. -ifikar, v., to sharpen.
al, n., wing. -ar, v., to wing; to add wings to. -ed, part., winged.
-al, adjective suffix used instead of -ik, if the root ends in -ik.
alabastr, n., alabaster.
alambik, n., alembic.
alarm, n., alarm. -ar, v., to alarm.
alaud, n., lark.
alb, n., alb.
Albania, n., Albania.
alberg, n., inn. -ar, v., to harbor; to entertain. -ist, n., inn-keeper.
albom, n., album.
alé, n., avenue; alley; walk; path. -atr, a., like an alley or path.
alegori, n., allegory. -ik (alegorik), a., allegoric(al).
alegr, a., cheerful; merry; gay. -itet, n., cheerfulness; mirth.
alektar, v., to allure; to entice. -asion, n., allurement; enticement.
alen, n., awl.
alfabet, n., alphabet.
alfenid, n., alfenide.
algebra, n., algebra. -ik, a., algebraic.
alians, n., alliance.
alienar, v., to alienate. -ik, a., alien. -asion, n., alienation. -ia, n., alien country; alien land.
aligator, n., alligator.
aliment, n., aliment; food; nutriment; nourishment. -ar, v., to feed; to nourish. -asion, n., alimentation; nurturing; nourishing. -os, a., alimental; nutritive; nutritious.
aline, n., new paragraph.
Aljeria, n., Algeria.
alkali, n., alkali. -ik, a., alkaline.
alkimi, n., alchemy. -ist (alkimist), n., alchemist. -istik (alkimistik), a., alchemistic.
alkohol, n., alcohol.
alkov, n., alcove.
almanak, n., almanac.
almosin, n., alms.
aln, n., alder.
aloe, n., aloe.
Alpi, n., Alps.
Alsasia, n., Alsace.
alt, a., high; lofty. -itet, n., height; loftiness; altitude. -eskar, v., to grow tall.
altar, n., altar.
alternar, v., to alternate. -asion, n., alternation.
alternativ, n., alternative.
aludar, v., to allude; to refer. -asion, n., allusion; reference.
alum, n., alum.
aluminium, n., aluminium; aluminum (Al).
-am, suffix forming the first person plural of the imperative.
amar, v., to love; to like. -ator, n., lover. -abl, a., amiable. -ablitet, n., amiability. -or, n., love. -oros, a., amorous. -orositet, n., amorousness.
amalgam, n., amalgam. -ar, v., to amalgamate.
amason, n., an Amazon.
ambasad, n., embassy. -er, n., ambassador.
ambigu, a., ambiguous. -itet, n., ambiguity.
ambisi, n., ambition. -os, a., ambitious.
ambl, n., amble. -ar, v., to amble. -ator, n., ambler; pacer.
ambrosi, n., ambrosia. -an, a., ambrosial.
ambular, v., to walk.
amen! i., amen!
amer, a., bitter.
Amerik, n., America. -an, a., American, and n., American.
ametist, n., amethyst.
amfibi, n., amphibian. -an, a., amphibian.
amidon, n., starch. -ar, v., to starch.
amik, n., friend. -ad, n., friendship.
a minu, ad., at least.
amnesti, n., amnesty; pardon. -ar, v., to amnesty; to pardon.
amoniak, n., ammonia.
amortisar, v., to extinguish (a debt); to amortize. -asion, n., extinction (of a debt); amortization.
ampl, a., ample. -itet, n., amplitude. -ifikar, v., to amplify.
amputar, v., to amputate. -asion, n., amputation.
amulet, n., amulet.
amusar, v., to amuse; to divert; to entertain.
an, n., anus. -ik, a., anal.
-an, suffix forming derivative adjectives indicating appurtenance to some one or something.
anali, n., annals.
analis, n., analysis. -ar, v., to analyze.
analog, a., analogous.
ananas, n., pineapple.
anapest, n., anapest. -ik, a., anapestic.
anarki, n., anarchy. -ik (anarkik), a., anarchic. -ist (anarkist), n., anarchist. -ism (anarkism), n., anarchism.
anat, n., duck.
anatem, n., anathema.
Anatolia, n., Asia Minor; Anatolia.
anatomi, n., anatomy. -ik (anatomik), a., anatomical. -ist (anatomist), n., anatomist.
-and, suffix forming the gerundive.
andar, v., to go.
andar a kontre, to go to meet.
Andalusia, n., Andalusia.
andar anteriore, to precede; to go before.
andar tro lente, to be slow (of a timepiece).
andar tro velose, to be fast (of a timepiece).
anekdot, n., anecdote.
aneks, n., annex. -ar, v., to annex.
anel, n., ring. — rotik, felloe.
angel, n., angel.
angin, n., angina.
angl, n., fish-hook. -ar, v., to angle.
Anglia, n., England. -ik, a., English; in English; English-speaking. -ian, a., English; pertaining to England, and n., Englishman.
angoran, a., Angora.
anguil, n., eel.
angul, n., angle; corner.
angust, n., anxiety; distress; straits. -ar, v., to cause anxiety to; to distress.
anim, n., soul. -ar, v., to animate; to vivify; to enliven.
animal, n., animal. -ik, a., animal.
animal rapas, beast of prey.
anis, n., anise.
aniversar, n., anniversary.
ankor, ad., still; yet. -foa, ad., once more; once again.
ankr, n., anchor. -ar, v., to anchor.
anonim, a., anonymous. -itet, n., anonymity.
ans, n., handle; haft; hilt.
ansian, a., ancient; old, and n., old man. -itet, n., age; ancientness. -eskar, v., to grow old; to age.
-ant, suffix forming the active participle.
ante, p., before (temporal and local).
ante ke, c., before.
anterior, a., anterior; former; previous. -e, ad., anteriorly; previously; first; before; in front; foremost.
anti-, prefix corresponding to the preposition kontr.
antialkoholik, a., antialcoholic.
antifon, n., antiphon; anthem. -ik, a., antiphonal.
antik, a., antique. -itet, n., antiquity.
Antili, n., Antilles.
antilop, n., antelope.
antimon, n., antimony; stibium (Sb).
antipap, n., antipope.
antipati, n., antipathy. -ik (antipatik), a., antipathetic.
antipod, n., antipode.
anu, n., year. -ik (anual), a., annual; yearly.
anular, v., to annul; to cancel; to abolish; to abrogate; to repeal; to quash; to annihilate.
anunsi, n., announcement. -ar, v., to announce.
aort, n., aorta.
a otr-lote, ad., elsewhere; somewhere else.
apanaj, n., appanage. -ar, v., to appanage.
aparar, v., to appear (be or become visible); to rise (of heavenly bodies).
aparat, n., apparatus.
apart, ad., apart; separately; aside.
apartenar, v., to belong; to appertain.
apati, n., apathy. -ik (apatik), a., apathetic.
apel, n., appeal. -ar, v., to appeal.
Apenini, n., Apennines.
aperiar, v., to open. -ad, n., opening.
apetit, n., appetite.
api, n., bee. -eri, n., beehive.
aplaudar, v., to applaud.
apo! i., away! begone!
apo-andar, v., to go away; to go off.
apologi, n., apology (defence). -ik (apologetik), a., apologetic. -ist (apologist), n., apologist.
apopleksi, n., apoplexy. -ik (apoplektik), a., apoplectic.
apo-prendar, v., to take away.
apo-pusar, v., to put away; to cast off.
apo-selar, v., to sail away.
apostat, a., apostate.
a posteriore, ad., to the rear.
apostol, n., apostle. -ik, a., apostolic.
apostrof, n., apostrophe (’).
apostrofar, v., to apostrophize; to address. -ad, n., apostrophe; address.
apotek, n., apothecary shop; drugstore; pharmacy. -er, n., apothecary.
aprendar, v., to learn. -abl, a., learnable.
april, n., April.
aprobar, v., to approve.
aproksimativ, a., approximate; approximative. -e, ad., approximately; approximatively.
apropriar, v., to appropriate.
apt, a., apt; skilful. -itet, n., aptitude; skill.
ar, n., are (100 square meters).
-ar, the infinitive ending.
arar, v., to till; to cultivate.
Arabia, n., Arabia.
arabesk, n., arabesque.
arak, n., arrack.
aran, n., spider.
arbitr, n., arbiter; umpire.
arbitraj, n., arbitration.
arbitrar, a., arbitrary. -itet, n., arbitrariness.
arbor, n., tree.
arbust, n., shrub; bush.
ardar, v., to glow. -or, n., ardor; glow; heat; fire. -oros, a., hot; heated; ardent; fiery.
aren, n., arena.
arendar, v., to rent; to hire. -ator, n., tenant; hirer.
areometr, n., areometer; hydrometer.
arest, n., arrest. -ar, v., to arrest.
a re visad! i., until we meet again!
argent, n., silver (Ag). -ar, v., to silver.
argil, n., clay; argil. -os, a., argillaceous; clayey.
argon, n., argon.
argument, n., argument. -ar, v., to argue.
aria, n., aria; air; tune.
aristokrat, n., aristocrat. -i, n., aristocracy.
aritmetik, n., arithmetic.
arivar, v., to arrive; to arrive at.
ark, n., bow; arch; arc. -ad, n., arcade; arch way. -er, n., archer; bowman.
arkan, a., secret; hidden; concealed.
arki-, prefix signifying superiority.
arkiangel, n., archangel.
arkiduk, n., archduke.
arkiepiskop, n., archbishop.
arkitekt, n., architect.
arkiv, n., archives.
arm, n., arm; weapon. -ar, v., to arm.
armatur, n., armature.
arm-emblem, n., escutcheon; coat ot arms; arms.
Armenia, n., Armenia.
armi, n., army. -ik and de armi, a., army.
arogant, a., arrogant. -itet (arogans), n., arrogance.
aromat, n., aroma; fragrance. -ik, a., aromatic; fragrant.
arorut, n., arrowroot.
arsen, n., arsenic (As).
arsenal, n., arsenal.
art, n., art. -ist, n., artist.
arter, n., artery.
artifisi, n., artifice; art. -os, a., artful; ingenious.
artifisial, a., artificial.
artikl, n., article (in paper; also part of speech).
artikl definit, indefinit, definite, indefinite, article.
artileri, n., artillery. -ist (artilerist), n., artillerist.
artishok, n., artichoke.
as, n., ace (cards).
asasinar, v., to assassinate; to murder. -asion, n., assassination: murder. -ator, n., assassin; murderer.
asbest, n., asbestos.
asekurar, v., to secure: to make certain; to assure; to insure. -asion, n., assurance; insurance.
asendar, v., to ascend; to mount; to rise.
asension, n., the Ascension.
asenti, n., assent. -ar, v., to assent.
aser, n., maple-tree.
aserb, a., acerb; acrid.
asesor, n., assessor; judge lateral.
asfalt, n., asphalt.
Asia, n., Asia. -n (asiatik), a., Asiatic.
asid, a., acid; sour. -ad, n., acid. -itet, n., acidity.
asidu, a., assiduous. -itet, n., assiduity.
asier, n., steel. -ar, v., to steel; to harden; to temper. -ik, a., steel.
asignar, v., to assign.
asil, n., asylum.
a siloke, ad., hither; here; to this place.
asin, n., ass.
a sinistre, ad., to the left.
-asion, suffix which, with a verbal root, forms nouns denoting action.
Asiria, n., Assyria.
asistar, v., to assist. -ant, part., assistant.
asket, n. ascetic.
asosiar, v., to associate (trans.). -asion, n., association. -ed, part., associate.
asot, n., azote; nitrogen (N).
asparg, n., asparagus.
aspekt, n., aspect; view; sight; prospect. -ar, v., to view; to behold.
aspirar, v., to aspire.
astmat, n., asthma.
astr, n., star; heavenly body.
astrolog, n., astrologer.
astrologi, n., astrology.
astronom, n., astronomer.
astronomi, n., astronomy. -ik (astronomik), a., astronomical.
astusi, n., craft; cunning; art. -os, a., crafty; cunning; artful; sly.
a superiore, ad., up; upward; aloft.
asur, a., azure.
atak, n., attack; assault. -ar, v., to attack; to assault; to assail.
-ate, suffix forming the second person plural of the imperative.
ateism, n., atheism.
ateist, n., atheist.
a teloke, ad., thither; there.
atend, n., waiting. -ar, v., to wait; to await.
atension, n., attention. -os, a., attentive.
atest, n., testimony. -ar, v., to attest; to testify; to depose; to witness. -ator, n., witness.
atinar, v., to attain; to reach.
-ativ, suffix which, with a verbal root, forms adjectives indicating ability to do something.
Atlantik (osean), Atlantic Ocean.
atlas, n., atlas.
atlet, n., athlete. -ik, a., athletic.
atmosfer, n., atmosphere.
atom, n., atom.
-ator, suffix which, with a verbal root, forms a noun denoting a person or thing acting.
-atr, suffix forming adjectives showing a resemblance to the root, whether this be a noun or an adjective.
atraktar, v., to attract. -asion (atraksion), n., attraction.
atrap, n., trap; snare; pitfall. -ar, v., to entrap; to ensnare.
audiar, v., to hear. -a!, i., hello!; ho!; hear!; hark!
audiens, n., audience.
audit, n., hearing (the sense).
augment, n., augment. -ar, v., to augment. -asion, n., augmentation.
august, n., August.
auksion, n., auction. -ar, v., to auction.
a ulteriore e a siteriore, ad., to and fro.
aur, n., gold (Au). -ar, v., to gild. -asion, n., gilding.
auskultar, v., to listen; to auscultate.
Austria, n., Austria.
Australia, n., Australia.
aut, pr., self (emphatic: myself, himself, etc., according to context).
autentik, a., authentic.
auto-, prefix signifying self-, auto-.
autobiografi, n., autobiography.
automat, n., automaton. -ik, a., automatic. -e, ad., automatically.
automobil, a., automobile; self-moving. [vehikl] automobil, automobile.
autor, n., author.
autorisar, v., to authorize; to empower; to entitle.
autoritet, n., authority.
-av, suffix forming the imperfect.
avar, v., to have.
avansar, v., to advance. -e, ad., beforehand; in advance.
avar, a., avaricious, and n., miser; niggard. -itet, n., avarice.
aven, n., oats.
aveniar, v., to occur.
aventur, n., adventure.
aversion, n., aversion.
avertar, v., to hint. -asion, n., hint.
avar famel, to be hungry; to hunger.
avid, a., eager; avid. -itet, n., avidity; eagerness.
avis, n., advice; news. -ar, v., to advise.
avar koneks, to be connected.
avar lok, to take place.
avar nesesitet de, to need.
avar pasientitet (pasiens), to have patience.
avar permit a, to have permission for; may; to be allowed.
avar siti, to thirst; to be thirsty.
avar sukses ko kk, to succeed with anything (mi avav sukses ko voyaj; my journey succeeded, resulted well).
avar tendens, to have a tendency; to tend to.
babiliar, v., to babble; to prattle.
bagaj, n., baggage; luggage.
bagatel, n., trifle.
bakar, v., to bake. -ad, n., baking; batch.
bal, n., ball (dance).
balad, n., ballad.
balans, n., balance; equipoise. -ar, v. int., to balance; to poise.
balast, n., ballast.
balbusiar, v., to stammer; to stutter.
baldakin, n., baldachin; canopy.
balen, n., whale.
balet, n., ballet.
balistik, n., ballistics.
balkon, n., balcony.
balon, n., balloon.
balsam, n., balsam; balm. -ar, v., to embalm.
balsamin, n., balsamine.
Baltik (mar), Baltic Sea.
balustr, n., baluster. -ad, n., balustrade.
bambu, n., bamboo.
banan, n., banana.
band, n., band; tie; bond. -ar, v., to tie; to bind. -aj, n., bandage. -ajist, n., bandage-maker.
bandit, n., bandit.
baner, n., banner.
bani, n., bath. -ar, v., to bathe. -eri, n., bath; bathing-place. -er, n., bather.
bani-kuf, n., bathtub.
bank, n., bank (for money). -er, n., banker.
bank-biliet, n., bankbill; banknote.
banket, n., banquet.
bankrot, n., bankruptcy. fasiar —, v., to become bankrupt.
baptar, v., to baptize. -asion, n., baptism. -ist, n., baptizer.
bar, n., bar; ingot; bolt. -ar, v., to bar; to bolt.
barak, n., barrack; hovel; hut.
barb, n., beard. -er, n., barber. -os, a., bearded.
barbar, a., barbarous, and n., barbarian.
barbi, n., barbel.
baret, n., biretta; cap.
barier, n., barrier.
barikad, n., barricade.
bariton, n., baritone (voice).
barium, n., barium (Ba).
bark, n., bark (boat).
barometr, n., barometer.
baron, n., baron.
bas, a., base; low. -e, ad., down below; at the bottom. -ifikar, v., to lower; to debase; to abase. -ist, n., bass-singer. -itet, n., lowness; baseness.
basalt, n., basalt.
basar, n., bazaar; market.
bas-bot, n., shoe.
bashkir, n., Bashkir.
basilisk, n., basilisk.
basin, n., basin.
basis, n., basis; base.
bast, n., bast.
bastard, n., bastard.
bastion, n., bastion; bulwark.
baston, n., staff; stick; rod; cane; baton. -ar, v., to cane; to cudgel; to beat.
bat, n., blow. -ar, v., to beat (strike); to take (in chess, ).
batali, n., battle.
batalion, n., battalion.
batat, n., sweet potato.
bateri, n., battery (military).
batist, n., batiste.
batar pasante, to take en passant (in chess).
Bavaria, n., Bavaria.
bayonet, n., bayonet.
beat, a., blessed. -ifikar, v., to beatify. -itet, n., beatitude; blessedness.
bed, n., bed.
bedel, n., beadle.
beduin, n., a Bedouin.
bek, n., beak; bill (of a bird). -ar, v., to peck; to pick.
bekas, n., woodcock; snipe.
bel, a., beautiful. -ifikar, v., to beautify; to embellish. -itet, n., beauty.
beladon, n., belladonna; deadly nightshade.
bel-filio, n., son-in law.
bel-fratr, n., brother-in-law.
Belgia, n., Belgium.
bel-patr, n., father-in-law.
belveder, n., belvedere; belvidere.
bene, ad., well.
benedikar, v., to bless. -asion, n., blessing; benediction.
bene-fasiar, v., to benefit. -ad, n., benefit. -ant, part., beneficent. -ator, n., benefactor,
benefis, n., benefice.
benevolent, a., benevolent; kind.
bensin, n., benzine.
bensol, n., benzole.
ber, n., berry.
Berberia, n., Barbary.
beril, n., beryl.
berilium, n., beryllium; glucinum (Be)
Besarabia, n., Bessarabia.
bet, n.. bed (in garden).
betarubr, n., beet.
betul, n., birch.
bi-, prefix signifying bi-, two-.
bibar, v., to drink. -ad, n., drink.
bibl, n., Bible.
bibliotek, n., library. -er, n., librarian.
biflankik, a., bilateral; two-sided.
bifstek, n., beefsteak.
bigot, a., bigoted.
bikavalik, a., two-horse.
bilans, n., balance (in finance).
bili, n., bile; gall. -os, a., bilious.
biliard, n., billiards.
biliet, n., billet; note.
bilinguik, a., bilingual.
bilion, nr., billion (1, 000, 000, 000)
binokl, n., opera-glass.
biografi, n., biography.
bir, n., beer. -eri, n., beer-house; ale-house.
bir-kurar, v., to brew. -eri, brewery.
bisekstil (anu), leap-year; bissextile.
bisikl, n., bicycle. -ist, n., bi-cyclist.
biskit, n., biscuit; rusk,
biskuit, n., cracker; biscuit.
bismut, n., bismuth (Bi).
bitumin, n., bitumen. -os, a., bituminous.
bivuak, n., bivouac. -ar, v., to bivouac.
blam, n. blame. -ar, v., to blame; to censure.
blank, a., white. -atr, a., whitish.
blank-kaval, n., white horse.
blank-pan, n., white bread.
blasfemar, v., to blaspheme.
blok, n., block (wood, stone, etc.); log.
blokar, v., to blockade; to block up; to obstruct.
blond, a., blonde.
blu, a., blue. -atr, a., bluish. -ifikar, v., to blue.
bobin, n., spool bobbin. -ar, v., to spool; to wind on a spool.
Bohemia, n., Bohemia.
bok, n., mouth. -on, n., jaws; mouth.
bokal, n., cup; goblet; bowl; beaker.
boksar, v., to box.
Bolivia, n., Bolivia.
bomb, n., bomb; shell.
bombardar, v., to bombard.
bon, a., good. -ifikar, v., to make good; to indemnify. -itet, n., goodness.
bonbon, n., bonbon; sweetmeat; candy.
bon-tempik, a., early. -e, ad., early.
bor, n., boron (B).
boraks, n., borax.
bord, n., border; edge; hem; brim; brink; margin; rim. -ar, v., to border; to edge; to hem.
bordel, n., brothel.
borges, n., citizen.
bosket, a., thicket; copse.
bors, n., purse.
bot, n., boot. -er, n., shoemaker.
botanik, n., botany. -al, a., botanical.
botanisar, v., to botanize.
boteli, n., bottle.
boton, n., bud. -ar, v., to bud.
bov, n. bovine animal (ox, bull, cow, etc.).
bov-karn, a., beef.
bran, n., bran.
branki (i), a., gill(s) (of fish).
bras, n., arm.
braselet, n., bracelet.
brasik, n., cabbage.
Brasilia, n., Brazil.
bras-stul, n., arm-chair.
brav, a., brave. -itet, n., bravery. -e!, i., bravo!; good!
bresh, n breach; gap; break.
Bretonia, n., Brittany.
brev, a., short; brief. -itet, n., brevity; briefness; shortness.
breviar, n., breviary.
brid, n., bridle. -ar, v., to bridle.
brigad, n., brigade.
brigand, n.. brigand.
brik, n., brick; tile.
brikon, n., rogue; rascal; knave.
briliar, v., to sparkle; to glitter.
bris, n., breeze.
Britania, n., Great Britain.
brodar, v., to embroider.
brom, n., bromine (Br).
bronki, n., bronchus. -ik (bronkial), a., bronchial.
brons, n., bronze. -ar, v., to bronze.
broshar, v., to stitch (books).
broshur, n., pamphlet; brochure; stitched book.
bruar, v., to bluster; to roar.
brun, a., brown. -ifikar, v., to brown.
brus, n., brush. -ar, v., to brush.
brusk, a., brusque; blunt. -itet, n., brusqueness; bluntness.
brutal, a., brutal. -itet, n., brutality.
bruto, ad., gross; in the gross.
bufet, n., sideboard; buffet.
bufon, n., buffoon; clown. -ar, v., to play the clown. -ad, n., buffoonery. -ik, a., buffoon; waggish.
buket, n., bouquet.
bukl, n., lock (of hair); curl; ringlet.
bul, n., bullet; ball.
bulb, n., onion.
buliar, v. tr. and intr., to boil; to seethe.
bulion, n., broth; bouillon.
burg, n., borough; market-town.
burlesk, a., burlesque.
burs, n., exchange (place); bourse.
bushl, n., bushel.
bust, n., bust.
but, n., end; aim; object; mark; goal; butt. -ar, v., to aim; to aim at.
butik, n., shop: store.
butir, n., butter. -ifikar, v., to make butter; to churn.
buton, n., button. -ar, v., to button.
cek, n., check.
cekh, n., Czech.
Cili, n., Chili.
Cinesia, n., China.
cokolad, n., chocolate.
da, p., since; from.
daks, n., badger.
daktil, n., dactyl. -ik, a., dactylic.
Dalmatia, n., Dalmatia.
dam, n., dam; dike.
damn, n., hurt; harm; damage; detriment. -ifikar, v., to hurt; to harm; to damage. -os! i., it is a pity!; what a pity!
Dania, n., Denmark.
dans, n., dance. -ar, v., to dance.
Dardaneli, n., Dardanelles.
dat, n., date (time).
da temp ke, c., since; from the time that.
da tetempe, ad., since; from that time.
dativ, n., dative.
datl, n., date (fruit).
de, p., of.
Deo, n., God. -a, n., goddess. -ifikar, v., to deify.
deb, n., duty. -ar, v., e. g. mi deb = I ought, I should, I must.
de-bandar, v., to untie; to unbind.
de-batar, v., to beat off.
debat, n., debate. -ar, v., to debate.
debet, n., debit side. -ar, v., to debit; to charge.
de-brusar, v., to brush off; to brush away.
debt, n., debt. -ar, v., to owe.
debt aktiv, outstanding debt.
dedikar, v., to dedicate; to devote.
de-dukar, v., to lead off; to lead away.
de-falsiar, v., to mow off; to cut down.
defekt, n., defect; blemish; fault. -os, a., defective, and n., cripple.
defendar, v., to defend. -asion, n., defense; defending. -ator, n., defender.
definiar, v., to define.
definitiv, a., definitive; decisive; definite.
defisit, n., deficit; deficiency.
de-florar, v., to shed (its) blossoms.
de-fluar, v., to flow off.
de-formar, v., to disfigure; to deform; to deface. -ik, a., deformed; ugly.
de-frangar, v., to break off.
defraudar, v, to defraud. -asion, n., defrauding.
degenerar, v., to degenerate.
de-glisar, v., to slip off; to slide off; to glide off.
degradar, v., to degrade.
dek, n., deck.
deka-, prefix signifying deca-, ten-.
de-kadar, v., to fall off.
dekan, n., dean.
de-kapar (dekapitar), v., to decapitate; to behead. -asion (dekapitasion), n., decapitation; beheading.
deklamar, v., to declaim.
deklarar, v., to declare.
deklinar, v., to decline (grammar). -asion, n., declension.
dekliv, n., declivity.
de-kombustar, v. tr., to burn down; to burn up.
de-komitar, v., to countermand.
de-konsiliar, v., to dissuade; to advise against.
de-kontar, v., to deduct.
dekor, n., decoration. -ar, v., to decorate.
de-kratar, v., to scratch off.
dekret, n., decree. -ar, v., to decree.
dekstr, a., right (not left). -e, ad., at (on) the right. -e de, p., to (at) the right of.
de-kukar, v., to decoct.
de-kupar, v., to cut off.
de-kurajar, v., to discourage; to dishearten.
de-kustomar, v., to disaccustom; to wean.
de-kuvrar, v., to uncover; to unveil; to disclose; to reveal.
dekuvrar, v., to discover. -ad, n., discovery.
delegar, v., to delegate.
delektar, v., to delight (tr.).
delfin, n., dolphin.
delikat, a., delicate.
delikates, n., delicacy.
delikt, n., crime.
deliniar, v., to delineate; to draw; to design.
delir, n., delirium. -ar, v., to be delirious; to rave.
delisi, n., enjoyment; delight. -ar, v., to enjoy. -os, a., delightful.
delivrar, v., to deliver (furnish).
demagog, n., demagogue.
demand, n., demand. -ar, v., to demand; to ask.
de-marshar, v., to march off.
de-maskar, v., to unmask.
de-mendikar, v., to beg of; to beg from.
dementi, n., belying; lie; contradiction. -ar, v., to belie; to contradict.
de-merkantar, v., to cheapen; to beat down (prices).
demi, a., half.
demokrat, n., democrat. -ik, a., democratic.
demolar, v., to demolish.
demon, n., demon.
demonstrar, v., to demonstrate. — se, v., to prove.
denominator, n., denominator.
denove, ad., again; anew.
dens, a., dense; thick. -itet, n., density; thickness.
dent, n., tooth; tine; prong. -aj, n., set of teeth; teeth. -ar, v., to teeth; to cut (one’s) teeth. -ist, n., dentist.
dentel, n., lace.
denunsiar, v., to denounce; to inform against.
departement, n., department.
de pasu a pasu, ad., step by step.
dependar, v., to depend.
deplorar, v., to deplore.
depó, n., depot; depository.
de-poplar, v., to depopulate.
de-posar, v., to set down; to lay down; to set aside.
de-prendar, v., to take off.
de-presar, v., to press off.
deprimar, v., to depress; to deject.
de-pulvar, v., to dust off.
de-pusar, v., to push off; to repel.
deputar, v., to depute. -ed, part., deputy.
de-rabotar, v., to plane off.
de-radikar, v., to root up; to root out; to eradicate.
de-ridar, v., to deride.
derivar, v., to derive.
de-rodar, v., to gnaw off.
de-ruptar, v., to tear off.
dervish, n., dervish.
des, nr., ten.
de-saltar, v., to leap off; to jump off.
des-du, nr., twelve.
de-sedlar, v., to unsaddle.
desembr, n., December.
desendar, v., to descend; to alight; to put up (at inn)
desent, a., decent; becoming.
deser, n., dessert.
desert, a., desert; waste.
desertar, v., to desert; to run away.
de-sharjar, v., to unload; to discharge.
desidar, v., to decide. -asion (desision), n., decision.
desinar, v., to design; to purpose; to plan; to mean.
desinfektar, v., to disinfect.
desir, n., desire; wish. -ar, v., to desire; to wish; to long for; to yearn for.
de-skribar, v., to write off (out); to transcribe.
deskribar, v., to describe.
de-skumar, v., to skim.
desperar, v., to despair.
despot, n., despot. -ik, a., despotic.
destilar, v., to distil.
destinar, v., to destine. -asion, n., destination.
des-tri, nr., thirteen.
destruktar, v., to destroy.
de-sukusar, v., to shake off.
des-un, nr., eleven.
detali, n., detail. -ar, v., to detail. -ed, part., detailed. -ik, a., detail; retail.
determinar, v., to determine.
de-turnar, v., to turn off; to turn away; to divert.
de-urgar, v., to extort; to wring.
de-usar, v., to wear out.
deveniar, v., to become.
deveniar misandant, to become lame.
deveniar mut, to become dumb.
deveniar pasionos, to fall into a passion.
de-versar, v., to pour off; to decant.
de-vestar, v., to undress; to divest.
devis, n., device.
devorar, v., to devour.
devosion, n., devotion.
devot, a., devoted.
de-voyajar, v., to go on a journey.
de-yunktar (kavali), v., to unhitch.
di, p., about; on; of; concerning.
diabet, n., diabetes. -ik, a., diabetic.
diabol, n., devil.
diadem, n., diadem.
diafan, a., diaphanous. -itet, n. diaphanousness.
diafragm, n., diaphragm.
diagnos, n., diagnosis. -ar, v., to diagnose.
diagonal, a., diagonal. -e, ad., diagonally.
diakon, n., deacon.
dialekt, n., dialect.
dialektik, n., dialectic(s). -al, a., dialectic(al).
dialog, n., dialogue.
diamant, n., diamond.
diametr, n., diameter.
diaré, n., diarrhoea; diarrhea.
didim, n., didymium (Di).
diet, n., diet.
diferar, v., to differ.
diferens, n., difference.
difteri, n., diphtheria. -ik, a., diphtheritic.
diftong, n., diphthong.
digestar, v., to digest.
digit, n., finger.
dignar, v., to deign. -ik, a., worthy. -itet, n., dignity; worth.
dikar, v., to say; to tell.
diksionar, n., dictionary.
diktar, v., to dictate.
diktator, n., dictator.
dilem, n., dilemma.
diletant, n., dilettante.
diligent, a., diligent. -itet (diligens), n., diligence.
dimension, n., dimension.
dimision, n., relinquishment. -ar, v., to relinquish; to give up.
dimitar, v., to dismiss; to discharge.
dinamik, n., dynamics. -al, a., dynamic(al).
dinamit, n., dynamite.
dinasti, n., dynasty.
diné, n., dinner. -ar, v., to dine.
dioses, n., diocese.
diplom, n., diploma. -ar, v., to diploma.
diplomat, n., diplomat.
diplomati, n., diplomacy. -ik (diplomatik), a., diplomatic.
direksion, n., direction (course).
direkt, a., direct.
direktor, n., director. -ad, n., directorship; directorate.
dirigar, v., to direct (manage).
dirigar karos, to drive.
dis-, prefix signifying separation.
disaparar, v., to disappear; to go down (of sun, etc.); to set (of sun).
disenteri, n., dysentery. -ik (disenterik), a., dysenteric.
disfrangar, v., to break to pieces; to break up.
disgustar, v., to disgust. -ik, a., disgusting.
disipar, v., to scatter; to disperse; to dispel; to dissipate.
disiplin, n., discipline.
disk, n., disk; quoit.
diskont, n., discount. -ar, v., to discount.
diskord, n., discord.
diskret, a., discreet.
diskupar, v., to cut up; to dissect.
diskutar, v., to discuss.
dismembrar, v., to dismember.
disnodar, v., to untie; to unravel.
disolut, a., dissolute.
disordar, v., to disarrange; to disorder.
dispaketar, v., to unpack.
dispar, a., disparate; radically different. -itet, n., disparity.
dispens, n., dispensation. -ar, v., to dispense; to exempt.
dispepsi, n., dyspepsy; dyspepsia. -ik (dispeptik), a., dyspeptic.
disposar, v., to dispose. -ed, part., disposed.
disput, n., dispute. -ar, v., to dispute.
dissonar, v., to be dissonant; to be discordant.
distant, a., distant; far; remote. -itet (distans), n., distance.
distingu, n., distinction (difference). -ar, v., to distinguish; to discriminate; to discern; to distinguish (mark out).
distinkt, a., distinct.
distinsion, n., distinction (dignity).
distrakt, a., distracted. -itet, n., distraction; distractedness.
distribuar, v., to distribute; to dispense.
distrikt, n., district.
disuniar, v., to disunite.
diurn, n., day. -e, ad., by day; in the daytime.
diurnal, n., journal; review; periodical.
divan, n., sofa; lounge.
divergar, v., to diverge.
divers, a., diverse; different.
dividar, v., to divide.
dividend, n., dividend.
divin, a., divine. -itet, n., divinity; godhead.
divinar, v., to divine; to guess.
division, n., division (military).
divors, n., divorce. -ar, v., to divorce.
dog, n., mastiff.
dogmat, n., dogma.
doktor, n., doctor (title). -ad, n., doctorate.
doktrin, n., doctrine; teaching.
dokument, n., document. -ar, v., to authenticate.
dolar, n., dollar.
dolor, n., pain; ache. -os, a., painful.
dom, n., house. -e, ad., at home; home.
domen, n., domain; dominion.
dominar, v., to dominate; to lord over.
dominikan, n., Dominican.
domisil, n., domicile; dwelling. -ar, v., to dwell.
don, n., gift. -ar, v., to give; to impart; to bestow.
donat, n., donation; present. -ar, v., to donate; to present.
dorm, n., sleep. -ar, v., to sleep. -os, a., sleepy.
dors, n., back. -u, p., back of; behind.
dosent, n., docent; tutor (in university).
dosi, n., dose. -ar, v., to dose.
dot, n., dowry. -ar, v., to endow.
dragon, n., dragoon.
drakon, n., dragon.
dramat, n., drama.
drap, n., cloth. -ar, v., to drape.
drap de sak, handkerchief; pocket-handkerchief.
drastik, a., drastic.
dresar, v., to break; to train; to break in; to drill; to dress.
dresar kaval, to break a horse.
drog, n., drug. -ist, n., druggist.
drol, a., droll.
dromedar, n., dromedary.
du, nr., two. -foa, nr., twice.
duan, n., customs; duty; toll. -eri, n., custom-house. -er, n., toll-gatherer; custom-house officer.
dubi, n., doubt. -ar, v., to doubt. -os, a., doubtful; dubious.
dubiar di kk, to doubt of anything; to question.
dublon, n., doubloon.
du-des, nr., twenty.
du-des-un, nr., twenty-one.
duel, n., duel. -ar ko kelkhom, to duel.
duet, n., duet.
duk, n., duke.
dukar, v., to lead. -asion, n., lead; leadership.
dukar atension a, to call attention to.
dukat, n., ducat.
duls, a., sweet. -ifikar, v., to sweeten. -itet, n., sweetness.
dun, n., dune; down.
dupar, v., to dupe.
dupl, nr., double.
dupl-akuil, n., double eagle.
dupl-punkt, n., colon (:).
dur, a., hard. -ifikar, v., to harden; to indurate. -itet, n., hardness.
durar, v., to last; to endure. -abl, a., durable. -ablitet, n., durability. -ante ke, c., while; whilst. -antu, p., during.
dusen, n., dozen.
dush, n., douche.
e, c., and.
-e, adverbial suffix.
eben, n., ebony.
ebr, a., drunken; drunk. -ifikar, v., to make drunk. -ifikar se, v., to become drunk. -itet, n., drunkenness; inebriety.
-ed, ending of the passive participle.
edar, v., to eat. -abl, a., edible; eatable. -ad, n., food.
edifisi, n., edifice; building. -ar, v., to build.
edikt, n., edict.
editar, v., to issue; to publish. -asion (edision), n., issuing; publication. -ator (editor), n., publisher; issuer.
edukar, v., to educate.
e — e, c., both — and; as well as.
efekt, n., effect.
efektiv, a., de facto; effective.
efektuar, v., to effect; to accomplish. -ad, n., effect; thing effected; work.
efemer, a., ephemeral.
efors, n., effort; endeavor; attempt; exertion. -ar, v., to strive; to try; to endeavor; to attempt.
Egiptia, n., Egypt.
egoism, n., egotism.
egoist, n., egotist.
egual, a., equal. -e, ad., likewise; equally. -ifikar (egualisar), v., to equalize. -itet, n., equality.
ekipar, v., to equip; to furnish (fit out). -aj, n., equipage.
eklat, n., display; show.
ekles, n., church. Eklesia, n., States of the Church.
eklips, n., eclipse. -ar, v., to eclipse.
ekliptik, n., ecliptic.
eko, n., echo.
ekonomi, n., economy (management of affairs). -ik (ekonomik), a., economic. -ist (ekonomist), n., economist.
eks, p., out of; from; by virtue of.
eksagerar, v., to exaggerate. -asion, n., exaggeration.
eksamin, n., examination. -ar, v., to examine.
eks-andar, v., to go out.
eks-audiar, v., to hear; to grant.
ekse!, i., behold!; look!; here!; there!; lo!
eksekutar, v., to execute; to accomplish; to fulfil.
eksekutator yustisik, executioner; hangman.
ekselens, n., excellency (title).
ekselent, a., excellent. -itet, n., excellence.
eksempl, n., example; instance; sample; specimen.
eksemplar, n., copy.
eksept, n., exception. -ar, v., to except. -e ke, c., unless. -u, p., with the exception of; excepting; except; but.
eksersar, v., to exercise. -ad, n., exercise.
ekses, n., excess. -ik, a., excessive.
eks-fluar, v., to flow out.
eks-glisar, v., to slip out; to escape.
eks-humar, v., to exhume; to disinter.
eksil, n., exile (state); banishment. -ar, v., to exile; to banish.
eksistar, v., to exist.
eksistens, n., existence.
eksitar, v., to excite; to rouse; to stir (up).
eks-klamar, v., to cry out; to exclaim.
eks-klosar, v., to lock out; to shut out; to exclude.
eksklusiv, a., exclusive. -e, ad., exclusively.
ekskrement, n., excrement.
ekskusar, v., to excuse.
eks-laborar, v., to work out; to elaborate.
eks-moriar, v., to die out.
eks-movar, v., to drive out; to cast out; to eject; to expel.
eksorsism, n., exorcism. -ar, v., to exorcise.
eksotik, a., exotic.
ekspandar, v., to expand.
ekspediar, v., to dispatch; to send off; to forward.
ekspedient, n., expedient.
ekspektar, v., to expect. -asion, n., expectation.
eksperiar, v., to experience. -ad (eksperiens), n., experience.
eksperiment, n., experiment. -ar, v., to experiment.
ekspert, a., expert; experienced.
ekspiar, v., to expiate; to atone for. -asion, n., expiation; atonement.
eksplikar, v., to explain.
eksploatar, v., to exploit; to work. -asion, n., exploitation; working.
eksplodar, v., intr., to explode.
eksplorar, v., to explore.
eksport, n., export; exportation. -ar, v., to export.
eks-posar, v., to expose; to exhibit. -asion (eksposision), n., exposition; exhibition.
ekspres, a., express.
eks-presar, v., to press out; to squeeze out.
ekspresion, n., expression.
eksprimar, v., to express.
eks-respirar (ekspirar), v., to expire (breathe out).
eks-sanguinar, v., to bleed to death.
ekstas, n., ecstasy.
eks-tendar, v. tr., to extend.
eksterior, a., exterior. -e, ad., exteriorly; outwardly; (on the) outside. -e de, p., outside of; outside; without.
ekstern, a., external.
ekstinguar, v., to extinguish.
ekstr, p., besides. -ad, n., egress; exit; going out. -ia, n., foreign parts; abroad.
ekstrakt, n., extract. -ar, v., to extract.
ekstrem, a., extreme. -e, ad., extremely. -itet, n., extremity. -iteti, n., extremities (hands and feet).
ekstr it, ad., besides.
ekstr-ordinar, a., extraordinary; unusual.
eks-usar, v., to use up.
eks-vakuar, v., to empty.
eks-versar, v., to pour out; to empty (both trans.).
ekuator, n., equator.
ekui-, prefix signifying equality.
ekuiflankik (ekuilateral), a., equilateral; equal-sided.
ekuikrurik, a., isosceles.
ekuilibri, n., equilibrium. -ist (ekuilibrist), n., equilibrist. -istik (ekuilibristik), a., equilibristic.
ekuivalar, v., to equal; to be equal to.
el, pr. d., that. -foa, ad., that time.
-el, suffix denoting collective nouns signifying persons.
elastik, a., elastic. -ikitet (elastisitet), n., elasticity.
elefant, n., elephant.
elegant, a., elegant. -itet (elegans), n., elegance.
elegi, n., elegy. -ik (elegik), a., elegiac.
elektrik, a., electric. -ikitet (elektrisitet), n., electricity.
elektrisar, v., to electrify; to electrize.
elektro-, prefix signifying electricity.
elektrodinamik, n., electrodynamics.
elektrokimi, n., electrochemistry.
elektromagnet, n., electromagnet.
elektro-metr, n., electrometer.
elektronegativ, a., electronegative.
elektropetr, n., amber.
elektropositiv, a., electropositive.
elektrostatik, n., electrostatics.
elektroteknik, n., electrotechnics. -ist, n., electrotechnician.
element, n., element.
elev, n., pupil.
elevar, v., to elevate.
elips, n., ellipse. -ik (eliptik), a., elliptic.
elit, n., elite.
el-kos, pr. d., that (neuter).
elokuent, a., eloquent. -itet, n., eloquence.
el sem, pr. d., the same.
emansipar, v., to emancipate.
emblem, n., emblem.
embrion, n., embryo. -ik, a., embryonic.
emigrar, v., to emigrate. -ant, part., emigrant. -asion, n., emigration.
eminent, a., eminent.
empirik, a., empiric.
emular, v., to emulate. -asion, n., emulation.
endiv, n., endive.
energi, n., energy. -ik (energik), a., energetic.
enigmat, n., enigma; riddle; puzzle. -ik, a., enigmatic.
e nome, ad., namely.
enorm, a., enormous.
entomologi, n., entomology. -ik (entomologik), a., entomological. -ist (entomologist), n., entomologist.
entrepren, n., enterprise; undertaking. -ar, v., to undertake.
entusiasm, n., enthusiasm. -ar, v., to make enthusiastic.
enui, n., ennui; tediousness. -ar, v., to bore; to weary. -ant, part., and -os, a., tedious; tiresome.
envi, n., envy. -ar, v., to envy. -os, a., envious.
epidemi, n., epidemic. -ik (epidemik), a., epidemic.
epigraf, n., epigraph.
epigram, n., epigram.
epilepsi, n., epilepsy. -ik (epileptik), a., epileptic.
epilog, n., epilogue.
episkop, n., bishop. -ad, n., episcopate (office). -el, n., episcopate (body). -ik, a., episcopal.
epitaf, n., epitaph.
epok, n., epoch.
epol, n., shoulder.
epopé, n., epic.
-er, suffix used with a non-verbal root to form a substantive denoting a person or a thing that has some relation to the root.
erar, v., to err. -ad, n., mistake. -or, n., error.
era, n., era.
erbium, n., erbium (E).
erektar, v., to erect; to raise; to set up; to rear; to hoist.
eremit, n., hermit. -eri, n., hermitage.
ergo, ad., therefore; consequently.
-eri, suffix denoting place.
-erio, suffix forming the present conditional.
-ero, suffix forming the future.
erudiar, v., to teach; to culture. -ed, part., learned; cultured; erudite, and n., an erudite person; a scholar; a learned man.
eruktar, v., to eructate; to belch. -asion, n., eructation; belching.
e s.=e setri, etc.; and so forth.
esar, v., to be.
esar ad-yunkted, to be subjoined; to accompany.
esar autor, to be an author.
esar avar, to be avaricious.
esar deb, to be due; to be the duty.
esar de-kurajed, to be discouraged.
esar de sert sentiment, to be of a certain mind (disposition); to be minded.
esar distant; to be distant.
esens, n., essence.
esar ferv, to be zealous.
esar in stand, to be in condition (be able).
eskadr, n., squadron (naval).
eskadron, n., squadron (cavalry).
-eskar, suffix forming verbs denoting to become, to grow, to begin.
eskart, n., refuse; discard. -ar, v., to discard.
eske, interrogative particle; ?; whether; if.
eskimo, n., Esquimaux.
esar kontent, to be satisfied.
esar konvenabl, to be fitting.
esar ko-patr, ko-matr, to be sponsor.
eskort, n., escort. -ar, v., to escort.
esmalt, n., enamel.
esmeril, n., emery.
esar neses (nesesar), to be necessary.
esar nomed, to be called; to be named.
esar ofended, to be offended.
esar orgulos di kk, to be proud of.
espad, n., rapier.
Espania, n., Spain.
esparset, n., esparcet.
esper, n., hope. -ar, v., to hope.
esar perded, to be lost.
esar plu astusios, to outwit.
esprit, n., wit.
esar prived de, to be destitute of.
esar [su via, su punkt de vis] rekt, to be right.
esar simil, to resemble.
esar situed, to be situated.
esar surprised, to be surprised; to wonder; to be astonished.
est, n., east. -e, ad., in the east; easterly.
estim, n., esteem. -ar, v., to esteem (honor; also, deem).
estimar kh kapabl, to think one capable of; to give one credit for.
Estindia, n., East India.
estrad, n., estrade; dais.
estran, a., strange; singular.
esar veksed, to be vexed; to be irritated.
et, c., also; too.
-et, suffix forming diminutives.
etaj, n., story; floor.
etap, n., night-quarters; halting-place.
eter, n., ether.
etern, a., eternal. -ifikar, v., to eternize; to eternalize. -itet, n., eternity.
etik, n., ethics. -al, a., ethical.
etiket, n., etiquette.
etimologi, n., etymology. -ik (etimologik), a., etymological. -ist (ethnologist), n., etymologist.
Etiopia, n., Ethiopia.
eukarist, n., eucharist. -ik, a., eucharistic.
eunuk, n., eunuch.
Europ, n., Europe. -an, a., European.
evangel, n., gospel. -ik, a., evangelic(al); gospel. -ist, n., evangelist.
eventual, a., eventual. -e, ad., eventually. -itet, n., eventuality.
evitar, v., to avoid; to shun; to escape.
evolusion, n., evolution.
fabl, n., fable; fairy tale.
fabrik, n., factory; manufactory. -ar, v., to manufacture; to fabricate; to make.
fag, n., beech.
fakt, n., fact. -e, ad., in fact.
faktur, n., invoice; bill
fakultet, n., faculty (of medicine, etc.).
falang, n., phalanx.
falb, a., fawn-colored; tawny.
fallar, v., to fail. -abl, a., fallible.
falkon, n., falcon.
fals, a., false. -ifikar, v., to falsify. -itet, n., falsity.
falset, n., falsetto.
falsi, n., scythe. -ar, v., to mow. -et, n., sickle.
fals-serpent, n., blind-worm; slow-worm.
fam, n., fame; report. -os, a., famous.
famel, n., hunger. -ik, a., hungry.
famili, n., family.
familiar, a., familiar. -itet, n., familiarity.
fanatik, a., fanatic(al). -ism, n., fanaticism.
fanfar, n., flourish (of trumpets).
fang, n., dirt (mud); mire.
fantasi, n., fancy. -ar, v., to fancy.
fantast, n., fantast. -ik, a., fantastic.
fantom, n., phantom; spectre; ghost; apparition.
fantomi apar in dom, the house is haunted.
far, n., beacon; lighthouse.
farin, n., flour; meal.
faring, n., pharynx.
farm, n., farm. -er, n., farmer.
farmasi, n., pharmacy (science). -ik (farmaseutik), a., pharmaceutic. -ist, n., pharmacist.
fas, n., face; countenance.
fasad, n., facade; front.
fasan, n., pheasant.
fashin, n., fagot; fascine.
fasiar, v., to make; to do. -abl, a., feasible.
fasiar finiar, to put a stop to; to put an end to.
fasiar kaptad, to make a capture or prize.
fasil, a., easy. -ifikar, v., to facilitate; to make easy. -itet, n., facility; ease.
fasiar nekorekte, to do wrong (incorrectly).
fasiar neposibl, to render impossible.
fasiar sum de, to amount to.
fasiar tro haste, to be too hasty; to be precipitate.
fask, n., bundle; bunch.
fasol, n., bean.
fat, n., fate; destiny.
fatal, a., fatal.
fatig, n., fatigue; weariness. -ar, v., to fatigue; to weary; to tire. -ed, part., fatigued; wearied; tired.
favor, n., favor. -ar (favorisar), v., to favor. -u, p., in favor of.
fayans, n., earthenware; pottery.
fea, n., fairy.
febl, a., feeble; weak. -itet, n., weakness; feebleness.
febr, n., fever.
februar, n., February.
federasion, n., federation.
felis, a., happy; fortunate; lucky. -ifikar, v., to make happy; to bless. -itet, n., felicity; happiness.
felisitar, v., to congratulate; to felicitate. -asion, n., congratulation; felicitation.
feltr, n., felt.
femin, n., woman; female. -ik (feminin), a., feminine.
fenestr, n., window.
fenig, n., pfennig.
fenomen, n., phenomenon.
fenul, n., fennel.
feodal, a., feudal.
fer, n., iron (Fe).
feri, n., fair.
ferment, n., ferment; yeast; leaven. -ar, v., to ferment. -asion, n., fermentation.
feros, a., wild; fierce; ferocious. -eskar, v., to become wild. -itet, n., fierceness; ferocity.
fertil, a., fertile; fruitful. -itet, n., fertility.
ferv, a., fervent; zealous. -itet, n., fervor; zeal.
fest, n., feast; festival. -ar, v., to celebrate; to solemnize; to keep. -asion, n., celebration.
festin, n., feast.
feston, n., festoon. -ar, v., to festoon.
fi!, i., fie!
fiakr, n., coach; hack.
fiansar, v., to affiance; to betroth; to engage. -asion, n., affiance; betrothal; engagement. -edo, n., bridegroom; man who is betrothed. -eda, n., bride; one who is betrothed. -edi, n., the betrothed (couple).
fiasko, n., fiasco; failure.
fibl, n., buckle. -ar, v., to buckle.
fibr, n., fibre.
fibrin, n., fibrine.
fidel, a., faithful; true. -itet, n., fidelity; faithfulness; troth.
fien, n., hay.
fif, n., whistle. -ar, v., to whistle. -ad, n., whistle (sound).
fig, n., fig.
figur, n., figure. -ar, v., to figure.
fiksar, v., to fix; to fasten.
fil, n., thread. -ar, v., to spin. -ad, n., spun material. -eri, n., spinning-mill.
fil de kandel, wick.
fil de lamp, wick.
fili, n., child. -o, n., son. -a, n., daughter.
filis, n., fern.
filomel, n., nightingale.
filosof, n. philosopher. -ar, v., to philosophize.
filosofi, n., philosophy. -ik (filosofik), a., philosophic(al).
filtr, n., filter. -ar, v., to filter; to strain.
fin, a., fine. -itet, n., fineness.
finansi, n., finances.
fingar, v., to feign; to pretend.
fini, n., end. -ar, v., to end; to finish; to conclude; to terminate. -ad, n., ending (gram.). -e, ad., finally; at last. -ik (final), a., final.
Finlandia, n., Finland.
fint, n., feint.
firm, a., firm. -itet, n., firmness.
firma, n., firm.
firmament, n., firmament.
fisar, v., to split; to crack; to fissure; to cleave; to rive. -ad, n., split; slit; fissure; crevice; cranny; cleft; crack; chap; rift; chink; seam.
fisik, n., physics; natural philosophy. -al, a., physical. -ist, n., physicist.
fisionomi, n., physiognomy. -ik (fisionomik), a., physiognomic. -ist (fisionomist), n., physiognomist.
fistul, n., fistula.
flag, n., flag.
flagel, n., whip; scourge. -ar, v., to whip; to scourge. -asion, n.. whipping; scourging; flagellation.
flagitar, v., to require.
flagrar, v., to burn (intrans.). -eskar, v., to kindle; to catch fire; to ignite. -eskator, n., match. -ifikar, v., to kindle; to set on fire; to ignite.
flagresk-kordon, n., match; slow-match; fuse.
flaksid, a., flaccid; flabby; limp; wilted; withered. -eskar, v., to wilt; to wither.
flam, n., flame; blaze. -ar, v., to flame; to blaze.
Flandria, n., Flanders.
flanel, n., flannel.
flank, n., side; flank. -e, ad., at the side; on the side.
flatar, v., to flatter.
flaut, n., flute.
flegmat, n., phlegm. -ik, a., phlegmatic. -iker, n., phlegmatic person.
flekt, n., joint. -ar, v., to bend; to flex. -abl (fleksibl), a., flexible. -ablitet, n., flexibility. -asion (fleksion), n., flexion.
flok, n., flake.
flor, n., flower. -ar, v., to flower; to blossom; to bloom.
flor-brasik, n., cauliflower.
florin, n., florin.
flor-koron, n., wreath.
florotemp, n., spring.
flot, n., fleet. -ar, v., to float; to swim.
fluar, v., to flow.
fluid, a., fluid; liquid. -ad, n., fluid; liquid. -itet, n., fluidity; liquidity.
fluks, n., flood; high tide.
fluktuar, v., to fluctuate.
fluor, n., fluorine(Fl).
flur, n., floor. -ar, v., to floor.
fluvi, n., river. -et, n., brook.
fluvi-bord, n., bank (of river).
-foa, suffix which, with a cardinal or ordinal number, forms an iterative; this suffix is used also with other words.
fok, n., fire.
fokus, n., focus.
fol, a., foolish, and n., fool. -itet, n., foolishness; folly.
foli, n., leaf; sheet. -aj, n., foliage. -etar, v., to turn the leaves (of a book); to thumb.
folieton, n., feuilleton. -ist, n., feuilletonist.
fomentar, v., to foment.
fon, n., ground; background.
fondar, v., to smelt; to melt; to fuse. -ator, n., founder. -eri, n., foundry.
fonetik, n., phonetics. -al, a., phonetic.
fonograf, n., phonograph.
font, n., fountain; source; spring. -ar, v., to spring (from); to issue. -ad, n., spring (of water).
fontan, n., fountain.
for, n., hole; orifice. -ifikar, v., to perforate.
foren, a., foreign. -ia, n., foreign country.
forest, n., forest.
forg, n., forge. -ar, v., to forge.
fork, n., fork.
form, n., form. -ar, v., to form; to fashion; to shape.
formal, a., formal. -itet, n., formality.
formidabl, a., formidable.
formik, n., ant. -ar, v., to swarm.
formul, n., formula. -ar, v., to formulate.
forn, n., furnace; stove. -ar, v., to heat.
fornikar, v., to fornicate. -asion, n., fornication. -ator, n., fornicator.
forn-tub, n., stovepipe.
fors, n., force. -ar, v., to force; to compel; to enforce.
fort, a., strong; powerful. -ifikar, v., to fortify; to strengthen. -itet, n., strength.
fortres, n., fortress; fort.
fortuit, n., chance.
fortun, n., fortune. -e, ad., fortunately.
fos, n., excavation; pit. -ar, v., to dig.
fosfor, n., phosphorus (P).
fosil, a., fossil.
foto-, prefix signifying light.
foto-graf, n., photographer. -ar, v., to photograph. -ad, n., photograph.
foto-metr, n., photometer.
frag, n., strawberry.
fragment, n., fragment.
frak, n., dress-coat; frock.
frakas, n., crash. -ar, v., to smash; to shatter; to dash to pieces.
fraksin, n., ash (tree).
fraksion, n., fraction.
frambos, n., raspberry.
frangar, v., to break; to fracture. -abl, a., fragile; frail; brittle. -ablitet, n., fragility; brittleness. -ad, n., fracture; break.
frangar glas, to cut ice.
frangi, n., fringe.
frank, n., franc.
frankar, v., to frank; to prepay postage.
Frankonia, n., Franconia.
Fransia, n., France.
fransiskan, n., Franciscan.
fras, n., phrase; sentence.
fraternisar ko kh, v., to fraternize with any one. -asion, n., fraternization.
fratr, n., brother.
fraud, n., fraud; deceit. -ar, v., to cheat; to deceive; to overreach.
fregat, n., frigate.
frekuent, a., frequent. -e, ad., often; frequently.
frekuentar, v,, to frequent. -asion, n., frequentation.
fren, n., curb; check; restraint; brake. -ar, v., to curb; to check; to restrain.
frenetik, a., frantic.
fresk, a., fresh. -itet, n., freshness.
fresko, n., fresco.
friar, v., to fry.
friand, n., lickerish person; dainty person. -ar, v., to be lickerish; to be dainty; to be sweet-toothed.
frigar, v., to freeze; to be cold. -id, a., frigid; cold. -ideskar, v., to become cold. -or, n., frigidity; cold. -ad, n., (catching) cold. -adar se, v., to catch cold.
frigotemp, n., winter.
frikar, v., to rub. -asion, n., rubbing; friction. -ator, n., grater.
fringil, n., finch.
fris, n., frieze.
frisar, v., to frizz.
frivol, a., frivolous; giddy. -itet, n., frivolity; levity.
front, n., forehead; brow.
frontier, n., frontier.
frost, n., frost.
frotar, v., to wipe.
frugal, a., frugal. -itet, n., frugality.
frukt, n., fruit. -ifikar, v., to fructify.
fruktotemp, n., autumn; fall.
frument, n., wheat; corn.
frustrar, v., to frustrate; to thwart; to baffle; to balk; to defeat; to disappoint; to foil.
ftisi, n., phthisis; consumption. -ik (ftisik), a., phthisical; consumptive.
fug, n., flight. -ar, v., to flee.
fuga, n., fugue.
fugas, a., fugitive; fleeting; fugacious. -itet, n., fugacity; fugitiveness.
fuligin, n., soot. -os, a., sooty.
fulmin, n., lightning. -ar, v., to lighten.
fulmin-koton, n., guncotton.
fum, n., smoke. -ar, v., to smoke.
fum-negrad, n., lampblack.
fundar, v., to found; to ground.
fundament, n., foundation.
funksion, n., function. -ar, v., to function; to act; to officiate; to discharge the duties of an office; to work.
fur, n., fur.
furaj, n., forage. -ar, v., to forage. -er, n., forager.
furet, n., ferret.
furi, n., fury; rage. -ar, v., to be in a fury; to rage. -os, a., furious. -a, n., a fury.
furnar, v., to furnish; to supply; to provide; to afford; to bring. -ator, n., purveyor.
fusil, n., gun. -ar, v., to shoot.
futur, a., future, and n., the future; futurity; future tense. -e, ad., in the future; here-after.
futur perfekt, future perfect.
gabion, n., gabion.
gal, n., gall-apple.
Galia, n., Gaul.
gala-, prefix signifying magnificence or pomp.
galadiné, n., state-dinner.
galaksi, n., galaxy; Milky Way.
galant, a., gallant (polite).
galavest, n., gala dress (attire).
galen, n., galena.
galer, n., galley.
galeri, n., gallery.
galin, n., fowl. -a, n., hen. -o, n., cock.
galina-klamar, v., to cackle.
galino-klamar, v., to crow.
Galisia, n., Galicia (in Spain).
Galitsia, n., Galicia (in Austria).
galium, n., gallium (Ga).
galon, n., galloon. -ar, v., to lace; to trim with galloon.
galop, n., gallop; galop (dance). -ar, v., to gallop.
galosh, n., overshoe; galosh.
galvanism, n., galvanism. -ik, a., galvanic.
gamash, n., gaiter; spatterdash.
gamb, n., leg.
gambon, n., ham.
gangren, n., gangrene; mortification. -ar, v., to gangrene; to mortify. -os, a., gangrenous.
ganiar, v., to gain; to earn; to win. -ad, n., earning(s); gain; gaining(s).
ganiar pan, to earn a living (livelihood).
gant, n., glove. -ar, v., to glove; to put on gloves.
garant, n., bondsman; bailor; guarantor; surety. -ar, v., to bail; to guarantee; to warrant. -ad, n., guarantee; security; bail.
garb, n., sheaf; bundle.
gard, n., guard; shelter. -ar, v., to guard; to shield; to shelter.
garderob, n., wardrobe (place).
garnar, v., to garnish, to trim.
garnison, n., garrison. -ar, v., to garrison.
garson, n., fellow.
gas, n., gas.
gasel, n., gazelle.
gaset, n., newspaper; paper.
gasometr, n., gasometer.
gastronom, n., gastronomer; gastronomist.
gaudi, n., joy; gladness. -ar, v., to gladden; to cheer. -os, a., joyous.
gaudiar se, v., to be glad; to rejoice.
gavot, n., gavotte.
gelar, v. intr., to freeze; to congeal.
gelatin, n., jelly; gelatin(e).
gemar, v., to groan.
gemel, n., twin.
gen, n., gender.
genealogi, n., genealogy. -ist (genealogist), n., genealogist. -ik (genealogik), a., genealogical.
generar, v., to generate; to beget; to engender; to procreate. -asion, n., generation. -ator, n., generator; begetter; procreator. -atori, n., parents.
general, a., general, and n., general. -e, ad., generally.
generalisar, v., to generalize. -asion, n., generalization.
generos, a., generous; liberal. -itet, n., generosity; liberality.
genial, a., highly-gifted; ingenious. -itet, n., genius.
genitiv, n., genitive.
gensian, n., gentian.
gentil, a., genteel; gentle. -itet, n., genteelness; gentility.
genu, n., knee. -ar, v., to kneel.
genu-flektar, v., to genuflect. -asion (genufleksion), n., genuflection.
genuin, a., genuine. -itet, n., genuineness.
geodesi, n., geodesy; surveying. -ik, a., geodetic.
geografi, n., geography. -ik (geografik), a., geographic.
geolog, n., geologist.
geologi, n., geology. -ik (geologik), a., geological.
geometri, n., geometry. -ik (geometrik), a., geometric.
geranium, n., geranium.
german, a., German; German-speaking; in German, and n., a German-speaking person. -ia, n., Germany. -ian, a., German; relating to Germany.
germanik, a., Germanic, and n., one of Germanic blood.
germanium, n., germanium (Ge).
germin, n., germ; sprout; shoot. -ar, v., to germinate; to sprout. -asion, n., germination.
gerundi, n., gerund.
gerundiv, n., gerundive.
gestikular, v., to gesticulate. -asion, n., gesticulation.
gib, n., hump; hunch. -os, a., humpbacked; hunchbacked; gibbous, and n., hunchback.
gid, n., guide. -ar, v., to guide.
gigant, n., giant. -ik, a., gigantic.
gimnas, n., gymnasium; college.
gimnastik, n., gymnastics. -al, a., gymnastic. -ar, v., to exercise in gymnastics.
gips, n., gypsum; plaster of Paris.
girar, v., to endorse.
giraf, n., giraffe; camelopard.
girland, n., garland.
gitar, n., guitar. -ist, n., guitarist; guitar-player.
gladi, n., sword. -ar, v., to fence. -ator, n., gladiator.
gland, n., gland.
glas, n., ice.
glasar, v., to glaze. -ad, n., glazing; glaze.
Glasik (mar), Polar Sea.
glas-rosi, n., hoar-frost; white frost; rime.
glat, a., smooth; glossy; polished. -ifikar, v., to smooth; to polish; to iron (clothes). -itet, n., smoothness.
gleb, n., clod.
glisar, v., to glide; to slide; to slip.
gliserin, n., glycerine.
glob, n., globe. -et, n., globule.
glori, n., glory. -os, a., glorious.
glorifikar, v., to glorify. -asion, n., glorification.
glutin, n., glue. -ar, v., to glue; to stick; to paste; to fasten.
golf, n., gulf; bay.
gom, n., gum. -ar, v., to gum.
gondol, n., gondola.
gorg, n., throat. -ar, v., to gargle.
got, n., Goth. -ik, a., Gothic.
grad, n., grade; degree; step. -ar, v., to grade; to graduate. -asion, n., gradation; graduation.
grad de largitet, degree of latitude.
grad de longitet, degree of longitude.
-graf, suffix forming nouns denoting a person or thing writing or painting in the manner indicated by the first part of the word.
grafit, n., graphite.
gram, n., gramme.
gramatik, n., grammar. -al, a., grammatical.
gran, n., grain; kernel.
granat, n., garnet
grand, a., great; large. -ifikar, v., to make large. -itet, n., greatness; largeness; size.
grand-filio, n., grandson.
grandios, a., grandiose; grand; imposing. -itet, n., grandeur.
grand-komersant, n., great merchant.
grand-nef, n., grandnephew or grandniece.
grand-onkl, n., granduncle.
grand-partie, ad., in great part; for the most part; to a great extent.
grand-patr, n., grandfather.
granit, n., granite
grap, n., grape.
gras, n., grace
grasil, a., slender; slight; slim. -itet, n., slenderness.
grasios, a., gracious. -itet, n., graciousness.
gratis, ad., gratuitously; gratis.
grav, a., grave; weighty. -itet, n., gravity; weight; heaviness.
gravar, v., to engrave.
gravin, n., gravel.
gravitasion, n., gravitation.
grel, n., hail. -ar, v., to hail.
gremi, n., lap. -ad, n., apron.
gren, n., grain (cereals). -eri, n., granary.
grenad, n., grenade.
gren-batar, v., to thresh.
Grenlandia, n., Greenland.
gres, n., grease; fat. -ar, v., to grease; to smear.
Gresia, n., Greece.
grif, n., claw; talon.
gril, n., cricket (insect).
gril-klamar, v., to chirp.
grimas, n., grimace. -ar, v., to grimace; to make faces.
gris, a., gray.
grit, n., grits; groats.
griv, n., grief; sorrow. -ar, v., to grieve.
gros, a., thick; big. -itet, n., thickness.
groso, n., wholesaling. -ist (grosist), n., wholesaler.
grot, n., grotto; grot.
grotesk, a., grotesque.
grum, n., clot. -os, a., grumous; clotted.
grup, n., group; cluster. -ar, v., to group.
grus, n., crane (bird).
Grusia, n., Georgia (in Asia).
guen, n., cheek.
guen-barb, n., side-whiskers.
guer, n., war. -ar ko kh, v., to (wage) war; to make war upon anyone.
guind, n., reel; windlass. -ar, v. tr., to wind; to reel.
gumigut, n., gamboge.
gus, n., goose.
gust, n., taste. -ar, v., to taste.
gut, n., drop. -ar, v., to drop; to trickle; to drip.
guvern, n., helm. -ar, v., to steer; to manage; to govern.
habitar, v., to inhabit. -abl, a., habitable. -ant, part., inhabitant.
hal, n., hall.
halebard, n., halberd. -er, n., halberdier.
halit, n., breath; exhalation; whiff; puff. -ar, v., to breathe out; to exhale; to puff.
halsion, n., halcyon; king-fisher.
halusinasion, n., hallucination.
hamak, n., hammock.
hamster, n., hamster.
Hanovr, n., Hanover.
hanseat, n., Hanseatic League. -ik, a., Hanseatic.
hard, a., bold; daring. -itet, n., boldness; hardihood; daring.
haring, n., herring.
harlekin, n., harlequin.
harmoni, n., harmony. -os, a., harmonious.
harmonium, n., harmonium.
harnes, n., harness. -ar, v., to harness.
harp, n., harp. -ist, n., harper.
harpun, n., harpoon.
hasard, n., hazard. -ar, v., to venture; to stake; to hazard.
hast, n., haste; speed; hurry. -ar, v., to hasten; to hurry; to speed. -ik, a., hasty. -e, ad., hastily. -e! i., hurry!; quick!; be quick!
hastor, n., hawk.
hebreik, a., Hebraic; Hebraical; Hebrew.
hedr, n., ivy.
hegemoni, n., hegemony.
heksa-, prefix signifying hexa-, six-.
heksa-metr, n., hexameter.
hekto-, prefix signifying hekto-, hundred-.
hektograf, n., hectograph; hektograph. -ar, v., to hectograph; to hektograph.
helium, n., helium.
Helvetia, n., Switzerland.
hepat, n., liver.
hepta-, prefix signifying hepta-, seven-.
herald, n., herald.
heraldik, n , heraldry.
herb, n., grass. -aj, n., herbage.
hered, n., heir. -ar, v., to inherit. -ad, n., heritage; inheritance.
heretik, a., heretical, and n., heretic. -ism, n., heresy.
hermafrodit, n., hermaphrodite.
hermelin, n , ermine.
hermetik, a., hermetical; air-tight.
hero, n., hero. -ik, a., heroic. -ism, n., heroism.
heron, n., heron.
hesitar, v., to hesitate.
heterogen, a., heterogeneous. -itet, n., heterogeneousness.
hiasint, n., hyacinth (flower).
hidra, n., hydra.
hidro-, prefix signifying water.
hidrodens, a., water-tight
hidrodinamik, n., hydrodynamics.
hidrofobi, n., hydrophobia. -os, a., hydrophobic.
hidrogen, n., hydrogen (H).
hidropsi, n., dropsy. -ik, a., dropsical; hydropic.
hidrostatik, n., hydrostatics.
hien, n., hyena.
hik, n., hiccough. -ar, v., to hiccough.
himn, n., hymn.
hiperbol, n., hyperbole.
hipodrom, n., hippodrome.
hipokrit, n , hypocrite. -ik, a., hypocritical.
hipopotam, n., hippopotamus.
hipotek, n., mortgage.
hipotes, n , hypothesis.
histeri, n , hysteria. -ik (histerik), a., hysterical.
histor, n., history. -ik, a., historic(al).
hom, n., man (human being). -ik, a., human.
homeopati, n., homeopathy. -ik (homeopatik), a., homeopathic. -ist, n., homeopathist.
homo-, prefix signifying proportionality.
homogen, a., homogeneous.
homolog, a., homologous.
homonim, a., homonymous.
homoton (konsonans), n., consonance.
honest, a., honest.
honor, n., honor. -ar, v., to honor. -abl, a., honorable. -asion, n., honoring.
hor, n., hour. -metr, n., clock.
hord, n., horde.
horisont, n., horizon. -ik (horisontal), a., horizontal.
horor, n., horror. -os, a., horrible.
hort, n., garden.
hospit, n , hospice.
hospital, n., hospital.
hotel, n., hotel. -er, n., landlord; hotel-keeper; host.
hum, n., ground; earth; humus.
human, a., humane. -itet, n., humanity; humaneness.
humid, a., humid; moist; wet; damp. -ifikar, v., to wet; to moisten; to dampen. -itet, n., humidity; moisture; dampness.
humil, a , humble. -itet, n., humility.
humor, n., humor. -ist, n., humorist.
Hungaria, n., Hungary.
husar, n., hussar.
-i, suffix indicating the plural.
-ia, suffix indicating a country.
iamb, n., iambus. -ik, a., iambic.
-id, suffix used with verbal roots to form adjectives showing the quality of some one or of something.
idé, n., idea.
ideal, n., ideal. -ik, a., ideal.
identik, a., identical. -ikitet (identitet), n., identity.
idil, n., idyl.
idiom, n.. idiom.
idol, n , idol.
i.e.=it es, that is.
if, c., if.
if et, even if.
-ifikar, suffix forming verbs showing that something stated in the root is made.
ignorar, v., to ignore (not to know; to wish not to know).
-ik, general suffix, indicating quality, used to form derivative adjectives.
il, pr., he. -a, she. -ai, they (fem.). -i, they (masc. and neut.).
Iliria, n., Illyria.
iluminar, v., to illumine; to illuminate; to light (up).
ilusion, n., illusion. -ar, v., to delude; to deceive.
ilustrar, v., to illustrate (explain; also pictorially). -asion, n., illustration (explanation; also a picture).
-im, suffix which, with a cardinal number, forms an ordinal.
imag, n., picture; image.
imaginar, v., to imagine.
imatrikular, v., to matriculate. -asion, n., matriculation.
imens, a., immense.
imitar, v., to imitate; to counterfeit; to forge.
impediar, v., to impede; to hinder.
imperar, v., to bid; to enjoin; to charge; to command. -ator, n., commander; emperor. -atorik, a., imperial. -ia, n., empire.
imperativ, n., imperative.
imperfekt, n., imperfect tense; imperfect.
impertinent, a., impertinent; impudent; also not pertinent.
impetu, n., impetus. -os, a., impetuous: -ositet, n., impetuosity.
important, a., important.
impost, n., impost; tax. -ar, v., to tax.
impregniar, v., to impregnate.
impresion, n., impression (mental). -ar, v., to impress (mentally).
imprimar, v., to print; to imprint; to impress. -eri, n., printing office.
improvisar, v., to improvise. -ator, n., improvisator.
impuls, n., impulse. -ar, v., to impel.
imputar, v., to impute; to ascribe; to attribute.
in, p., in; into.
inaugurar, v, to inaugurate. -asion, n., inauguration.
in-brasar, v., to embrace.
India, n., India
indiferent, a., indifferent.
indigen, a., indigenous; native.
indigent, a., indigent; needy. -itet (indigens), n., indigence; need.
indigo, n., indigo.
indikar, v., to indicate.
indikativ, n., indicative.
indiniar, v., to be indignant.
indium, n., indium (In).
in diurn, in mens e.s., a day; a month, etc. (p.e. dufoa in mens = twice a month).
individu, n., individual. -ik (individual(itet)), a., individual, n., individuality.
indolent, a., indolent. -itet, n., indolence.
in dom de, p., in the house of; at the house of.
indulgent, a.; indulgent. -itet, n., indulgence; forbearance.
industri, n., industry. -ik (industrial), a., industrial. -os, a., industrious.
in-ebrar, v., to intoxicate.
inert, a., inert; lazy; slothful; inactive. -itet, n., inertia; laziness; slothfulness; sloth; inactivity.
infant, n., infant; child. -o, n., child (male). -a, n., child (female).
infanteri, n., infantry. -an, a., infantry. -ist (infanterist), n., foot-soldier; infantryman.
infektar, v., to infect. -asion (infeksion), n., infection.
inferior, a., inferior; lower. -itet, n., inferiority. -e, ad., below; inferiorly.
inferiore de, p., below.
infern, n., hell.
infinitiv, n., infinitive.
inflamar, v., to inflame (med.). -asion, n., inflammation.
in-fluar, v., to flow into.
influens, n., influence. -ar, v., to influence.
influensa, n., influenza.
informar (kh di kk), v., to inform; to apprize. -ar se di kk, to inform one’s self; to inquire about; to inquire into. -asion, n., information.
in-fumar, v., to smoke (hams, etc.).
inglotar, v., to swallow.
inhibiar, v., to forbid; to prohibit.
in honor de, p., in honor of.
injenier, n., engineer.
injenieri militarik, military engineers.
in-kadrar, v., to frame.
in-karnar, v., to incarnate. -asion, n., incarnation.
in-kasar, v., to collect; to call in.
inklinar, v., to incline. -asion, n., inclination.
in-klosar, v., to enclose.
inklusive, ad., inclusively.
in kualitet de, c., as; in the capacity of.
inkud, n., anvil; also incus (of ear).
in-kurajar, v., to encourage.
in manier de, p., after the manner of.
in-manuar, v., to handover.
in mediad, ad., in the middle; in the midst.
in mediad de, p., in the middle of.
in-metar, v., to put in.
in nom de, p., in the name of.
in omni kasu, ad., in every case; at all events.
in omni temp, ad., all the time; the whole time.
inosent, a., innocent. -itet, n., innocence.
in-plasar, v., to insert.
in-presar, v., to press in.
in-respirar (inspirar), v., to inspire (breathe in).
in-sakar, v., to pocket.
in-sarkar, v., to coffin.
insekt, n., insect.
in-seminar, v., to seed.
insendi, n., fire; conflagration. -an, a., incendiary. -er, n., fireman.
insens, n., incense. -ar, v., to incense. -er, n., censer; thurible. -ator, n., incenser.
in sentr de, p., in the center of.
inserar, v., to insert; to advertise (in paper).
insestu, n., incest. -os, a., incestuous.
insinuar, v., to insinuate.
insipid, a., insipid; flat.
in-skribar, v., to inscribe; to enter.
insolent, a., insolent. -itet, n., insolence.
in sosietet de, p., in company with; in the society of.
inspektar, v., to inspect. -ator, n., inspector.
inspirar, v., to inspire. -asion, n., inspiration.
instar su kk, v., to insist upon anything.
instalar, v., to install.
instigar, v., to instigate; to incite.
instinkt, n., instinct.
instituar, v., to institute; to establish. -ad (institut), n., institution.
instituad de edukasion, educational institution.
instruar, v., to instruct; to teach. -ator, n., instructor; teacher.
instrument, n., instrument; tool; implement. -ar, v., to instrument (a composition).
instrument-kompleks, n., set of instruments.
in-sugar, v., to suck in.
insul, n., island. -an, n., islander.
insult, n., insult. -ar, v., to insuit.
integr, a., whole; entire. -itet, n., integrity; entirety.
intelektu, n., intellect; understanding; mind; intelligence. -os, a., intellectual.
in temp de, p., in the time of; at the time of.
intension, n., intention. -ar, v., to intend. -e, ad., intentionally.
intensiv, a., intensive.
intent, n., intent; purpose.
interes, n., interest. -ar, v., to interest.
interest, n., interest (on money). portar interest, to bear interest.
interior, a., interior; inner. -e, ad., inside; within; interiorly.
interiore de, p., inside of; inside; within.
intern, a., internal.
internasional, a., international.
interogar, v., to interrogate; to ask; to inquire; to question.
interpret, n., interpreter. -ar, v., to interpret.
interpunktar, v., to punctuate. -asion, n., punctuation.
intersedar, v., to intercede.
interumpar, v., to interrupt.
interval, n., interval.
interyeksion, n., interjection.
intestin, n., intestine; gut; bowel.
intim, a., intimate; close. -itet, n., intimacy.
intr, p., between; among. -ar, v., to enter. -ad, n., entrance (place). -asion, n., entrance; entry (act). -e, ad., between; in between.
intrig, n., intrigue. -ar, v., to intrigue.
intr-lud, n., interlude.
introdukar, v., to introduce.
intr-tempe, ad., meanwhile; meantime.
intuar, v., to contemplate. -asion (intuision), n., intuition; contemplation. -ativ (intuitiv), a., intuitive; contemplative.
inu, p., within (time).
inundar, v., to inundate; to deluge; to flood. -asion, n., inundation; deluge; flood.
in-urgar, v., to force in; to intrude.
invalid, a., invalid, and n., invalid. -itet, n., invalidity.
invasion, n., invasion.
inventar, v., to invent. -asion (invension), n., invention. -ator (inventor), n., inventor.
inventar, n., inventory.
in-versar, v., to infuse; to pour into; to instil.
inversiar, v., to invert; to reverse. -e, ad., inversely; vice versa.
investigar, v., to investigate. -asion, n., investigation. -ator, n., investigator.
invitar, n., to invite.
inyuri, n., abuse; reviling; railing; affront. -ar, v., to abuse; to revile; to rail at; to affront; to speak injuriously to or of.
iod, n., iodine (I).
ipse, ad., even.
iridium, n., iridium (Ir).
irigar, v., to irrigate; to water. -asion, n., irrigation.
iris, n., rainbow; iris.
iritar, v., to irritate (excite).
Irlandia, n., Ireland.
ironi, n., irony. -os, a., ironical.
Islandia, n., Iceland.
-ism, suffix equivalent to the English -ism.
isolar, v., to isolate; to insulate.
ist, pr. d., this. -foa, ad., this time.
-ist, suffix which, with a non-verbal root, forms a substantive denoting a person who applies himself to something, occupies himself with something.
ist-kos, pr., this (thing).
istm, n., isthmus.
it, pr., it.
Italia, n., Italy. -ian, a., Italian; pertaining to Italy, and n., an Italian. -iana, n., Italian (woman). -ik, a., Italian; in Italian; Italian-speaking.
it bel, the beautiful.
it bon, the good.
it mal, the bad; the evil.
it sem, the same (neut.).
iterbium, n., ytterbium ( Yb ).
-itet, suffix which, with an adjective, forms a substantive denoting quality.
itrium, n., yttrium (Y).
ivor, n., ivory.
jalus, a., jealous. -itet, n., jealousy.
ka, c., than.
kabal, n., cabal. -ar, v., to cabal.
kabin, n., cabin (of a ship).
kabinet, n., cabinet; study.
kabl, n., cable.
kad, n., fall. -ar, v., to fall; to drop.
kadavr, n., corpse; cadaver.
kadens, n., cadence.
kadet, n., cadet.
kadmium, n., cadmium (Cd).
kadr, n., frame.
kaf, n., coffee. -eri, n., coffee-house; café.
kakadú, n., cockatoo.
kakao, n., cacao; cocoa.
kakt, n., cactus.
kal, n., callus. -os, a., callous.
kalar, v., to be warm. -id, a., warm; hot. -ideskar, v., to become warm. -idifikar, v., to warm. -or, n., warmth; heat.
kalamitet, n., calamity.
kalandr, n., calender. -ar, v., to calender.
kaldron, n., cauldron; kettle; boiler.
kalendar, n., calendar.
kalesh, n., calash; caleche.
kali-, prefix signifying beauty.
kalibr, n., calibre. -ar, v., to calibrate.
kalidoskop, n., kaleidoscope.
kalif, n., caliph.
Kalifornia, n., California.
kali-graf, n., calligrapher. -ar, v., to calligraph; to write beautifully.
kalikot, n., calico.
kaliokulos, a., beautiful-eyed.
kalis, n., chalice; cup; calyx (bot. )
kalium, n., kalium; potassium (K).
kalkar, v., to tread. -ator, n., treader.
kalkul, n., calculation; computation; reckoning. -ar, v., to calculate; to compute; to reckon.
kalm, n., calm. -ar, v., to calm; to still; to quiet.
kalomel, n., calomel.
kals, n., stocking. -on, n., drawers (pair of). -oni, n., drawers (more than one pair).
kalsin, n., lime. -ar, v., to calcine.
kalsium, n., calcium (Ca).
kalumniar, v., to calumniate; to slander. -asion, n., calumny; slander.
kalv, a., bald. -itet, n., baldness.
kamarad, n., comrade. -itet, n., comradeship; fellowship.
kambi, n., exchange. -ar, v., to exchange; to change; to barter; to swap. -asion, n., exchange; barter.
kambi-kurs, n., course or rate of exchange.
kamé, n., cameo.
kamel, n., camel.
kameleon, n., chameleon.
kameli, n., camellia.
kamfor, n., camphor.
kamin, n., chimney.
kamis, n., shirt.
kamisol, n., waistcoat; vest.
kamomil, n., camomile.
kamosk, n., chamois.
kamp, n., field.
kampani, n., campaign.
kampestr, a., country; rural. -ad, n., country (not city).
kamr, n., room; chamber. -er, n., chamberlain.
kan, n., reed; cane.
kanab, n., hemp.
kanal, n., canal; channel. -et, n., ditch; trench.
kanali, n., rabble.
kanarit, n., canary bird.
kandel, n., candle. -ad, n., candlestick.
kandelabr, n., candelabrum; chandelier.
kandidat, n., candidate. -ad, n., candidature; candidacy.
kanel, n., groove; flute; chamfer; channel. -ar, v., to groove; to flute; to chamfer; to channel.
kani, n., dog.
kanibal, n., cannibal. -ik, a., cannibalistic.
kani-klamar, v., to bark.
kanon, n., cannon. -ar, v., to cannonade.
kanonik, a., canonical; canon (adj.).
kanseler, n., chancellor. -eri, n., chancery.
kanson, n., song.
kansr, n., cancer.
kant, n., singing; chant. -ar, v., to sing; to chant.
kanton, n., canton.
kanvas, n., canvas.
kaot, n., chaos. -ik, a., chaotic.
kap, n., head.
kapabl, a., capable; able. -itet, n., capability; ability; capacity; faculty.
kapar, n., caper (bot.)
kapel, n., chapel. -an, n., chaplain.
kapil, a., hair (single hair). -os, a., hairy.
kapital, n., capital (finance).
kapitan, n., captain.
kapitl, n., chapter; head.
kapitol, n., capitol.
kapon, n., capon.
kaporal, n., corporal.
kapr, n., goat. -o, n., he-goat. -a, n., she-goat.
kapreol, n., roe (animal).
kaprikorn, n., Capricorn.
kapriol, n., curvet; caper, capriole.
kapris, n., caprice; whim. -os, a., capricious.
kapsul, n., capsule.
kaptar, v., to capture; to catch. -ad, n., capture; catch; booty; prize.
kapus, n., cowl; hood; capouch.
kapusin, n., Capuchin.
kar, n., wagon. -et, n., cart.
kar, a., dear. -ifikar, v., to make dear; to raise (price). -itet, n., charity.
karabin, n., carbine. -er, n., carbineer.
karaf, n., carafe; decanter.
karakter, n., character. -ik, a., characteristic.
karambol, n., carambole; red ball (billiards). -ar, v., to carom. -ad, n., carom.
karamel, n., caramel.
karat, n., carat.
karavan, n., caravan.
karbon, n., carbon; coal (C).
karbunkl, n., carbuncle (med.).
kardin, n., hinge.
kardinal, a., cardinal, and n., cardinal (dignitary).
kardon, n., thistle.
karem, n., fast. -ar, v., to fast.
kares, n., caress. -ar, v., to caress.
karikar, v., to distort.
karikatur, n., caricature. -ar, v., to caricature.
Karintia, n., Carinthia.
karmin, n., carmine.
karn, n., meat; flesh.
karneval, n., carnival.
karob, n., carob; carouba.
karos, n., carriage. -an, n., coachman.
karot, n., carrot.
karpar, v., to pick; to pluck; to gather.
Karpati, n., Carpathian Mountains.
karpentar, v., to carpenter. -ator, n., carpenter.
karp-fili, n., lint; charpie.
karpion, n., carp.
kart, n., card.
kart geografiik, map.
kartilag, n., cartilage; gristle.
karton, n., pasteboard; board.
kartush, n., cartridge; cartouche.
karusel, n., carrousel; merry-go-round.
kas, n., cash-box. -er, n., cashier.
kase, n., cheese.
kasein, n., casein.
kasemat, n., casemate.
kasern, n., barrack.
kaserol, n., saucepan; stewpan.
kaset, n., box (in general).
kask, n., helmet. -et, n., cap.
kaskad, n., cascade; waterfall.
Kaspik (mar), Caspian Sea.
kast, a., chaste; pure. -itet, n., chastity; purity.
kast, n., caste.
kastani, n., chestnut.
kastel, n., castle.
kastigar, v., to castigate; to chastise; to chasten. -asion, n., castigation; chastisement.
kastor, n., beaver.
kastrar, v., to castrate; to geld; to emasculate.
kasu, n., case; event.
kasubl, n., chasuble.
kat, n., cat.
katafalk, n., catafalque.
katakomb, n., catacomb.
katalepsi, n., catalepsy. -ik (kataleptik), a., cataleptic.
katalog, n., catalogue.
kataplasm, n., cataplasm; poultice.
katar, n., catarrh.
katarakt, n., cataract (med.).
katastrof, n., catastrophe.
katedr, n., pulpit.
katedral, n., cathedral.
kategorik, a., categorical.
kategori, n., category.
katekism, n., catechism.
katen, n., chain.
kat-klamar, v., to mew.
katolik, a., Catholic. -ikism, n., Catholicism.
kaucuk, n., India rubber; rubber.
kaud, n., tail.
Kaukas, n., Caucasus Mountains. -ia, n., Caucasus.
kaus, n., cause; reason. -ar, v., to cause. -e, c., because; for; since; as; that. -u, p., because of; on account of; for.
kausu Deo, ad., for God’s sake.
kaus prinsipal, principal reason.
kaustik, a., caustic.
kauterisar, v., to cauterize.
kav, n., cellar.
kaval, n., horse; knight (in chess). -a, n., mare. -an, n., groom; hostler. -et, n., pony. -o, n., stallion.
kavaleri, n., cavalry. -an, a., cavalry. -ist (kavalerist), n., cavalryman.
kavalier, n., knight.
kavalkar, v., to ride on horse-back. -ad, n., cavalcade.
kavern, n., cavern; cave. -ar, v., to excavate; to hollow. -ik, a., cavernous; hollow.
kaviar, n., caviare.
kay, n., quay.
ke, c., that.
ke-, prefix signifying interrogation.
kefrekuente, ad., how often; how frequently.
kek, n., cake.
kekause, ad., why.
kekos, pr. int. and rel., what; which (thing).
kel, pr., who; which; what; that. -foa, ad., which (what) time. -imfoa, ad., for the which (what-th, if there were such word) time; (for the how many-th time).
kelk, pr. indef., some; any; several. -foa, ad., sometimes; now and then; occasionally.
kelk-hom, pr., somebody; someone; anybody; anyone.
kelk-kos, pr., something; anything.
kelk-loke, ad., somewhere; anywhere.
kelk-un, pr. indef. a., some; any; a. -foa, ad., ever; at any time.
keloke, ad., where.
kemaniere, ad., how; in what manner.
keplase, ad., where.
kerub, n., cherub.
kest, n., chest; case; box.
kh = kelk-hom, somebody; anybody.
ki, pr. int., who.
kil, n., keel.
kilo-, prefix signifying kilo-, thousand-.
kilogram, n., kilogramme.
kilometr, n., kilometer.
kimi, n., chemistry. -ik, a., chemical. -ist, n., chemist.
kinin, n., quinine.
kiras, n., cuirass; breastplate.
kirurg, n., surgeon.
kirurgi, n., surgery.
kk = kelk-kos, something; anything.
klamar, v., to shout.
klamar a kh, to call out or cry out to anyone.
klap, n., flap.
klar, a., clear. -itet, n., clearness.
klarinet, n., clarinet; clarionet.
klas, n., class.
klasik, a., classic(al). -ikitet, n., classicality.
klausul, n., clause; proviso. -ar, v., to provide.
klav, n., nail.
klavi, n., key (instrument; also in music). -aj, n., keyboard; claviature.
klematit, n., clematis.
klement, a., clement. -itet, n., clemency.
kler, n., clergy. -an, n., cleric; clergyman.
klient, n., client; customer. -el, n., clients; customers; clientele.
klimat, n., climate.
klimbar, v., to climb.
klister, n., clyster; enema; injection.
kloak, n., sewer; drain.
klok, n , bell.
klor, n., chlorine (Cl).
klos, n., lock. -ar, v., to lock.
kloset, n., privy; water-closet.
klosar mediu treliaj, to trellis; to lattice; to grate up.
klub, n., club (society).
ko, p , with.
koagular, v., to coagulate; to curdle. -ad, n., rennet.
kobalt, n., cobalt (Co).
kod, n., code.
kodisil, n., codicil.
koefisient, n., coefficient.
kofr, n., trunk.
ko-hered, n., coheir.
ko-hom, n., fellow-man; fellow-creature.
koif, n., hood
koin, n., wedge; quoin; coin.
kokard, n., cockade.
koketar, v., to coquet. -ik, a., coquettish.
kokle, n., snail.
kokon, n., cocoon.
koks, n., coke.
kol, n., neck. -ad, n., collar.
koleg, n., colleague.
kolektar, v., to collect. -ad, n., collection.
koler, n., anger; wrath. -ar, v., to be angry. -os, a., angry.
kolerik, a., choleric. -iker, n., choleric man.
kolera, n., cholera.
kolik, n., colic.
kolision, n., collision. -ar, v., to come into collision.
kolonel, n., colonel.
koloni, n., colony. -ar, v., to colonize. -ik (kolonial), a., colonial. -ist (kolonist), n., colonist.
kolor, n., color. -ar, v., to color.
kolos, n., colossus. -ik (kolosal), a., colossal.
kolumb, n., dove; pigeon.
kolumn, n., column (typography, architecture); pillar.
koma, n., comma.
komand, n., command; commandment; order. -ar, v., to command; to order.
komandit, n., silent partnership.
koma-punkt, n., semicolon.
ko-matr, n., godmother.
kombat, n., combat; fight; conflict. -ar, v., to fight; to combat.
kombinar, v., to combine; to compound.
kombustar, v., to burn (trans.).
komedi, n., comedy. -an, a., comedic, and n., comedian.
komens, n., commencement; beginning. -ar, v., to commence; to begin. -e (or: in komens), ad., in the beginning.
komentar, v., to comment.
komers, n., commerce; trade. -ar, v., to trade.
komers-mediant, n., middleman.
komet, n., comet.
komfort, n.. comfort. -os, a., comfortable.
komik, a., comic(al).
komisar, n., commissioner; commissary.
komision, n., commission; errand.
komitar, v., to order; to commission. -asion, n., order.
komitar avanse, to order in advance.
komitet, n., committee.
komod, n., bureau; chest of drawers; commode.
komod, a., convenient. -itet, n., convenience; commodiousness.
kompakt, a., compact.
kompan, n., companion. -ar, v., to accompany.
komparar, v., to compare; to liken. -asion, n., comparison.
komparativ, n., comparative.
kompas, n., compass.
kompasion, n., compassion; pity. -ar, v., to compassionate; to pity.
kompensar, v., to compensate. -asion, n., compensation.
kompetent, a., competent.
kompleks, n., the aggregate; the whole. -ar, v., to aggregate.
komplement, n., complement.
komplesant, a., complaisant.
komplet, a., complete. -e, ad., completely. -ifikar, v., to complete.
komplikar, v., to complicate; to entangle; to involve.
kompliment, n., compliment. -ar, v., to compliment.
komplot, n., complot; plot.
komposar, v., to compose. -ator, n., composer (music).
kompost, n., compost; manure. -ar, v., to manure.
kompot, n., stew.
komprendar, v., to comprehend; to understand. -abl, a., comprehensible; intelligible.
kompres, n., compress.
komt, n., count (title).
komun, n., community. -ik, a., common.
komunikar, v., to communicate; to hold intercourse; to deal; to communicate (in sense of to make known). -asion, n., communication; intercourse; dealing; communication (making known).
komunion, n., communion (sacrament).
kon, n., cone. -ik, a., conic(al).
kondamnar, v., to condemn; to damn. -asion, n., condemnation.
kondensar, v., to condense; to thicken; to inspissate (all trans.). -asion, n., condensation. -ator, n., condenser.
kondesendar, v., to condescend.
kondision, n., condition (stipulation).
kondisional, n., conditional mood.
kondolar, v., to condole with. -asion, n., condolence.
kondor, n., condor.
kondukar, v., to conduct (e. g. water, etc.). -asion, n., conducting; conduction.
kondukt, n., conduct; behavior; deportment; demeanor. -ar se, v., to conduct (one’s self); to behave; to deport (one’s self); to demean (one’s self).
konduktor, n., conductor.
koneks, n., connection. -ar, v., to connect.
konfederar, v., to confederate. -asion, n., confederation.
konferar, v., to confer; to negotiate.
konfesar, v., to confess; to acknowledge; to avow; to own. -asion (konfesion), n., confession.
konfesion, n., religious denomination.
konfet, n., confectionery.
konfid, n., confidence; trust; reliance. -ar, v., to entrust; to confide (in); to rely (upon); to trust.
konfidens, n., confidence. -ik (konfidensial), a., confidential.
konfirmar, v., to confirm. -and, part., one to be confirmed.
konfiskar, v., to confiscate.
konflikt, n., conflict; clash.
konform, a., conformable. -e, ad., conformably. -u, p., conformable to. -itet, n., conformity.
konfrontar, v., to confront.
konfundar, v., to confound; to mistake. -asion, n., confounding; mistaking.
konfusion, n., confusion; disorder. -ar, v., to confuse.
kongestar, v., to congest. -asion (kongestion), n., congestion.
kongres, n., congress.
kongruent, a., congruent. -itet (kongruens), n., congruence.
koniak, n., cognac.
konifer, n., conifer.
konk, n., shell; conch.
konkav, a., concave. -itet, n., concavity.
konkludar, v., to conclude; to infer.
konkord, n., concord.
konkuist, n., conquest. -ar, v., to conquer. -ator, n., conqueror.
konkurar, v., to compete. -ant, part., competitor. -asion, n., competition.
konosar, v., to know; to be acquainted with. -ad, n., knowledge. -eskar, v., to make the acquaintance of; to become acquainted with.
konsakrar, v., to consecrate.
konsekuent, a., consequent. -itet (konsekuens), n., consequence.
konsent, n., consent. -ar, v., to consent.
konsentrar, v., to concentrate.
konseptar, v., to conceive (mentally or physically); to apprehend. -asion, n., conception (mental or physical).
konsernar, v., to concern; to relate to.
konsert, n., concert. -ar, v., to give a concert.
konservar, v., to conserve.
konsesion, n., concession; grant. -ar, v., to concede; to grant; to accord.
konsidar, v., to consider; to regard; to mind; to pay attention to.
konsiderar, v., to consider (reflect upon; also deem); to ponder; to deem. -asion, n., consideration. -antu, p., in consideration of; in view of.
konsient, n., conscience. -os, a., conscientious.
konsil, n., council.
konsili, n., counsel; advice. -ar, v., to counsel; to advise. -abl, a., advisable. -er, n., councilor.
konsistar eks, konsistar in, v., to consist of; to consist in.
konsistori, n., consistory. -an (konsistorial), a., consistorial.
konsolar, v., to console; to comfort.
konsonans, see homoton.
konsonant, n., consonant.
konsonant dental, dental.
konsonant dur, hard consonant.
konsonant eksplosiv, explosive consonant; explosive.
konsonant frikativ, fricative.
konsonant gutural, guttural.
konsonant labial, labial.
konsonant likuid, liquid.
konsonant mol, soft consonant.
konsonant nasal, nasal.
konsort, n., consort.
konspirar, v., to conspire. -asion, n., conspiracy.
konstant, a., constant; continual.
konstatar, v., to ascertain; to establish.
konstelasion, n., constellation.
konsternar, v., to dismay.
konstitusion, n., constitution.
konstruar, v., to construct.
konstruar dam, to dam up.
konsul, n., consul.
konsulat, n., consulate.
konsultar, v., to consult. -asion, n., consultation.
konsum, n., consumption (use). -ar, v., to consume.
kont, n., account; count; reckoning. -ar, v., to count; to reckon.
kontakt, n., contact; touch. -ar, v., to touch.
kontant, n., ready money. per kontant, ad., in cash.
kontemt, n., contempt. -ar, v., to despise; to contemn.
kontenar, v., to contain. -ad, n., contents.
kontent, a., contented; satisfied. -itet, n., contentment; satisfaction.
kontestar, v., to contest. -asion, n., contest; strife. -abl, a., contestable.
kontinent, n., continent. -ik (kontinental), a., continental.
kontingent, n., contingent.
kontinuar, v., to continue. -ik, a., continuous. -e, ad., continuously. -asion, n., continuation.
kontor, n., counting-room; office.
kontr, p., against; opposite to; toward(s). -e, ad., opposite(ly); face to face.
kontraband, n., smuggling. -ar, v., to smuggle. -ist, n., smuggler.
kontrakt, n., contract. -ar, v., to contract
kontralt, n., contralto voice. -ist, n., contralto singer.
kontrar, a., contrary. -e, ad., on the contrary; contrariwise.
kontrast, n., contrast. -ar, v., to contrast.
kontribuar, v., to contribute. -ad, n., contribution.
kontrit, a., contrite. -ad, n., contrition.
kontrol, n., control; supervision; looking over. -ar, v., to control; to supervise; to look over.
kontrovers, n., controversy. -ar, v., to controvert.
kontur, n., contour; outline. -ar, v., to outline.
kontusion, n., contusion; bruise. -ar, v., to bruise.
konvalari, n., convallaria; lily-of-the-valley. -an, a., lily-of-the-valley.
konveks, a., convex. -itet, n., convexity.
konvenar, v., to be fitting; to be proper; to be right; to be suitable. -abl, a., fitting; proper; right; suitable.
konvension, n., convention; agreement.
konvent, n., convention; meeting; assembly. -ar, v., to convene; to meet; to assemble.
konvergar, v., to converge.
konversar, v., to converse. -asion, n., conversation.
konvert, n., convert. -ar, v., to convert. -asion (konversion), n., conversion. -ator, n., converter.
konvinsiar, v., to convince.
konvulsion, n., convulsion.
konyektur, n., conjecture. -ar, v., to conjecture.
konyugar, v., to conjugate. -asion, n., conjugation.
konyunksion, n., conjunction.
konyunktur, n., conjuncture.
koordinar, v., to coordinate.
ko-patr, n., godfather. -itet, n., sponsorship.
kopek, n., kopeck.
ko permit de, p., with permission of; by permission of.
kopi, n., copy. -ar, v., to copy. -ist, n., copyist.
kopul, n., copula.
kor, n., choir. -ist, n., chorister.
koral, n., choral.
korali, n., coral.
koran, n., Koran.
korb, n., basket.
kord, n., heart.
korda, n., string; chord (mus. and mathem.).
kordial, a., cordial; hearty. -itet, n., cordiality; heartiness.
kordon, n., rope. -et, n., string; cord.
korekt, a., correct. -itet, n., correctness.
korelativ, a., correlative.
korespondar, v., to correspond (write; also be fitting). -ad (korespondens), n., correspondence.
koridor, n., corridor.
korifé, n., coryphæus.
korigar, v., to correct. -asion (koreksion), n., correction. -abl, a., corrigible.
kork, n., cork.
kornis, n., cornice.
kornu, n., horn.
koroborar, v., to corroborate.
koron, n., crown. -ar, v., to crown.
korp, n., body.
korporasion, n., corporation.
korpulent, a., corpulent. -itet (korpulens), n., corpulence.
korset, n., corset.
Korsika, n., Corsica.
kortin, n., curtain.
korumpar, v., to corrupt. -ator, n., corrupter. -abl, a., corruptible. -ablitet, n., corruptibility. -asion (korupsion), n., corruption.
korv, n., raven.
kos, n., thing.
kosak, n., Cossack.
koshinil, n., cochineal.
ko-skolan, n., schoolfellow.
kosmograf, n., cosmographer.
kosmografi, n., cosmography. -ik (kosmografik), a., cosmographic.
kosmopolit, n., cosmopolitan. -ism, n., cosmopolitanism.
kost, n., cost. -ar, v., to cost.
kosta, n., rib.
kostum, n., costume. -ar, v., to costume.
ko sukurs de, p., with the help of; by the aid of.
kotlet, n., cutlet.
koton, n., cotton.
krab, n., crab.
krak, n., crack. -ar, v., to crack; to burst.
kramp, n., clamp; bracket.
krani, n., skull; cranium. -ik and de krani, a., cranial.
krapul, n., crapulence; debauch. -ar, v., to indulge in a debauch. -os, a., crapulous.
kras, a., gross; coarse. -itet, n., grossness; coarseness; crassitude.
kratar, v., to scratch.
krater, n., crater.
kravat, n., cravat.
krayon, n., lead-pencil.
krear, v., to create. -asion, n., creation. -ator, n., creator.
kred, n., belief; faith. -ar, v., to believe.
kredar in kk, to believe in something.
kredit, n., credit. -ar, v., to credit. -er, n., creditor.
krem, n., cream.
kren, n., battlement.
krep, n., crape; gauze.
kres, n., cress.
kreskar, v., to grow; to increase; to grow up. -asion, n., growth.
kret, n., chalk.
kreutser, n., kreutzer.
krev, n., crayfish; crawfish.
krib, n., sieve. -ar, v., to sift.
kripar, v., to creep; to crawl.
kris, n., crisis.
krisalid, n., chrysalis.
krispar, v., to curl; to crisp. -ik, a., curly; crispy.
Krist, n., Christ.
kristal, n., crystal.
kristian, a., Christian, and n., Christian. -a, n., Christian (fem.). -ism, n., Christianity.
kritik, n., criticism. -ar, v., to criticize.
Kroatia, n., Croatia.
krok, n., hook; crook.
krokodil, n., crocodile.
krom, n., chromium (Cr).
kronik, a., chronic.
kronik, n., chronicle.
krono-, prefix signifying time.
kronologi, n., chronology. -ik (kronologik), a., chronological.
krono-metr, n., chronometer.
kruel, a., cruel. -itet, n., cruelty.
kruk, n., pitcher; jug; ewer.
krup, n., croup.
krupa, n., croup; rump. -ad, n., croupade.
krur, n., thigh.
krus, n., cross. -ar, v., to cross.
krusad, n., crusade.
krusifiks, n., crucifix. -ar, v., to crucify.
krust, n., crust; bark; rind; shell; peel. -os, a., crusty; crustated; having a bark, rind, shell, or peel.
ksilo-, prefix signifying wood.
ksilo-graf, n., xylographer; wood-engraver. -ar, v., to engrave on wood.
kuadrant, n., quadrant.
kuadrat, n., square; quadrat. -ik, a., square; quadratic.
kuadrat-metr, n., square meter.
kuadrat-radik, n., square root.
kuadri-, prefix signifying quadri-, four-.
kuadrili, n., quadrille.
kuadrilion, nr., quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000).
kuak, n., curd.
kual, pr., what kind of. -ifikar, v., to qualify. -itet, n., quality. -e, ad., how; as. -e, c., as; like; just as.
kuale if, c., as if.
kualitativ, a., qualitative.
kuale vo stand? how do you do?
kuande, ad., when (rel. and int.).
kuant, pr., how much; how many. -itet, n., quantity. -e, ad., how much. -foa, ad., how many times. -upl, a., how manifold.
kuantitativ, a., quantitative.
kuaranten, n., quarantine.
kuart, nr., fourth.
kuartet, n., quartette.
kuartier, n., quarter; ward.
kuarts, n., quartz.
kuasi, ad., almost; nearly.
kuast, n., tassel.
kuatr, nr., four.
kuatr-des, nr., forty.
kub, n., cube; die. -ik, a., cubic.
kubik-, prefix signifying cube.
kubikmetr, n., cubic meter.
kubikradik, n., cube root.
kuekr, n., Quaker.
kuerel, n., quarrel. -ar, v., to quarrel.
kuerk, n., oak.
kuestion, n., question.
kuf, n., tub; vat. -er, n., cooper.
kuidon, n., quince.
kuiet, n., rest; repose; quiet. -ar, v., to rest; to repose.
kuink, nr., five.
kuink-des, nr., fifty.
kuint, nr., fifth.
kuint-esens, n., quintessence.
kuintet, n., quintette.
kuintilion, nr., quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000).
kuir, n., leather.
kuir-band, n., strap.
kuit, n., receipt; quittance. -ar, v., to receipt.
kukar, v., to cook. -abl, a., cookable. -eri, n., kitchen.
kukul, n., cuckoo.
kukum, n., cucumber.
kuliar, n., spoon.
kulmin, n., top. -ar, v., to culminate.
kulp, n., fault; guilt. -ar, v., to find fault with. -os, a., culpable; guilty.
kulpos de, guilty of.
kult, n., worship (system of).
kultel, n., knife. -er, n., cutler.
kultivar, v., to cultivate (educate).
kultur, n., culture.
kumin, n., cumin; caraway.
kumul, n., heap; pile. -ar, v., to heap; to pile; to amass.
kun, n., cradle. -ar, v., to cradle; to rock.
kunikl, n., rabbit.
kuosient, n., quotient.
kuot, n., quota.
kupar, v., to cut.
kupid, a., covetous; greedy. -itet, n., cupidity; covetousness; greed.
kupol, n., cupola; dome.
kupon, n., coupon.
kupr, n., copper (Cu).
kur, n., care; cure (e. g. water-cure). -ar, v., to care; to care for.
kuraj, n., courage.
kurios, a., curious; inquisitive. -itet, n., curiosity; inquisitiveness.
kurs, n., course; current. -ar, v., to run; to course. -er, n., courier; bishop (in chess). -on, n., race. -onar, v., to race. -oneri, n., race-course. -oner, n., runner; racer.
kurt, n., court; yard.
kurtaj, n., brokerage. -ist, n., broker.
kurtisar, v., to court. -an, n., courtier (masc). -ana, n., courtier (fem.).
kurv, n., curve; bend. -ar, v., to curve; to bend. -ik, a., curved; crooked; bent.
kusin, n., cousin. -o, n., cousin (masc). -a, n., cousin (fem.).
kustod, n., guard; watchman. -ar, v., to guard; to watch.
kustom, n., custom; habit. -ar, v., to accustom; to habituate; to inure.
kuv, n., brood; covey. -ar, v., to incubate; to hatch.
kuvert, n., cover; envelope; wrapper. -ar, v., to envelop; to wrap (up).
kuvr, n., covering; casing; sheathing; integument. -ar, v., to cover; to encase. -ad, n., covering; coverlet. -ator, n., cover; lid.
kuvrar mediu nubi, to cloud.
la, ad., there.
labi, n., lip.
labil, a., labile; unstable; tottering.
labirint, n., labyrinth; maze.
labor, n., labor; work. -ar, v., to labor; to work.
lag, n., lake.
lagun, n., lagoon.
lak, n., lacquer; lacker. -ar, v., to lacquer.
laké, n., lackey.
lakmus, n., litmus; lacmus.
lakrim, n., tear. -ar, v., to weep; to cry.
laks, a., lax; loose; slack. -itet, n., laxity; looseness; slackness.
laksi, n., loop.
lakt, n., milk. -ar, v., to milk.
laktuk, n., lettuce.
lam, n., blade.
lama, n., lama. -ism, n., lamaism.
lament, n., lament; plaint. -ar, v., to lament; to complain.
lamentar di kk, to complain of anything.
lamin, n., plate; leaf; layer; lamina. -ar, v., to roll; to laminate.
lamp, n., lamp.
lampret, n., lamprey.
lan, n., wool. -ik, a., woolen. -os, a., woolly.
land, n., land; country.
lang, n., tongue.
lans, n., lance; spear. -ar, v., to throw; to hurl; to launch; to cast. -ad, n., throw; cast; toss; fling. -on, n., shot. -onar, v., to shoot.
lantan, n., lanthanum (La).
lantern, n., lantern.
lanugin, n., down. -os, a., downy.
lapidar, v., to stone.
Laponia, n., Lapland.
lard, n., bacon.
larg, a., wide; broad. -itet, n., width; breadth. -ifikar, v., to widen; to broaden.
lariks, n., larch.
laring, n., larynx.
larv, n., larva.
lasar, v., to leave; to let.
lasar andar, to let go.
lasaret, n., lazaretto; infirmary.
lasear, v., to lace (tie).
laserar, v., to lacerate; to rend; to tear.
lasert, n., lizard.
laso, n., lasso; noose.
lat, n., lath.
latin, n., Latin (language).
latrin, n., privy-vault.
latun, n., brass.
laud, n., praise; commendation. -ar, v., to praise; to laud; to commend; to extol.
laur, n., laurel; bay.
lav, n., lava.
lavar, v., to wash. -atora, n., laundress; washerwoman.
lav-basin, n., washbasin.
leg, n., law.
legend, n., legend.
legion, n., legion.
legitim, a., legitimate; lawful. -itet, n., legitimacy.
legum, n., vegetables.
legumin, n., legumin; vegetable casein. -osi, n., legumes; pulse (beans, peas, lentils, etc.).
lejer, a., light. -itet, n., lightness.
lekar, v., to lick.
lekaj, n., leak. -ar, v., to leak.
leksion, n., lesson.
lektar, v., to read; to read off. -abl, a., legible; readable.
lent, a., slow. -itet, n., slowness. -e, ad., slowly.
lentil, n., lentil.
leon, n., lion.
leopard, n., leopard.
leplu, ad., most; the most; at most; mostly; (the superlative ending) -est.
lepr, n., leprosy. -os, a., leprous. -oseri, n., leprosery.
lesar, v., to hurt; to injure. -asion, n., hurt; injury; lesion.
letr, n., letter; epistle. -e, ad., by letter.
leutenant, n., lieutenant.
levar, v., to raise; to lift. -ator, n., lever.
levar se, v., to stand up; to arise; to get up.
libr, a., free. -ifikar, v., to liberate; to free; to deliver. -itet, n., liberty; freedom.
libr, n., book. -eri, n., bookstore; bookshop. -er, n., bookseller. -et, n., booklet.
libr-bandar, v., to bind (books). -ator, n., bookbinder.
libr-tenar, v., to keep books. -ator, n., bookkeeper.
lievr, n., hare.
liga, n., league.
lign, n., wood. -ik, a., wooden. -atr, a., woodlike; ligneous. -os, a., abounding in wood; woody.
lign-vas, n., trough.
lign-ven, n., vein (of wood); grain.
liken, n., lichen (bot. and med.).
liker, n., liquor.
liksiv, n., lye.
likuidar, v., to liquidate.
lili, n., lily.
lim, n., file. -ar, v., to file. -ator, n., filer.
limit, n., limit; boundary. -ar, v., to limit; to bound.
limon, n., lemon. -ad, n., lemonade.
limpid, a., limpid.
lin, n., flax; lint. -aj, n., linen (washing).
lin-drap, n., linen-cloth; linen.
lingu, n., language. -ist, n., philologist; linguist.
lingu universal, universal language.
lini, n., line. -ar, v., to line; to rule; to draw lines on. -ik (linear), a., linear.
liniet de separasion, dash; break.
liniet de union, hyphen.
links, n., lynx.
lin-pekt, n., hatchel; heckle. -ar, v., to hatchel; to heckle.
lir, n., lyre.
lisensi, n., license. -ar, v., to license. -ad, n., the licit. -ed, part., licentiate. -os, a., licentious. -ositet, n., licentiousness.
liseum, n., lyceum; college.
list, n., list.
litani, n., litany.
litarg, n., litharge.
liter, n., letter (of alphabet); character. -ar, v., to spell.
literal, a., literal.
literatur, n., literature.
litium, n., lithium (Li).
litr, n., liter; litre.
Lituania, n., Lithuania.
liturgi, n., liturgy. -ik (liturgik), a., liturgical.
liut, n., lute.
Livonia, n., Livonia.
livr, n., pound (weight).
livré, n., livery.
lob, n., lobe.
lodji, n., box (in theater, etc.); lodge (place of meeting).
logaritm, n., logarithm.
logik, n., logic. -al, a., logical.
loji, n., lodging. -ar, v., to lodge.
lok, n., place.
lokal, n., locality.
lokomobil, n., locomotor.
lokomotiv, n., locomotive.
lokuas, a., loquacious; garrulous; talkative. -itet, n., loquacity; garrulousness; talkativeness.
lokust, n., locust; grasshopper.
lomb, n., loin.
lombard, n., pawnshop.
Lombardia, n., Lombardy.
lombrik, n., earthworm.
long, a., long. -itet, n., length. -e, ad., long; for a long time. -u, p., along.
lor, pr., their; theirs.
lot, n., lot.
lota, n., burbot; eel-pout.
Lotaringia, n., Lorraine.
loteri, n., lottery.
loyal, a., loyal. -itet, n., loyalty.
luar, v., to lease. -ator, n., lessee. -ad, n., lease.
lubrik, a., slippery. -ikitet, n., slipperiness. -ifikasion, n., lubrication.
lud, n., play; game. -ar, v., to play.
luk, n., pike (fish).
lukrativ, a., lucrative; profitable.
luks, n., luxury. -os, a., luxurious. -ositet, n., luxuriousness.
luksur, a., luxuriant. -itet, n., luxuriance.
luktu, n., mourning. -ar, v., to mourn. -os, a., mournful; sorrowful.
lum, n., light. -ar, v., to shine; to give light.
lun, n., moon.
lunatik, a., lunatic; crazy.
lundi, n., Monday. -an and de lundi, a., Monday.
lup, n., wolf.
lupin, n., lupine.
lupul, n., hop; hops.
lusid, a., lucid. -itet, n., lucidity.
luteran, a., Lutheran, and n., Lutheran. -anism, n., Lutheranism.
lutr, n., otter.
lyam, n., llama.
ma, c., but.
madona, n., Madonna.
maestr, n., master.
magasin, n., magazine; storehouse.
magi, n., magic. -ar, v., to practise magic. -ik (magik), a., magic(al). -er, n., magician.
magistrat, n., magistracy.
magnanim, a., magnanimous. -itet, n., magnanimity.
magnat, n., magnate.
magnesium, n., magnesium (Mg).
magnet, n., magnet. -ik, a., magnetic. -ism, n., magnetism.
magnetisar, v., to magnetize.
magnif, n., magnificence. -ik, a., magnificent; splendid.
magr, a., lean. -eskar, v., to grow thin; to become lean. -itet, n., leanness.
mahagoni, n., mahogany. -ik and de m., a., mahogany.
mahometan, a. and n., Mahometan. -anism, n., Mahometanism.
mai, n., May. -an and de m., a., May.
mail, n., mesh.
mais, n., maize; Indian corn.
makaron, n., macaroni.
makrel, n., mackerel.
maksil, n., jaw; jawbone; maxilla.
maksil inferior, lower jaw.
maksil superior, upper jaw.
maksim, n., maxim.
maksimum, n., maximum.
maktar, v., to butcher; to slaughter. -asion, n., butchering. -ator, n., butcher.
makul, n., stain; spot; blot; blemish; speck. -ar, v., to stain; to blot; to spot; to blemish; to speck.
mal, a., bad; evil; wicked.
malad, a., sick; ill. -eskar, v., to become sick. -itet, n., sickness; illness; disease; malady. -os, a., sickly.
malay, n., a Malay.
maledikar, v., to curse. -asion (malediksion), n., malediction; curse.
malisi, n., malice. -os, a., malicious.
malt, n., malt.
malv, n., mallow.
mamel, n.,pap; breast. -ar, v., to suckle; to nurse.
mamifer (animal), a., mammal.
mamut, n., a mammoth.
mana, n., manna.
mand, n., almond.
mandat, n., mandate.
mandolin, n., mandolin.
mandragor, n., mandrake.
manej, n., manège; riding-school.
mangan, n., manganese (Mn).
mani, n., mania.
manier, n., manner; way; mode.
manifest, n., manifesto. -ar, v., to manifest; to disclose; to divulge; to reveal.
manipular, v., to manipulate. -asion, n., manipulation.
manivel, n., winch; crank.
mankar, v. intr., to be wanting; to be lacking, and v. tr., to miss. -u, p., for lack of; for want of; in default of.
manovr, n., manœuver; manœuvre. -ar, v., to manœuver.
mansard, n., Mansard roof.
mansh, n., sleeve. -et, n., cuff; ruffle.
mantel, n., mantle; cloak. -ar, v., to cloak; to palliate.
mantenar, v., to maintain.
mantili, n., mantilla.
manu, n., hand.
manu-drap, n., towel.
manuskript, n., manuscript.
mar, n., sea.
marasm, n., marasmus.
mar-bord, n., seashore; strand; coast; beach.
marg, n., marl.
margarit, n., daisy.
marin, n., marine; navy.
marinar, v., to marinate; to pickle. -ad, n., pickled food.
marionet, n., marionette; puppet.
marit, n., spouse. -ar, v., to marry. -o, n., husband. -a, n., wife.
mark, n., mark. -ar, v., to mark; to mark out (render conspicuous).
mark, n., mark (money).
mar-krev, n., lobster.
marli, n., marly. -ik and de m., a., marly (of marly).
marmelad, n., marmalade.
marmor, n., marble.
marmot, n., marmot.
marokin, n., morocco.
maron, n., maroon (chestnut).
mars, n., March.
marsdi, n., Tuesday. -an and de m., a., Tuesday.
marsh, n., march; move (in chess). -ar, v., to march; to move (in chess).
marshal, n., marshal.
marsipan, n., marchpane.
mart, n., marten
martel, n., hammer. -ar, v., to hammer.
martir, n., martyr.
mas, n., mass (bulk).
masakr, n., massacre. -ar, v., to massacre.
mashin, n., machine.
masiv, a., massive.
mask, n., mask. -ar, v., to mask.
maskul, n., male. -ik (maskulin), a., masculine; male.
mast, n., mast (of ship).
mastik, n., mastic.
mastikar, v., to masticate; to chew.
mastodon, n., mastodon.
masurka, n., mazurka.
mat, a., dim; dull; mate (in chess). -ifikar, v., to dim; to dull.
matador, n., matador.
matematik, n., mathematics. -al, a., mathematical.
materi, n., matter. -ik (material), a., material.
material, n., material. -ism, n., materialism.
matin, n., morning. -e, ad., in the morning.
matin-repast, n., breakfast. -ar, v., to breakfast.
matr, n., mother.
matras, n., mattress.
matrimoni, n., matrimony; marriage. -an (matrimonial), a., matrimonial.
matris, n., matrix; mold; womb; uterus.
matron, n., matron.
matur, a., mature; ripe. -eskar, v., to ripen. -itet, n., maturity; ripeness.
maur, n., mulberry-tree.
maur-ber, n., mulberry.
mayestet, n., majesty.
mayor, n., major.
mayoran, n., marjoram.
mayoritet, n., majority.
medali, n., medal.
medalion, n., medallion.
medi, n., medium; means. -ar, v., to mediate. -ad, n., middle. -asion, n., mediation. -ator, n., mediator. -ik, a., middle. -u, p., by means of; through; by; with.
mediat, a., mediate.
medi-digit, n., middle finger.
medi-diurn, n., midday; noon. -e, ad., at noon.
medi-epok, n., Middle Ages.
medi-grand, a., medium.
medik, n., physician; doctor.
medikament, n., medicament; medicine.
medi-noktu, n., midnight. -e, ad., at midnight.
mediokr, a., mediocre. -itet, n., mediocrity.
medisin, n., medicine (the science). -ist, n., medical man.
meditar, v., to meditate.
meditar profunde di kk, to be lost in thought; to be absorbed in thought.
Mediteran (mar), Mediterranean Sea.
medul, n., marrow.
mekanik, n., mechanics. -er, n., mechanician.
mekanism, n., mechanism.
Meksik, n., Mexico. -an, a., Mexican.
melankoli, n., melancholy. -ik (melankolik), a., melancholic. -iker (melankoliker), n., melancholy person.
melas, n., molasses.
meleagr, n., turkey.
melodi, n., melody. -os, a., melodious.
melon, n., melon.
membr, n., member.
membran, n., membrane.
memori, n., memory. -ar, v., to remember; to recollect; to call to mind. -abl, a., memorable. -e, ad., from memory; by heart.
menaj, n., management. -ar, v., to manage.
menas, n., menace; threat. -ar, v., to menace; to threaten.
mendikar, v., to beg. -ant, part., mendicant; beggar.
mens, n., month.
mension, n., mention. -ar, v., to mention.
ment, n., mint (bot.).
mentiar, v., to lie. -ad, n., lie.
mentiar a kh, to lie to anyone.
menton, n., chin.
mentor, n., mentor.
mergar, v., to immerse; to plunge; to dip.
meridian, n., meridian. -ik, a., meridional.
merit, n., merit. -ar, v., to merit; to deserve.
merkant, n., merchant. -ar, v., to bargain; to haggle. -ad, n., merchandise; goods; wares. -ik (merkantil), a., mercantile.
merkur, n., mercury; quicksilver (Hg).
merkurdi, n., Wednesday. -an and de m., a., Wednesday.
merl, n., blackbird.
mersiar, v., to thank. -ad, n., thanks. -asion, n., thanking; thanksgiving. -os, a., thankful; grateful. -ositet, n., thankfulness; gratitude.
mes, n., mass (sacrifice).
mesanin, n., mezzanine.
mesenteri, n., mesentery. -ik (mesenteric) a., mesenteric.
Mesias, n., Messiah.
mespil, n., medlar.
mestis, n., half-breed; hybrid.
mesur, n., measure. -ar, v., to measure; to measure off.
metar, v., to put.
metafisik, n., metaphysics.
metafor, n., metaphor.
metal, n., metal. -ik, a., metallic.
metal-fil, n., wire.
metamorfos, n., metamorphosis. -ar, v., to metamorphose.
meteor, n., meteor.
meteorologi, n., meteorology.
metier, n., handicraft; trade. -ist, n., artisan; mechanic.
metar in parentesi, to put in parentheses.
metar ovi, to lay (of fowls).
metr, n., meter (measure of length).
-metr, suffix signifying a person or thing measuring something.
metropol, n., metropolis.
mi, pr., I.
miasm, n., miasm; miasma.
mie, pr., my; mine.
miel, n., honey.
migrar, v., to migrate.
migren, n., migraine; megrim.
mikro-, prefix signifying smallness.
mikrokapik, a., small-headed; microcephalous.
mikro-metr, n., micrometer.
miksar, v., to mix; to mingle; to blend; to admix.
mil, nr., thousand.
miliar, n., mile.
miliet, n., millet.
milion, nr., million. -er, n., millionaire.
milisi, n., militia. -an and de m., a., militia.
militar, n., the military. -ik, a., military. -ism, n., militarism.
mim, n., mien.
mimik, n., mimics; mimic art.
mimos, n., mimosa; sensitive-plant.
min, n., mine. -ar, v., to mine.
mineral, n., mineral.
minim, a., small; little. -itet, n., smallness.
minimum, n., minimum.
minion, a., pretty; nice.
minister, n., ministry (ministerial department).
ministr, n., minister (public official).
minium, n., minium.
min-konstruasion, n., mining.
minoritet, n., minority.
minu, ad., less. -ar, v., to lessen; to diminish; to reduce; to lower; to decrease. -eskar, v., to decrease; to diminish; to lessen.
minusi, n., minutia. -os, a., petty; paltry; trivial; minute. -ositet, n., minuteness; pettiness; paltriness.
minut, n., minute.
miop, a., myopic; shortsighted. -itet, n., myopia; shortsightedness.
miosot, n., forget-me-not.
mir, n., myrrh.
mirakl, n., miracle. -os, a., miraculous.
miror, n., mirror; looking-glass.
mirt, n., myrtle.
mirtil, n., bilberry.
mis-, prefix signifying something not good or something miscarrying; mis-.
misal, n., missal.
misandar, v., to limp.
misantrop, n., misanthrope.
misdeliniar, v., to misdraw.
misdukar, v., to mislead.
miser, n., misery; wretchedness. -ar, v., to commiserate. -abl, a., miserable; wretched.
miserikord, n., mercy. -os, a., merciful.
misfortun, n., misfortune.
miskomprendar, v., to misunderstand. -ad, n., misunderstanding.
miskonfid, n., distrust. -ar, v., to distrust. -ik, a., distrustful.
miskredit, n., discredit.
mismetar, v., to mislay; to misplace.
misparlar, v., to misspeak.
misteri, n., mystery. -os, a., mysterious.
mistifikar, v., to mystify. -asion, n., mystification.
misus, n., misuse; abuse. -ar, v., to misuse; to abuse.
misversar, v., to spill.
mitar, v., to send.
mitar posteriore, to send afterwards.
mitr, n., mitre; miter.
mitar radii su kk, to shine upon.
mobil, a., mobile. -i, n., furniture.
mobilisar, v., to mobilize. -asion, n., mobilization.
mod, n., fashion; style. -ik, a., fashionable; stylish.
modal, a., modal. -itet, n., modality.
model, n., model; pattern. -ar, v., to model; to mold.
moderar, v., to moderate; to temper. -asion, n., moderation.
modern, a., modern.
modest, a., modest; unassuming. -itet, n., modesty.
modifikar, v., to modify.
mok, n., mockery; scoff. -ar, v., to mock; to scoff.
mol, a., soft; mellow. -ifikar, v., to soften; to mollify. -ifikant, part., emollient; softening. -itet, n., softness; mellowness.
Moldavia, n., Moldavia.
molekul, n., molecule. -ik (molekular), a., molecular.
molestar, v., to molest; to annoy. -ik, a., burdensome; troublesome.
molibden, n., molybdenum (Mo).
molin, n., mill. -ar, v., to grind.
molo, n., mole; wharf.
molusk, n., mollusk.
moment, n., moment; instant. -ik, a., momentary.
mon, n., money.
monak, n., a religious. -o, n., monk. -a, n., nun.
monark, n., monarch. -ia, n., monarchy.
monaster, n., monastery.
monet, n., coin. -ar, v., to coin; to mint. -eri, n., mint.
monit, n., admonition; warning. -ar, v., to admonish; to warn.
mono-, prefix signifying mono-, one-.
monoanuik, a., (of) one year; annual.
monogram, n., monogram.
monokavalik, a., one-horse.
monolog, n., monologue.
monookulik, a., one-eyed.
monopol, n., monopoly.
monosilabik, a., monosyllabic.
monoton, a., monotonous.
monstrar, v., to show; to point out.
monstru, n., monster. -os, a., monstrous.
mont, n., mountain; mount. -aj, n., mountain range; chain of mountains.
montar, v., to mount (make ready).
monument, n., monument. -ik, a., monumental.
mor, n., delay. -ar, v., to delay; to linger; to loiter; to tarry.
moral, a., moral. -ad, n., morals; moral philosophy. -itet, n., morality; morals.
morbil, n., measles.
mordar, v., to bite. -ad, n., bite.
morel, n., morel.
moresk, a., Moorish, and n., Moor.
morfin, n., morphine; morphia.
moriar, v., to die; to expire.
moros, a., morose.
mors, n., walrus.
morsel, n., morsel; bit. -ar, v., to divide in pieces; to divide into bits.
mort, n., death. -ik, a., dead; defunct.
mortal, a., mortal. -itet, n., mortality.
mortar, n., mortar (cement).
mortifikar, v., to kill; to slay.
mosaik, n., mosaic.
moské, n., mosque.
moskit, n., mosquito.
most, n., must.
mostard, n., mustard.
motiv, n., motive; reason. -ar, v., to motive; to move; to actuate.
moto, n., motto.
movar, v. tr., to move. -abl, a., movable. -asion, n., motion; movement. -ator (motor), n., motor.
muf, n., mold. -ar, v., to mold; to become moldy.
mul, n., mule.
mulat, n., a mulatto.
mulet, n., hinny.
mulkt, n., mulct; fine. -ar, v., to mulct; to fine.
mult, a., much; many. -e, ad., much; very. -foa, ad., many times. -itet, n., multitude; crowd. -upl, a., manifold; multiple.
multe bene, ad., very well.
multiplikar, v., to multiply.
mumi, n., mummy.
mund, n., world.
munision, n., munition (war material).
munisipal, a., municipal. -itet, n., municipality.
mur, n., wall. -ar, v., to wall (up). -ator, n., mason.
murmurar, v., to murmur; to grumble.
mus, n., mouse.
musa, n., muse.
musard, n., gaper; gazer; starer. -ar, v., to gape; to gaze; to stare.
musé, n., museum.
musel, n., muzzle (snout of animal).
muselier, n., muzzle (fastening).
musik, n., music. -ar, v., to make (render) music. -al, a., musical.
musikar mediu flaut, to play the flute.
musikar mediu sitr, to play the zither.
musikar mediu violin, to play the violin.
musikar mediu violoncel, to play the violoncello.
musk, n., fly.
muskad, n., nutmeg.
musket, n., musket.
muski, n., moss. -os, a., mossy.
muskul, n., muscle. -os, a., muscular.
muslin, n., muslin.
mustaki, n., moustache; mustache.
mustel, n., weasel.
mut, a., mute; dumb.
mutar, v., to change; to alter.
mutar domisil, to change one’s residence; to remove.
mutilar, v., to mutilate.
muton, n., sheep.
nadir, n., nadir.
naft, n., naphtha.
naiv, a., naive; artless; ingenuous. -itet, n., naivety; artlessness ; ingenuousness.
nan, n., dwarf; pygmy.
nankin, n., nankeen.
narar, v., to narrate; to tell; to relate. -asion, n., narration; account.
naris, n., nostril.
narkotisar, v., to narcotize. -ant, part., narcotic. -asion, n., narcosis.
narsis, n., narcissus.
narval, n., narwhal; unicorn-whale.
nas, n., nose.
nasion, n., nation.
nasional, a., national. -itet, n., nationality.
naskar, v., to be born.
nas-katar, n., cold (in the head).
nat, n., birth; nativity. -ar, v., to give birth to; to bring forth; to bear. -asion, n., childbirth; delivery; confinement.
nativitet, n., Christmas.
natrium, n., natrium; sodium (Na).
natur, n., nature. -e (naturale), ad., naturally. -ik (natural), a., natural.
naturalisar, v., to naturalize. -asion, n., naturalization.
naufrag, n., shipwreck. -ar, v., to suffer shipwreck.
nausé, n., nausea. -ar, v., to nauseate. -os, a., nauseous.
nav, n., ship; vessel.
navigar, v., to navigate. -asion, n., navigation.
nayad, n., naiad.
ne-, prefix signifying contradictory opposition.
neamik, n., enemy.
neapt, a., clumsy; awkward; unskilful; inapt. -itet, n., clumsiness; awkwardness; inaptitude.
nebl, n., fog; mist. -os, a., foggy; misty; nebulous.
nedependant, part., independent. -itet, n., independence.
Nederlandia, n., Holland; Netherlands. -ian, a., Dutch; Holland, and n., Hollander. -ik, a., Dutch; in Dutch; Dutch-speaking.
neevitabl, a., unavoidable; inevitable.
nef, n., nephew or niece. -o, n., nephew. -a, n., niece.
nefaliabl, a., infallible.
nefasil, a., difficult; hard. -itet, n., difficulty . -ifikar, v., to make (render) difficult.
negar, v., to deny. -asion, n., negation; denial. -ativ, a., negative.
negligar, v., to neglect; to slight. -antu, p., regardless of. -ik, a., negligent.
negligante it, ad., nevertheless; however.
negligante ke, c., although; though.
negosi, n., business. -ar, v., to carry on business; to do business. -ant, part., businessman. -ik, a., business.
negr, a., black, and n., negro. -ad, n., blacking. -atr, a., blackish. -ifikar, v., to blacken.
Negr (mar), Black Sea.
negr-kaval, n., black horse.
negr-pan, n., black bread.
neimportant, a., unimportant; insignificant.
nekapabl, a., incapable.
nekar, a., cheap.
nekast, a., unchaste; impure. -itet, n., unchasity; impurity.
nekomunikar, v., to keep (not communicate); to conceal.
nekontent, a., discontented; dissatisfied. -itet, n., discontent; dissatisfaction.
nekredabl, a., incredible. -ant, part., incredulous; unbelieving. -antitet, n., incredulousness; incredulity.
nekrolog, n., necrology; obituary.
nekromant, n., necromancer.
nektar, n., nectar.
nelonge, ad., lately; recently; not long ago.
nemakuled, part., immaculate; unblemished; unstained; spotless.
nematur, a., immature; unripe.
nemediat, a., immediate. -e, ad., immediately; at once.
nemediate po ke, c., as. soon as.
nemult, a., not much; not many; few; little. -e, ad., little; not much; somewhat.
neo-, prefix signifying something new.
neopersian, a., Neopersian.
nepartisan, a., impartial; unpartisan.
nepasient, a., impatient. -itet, n., impatience.
neplakabl, a., implacable.
nepur, a., impure; unclean; dirty.
nerv, n., nerve. -os, a., nervous.
neses (nesesar), a., necessary. -itet, n., necessity; need.
nesesant, part., incessant; unceasing.
nesesitar, v., to necessitate.
nesonor, a., soft; low. -e, ad., softly; low; not loudly.
net, a., cleanly; neat. -ifikar, v., to clean; to cleanse. -itet, n., cleanliness; neatness.
neto, ad., net; clear.
netruvar, v., to miss.
neutil, a., useless.
neutr, n., neuter; neuter gender. -ik, a., neuter.
neutral, a., neutral. -itet, n., neutrality.
nev, n., snow. -ar, v., to snow.
ni — ni, c., neither — nor.
nid, n., nest. -ifikar, v., to nest; to build a nest.
nikl, n., nickel (Ni). -ar, v., to nickel.
nimb, n., nimbus; halo.
niobium, n., niobium (Nb).
nish, n., niche.
nitr, n., nitre; saltpeter.
Niufundlandia, n., Newfoundland.
nivel, n., level. -ar, v., to level.
no, ad., no; not.
no-, prefix signifying contrary opposition.
nobl, a., noble. -ifikar, v., to ennoble. -itet, n., nobility; nobleness.
nod, n., knot. -ar, v., to knot; to tie.
nohom, pr. ind., no one; nobody.
noi, pr., we.
nokos, pr. ind., nothing.
noktu, n., night. -e, ad., at night; by night, -ik, a., nocturnal; nightly.
nokuande, ad., never.
noloke, ad., nowhere.
nom, n., name. -ar, v., to name; to call.
nomad, n., nomad.
nominar, v., to nominate; to appoint. -asion, n., nomination; appointment.
nominativ, n., nominative.
nom personal, personal name.
nona-, prefix signifying nine-.
no observar, to overlook; not to notice.
nopudik, a., shameless; impudent.
nord, n., north. -e, ad., in the north; northerly. -ik, a., north; northern.
Nordik (mar), North Sea.
nord-est, n., northeast. -e, ad., in the northeast; northeasterly. -ik, a., northeast(ern).
nord-uest, n., northwest. -e, ad., in the northwest; northwesterly. -ik, a., northwest(ern).
norm, n., norm. -ik (normal), a., normal.
nosion, n., notion.
no sole — ma et, c., not only — but also.
nostr, pr., our; ours.
not, n., note; notice; remark. -ar, v., to note. -abl, a., notable; remarkable.
nota, n., bill; reckoning.
notar, n., notary.
notifikar, v., to intimate; to signify. -asion, n., intimation.
notorik, a., notorious.
noun, pr. ind. a., no.
nov, a., new. -itet, n., novelty; newness.
nov, nr., nine.
nov-des, nr., ninety.
novembr, n., November.
novisi, n., novice.
nuans, n., shade (color). -ar, v., to shade (color).
nub, n., cloud.
nubil, a., nubile; marriageable. -itet, n., nubility.
nud, a., nude; naked; bare. -ifikar, v., to bare; to denude. -itet, n., nudity; nakedness.
nuk, n., nucha; nape of the neck
nul, nr., nought; zero.
numerativ, n., numeral.
numerativ distributiv, distributive.
numerativ iterativ, iterative.
numerativ kardinal, cardinal.
numerativ multiplikativ, multiplicative.
numerativ ordinal, ordinal.
numr, n., number. -ar, v., to number. -ator, n., numerator. -os, a., numerous.
numr parik, even number.
nunsi, n., messenger.
nupt, n., wedding; nuptials.
nus, n., nut. -et, n., hazel-nut.
nutriar, v., to nourish; to nurse; to foster. -atora, n., nurse.
o!, i., O!; oh!
-o, suffix denoting a person or animal of the masculine gender.
oasi, n., oasis.
obediar, v., to obey. -ant, part., obedient.
obelisk, n., obelisk.
obligar, v., to oblige; to bind. -ad, n., obligation. -asion, n., obligation.
obligar mediu yurad, to bind by oath.
obliku, a., oblique; slanting. -itet, n., obliquity; obliqueness.
obliviar, v., to forget. -asion (oblivion), n., forgetting; forgetfulness; oblivion. -os, a., forgetful; oblivious. -ositet, n., forgetfulness; obliviousness.
oblong, a., oblong.
obsen, a., obscene. -itet, n., obscenity.
observar, v., to observe (notice; also, follow). -asion, n., observation.
obsidiar, v., to besiege; to beleaguer; to invest. -asion, n., siege.
obskur, a., obscure; dark. -itet, n., obscurity; darkness.
obskur-blu, a., dark-blue.
obskur-brun, a., dark-brown.
obstakl, n., obstacle; hindrance.
obstinar, v., to be obstinate. -ant, part., obstinate; wilful; stubborn. -asion, n., obstinacy; wilfulness; stubbornness. -e, ad., notwithstanding. -u, p., in spite of; notwithstanding; despite.
obstine ke, c., notwithstanding that.
obtenar, v., to obtain; to procure; to get; to acquire.
obtus, a., obtuse; blunt; dull. -e, ad., obtusely. -eskar, v., to become blunted; to become dull.
obviar, v., to obviate. -asion, n., obviation.
obyekt, n., object. -ar, v., to object.
obyektiv, a., objective.
od, n., ode.
o Deo! i., for God’s sake!
odi, n., hate; hatred. -ar, v., to hate. -abl, a., hateable. -os, a., hateful; odious.
odor, n., odor; smell; scent. -ar, v., to smell (emit odor).
odorat, n., smell; sense of smell. -ar, v., to smell (perceive odor); to scent.
ofendar, v., to offend.
ofendar se, v., to take it ill.
ofis, n., office; calling. -ik (ofisial), a., official.
ofisin, n., office (place of business); workshop.
ofisir, n., officer.
ofr, n., offer. -ar, v., to offer; to proffer; to tender.
okasion, n., occasion; opportunity. -ar, v., to occasion. -e, ad., on occasion. -u, p., on the occasion of.
okr, n., ochre.
oksal, n., wood sorrel. -ik, a., oxalic.
oksid, n., oxid(e). -ar, v., to oxidize.
oksident, n., Occident.
oksigen, n., oxygen (O).
okt, nr., eight.
oktav, nr., eighth.
okt-des, nr., eighty.
oktet, n., octette.
okto-, prefix signifying octo-, eight-.
oktobr, n., October.
okul, n., eye. -ik, a., ocular. -ist, n., oculist.
okultar, v., to conceal; to hide; to secrete.
okupar, v., to occupy; to employ. -asion, n., occupation; employment.
okupar se in kk, to busy one’s self with something; to apply one’s self to something; to occupy one’s self with something.
okurar, v., to meet; to encounter. -asion, n., meeting (encounter).
ole, n., oil. -ar, v., to oil. -atr, a., oily; oleaginous. -os, a., oily.
oleandr, n., oleander.
oliv, n., olive.
ombr, n., shadow; shade. -ar, v., to shadow; to shade; to overshadow.
omin, n., omen; sign; portent. -ar, v., to presage; to forebode; to portend. -os, a., ominous; portentous.
omitar, v., to omit.
omlet, n., omelet.
omni, pr. ind., each; every; (followed by the plural) all. -foa, ad., every time.
omni-anue, ad., yearly; every year.
omnibus, n., omnibus.
omni-diurne, ad., daily; every day.
omni du, pr. ind., both.
omni-dufoa, ad., both times.
omni-flanke, ad., on all sides; on every side.
omnifoa ke, c., whenever; as often as; every time that.
omni-hom, pr. ind., everybody; everyone; each one; each.
omni kekos, pr. ind., whatever.
omni ki, pr. ind., whoever; whichever.
omni-kos, pr. ind., everything.
omni-loke, ad., everywhere.
omni-loke ke, c., wherever; everywhere that.
omni-mense, ad., monthly; every month.
omni-semane, ad., weekly; every week.
omoplat, n., shoulder blade; scapula.
on, pr., one; they; people.
-on, suffix forming substantives which denote an enlargement.
oniks, n., onyx.
onkl, n., uncle.
ons, n., ounce.
opal, n., opal.
operar, v., to operate. -asion, n., operation. -ator, n., operator.
opinion, n., opinion.
opium, n., opium.
oportun, a., opportune. -e, ad., opportunely; seasonably.
oposar, v., to oppose. -asion (oposision), n., opposition.
opr, n., opera.
opresar, v., to oppress.
optativ, n., optative.
optik, n., optics. -al, a., optical. -ist, n., optician.
optimist, n., optimist.
opulent, a., opulent; wealthy.
or, n., ear.
-or, suffix which, with a verbal roof, forms substantives that denote the state or affection of a person or thing acting.
orar, v., to speak (as an orator). -asion, n., oration. -ator, n., orator; public speaker.
orakl, n., oracle.
oral, a., oral. -e, ad., orally.
oranj, n., orange.
oranj amer, Seville orange; bigarade.
oranj-kolorik, a., orange-colored.
ord, n., order; arrangement. -ar, v., to order; to set in order.
ordinar, a., ordinary; common.
ordn, n., order (religious or secular).
ordonar, v., to order; to ordain; to direct. -asion, n., order; ordinance; direction.
orfan, n., orphan.
org, n., organ (instrument). -ist (organist), n., organist.
organ, n., organ (medium). -ik, a., organic.
organisar, v., to organize. -asion, n., organization.
organism, n., organism.
orgasm, n., orgasm.
orgi, n., orgy.
orgul, n., pride. -os, a., proud.
orient, n., Orient.
orientar, v., to orient; to orientate; to set right.
orientar se, v., to set one’s self right.
origin, n., origin.
original, a., original, and n., an original (e.g. text, book, picture); an original or eccentric character. -itet, n., originality.
orkestr, n., orchestra. -ar, v., to orchestrate.
ornament, n., ornament. -ar, v., to ornament; to adorn.
ornit, n., bird.
ornit kantant, singing-bird.
ornitologi, n., ornithology.
ornit rapas, bird of prey.
ors, n., barley.
ortografi, n., orthography. -ik (ortografik) a., orthographic.
os, n., bone.
-os, suffix forming adjectives denoting fullness or multitude.
osean, n., ocean.
Oseania, n., Oceanica.
osi, n., leisure; ease. -os, a., idle. -ositet, n., idleness.
osilar, v., to oscillate.
ositar, v., to yawn; to gape.
oskul, n., kiss. -ar, v., to kiss.
osmium, n., osmium (Os).
ostentar, v., to boast of; to brag of; to flaunt; to display. -ativ, a., showy; ostentatious.
ostr, n., oyster.
otr, pr. ind., other; another. -e, ad., otherwise; else. -foa, ad., another time.
otr-flanke, ad., on the other side.
otr-kos, pr. ind., something else.
otr-loke, ad., elsewhere; somewhere else.
otr-tempe, ad., formerly.
ov, n., egg. -ik, a., egg-; of egg.
oval, a., oval.
ovari, n., ovary.
ovasion, n., ovation.
ovipar, a., oviparous.
pagan, n., pagan; heathen. -ik, a., pagan; heathen; heathenish. -ism, n., paganism; heathenism.
pagin, n., page (of a book). -ar, v., to page.
pagod, n., pagoda.
paisaj, n., landscape. -ist, n., landscape-painter.
paj, n., page (boy).
paket, n., pack; package; packet. -ar, v., to pack; to pack up.
paks, n., peace.
pakt, n., agreement; compact. -ar, v., to agree.
pal, n., post; pole.
paladium, n., palladium (Pd).
palast, n., palace.
palat, n., palate.
Palestina, n., Palestine.
palet, n., spade; shovel; palette. -ar, v., to shovel.
palia, n., straw.
palid, a., pale; pallid; wan. -eskar, v., to become pale; to fade. -ifikar, v., to bleach. -ifikeri, n., bleachery.
palisad, n., palisade. -ar, v., to palisade.
palm, n., palm.
palp, n., feeler; antenna; tentacle. -ar, v., to feel. -abl, a., palpable.
palpebr, n., eyelid. -ar, v., to wink.
palpitar, v., to palpitate.
palud, n., swamp; marsh. -os, a., swampy; marshy.
pan, n., bread.
panik, n., panic.
panoram, n., panorama.
pantalon, n., pantaloons; trousers; breeches.
panter, n., panther.
pantomim, n., pantomime.
pantufl, n., slipper.
pap, n., pope. -ad, n., papacy. -ik, a., papal.
papagay, n., parrot.
papavr, n., poppy.
papil, n., pap.
papilion, n., butterfly.
papir, n., paper (material).
papir-foll, n., sheet (paper).
papir-kest, n., pasteboard box.
papir-kornu, n., cornucopia.
papir-libr, n., blank-book; note-book.
papir-tapet, n., wall-paper.
par, n., pair; couple. -ik, a., paired; mated; matched; even.
para-, prefix signifying preservation from something.
parabol, n., parable; parabola. -ik, a., parabolic.
parad, n., parade; show. -ar, v., to parade.
paradis, n., paradise. -ik, a., paradisaic; paradisaical.
paradoks, a., paradoxical.
parafin, n., paraffin.
parafulmin, n., lightning-rod; lightning-conductor.
paragraf, n., paragraph.
paralel, a., parallel.
paralis, n., paralysis; palsy. -ar, v., to paralyze; to palsy.
paranimf, n., bridesman; groomsman.
parapluvi, n., umbrella.
parasit, n., parasite.
parasol, n., parasol.
parat, a., ready; prepared. parat!, i., ready!
paravent, n., screen.
pardon, n., pardon; forgiveness. -ar, v., to pardon; to forgive. pardon!, i., pardon!; I beg your pardon!; excuse me!
parent, a., related; kin; cognate, and n., relation; relative. -el, n., kindred; relations; relatives.
parentes, n., parenthesis.
parfum, n., perfume. -ar, v., to perfume.
pari, n., wager; bet. -ar, v., to wager; to bet.
pariet, n., wall; partition.
park, n., park.
parket, n., parquet (theater); pit.
parlar, v., to speak.
parlament, n., parliament.
parlamentar, v., to parley. -er, n., flag (person) of truce.
parodi, n., parody.
paroki, n., parish. -an, a., parochial; parish, and n., parishioner.
parol, n., word.
parol derived, derivative.
parol ko-posed, compound.
parol-sort, n., part of speech.
parsel, n., particle; parcel (a part). -ar, v., to parcel (out).
parsimoni, n., economy. -ar, v., to save; to economize. -os, a., saving; economical.
partar, v., to depart. -ad, n., departure.
parter, n., parterre.
parti, n., part. -ar, v., to part; to partition. -e, ad., partly; in part; partially.
partikl, n., particle (gram.).
partikular, a., particular; peculiar. -e, ad., particularly. -ism, n., particularism. -itet, n., particularity; peculiarity.
partis, n., party. -an, a., partisan; party; partial, and n., adherent; partisan.
partisip, n., participle.
partisipar, v., to participate.
partner, n., partner.
pasar, v., to pass; to pass by, away, through; to pass over (set over). -ante, ad., by the way; en passant (in chess).
pasaj, n., passage.
pasajer, n., passenger.
pasement, n., braid. -er, n., fringe-maker; braid-maker.
pasha, n., pasha.
pasiar, v., to suffer. -asion, n., suffering.
pasient, a., patient. -itet (pasiens), n., patience.
Pasifik (osean), Pacific Ocean.
pasion, n., passion. -os, a., passionate.
pasiv, a., passive, and n., passive (voice). -itet, n , passiveness.
pask, n., Easter.
paskuil, n., lampoon; pasquinade.
pasport, n., passport; pass.
pasr, n., sparrow.
past, n., dough; paste.
pastet, n., pastry; pie.
pastinak, n., parsnip.
pastor, n., pastor.
pastur, n., pasture. -ar, v. tr. and intr.,to pasture; to graze. -an, a., shepherd.
pasu, n., step; pace. -ar, v., to step; to pace.
Patagonia, n., Patagonia.
patel, n., kneepan; patella.
patent, n., patent.
patin, n., skate. -ar, v., to skate.
patr, n., father. -ia, n., fatherland; native land; native country.
patriark, n., patriarch.
patrimoni, n., patrimony.
patriot, n., patriot. -ik, a., patriotic. -ism, n., patriotism.
patrisi, n., patrician.
patrnostr, n., Lord’s Prayer; Our Father.
patron, n., patron.
patruli, n., patrol. -ar, v., to patrol.
paus, n., pause. -ar, v., to pause.
pav, n., pavement. -ar, v., to pave.
pavian, n., baboon.
pavilion, n., tent; pavilion.
pavon, n., pea-fowl; peacock.
payar, v., to pay; to pay in.
payar duan, to pay duty.
pean, n., paean.
ped, n., foot. -e, ad., on foot; afoot.
pedagog, n., pedagogue.
pedagogi, n., pedagogy; pedagogics. -ik (pedagogik), a., pedagogic.
pedant, n., pedant. -ik, a., pedantic.
ped-digit, n., toe.
pedestal, n., pedestal.
pedikul, n., louse.
pekar, v., to sin. -ad, n., sin. -ator, n., sinner.
pekt, n., comb. -ar, v., to comb.
pektor, n., breast; chest.
pel, n., skin. -ar, v., to skin; to flay; to peel; to pare.
pelikan, n., pelican.
pelmel, n., jumble; medley; hodgepodge.
pelt, n., pelt; hide.
pen, n., trouble; pains. -ar, v., to take pains (with); to trouble; to apply one’s self; to exert one’s self. -e, ad., hardly; scarcely.
pendar, v. tr. and intr., to hang; to suspend; to be hung; to be suspended.
pendul, n., pendulum. -ar, v., to swing.
penetrar, v., to penetrate.
peninsul, n., peninsula.
penitens, n., penance, fasiar penitens, to do penance.
penitent, a., penitent, and n., penitent.
pensar, v., to think; to deem; to judge; to consider. -ad, n., thought.
pension, n., pension. -ar, v., to pension.
penta-, prefix signifying penta-, five-.
penta-metr, n., pentameter.
pentekost, n., Pentecost; Whitsunday.
peoni, n., peony.
pepr, n., pepper. -ar, v., to pepper.
pepton, n., peptone.
per, n., pear.
per, p., through; by.
perd, n., loss. -ar, v., to lose.
perdiks, n., partridge.
peregrin, n., pilgrim. -ar, v., to go on a pilgrimage ; to make a pilgrimage. -asion, n., pilgrimage.
per-fasiar, v., to complete; to consummate; to achieve; to perfect; to finish.
perfekt, a., perfect, and n., the perfect (tense). -ifikar, v., to perfect. -itet (perfeksion), n., perfection.
perfid, a., perfidious. -itet, n., perfidy.
perforar, v., to bore.
pergamen, n., parchment.
periar, v., to perish.
periferi, n., periphery; circumference. -ik (periferik), a., peripheric.
perikl, n., peril; danger. -os, a., dangerous; perilous.
period, n., period. -ik, a., periodic.
perkutar, v., to strike; to hit; to smite; to knock; to percuss (med.). -asion (perkusion), n., percussion.
perl, n., pearl.
permanar, v., to remain; to abide. -ant, part., permanent. -asion, n., permanence.
permision, n., furlough; leave of absence.
permit, n., permission. -ar, v., to permit; to allow; to let.
permutar, v., to interchange; to permute. -asion, n., interchange; permutation.
peron, n., perron.
perpendikular, a., perpendicular.
perpetu, a., perpetual. -e, ad., perpetually. -itet, n., perpetuity.
perpleksar, v., to perplex. -ed, part., perplexed; puzzled. -itet, n., perplexity.
persar, v., to pierce.
Persia, n., Persia.
persekuar, v., to persecute; to pursue.
perseptar, v., to perceive; to descry; to distinguish; to discern.
persever, n., perseverance. -ar, v., to persevere.
persik, n., peach.
person, n., person.
perspektiv, n., perspective. -ik, a., perspective.
perspikas, a., perspicacious. -itet, n., perspicacity.
persuadar, v., to persuade; to induce. -asion (persuasion), n., persuasion.
pertinent, a., pertinent.
Peru, n., Peru.
peruk, n., wig.
pervers, a., perverse. -e, ad., perversely. -itet, n., perversity.
peryuri, n., perjury. -ar, v., to perjure one’s self. -os, a., perjured.
pes, n., pitch.
pesar, v., to weigh (be weighty). -ant, part., heavy; weighty. -ad, n., weight.
pes fluid, tar.
pesimist, n., pessimist.
pest, n., pestilence; pest; plague.
petision, n., petition. -ar, v., to petition.
petr, n., stone. -atr, a., stone-like; petrous. -ifikar, v., to petrify. -os, a., stony.
petrole, n., petroleum.
petrosel, n., parsley.
petulant, a., petulant. -itet (petulans), n., petulance.
pianin, n., upright piano.
piano, n., pianoforte; piano. -ist (pianist), n., pianist.
pies, n., piece.
piet, n., piety. -ik, a., pious. -ist, n., pietist. -ism, n., pietism. -os, a., devout. -ositet, n., devoutness.
pignor, n., pledge; pawn.
pik, n., pike. -ar, v., to prick; to puncture; to stab. -et, n., stake.
pikas, n., magpie.
piki, n., woodpecker. -ik and de p., a., woodpecker; picarian.
piktar, v., to paint; to depict. -ad, n., painting; picture. -asion, n., painting. -ator, n., painter.
pilastr, n., pilaster.
pilot, n., pilot. -ar, v., to pilot.
pilul, n., pill.
pin, n., pine.
pins, n., pincers; nippers. -ar, v., to pinch; to nip. -er, n., eye-glasses; pince-nez.
pinsl, n., brush; pencil.
pip, n., pipe (for smoking).
piramid, n., pyramid.
pirat, n., pirate . -ar, v., to pirate.
Pireneik (monti), the Pyrenees.
pirit, n., pyrite.
piroteknik, n., pyrotechnics. -al, a., pyrotechnic.
pis, n., pea.
pisk, n., fish. -ar, v., to fish. -ator, n., fisher; fisherman.
pisk-gres, n., blubber.
pistol, n., pistol.
piston, n., piston.
pitoresk, a., picturesque.
pituit, n., mucus; phlegm; slime. -os, a., mucous; slimy.
pivot, n., pivot. -ar, v., to pivot.
plakar, v., to placate; to appease. -abl, a., placable.
plakard, n., placard.
plan, n., plane (surface). -ar, v., to planish. -ik, a., plane. -ifikar, v., to even.
planet, n., planet.
plank, n., plank; board. -ar, v., to plank.
plant, n., plant. -ar, v., to plant. -aj, n., plantation.
plas, n., place; spot; square (of a chess-board). -ar, v., to place. -u, p., in place of; instead of; for.
plase ke, c., instead of; in place of.
plastik, a., plastic (formative). -itet, n., plastic art.
plastr, n., plaster (pharmacy).
plat, n., flat surface. -ar, v., to flatten. -ad, n., dish (platter; also mess); mess. -ik, a., flat.
platan, n., plane-tree.
platform, n., platform.
platil, n., plate.
platin, n., platinum (Pt).
platonik, a., Platonic.
plausibl, a., plausible.
plebe, n., plebeian. -ik, a., plebeian.
plen, a., full. -ifikar, v., to fill; to replenish. -itet, n., plenty; fullness; plenitude.
pleni-, prefix signifying fullness, pleni-.
plenilun, n., full moon.
plenipotent, a., plenipotent(iary).
plesir, n., pleasure.
plik, n., fold; plait; ply. -ar, v., to fold; to plait; to fold up.
plisar, v., to please. -ik, a., pleasing; pleasant. -ad, n., pleasure; liking. sekuantu plisad = at pleasure; at will. it plis, you (he, they, etc.,) please; e.g. if it plis = if you please, if they please, etc.
plomb, n., lead (Pb). -ar, v., to lead.
plonjar, v., to plunge; to dive.
plu, ad., more; (the comparative ending) -er. -ar, v., to increase. -ad, n., surplus; overplus. -foa, ad., more times.
plu-bonifikar, v., to better; to improve; to ameliorate.
plug, n., plow. -ar, v., to plow.
plu-grand-patr, n., great-grandfather.
plum, n., feather; pen. -aj, n., plumage.
plu-malifikar, v., to worsen; to make worse; to aggravate.
plu — plu, ad., the more — the more.
plu-po-sidiurne, ad., the day after to-morrow.
plu-pre-sidiurne, ad., the day before yesterday.
plural, n., the plural.
plush, n., plush.
pluskuamperfekt, n., pluperfect.
pluvi, n., rain. -ar, v., to rain. -os, a., rainy; pluvious.
plu volontare, ad., more willingly; rather.
po, p., behind; after.
po-breve, ad., soon; speedily. -ik, a., speedy.
podagr, n., gout; podagra. -os, a., gouty.
podium, n., podium.
poem, n., poem.
poesi, n., poetry; poesy.
poet, n., poet. -ik, a., poetic(al).
poetisar, v., to poetize.
po ke, c., after.
pol, n., pole (astr., physics).
poli-, prefix signifying many-, poly-.
poliar, v., to polish; to grind; to whet; to burnish; to furbish. -ad, n., polish.
poliangul, n., polygon.
poliglot, n., polyglot. -ik, a., polyglot.
polikapik, a., many-headed.
polip, n., polypus.
polis, n., policy (insurance).
polisi, n., police.
polit, a., polite. -itet, n., politeness.
politeknik, n., polytechnics. -al, a., polytechnic.
politik, n., politics. -al, a., political.
polka, n., polka.
Polonia, n., Poland.
pols, n., thumb; inch.
poltron, a., cowardly, and n., coward. -itet, n., cowardice.
pom, n., apple.
pomad, n., pomade. -ar, v., to pomade.
po-medi-diurne, ad., in the afternoon.
Pomerania, n., Pomerania.
pomis, n., pumice. -ar, v., to pumice.
pomp, n., pomp. -os, a., pompous.
ponderar, v. tr., to weigh. -abl, a., weighable ; ponderable. -ator, n., scales.
pont, n., bridge.
ponton, n., pontoon.
popl, n., people; folk (archaic). -ar, v., to people; to populate. -os, a., populous.
popular, a., popular. -itet, n., popularity.
por, n., pore.
pork, n., hog; pig; swine.
porselan, n., porcelain.
porsion, n., portion.
port, n., port; harbor; haven.
portar, v., to carry; to bear; to wear (clothes); to convey.
porta, n., door.
portal, n., portal; gate.
portfoli, n., portfolio.
portik, n., portico.
portmoné, n., porte monnaie.
porto, n., postage; freight; carrying charge.
portret, n., portrait. -ar, v., to portray.
Portugalia, n., Portugal.
pos, n., position; posture. -ar, v., to set; to lay.
poses, n., possession. -ar, v., to possess. -ad, n., possessions; goods; property; estate.
posibl, a., possible. -itet, n., possibility. -e, ad., possibly; perhaps.
po-sidiurne, ad., to-morrow.
positiv, a., positive. -e, ad., positively. -ism, n., positivism. -itet, n., positiveness.
positiv, n., positive degree; the positive.
post, n., post (mail).
posterior, a., posterior; subsequent; later; hind; back. -e, ad., afterwards; subsequently; posteriorly; behind. -itet, n., posteriority.
posteritet, n., posterity.
posthum, a., posthumous.
postilion, n., postillion.
post-kart, n., postal card; postcard.
post-mark, n., postage stamp.
pot, n., pot; jar; can.
potash, n., potash.
potat, n., potato.
potent, a., powerful; mighty; potent; strong. -itet (potens), n., power; might; potency; strength.
potesar, v., to be able (mi potes = I can).
povr, a., poor. -eskar, v., to become poor. -itet, n., poverty.
praktik, n., practice. -ar, v., to practise. -abl, a., practicable. -ablitet, n., practicability. -al, a., practical.
prat, n., meadow.
pre-, prefix signifying pre-, before.
predesesor, n., predecessor.
predikar, v., to preach. -ad, n., sermon. -asion, n., preaching. -ator, n., preacher.
predileksion, n., predilection.
prefekt, n., prefect.
preferar, v., to prefer; to choose. -abl, a., preferable. -ad, n., preference.
prefiks, n., prefix.
preg, n., request; prayer. -ar, v., to request; to ask; to beg; to pray.
pregar pardon, to beg pardon; to apologize.
pregar urgante, to conjure.
prek, n., prayer (to the deity). -ar, v., to pray.
prekaut, n., precaution; foresight. -ar, v., to caution; to warn. -asion, n., warning; caution.
prelat, n., prelate.
preliminar, a., preliminary.
prelonge, ad., long ago; once.
prelud, n., prelude.
prematur, a., premature.
premedi-diurne, ad., in the forenoon.
premi, n., premium; prize. -ar, v., to award a premium or prize.
prendar, v., to take.
prendar pro kredit, to borrow.
prendar su se, to take on one's self.
preokul, n., spectacles.
preparar, v., to prepare. -asion, n., preparation.
preposision, n., preposition.
prepusi, n., prepuce; foreskin.
prerogativ, n., prerogative.
pres, n., press. -ar, v., to press; to squeeze.
presbiop, a., far-sighted; presbyopic.
presbitr, n., priest. -ad, n., priesthood. -ik, a., priestly; sacerdotal.
presedar, v., to preside. -ant, part., chairman; presiding officer.
present, a., present. -itet (presens), n., presence. -u, p., in presence of; before.
present (esar), to be present.
present, n., present tense; the present.
presentar, v., to present; to put before.
presentiment, n., presentiment; foreboding. -ar, v., to have a presentiment of; to forebode; to anticipate.
presepi, n., crib; manger.
preseptor, n., preceptor. -ar, v., to indoctrinate.
preservar, v., to preserve; to keep.
president, n., president.
pre-sidiurne, ad., yesterday.
presios, a., precious; costly. -itet, n., costliness.
presipis, n., precipice.
presipitar, v., to precipitate.
presis, a., precise.
preskribar, v., to prescribe. -asion, n., prescription.
prestar, v., to do; to render; to perform; to lend. -asion, n., doing; rendering; performance; service; loan.
prestar avanse, to advance (money).
prestar luade, to let; to lease (to another).
pretekst, n., pretext.
pretendar, v., to pretend to; to claim.
preurb, n., suburb.
preveniar, v., to anticipate; to forestall; to be beforehand with; to get the start of; to prevent.
previsar, v., to foresee.
preyudisi, n., prejudice.
prim, nr., first. -an, a., scholar of the first (upper) class. -e, nr. ad., first.
primitiv, a., primitive.
priml, n., primrose.
primogenitur, n., primogeniture.
prins, n., prince.
prinsip, n., principle. -ik, a., relating to principle; principial; fundamental.
prinsipal, a., principal; chief; main; leading. -e, ad., principally; chiefly; mainiy.
prior, a., prior. -itet, n., priority.
pris, n., price.
prism, n., prism.
prison, n., prison. -ar, v., to imprison. -ad, n., imprisonment. -er, n., prisoner.
pristin, a., pristine.
privar, v., to deprive; to bereave.
privat, a., private.
privileg, n., privilege. -ar, v., to privilege.
pro, p., for.
prob, a., thorough. -e, ad., thoroughly. -itet, n., thoroughness.
probabl, a., probable. -e, ad., probably; likely.
problem, n., problem; task.
probosk, n., proboscis; snout.
prodig, n., spendthrift; prodigal. -ar, v., to lavish; to squander; to be prodigal. -asion, n., prodigality. -ik, a., prodigal; lavish.
produkt, n., product. -ar, v., to produce.
produktar briki, to make bricks.
profanar, v., to profane. -ik, a., profane.
profesion, n., profession.
profesor, n., professor.
profet, n., prophet. -ar, v., to prophesy.
profil, n., profile.
profit, n., profit; benefit; advantage; gain. -ar, v., to profit. -u, p., for the benefit of; for the advantage of; for the good of.
profund, a., profound; deep. -ifikar, v., to deepen.
prognos, n., prognosis; forecast. -ar, v., to prognosticate; to forecast.
program, n., programme.
progres, n., progress. -ar, v., to progress.
proklamar, v., to proclaim. -asion, n., proclamation.
proksim, a., near; proximate. -e, ad., near by; near. -itet, n., proximity; nearness. -u, p., near; near to; by.
prokur, n., procuration; proxy (thing). -ar, v., to procure; to effect. -ist, n., procurator; proxy; attorney.
prolog, n., prologue.
prolongar, v., to prolong. -asion, n., prolongation.
promenar, v., to promenade; to take a walk. -ad, n., promenade; walk.
promet, n., promise. -ar, v., to promise.
promontori, n., promontory.
promovar, v., to promote; to further.
pronom, n., pronoun.
pronom demonstrativ, indefinit, interogativ, korelativ, personal, posesiv, refleksiv, relativ, demonstrative, indefinite, interrogative, correlative, personal, possessive, reflexive, relative, pronoun.
pronunsiar, v., to pronounce. -asion, n., pronunciation.
propagar, v., to propagate; to circulate; to spread. -asion, n., propagation; spread.
proporsion, n., proportion. -ar, v., to proportion.
proposar, v., to propose; to move. -asion, n., proposal; motion.
proposision, n., proposition; sentence.
propr, a., own; proper. -e, ad., properly. -itet, n., property.
prosa, n., prose. -ik, a., prosaic.
prosed, n., procedure; proceeding; course; process. -ar, v., to proceed; to act.
prosent, n., per cent.
proses, n., lawsuit. -ar, v., to litigate.
prosesion, n., procession.
proskribar, v., to proscribe; to outlaw.
prosodi, n., prosody. -ik (prosodik), a., prosodic.
prosperar, v., to prosper; to thrive.
prosperitet, n., prosperity.
protektar, v., to protect. -asion (proteksion), n., protection. -ator (protektor), n., protector.
protest, n., protest. -ar, v., to protest. -ant, a. and n., Protestant. -antism, n., Protestantism.
proto-, prefix signifying origin.
protoforest, n., primeval forest.
protokol, n., protocol. -ar, v., to protocol.
protometal, n., ore.
protoparol, n., primitive word; root.
protosir, n., honeycomb.
prototip, n., prototype; archetype.
prov, n., proof; test; trial. -ar, v., to test; to try; to prove.
proveniar, v., to come from; to proceed from.
proverb, n., proverb.
provins, n., province.
provision, n., stock; supply; provision.
provisore, ad., provisionally. -ik, a., provisional.
pro-vite, ad., for life; (one's) lifelong; all (one's) life. -ik, a., lifelong; life.
provokar, v., to challenge; to provoke.
proyekt, n., project. -ar, v., to project.
prud, a., prudish. -itet, n., prudery; prudishness.
prudent, a., prudent. -itet (prudens), n., prudence.
pruf, n., proof. -ar, v., to prove.
prun, n., plum.
pruriar, v., to itch; to be prurient.
Prusia, n., Prussia.
psalm, n., psalm.
pseudo-, prefix signifying something not authentic, not genuine.
pseudonom (pseudonim), n., pseudonym.
publik, n., public. -ar, v., to promulgate; to publish.
pudar, v., to be ashamed. -ifikar, v., to shame; to abash. -ik, a., bashful; shamefaced. -ikitet, n., bashfulness; shamefacedness.
pudr, n., powder. -ar, v., to powder.
puer, n., boy. -a, n., girl.
pueril, a., puerile; childish. -itet, n., childishness; puerility.
puit, n., well; shaft (mining).
pulk, n., flea.
pulmon, n., lung.
pulp, n., pulp. -os, a., pulpous; pulpy. -ositet, n., pulpousness.
pulp de gamb, calf.
puls, n., pulse. -ar, v., to pulsate; to beat; to throb.
pulv, n., dust.
pulvin, n., cushion.
pulvr, n., powder. -ar (pulveriser), v., to pulverize; to powder.
pulvr-min, n., mine (military).
pump, n., pump. -ar, v., to pump.
pun, n., fist.
puni, n., punishment; penalty. -ar, v., to punish.
puniard, n., poniard; dagger. -ar, v., to poniard; to stab.
punkt, n., point; dot; period. -ar, v., to point; to dot.
punkt de vis, point of view; standpoint.
punktual, a., punctual. -itet, n., punctuality.
punsh, n., punch.
punt, n., tip; point.
pup, n., doll.
pupil, n., pupil; ward.
pupila, n., pupil (of eye).
pur, a., pure; clean. -ifikar, v., to purify. -itet, n., cleanness; purity.
purgar, v., to purge. -asion, n., purgation. -ativ, a., purgative.
puritan, a., puritanic(al), and n. Puritan. -anist, n., puritanism.
purpur, n., purple.
pus, n., push; shove; thrust. -ar, v., to push; to shove; to thrust.
pus-kar, n., wheelbarrow.
pustul, n., pustule; pimple. -os, a., pustulous; pimpled.
putr, a., putrid; rotten. -eskar, v., to putrify; to rot; to decay. -eskasion, n., putrefaction; rotting; decay.
rabat, n., rebate. -ar, v., to rebate; to abate.
rabin, n., rabbi; rabbin.
rabot, n., plane (carpenter's). -ar, v., to plane.
rad, n., road; roadstead (marine).
radi, n., radius; ray; beam. -ar, v., to radiate. -ad, n., spoke. -ik (radial), a., radial.
radik, n., root; radical. -al, a., radical.
radis, n., radish.
rafinar, v., to refine.
ram, n., branch; bough; limb. -ifikar, v., to ramify.
ramp, n., ramp.
rampart, n., rampart.
ran, n., frog.
rang, n., rank; row; tier. -ar, v., to rank; to range.
rankor, n., rancor.
ransid, a., rancid. -itet, n., rancidity; rancidness.
ranunkl, n., ranunculus.
rap, n., turnip.
rapas, a., rapacious. -itet, n., rapacity.
rapiar, v., to steal. ator, n., thief.
rapid, a., rapid; quick; fast. -itet, n., rapidity.
rapide kuale fulmin, quick as lightning.
rapin, n., robbery. -ar, v., to rob. -ator, n., robber.
raport, n., report. -ar, v., to report.
raps, n., rape (bot.).
rapt, n., abduction. -ar, v., to abduct.
rar, a., rare. -e, ad., seldom; rarely. -ifikar, v., to rarefy. -itet, n., rarity; rareness.
ras, n., race; breed.
rasar, v., to shave; to scrape. -ator, n., razor.
rasional, a., rational. -ism, n., rationalism. -itet, n., rationality.
rasp, n., rasp. -ar, v., to rasp.
rastr, n., rake. -ar, v., to rake. -on, n., harrow. -onar, v., to harrow.
rat, n., rat.
ratifikar, v., to ratify.
rauk, a., hoarse. -itet, n., hoarseness.
raviar, v., to ravish; to enrapture. -asion, n., rapture.
ravin, n., ravine; gorge.
re-, prefix signifying repetition or return.
reaktar, v., to react. -asion (reaksion), n., reaction.
real, a., real. -ism, n., realism. -itet, n., reality.
realisar, v., to realize.
rebel, n., rebel. -ar, v., to rebel.
rebus, n., rebus.
redaktar, v., to edit; to draw up. -asion (redaksion), n., editing. -ator (redaktor), n., editor.
redimar, v., to redeem; to ransom . -asion (redempsion ), n., redemption. -ator (redemptor), n., redeemer.
redonar, v., to give back; to return; to restore.
referar, v., to refer (report). -ad, n., reference (report).
refleks, n., reflection (physical). -ar, v., to reflect (physically).
reflektar, v., to reflect (meditate).
refluks, n., ebb.
reform, n., reform. -ar, v., to reform. -asion, n., reformation. -ator, n., reformer.
refrangar, v., to refract. -abl, a., refrangible. -ablitet, n., refrangibility.
refreskar, v., to refresh; to cool.
refugi, n., refuge. -ar, v., to take refuge; to have recourse to.
refus, n., refusal. -ar, v., to refuse; to decline.
refutar, v., to refute. -asion, n., refutation.
reg, n., king (ruler; also in chess). -a, n., queen (sovereign; also in chess).
regalar, v., to regale; to entertain.
regard, n., regard; respect (relation). -u, p., in regard to; in respect to.
regat, n., regatta.
regenerar, v., to regenerate. -asion, n., regeneration. -ator, n., regenerator.
regiment, n., regiment.
region, n., region.
registr, n., register; roll. -ar, v., to register; to enroll.
regl, n., rule.
regnar, v., to reign; to rule over. -ator, n., ruler; sovereign. -ia, n., kingdom.
regnikol, n., inhabitant of a kingdom.
regres, n., retrogression. -ar, v., to retrograde.
regret, n., regret. -ar, v., to regret. -e!, i., alas!; unfortunately!
regular, v., to regulate.
regular, a., regular. -itet, n., regularity.
rehabilitar, v., to rehabilitate.
rekapitular, v., to recapitulate.
reklam, n., puff; puffing (newspaper).
reklamar, v., to reclaim; to recall.
rekolt, n., crop; harvest. -ar, v., to harvest; to reap.
rekomendar, v., to recommend; to commend.
rekompensar, v., to remunerate; to recompense; to reward; to requite. -asion, n., remuneration; recompense; reward; requital.
rekonosar, v., to recognize.
rekrear, v., to recreate (take recreation). -asion, n., recreation.
rekrut, n., recruit. -ar, v., to recruit (raise soldiers); to enlist.
rekt, a., straight; right. -ifikar, v., to rectify. -itet, n., straightness; rectitude.
rektor, n., rector.
rekuisit, n., requisite.
relasion, n., relation (of one thing to another; commercial relations, etc.).
relativ, a., relative; respective. -u, p., relative to.
relegar, v., to relegate. -asion, n., relegation.
relief, n., relief; relievo. -ik, a., relief; raised; embossed.
religi, n., religion. -os, a., religious. -ositet, n., religiousness.
relikui, n., relic. -ik (relikuiar), a., reliquian.
rels, n., rail.
rels-rut, n., railroad; railway.
rem, n., oar. -ar, v., to row.
remburs, n., reimbursement. -ar, v., to reimburse.
remedi, n., remedy. -ar, v., to remedy; to cure; to heal. -abl, a., remediable; curable.
reminiskar, v., to remind. -asion, n., reminding.
remors, n., remorse.
removar, v., to remove (trans.).
remov-kest, n., drawer.
ren, n., reindeer.
renfors, n., reinforcement. -ar, v., to reinforce.
renovar, v., to renew; to renovate.
rent, n., income; rent; revenue. -ar, v., to yield (income, etc.). -er, n., rentier; one who has a fixed income.
renunsiar a kk, v., to renounce anything. -asion, n., renunciation.
reparar, v., to repair; to mend.
repast, n., repast; meal.
repent, n., repentance; penitence. -ar, v., to repent.
repertori, n., repertory.
repetar, v., to repeat; to renew. -asion (repetision), n., repetition.
replik, n., reply; rejoinder. -ar, v., to reply; to rejoin.
repositori, n., cupboard; closet; press. -et, n., repository.
reprendar, v., to take back; to resume.
representar, v., to represent.
reprimand, n., reprimand. -ar, v., to reprimand.
reprosh, n., reproach. -ar, v., to reproach; to upbraid.
reprovar, v., to disapprove; to reject. -asion, n., disapprobation; disapproval; rejection.
republik, n., republic. -an, a. and n., republican.
reputasion, n., reputation; character.
resept, n., prescription; recipe; receipt.
reserv, n., reserve; stock; reservation. -ar, v., to reserve; to save (lay up); to reserve (keep back).
residar, v., to reside; to live.
residiv, n., relapse. -er, n., relapser.
resignar, v., to resign. -asion, n., resignation.
resignar se, to resign one’s self.
resin, n., resin.
resiprok, a., reciprocal.
resistens, n., resistance.
resitar, v., to recite.
resivar, v., to receive; to get.
resolusion, n., resolution; decision.
resolut, a., resolute.
resolvar, v., to resolve; to determine; to conclude; to decide.
reson, n., reason. -ar, v., to reason. -os, a., reasonable; rational.
resonans, n., resonance.
resor, n., spring (elastic force or body).
respekt, n., respect (esteem). -ar, v., to respect (esteem).
respektive, ad., respectively.
respir, n., breath. -ar, v., to respire; to breathe. -asion, n., respiration; breathing.
respond, n., response; answer; reply. -ar, v., to respond; to to answer; to reply; to be answerable for; to be responsible for. -abl, a., answerable; liable; responsible. -ablitet, n., liability; responsibility.
rest, n., remainder; rest. -ar, v., to remain; to stay.
restaurar, v., to restore; to revive; to refresh. -eri, n., restaurant. -asion, n., restoration; restoring.
restar posteriore, to remain behind.
restriktar, v., to restrict; to circumscribe; to confine.
restar sol, to be solitary; to remain alone.
resultar, v., to result. -ad, n., result; issue.
resureksion, n., resurrection. -ar, v., to rise (from the dead).
ret, n., net.
retardar, v., to retard.
retenar, v., to keep back; to restrain.
retenar, v., to retain; to keep.
retirar, v. tr., to retire; to withdraw. -ad, n., retreat.
retirar se, v., to retire; to withdraw (both intr.).
retort, n., retort (chem.).
retro, ad., back; backward.
retro-via, n., way back; return.
return, n., return. -ar, v., to return; to go back.
reumatism, n., rheumatism. -ik (reutnatik), a., rheumatic.
reuniar, v., to reunite; to assemble (trans.).
reunion, n., reunion.
reverend, a., reverend.
revisar, v., to revise; to review.
revolt, n., revolt. -ar, v., to revolt.
revolusion, n., revolution.
revoyajar, v., to travel back.
ridar, v., to laugh; to laugh at.
rigid, a., rigid; stiff. -itet, n., rigidity; stiffness.
rik, a., rich. -ifikar, v., to enrich. -itet, n., riches; wealth; richness.
rim, n., rime (rhyme). -ar, v., to rime.
rimbors, n., C. O. D. -ar, v., to collect (charges).
rimes, n., remittance.
rinoseros, n., rhinoceros.
ris, n., rice.
risk, n., risk. -ar, v., to risk.
ritm, n., rhythm. -ik, a., rhythmic(al).
ritu, n., rite.
ritual, n., ritual.
rival, n., rival. -ar (rivalisar), v., to rival.
rivet, n., rivet. -ar, v., to rivet.
rob, n., dress; gown (woman’s).
robust, a., robust.
rodar, v., to gnaw.
rodium, n., rhodium (Rh).
rog, n., rye.
rok, n., rock.
rol, n., part; character (as in theater).
roman, n., romance.
romb, n., rhombus; rhomb.
ronion, n., kidney.
ros, n., rose.
rosi, n., dew. -ar, v., to form dew. -ik and de r., a., dewy; roscid.
rosin, n., raisin.
rosmarin, n., rosemary.
rost, n., gridiron. -ar, v., to roast. -ad, n., roast.
rost-plat, n., roasting pan.
rot, n., wheel. -ar, v., to turn; to revolve; to rotate. -asion, n., rotation; revolution.
rot dented, cog-wheel.
rotond, a., rotund; round. -ifikar, v., to round; to round off.
rub, a., red. -eskar, v., to redden; to blush. -ifikar, v., to redden; to color red.
rubidium, n., rubidium (Rb).
rubin, n., ruby.
rubl, n., rouble; ruble.
rubrik, n., rubric. -ar, v., to rubricate.
rud, a., rude; rough; uncivil. -itet, n., rudeness.
rudimenti, n., rudiments.
rug, n., wrinkle. -ar, v., to wrinkle. -os, a., wrinkled.
ruin, n., ruin. -ar, v., to ruin; to spoil. -asion, n., ruin (the act).
rul, n., roll. -ar, v., to roll. -aj, n., pulley.
rum, n., rum.
Rumania, n., Roumania.
Rumelia, n., Roumelia.
ruminar, v., to ruminate; to chew the cud. -asion, n., rumination; chewing the cud.
rumor, n., noise; rumor. -ar, v., to noise; to rumor.
ruptar, v., to rend; to tear; to rupture. -ad, n., crack; rent; rupture.
Rusia, n., Russia. -ian, a. and n., Russian. -ik, a., Russian; in Russian; Russian-speaking. -o, n., Russian-speaking person. -a, n., Russian-speaking person.
rustik, a., rustic, and n., rustic.
rut, n., route; road.
ruta, n., rue.
rutenium, n., ruthenium (Ru).
s.= sirka, circa; about.
sabl, n., sand. -os, a., sandy.
sabr, n., sabre.
safir, n., sapphire.
safran, n., saffron.
sagas, a., sagacious; acute. -itet, n., sagacity; acuteness.
sagit, n., arrow.
sak, n., sack; bag; pouch.
sakrament, n., sacrament.
sakristi, n., sacristy.
Saksonia, n., Saxony.
sal, n., salt. -ar, v., to salt. -os, a., salty.
salad, n., salad.
salamandr, n., salamander.
salar, n., salary. -ar, v., to salary.
salin, n., saltworks.
salis, n., willow.
saliv, n., saliva.
salmon, n., salmon.
salon, n., salon; saloon; drawing-room.
salt, n., leap; spring; bound; jump. -ar, v., to leap; to spring; to bound; to jump.
salubr, a., salubrious; wholesome; healthful.
salut, n., salute; greeting. -ar, v., to salute; to greet.
salv, n., salvo; volley; salute.
salvar, v., to save; to rescue. -ator, n., savior.
samarium, n., samarium (Sm).
san, a., sound; healthy; well. -eskar, v., to recover; to convalesce; to grow well. -eskasion, n., recovery; convalescence. -itet, n., health; soundness.
sandali, n., sandals.
sanguin, n., blood. -ar, v., to bleed (intr. ) .
sanguinik, a., sanguine. -iker, n., sanguine person.
sanguin-sug, n., leech.
sanksion, n., sanction. -ar, v., to sanction.
sankt, a., holy. -ifikar, v., to sanctify; to hallow. -itet, n., sanctity; holiness.
sanskrit, n., Sanskrit.
santim, n., centime.
sapient, a., wise. -itet, n., wisdom.
sapon, n., soap.
sardin, n., sardine.
sark, n., coffin.
sarkasm, n., sarcasm. -ik (sarkastik), a., sarcastic.
satan, n., Satan. -ik, a., satanic.
satin, n., satin. -ar, v., to satin; to satin-finish.
satir, n., satire.
satiro, n., satyr.
satisfaktar, v., to satisfy. -asion (satisfaksion), n., satisfaction; satisfying.
saturar, v., to saturate; to sate. -asion, n., saturation; satiation. -ed, part, saturated; sated.
saturndi, n., Saturday. -an and de s., a., Saturday.
Savoya, n., Savoy. -n, a. and n., Savoyard.
se, pr., self (reflexive).
seb, n., tallow; suet.
sebr, n., zebra.
sed, n., seat. -ar, v., to sit.
sediment, n., sediment; grounds; lees; dregs.
sedl, n., saddle. -ar, v., to saddle.
sedr, n., cedar.
sedukar, v., to seduce.
sefir, n., zephyr.
seg, n., saw. -ar, v., to saw.
segment, n., segment.
sejurn, n., sojourn. -ar, v., to sojourn.
sekin, n., sequin; zechin.
sekond, n., second (division of time).
sekret, n., secret.
sekretar, n., secretary.
seks, nr., six.
seks-des, nr., sixty.
seksion, n., section.
sekst, nr., sixth.
sekstet, n., sextette.
seksu, n., sex.
sekt, n., sect. -ar, v., to form a sect.
sekuar, v., to follow; to ensue. -ad, n., sequel. -antfoa, ad., the next time. -antu, p., according to; in consequence of.
sekuantu komand de, by order of.
sekuar mediu aspekt, to look after.
sekuestr, n., sequestration; seizure. -ar, v., to sequester; to sequestrate.
sekul, n., century. -ik (sekular), a., centurial; centennial; secular.
sekund, nr., second. -an, a., scholar of the second class.
sekundar, v., to second.
sekundar, a., secondary.
sekur, a., secure; certain; safe; sure. -itet, n., security; safety.
sel, n., sail (sheet). -ar, v., to sail.
selebr, a., celebrated; noted. -itet, n., celebrity.
selektar, v., to select; to choose; to elect.
selen, n., selenium (Se).
selibat, n., celibacy.
selri, n., celery.
selul, n., cell.
sem, pr., same (see el sem, it sem).
semafor, n., semaphore.
seman, n., week.
semblar, v., to seem; to appear.
semblar estran, to seem strange.
sement, n., cement. -ar, v., to cement.
semestr, n., half-year. -ik, a., half-yearly; semi-annual.
semi-, prefix signifying semi-, half-.
semi-ad, n., half.
semifilio, n., stepson.
semifratr, n., stepbrother; half-brother.
semilun, n., half-moon.
semin, n., seed. -ar, v., to sow.
seminar, n., seminary.
semipatr, n., stepfather.
semit, n., Semite.
semiton, n., semitone.
semivokal, n., semivowel.
sempre, ad., always; ever. -ik, a., everlasting.
sempre-florant, part., ever-blooming.
sen, n., ashes.
senat, n., senate. -er, n., senator.
senil, a., senile.
senior, a., senior; older.
senit, n., zenith.
sens, n., sense. -os, a., sensible.
sensasion, n., sensation (state of excited interest or feeling).
sensor, n., censor.
sensu, n., sense (one of the five); -ik, a., sensory. -ar, v., to feel; to perceive; to experience (physically). -asion, n., sensation. -abl (sensibl), a., sensitive; sensible. -ablitet (sensiblitet), n., sensitiveness; sensibility.
sensual, a., sensual. -itet, n., sensuality.
sensur, n., censorship. -ar, v., to examine (as censor).
sent, nr., hundred.
sentens, n., sentence (saying).
sentiar, v., to be sensible of; to feel; to perceive. -abl, a., sensible; perceptible.
sentiment, n., sentiment; feeling. -os, a., sensitive; feeling.
sentimental, a., sentimental. -itet, n., sentimentality.
sentinel, n., sentinel.
sent-livr, n., hundred; hundred-weight; quintal; centner.
sentr, n., center.
sentralisar, v., to centralize. -asion, n., centralization.
sep, n., vine.
separar, v., to separate. -asion, n., separation. -ik, a., separate.
sepi, n., hedge; fence. -ar, v., to hedge; to fence.
sept, nr., seven. -im, nr., seventh.
sept-des, nr., seventy.
septembr, n., September.
septet, n., septette.
sepult, n., grave; sepulcher. -ar, v., to bury; to inter.
seraf, n., seraph.
Serbia, n., Servia.
serebr, n., cerebrum; brain.
seremoni, n., ceremony.
seren, a., serene. -itet, n., serenity.
serenad, n., serenade.
serf, n., deer.
seri, n., series. -ar, v., to seriate; to arrange in a series; to place in a row.
serios, a., serious; earnest. -itet, n., seriousness; earnestness.
seris, n., cherry.
serium, n., cerium (Ce).
serpent, n., serpent; snake. -ar, v., to meander; to wind.
serpentin, n., serpentine line; wavy line.
sert, pr., certain; sure. -e, ad., certainly; surely. -ifikar, v., to certify. -ifikasion, n., certificate. -itet, n., certainty.
sert-kos, pr. ind., a certain thing; something.
sert-maniere, ad., in a certain way; in a certain manner.
serus, n., ceruse; white lead.
serv, n., servant. -ar, v., to serve; to tend to; to conduce to; to wait on.
serviet, n., napkin.
servil, a., servile. -itet, n., servility.
sesar, v., to cease; to stop; to discontinue; to desist.
sesium, n., caesium (Cs).
seson, n., season.
set, n., silk.
setr, a., remaining. -i, n., the rest. -e, ad., for the rest; moreover; furthermore.
setul, n., bristle. -os, a., bristly.
sever, a., severe; rigorous; sharp. -itet, n., severity.
sfer, n., sphere. -ik, a., spherical.
sfinks, n., sphinx.
sfinkter, n., sphincter.
shabrak, n., shabrack; saddle-cloth; housing.
shak, n., chess. -ist, n., chess-player.
shakal, n., jackal.
shak-plat, n., chess-board.
shalup, n., sloop.
shampinion, n., mushroom.
shapó, n., hat.
sharj, n., cargo; load; charge; burden. -ar, v., to load; to charge; to burden.
sharm, n., charm; attraction. -ar, v., to charm; to bewitch; to enchant; to fascinate.
shef, n., chief; head; leader.
shershar, v., to seek; to search for; to look for.
shifr, n., cipher; figure. -ar, v., to write in cipher.
shiling, n., shilling.
shist, n., slate.
shist-krayon, n., slate-pencil.
si, ad., yes.
si-, prefix signifying the present time or the nearest object.
Siberia, n., Siberia.
sibet, n., civet (pharm.).
sibet-kat, n., civet-cat; civet.
sibilar, v., to hiss.
sidiurne, ad., to-day.
sidr, n., cider.
sie, pr., his; her; hers; its.
siek, a., blind. -ifikar, v., to blind. -itet, n., blindness.
siel, n., heaven; sky. -ik, a., heavenly; celestial.
sient, n., science; knowledge. -ik (sientifik), a., scientific.
sifon, n., siphon.
sigar, n., cigar. -et, n., cigarette.
sigil, n., seal (stamp). -ar, v., to seal.
sign, n., sign. -ar, v., to denote; to designate; to mark.
signal, n., signal. -ar, v., to signal.
sign de eks-klamasion, exclamation mark.
sign de interogasion, interrogation mark.
sign de sitasion, quotation mark.
signi de interpunktasion, punctuation marks.
signifikar, v., to signify; to mean. -asion, n., signification; meaning.
sigsag, n., zigzag.
sik, a., dry; arid. -itet, n., dryness; aridity.
sikatris, n., scar; cicatrice. -ar, v., to cicatrize.
sikause, ad., therefore; accordingly; for this reason; because of this; hence.
sikomor, n., sycamore.
sikon, n., stork.
sikor, n., chicory; succory.
sil, n., eyelash.
silab, n., syllable.
silensi, n., silence. -ar, v., to be silent. -os, a., silent. —! , i., silence!; hush!; keep still!; be quiet!
Silesia, n., Silesia.
silik, n., pod; husk; hull.
silindr, n., cylinder.
silindr-shapó, n., cylinder hat; silk hat.
silisium, n., silicium; silicon (Si).
silogism, n., syllogism.
siloke, ad., here.
simaniere, ad., thus; in this manner; in this way.
simbal, n., cymbal.
simbol, n., symbol.
simeks, n., bug.
simetri, n., symmetry. -ik (simetrik), a., symmetrical.
simi, n., ape. -ar, v., to ape; to mimic. -ik and de s., a., simian.
simil, a., similar; like. -itet, n., similarity; likeness.
simomente, ad., instantly.
simpati, n., sympathy. -ik (simpatik), a., sympathetic.
simpl, n., simple. -ifikar, v., to simplify. -ifikasion, n., simplification. -itet (simplisitet), n., simplicity.
simptom, n., symptom.
simular, v., to simulate. -asion, n., simulation.
simultan, a., simultaneous. -e, ad., simultaneously. -itet, n., simultaneousness.
sin, n., swan.
sinabr, n., cinnabar.
sinagog, n., synagogue.
sinamon, n., cinnamon.
sine, p., without.
sine ke, c., without.
singular, n., the singular number.
singult, n., sob. -ar, v., to sob.
sinior, n., sir; mister; gentleman. -a, n., Mrs.; madam; lady.
Sinior, n., Lord.
siniorina, n., miss; young lady.
sinistr, a., left. -e, ad., at the left; on the left.
sinistre de, p., to (at) the left of.
sink, n., zinc (Zn). -ar, v., to zinc.
sinonim, n., synonym. -ik, a., synonymous.
sinser, a., sincere; candid. -itet, n., sincerity; candor.
sintaks, n., syntax.
sintes, n., synthesis.
sintil, n., spark.
sintur, n., girdle; belt; cincture; zone. -ar, v., to girdle; to belt; to gird.
sipres, n., cypress.
sir, n., wax.
Siria, n., Syria.
sirk, n., circus.
sirka, ad., around; round about; all around.
sirka, p., about; around.
sirka-donar, v., to surround; to encompass; to environ; to encircle.
sirkl, n., circle. -ar, v., to circulate; to be in circulation. -ad, n., environs; surroundings.
sirkl-andar, v., to go around; to go about; to run about.
sirklator, n., compasses.
sirkonium, n., zirconium (Zr).
sirkuit, n., circuit. -os, a., circuitous.
sirkular, n., circular letter; circular.
sirkumstans, n., circumstance.
sirop, n., syrup.
sisar, v., to seize; to grasp.
sisel, n., chisel. -ar, v., to chisel.
Sisilia, n., Sicily.
sistem, n., system. -ik (sistematik), a., systematic.
sistern, n., cistern.
sitar, v., to cite; to quote; to summon.
sitadel, n., citadel.
sitempe, ad., now; at this time.
siterior, a., hither; this. -e, ad., on this side; on the hither side.
siteriore de, p., on this side of; on the hither side of.
siti, n., thirst; drouth. -os and avant siti, a., thirsty.
sitr, n., zither.
situar, v., to situate. -asion, n., situation; site.
situl, n., bucket; pail.
sivil, a., civil; civic.
sivilisar, v., to civilize. -asion, n., civilization.
skabi, n., itch; mange; scab. -os, a., itchy; mangy; scabby.
skafold, n., scaffold.
skal, n., staircase; stairs; scale; gamut.
skamnu, n., bench; pew.
skandal, n., scandal. -os, a., scandalous.
Skandinavia, n., Scandinavia.
skandium, n., scandium (Sc).
skar, n., scratch. -ifikar, v., to scarify.
skarab, n., chafer; beetle.
skarlat, a., scarlet.
skarp, n., scarp; slope. -ar, v. tr., to slope. -ik, a., steep.
skatul, n., box; bandbox; hat-box; pasteboard box. -et, n., box; snuff-box; pill-box.
skelet, n., skeleton.
sken, n., stage; scene.
skeptik, a., sceptical, and n., sceptic. -ism, n., scepticism.
skeptr, n., scepter.
skis, n., sketch. -ar, v., to sketch.
skiur, n., squirrel.
sklav, n., slave.
skol, n., school. -an, a., scholar.
skolopendr, n., centiped; scolopendra.
skori, n., scoria; dross; slag; cinder.
skorpion, n., scorpion.
Skotia, n., Scotland.
skribar, v., to write. -ad, n., writing; treatise; essay. -ade, ad., in writing. -asion, n., writing. -ator, n., writer.
skribar sekuantu diktad, to write from dictation.
skroful, n., scrofula. -os, a., scrofulous. -ositet, n., scrofulousness.
skrub, n., screw. -ar, v., to screw.
skrupl, n., scruple. -ar, v., to scruple. -os (skrupulos), a., scrupulous. -ositet (skrupulositet), n., scrupulousness.
skual, n., shark.
skuam, n., scale; squame. -os, a., scaly; squamous.
skulptar, v., to sculpture; to carve; to cut. -asion (skulptur), n., sculpture. -ator (skulptor), n., sculptor.
skum, n., froth; foam; scum. -ar, v., to froth; to foam.
skur, n., axe; hatchet.
skut, n., shield; buckler.
slav, n., Sclave. -ik, a., Sclavic.
slim, n., slime; mud. -os, a., muddy.
slipr, n., sleeper; sill; threshold; tie.
silt, n., sleigh.
smaragd, n., emerald.
sobl, n., sable.
sobr, a., sober; temperate. -itet, n., sobriety; temperance.
sod, n., soda.
sodiak, n., zodiac.
sokl, n., socle.
sol, n., sun.
sol, a., alone; only; sole. -itet, n., solitude; solitariness. -e, ad., only; alone; solely; but.
soldar, v., to solder.
soldat, n., soldier; pawn (in chess).
soldi, n., Sunday. -an and de s., a., Sunday.
sole, n., sole (of foot, shoe, etc.).
solemn, a., solemn. -itet, n., solemnity.
solid, a., solid. -eskar, v., to solidify. -itet, n., solidity.
solidar, a., solidary; jointly and severally liable. -itet, n., solidarity.
solisitar, v., to solicit; to be solicitous.
solo, n., solo.
solvar, v., to loosen; to dissolve; to solve. -asion (solusion), n., solution.
somit, n., summit.
somni, n., dream. -ar, v., to dream.
son, n., sound. -ar, v., to sound.
sonat, n., sonata.
sond, n., plummet; sound; probe. -ar, v., to sound; to fathom; to probe.
sonet, n., sonnet.
sonor, a., sonorous; loud.
son [u liter] sibilant, sibilant.
soologi, n., zoölogy. -ik (soologik), a., zoölogical.
sopran, n., soprano (voice). -ist, n., soprano (singer).
sord, n., dirt; filth; soil; grime. -ik, a., dirty; filthy; soiled. -eskar, v., to become dirty. -ifikar, v., to soil; to befoul; to foul; to dirty.
sordid, a., sordid. -itet, n., sordidness.
soror, n., sister.
sort, n., sort; kind. -ar, v., to sort; to assort.
sos, n., sauce; gravy.
sosiabl, a., sociable. -itet, n., sociability.
sosial, a., social. -ism, n., socialism.
sosietet, n., society; company.
sosis, n., sausage.
sparv, n., sparrow-hawk.
spasi, n., space; room. -ik (lokal), a., local. -os, a., spacious; roomy.
spasm, n., spasm; cramp.
spat, n., spar (min.).
spekt, n., look. -ar, v., to look (at). -ator, n., spectator.
spektakl, n., spectacle; sight; play
spekular, v., to speculate (commerce).
spend, n., expense; expenditure; outlay. -ar, v., to expend; to spend; to lay out; to disburse.
sperm, n., semen; seed.
spes, n., spice; spices; groceries.
spesial, a., special; especial. -e, ad., especially; specially. -itet, n., specialty.
spesifik, a., specific.
spesifikar, v., to specify. -asion, n., specification.
spik, n.. ear (grain); spike (bot.).
spil, n., pin.
spin, n., thorn. -os, a., thorny.
spinat, n., spinach.
spion, n., spy. -ar, v., to spy.
spiral, a., spiral.
spirit, n., spirit; ghost. -ik, a., spiritual; ghostly. -ism, n., spiritism. -ist, n., spiritist. -os, a., spirited.
spiritual, a., spiritual (opposed to worldly).
splen, n., spleen.
splendar, v., to shine; to be bright; to be resplendent. -id, a., shining; bright; splendid; resplendent. -or, n., splendor; brightness; resplendence.
spondé, n., spondee. -ik, a., spondaic.
spongi, n., sponge. -atr (spongios), a., spongy; sponge-like.
spontan, a., spontaneous. -itet, n., spontaneousness; spontaneity.
sporadik, a., sporadic.
sporn, n., spur.
sport, n., sport.
spris, n., syringe. -ar, v., to squirt; to syringe.
sprit, n., spirit (liquor). -os, a., spirituous.
split, n., spittle. -ar, v., to spit; to expectorate.
stab, n., staff (military).
stabil, a., stable. -itet, n., stability.
stadi, n., stadium.
staf, n., stirrup.
stagn, n., pond; pool. -ar, v., to stagnate.
stal, n., stable; stall.
stamp, n., stamp. -ar, v., to stamp.
stan, n., tin; stannum (Sn). -ar, v., to tin.
stand, n., stand; position; state; condition. -ar, v., to stand; to be (do).
standart, n., standard; ensign.
stang, n., pole; bar.
stasion, n., station.
stat, n., state (commonwealth).
statik, n., statics. -al, a., static (al).
statistik, n., statistics.
statu, n., statue.
statuar, v., to enact.
statur, n., stature.
statut, n., statute.
stearin, n., stearin.
stel, n., star.
stenograf, n., stenographer. -ar, v., to write shorthand.
stenografi, n., stenography. -ik (stenografik), a., stenographic.
step, n., steppe.
steril, a., sterile; unfruitful; barren.
sterilisar, v., to sterilize.
sternutar, v., to sneeze. -asion, n., sneezing.
stertar, v., to snore.
stigmat, n., stigma; brand. -ik, a. and n., stigmatic.
stil, n., style (in diction, architecture, painting, chronology).
stimul, n., stimulus. -ar, v., to stimulate; to spur on.
stipular, v., to stipulate.
Stiria, n., Styria.
stof, n., stun.
stoik, a., stoic(al). -iker, n., stoic.
stokfish, n., stockfish.
stol, n., stole.
stomak, n., stomach.
stop, n., halt; stop; stay. -ar, v., to halt; to stop; to stay (remain); to stop up. —!, i., halt!; stop!
strad, n., street.
strangl, n., halter (for punishment). -ar, v., to strangle.
strat, n., stratum; layer. -ifikar, v., to stratify.
strategi, n., strategy. -ik (strategik), a., strategic.
stret, a., narrow; strait. -ifikar, v., to narrow. -itet, n., narrowness; straitness.
stri, n., stripe; streak; stria. -ar, v., to stripe; to streak; to striate. -ed, part., striped.
strik, n., strike (of workmen). -ar, v., to strike.
strikt, a., strict.
strof, n., strophe.
stronsium, n., strontium (Sr).
struktur, n., structure.
strut, n., ostrich.
studi, n., study. -ar, v., to study. -ant (student), part., student.
stuk, n., stucco. -ar, v., to stucco.
stul, n., chair.
stup, n., tow.
stupid, a., stupid; dull. -eskar, v., to become stupid. -itet, n., stupidity.
sturion, n., sturgeon.
sturn, n., starling.
su, p., on; upon.
suav, n., zouave.
sub, p., under; beneath; underneath.
subaltern, a., subaltern; subordinate.
subit, a., sudden. -e, ad., suddenly.
sublim, a., sublime; lofty.
sub-mitar, v., to subject; to submit (trans.).
subordinar, v., to subordinate. -asion, n., subordination.
sub-ridar, v., to smile.
subsidi, n., subsidy.
subsistar, v., to subsist.
sub-skribar, v., to subscribe; to sign.
substans, n., substance.
substantiv, n., substantive; noun.
substituar, v., to substitute; to replace.
sub-tas, n., saucer.
subterfugi, n., subterfuge.
subtil, a., subtile; fine. -itet, n., subtilty; fineness.
subtraktar, v., to subtract.
subvertar, v., to subvert; to overthrow; to upset.
subyekt, n., subject.
subyektiv, a., subjective. -itet, n., subjectivity.
sub-yugar, v., to subjugate; to subdue.
subyunktiv, n., subjunctive.
sud, n., south. -e, ad., in the south; southerly.
sudar, v., to sweat; to perspire. -ad, n., sweat.
sue, pr., his (own); her (own); its (own); their (own).
Suedia, n., Sweden.
sue-tempe, ad., at the right (proper) time; in time; in due time; duly.
sufiks, n., suffix.
sufisar, v., to suffice. -e, ad., sufficiently; enough; pretty; quite. -ik, a., sufficient.
suflar, v., to blow. -onar, v., to snort.
sufokar, v., to suffocate; to choke; to stifle; to smother.
sufrar, v., to suffer; to endure; to bear. -asion, n., suffering.
sugar, v., to suck.
sugestar, v., to suggest. -asion (sugestion), n., suggestion.
su-glutinar, v., to paste on; to glue on; to stick on.
suisidi, n., suicide (the act). -ist, n., suicide (person).
suit, n., suite; retinue.
suk, n., juice; sap. -os, a., juicy; sappy.
sukr, n., sugar. -ar, v., to sugar; to sweeten.
suksedar, v., to succeed (follow).
sukses, n., success.
suksesion, n., succession.
suksesiv, a., gradual. -e, ad., gradually.
sukurs, n., help; succor; aid; assistance. -ar, v., to help; to succor; to aid; to assist. —!, i., help!
sukus, n., shaking; shock. -ar, v., to shake.
sulfur, n., sulphur (S).
sulk, n., furrow; sulcus. -ar, v., to furrow.
sultan, n., sultan.
sum, n., sum; amount. -ar, v., to add; to sum up.
sumak, n., sumac.
su-metar, v., to lay on; to put on; to impose.
suol, n., soil; ground.
sup, n., soup.
supé, n., supper. -ar, v., to sup; to eat supper.
superb, a., superb.
superfisi, n., surface; superficies. -ik (superfisial), a., superficial.
superflu, a., superfluous.
superior, a., superior; upper. -e, ad., above; over. -itet, n., superiority.
superiore de, p., over; above.
superlativ, n., superlative.
supernumerar, a., supernumerary; surplus.
superstisi, n., superstition. -os, a., superstitious.
suplik, n., supplication; entreaty. -ar, v., to supplicate; to beseech; to implore; to entreat.
suport, n., support; prop. -ar, v., to support; to prop.
suposar, v., to suppose; to assume; to presume.
suposante ke, c., provided that; supposing that; assuming that.
supresar, v., to suppress.
surd, a., deaf; dull; hollow; dead (of sound). -itet, n., deafness.
surogat, n., substitute.
surpasar, v., to surpass; to exceed.
surplis, n., surplice.
surpris, n., surprise. -ar, v., to surprise.
surtut, n., overcoat.
suspekt, n., suspicion. -ar, v., to suspect.
suspendar, v., to suspend; to prorogue.
suspir, n., sigh. -ar, v., to sigh.
sustentar, v., to sustain.
sutar, v., to sew. -ad, n., seam; suture. -atora, n., seamstress.
su ter, on earth; here below.
sval, n., swallow.
svip, n., broom. -ar, v., to sweep.
tabak, n., tobacco.
tabel, n., table (tabular list).
tabernakl, n., tabernacle.
tabl, n., table. -er, n., cabinet-maker; joiner.
tabler-ofisin, n., joiner's shop; cabinet-maker's shop.
taft, n., taffeta.
taks, n., rate. -ar, v., to appraise; to rate; to tax. -asion, n., appraisal. -ator, n., appraiser.
takt, n., time; measure (music). -ar, v., to beat time.
taktik, n., tactics.
tal, pr., such. -e, ad., so; thus.
talar, n., gown; robe; cassock.
tale ke, c., so that.
tale longe ke, c., as long as.
tale multfoa, ad., so many times.
talent, n., talent.
tali, n., cut; shape; figure.
talier, n., tailor.
talisman, n., talisman.
talium, n., thallium (Tl).
talon, n., heel.
talp, n., mole (animal).
talr, n., thaler.
tamarind, n., tamarind.
tambur, n., drum. -ar, v., to drum.
tampon, n., stopper; cork. -ar, v., to cork; to stopper; to stop.
tanar, v., to tan. -ator, n., tanner. -eri, n., tannery.
tangent, n., tangent. -ik, a., tangent.
tanin, n., tannin.
tant, pr., so much; so many. -e, ad., so much; so greatly; so very; to such a degree.
tanta, n., aunt.
tantal, n., tantalum (Ta).
tapet, n., carpet.
tapir, n., tapir.
tar, n., tare (commerce).
tarantel, n., tarantella; tarantelle (dance).
tarantul, n., tarantula.
tard, a., late; tardy. -e, ad., tardily; late.
tarif, n., tariff.
tarok, n., taroc; tarot.
tart, n., tart.
tartr, n., tartar; argol.
tas, n., cup.
tasiturn, a., taciturn. -itet, n., taciturnity.
tatar, n., Tartar. -ia, n., Tartary. -ik, a., Tartar; Tartarian.
taur, n., bull.
te, n., tea.
te-, prefix forming words correlative with the interrogative words formed by means of the prefix ke-.
teatr, n., theater.
tekause, ad., for that reason; because of that; thence.
teknik, n., technics. -al, a., technical.
teknologi, n., technology.
teksar, v., to weave. -ator, n., weaver. -eri, n., weaving-mill.
tekst, n., text.
tekstil, a., textile.
tekt, n., roof. -ar, v., to roof.
tel, pr. d., the one; that.
telefon, n., telephone. -ar, v., to telephone.
telegraf, n., telegraph. -ad (telegram), n., telegram. -ist, n., telegraphist; telegrapher.
teleskop, n., telescope.
tel-kos, pr. d., that thing; that.
teloke, ad., there; yonder.
telur, n., tellurium (Te).
tem, n., theme.
temer, a., rash; temerarious. -itet, n., temerity; rashness.
temp, n., time.
tempetempe, ad., now—then; sometimes—sometimes.
temperament, n., temperament; temper.
temperatur, n., temperature.
tempest, n., weather.
tempestad, n., storm.
templ, n., temple.
tempor, n., temple (of head).
temporal, a., temporal.
temporar, a., temporary. -e, ad., temporarily.
tenar, v., to hold; to keep.
tenar sekrete, to keep secret.
tenas, a., tenacious. -itet, n., tenacity.
tendar, v. tr., to stretch.
tendens, n., tendency.
tendon, n., tendon; sinew.
tendar pavilion, to pitch (erect) a tent.
tendr, a., tender; mild.
tendr, n., tender (of locomotive).
tenor, n., tenor (voice). -ist, n., tenor (person).
tentar, v., to tempt. -asion, n., temptation. -ator, n., tempter.
tenu, a., thin. -itet, n., thinness; tenuity.
teologi, n., theology; divinity. -ik, a., theological. -ist, n., theologian; divine.
teori, n., theory. -ik (teoretik), a., theoretical. teoretiker, n., theorist.
tepid, a., tepid; lukewarm.
ter, n., earth.
teras, n., terrace. -ar, v., to terrace.
terebentin, n., turpentine.
teren, n., land (opposed to water).
terestr, a., earthly; terrestrial.
teribl, a., terrible.
teritori, n., territory. -ik (teritorial), a., territorial.
term, n., (technical) term.
termin, n., term (space of time); time.
termo-, prefix signifying heat.
termo-metr, n., thermometer.
termotemp, n., summer.
teror, n., terror; fright. -ar, v., to terrify; to frighten.
ters, nr., third.
tes, n., thesis.
Tesalia, n., Thessaly.
testament, n., will; testament. -ar, v., to will; to make a will.
tetan, n., tetanus. -ik, a., tetanic.
tetempe, ad., then; at that time.
tibi, n., shinbone; tibia.
tif, n., typhus.
tigr, n., tiger.
tikar, v., to tick.
tiket, n., ticket.
tili, n., linden. -ik and de t., a., linden.
tim, n., thyme.
timar, v., to fear; to dread. -or, n., fear; dread. -id, a., timid; fearful. -iditet, n., timidity. -idifikar, v., to intimidate.
timon, n., wagon-pole; thill; shaft.
tine, n., moth.
tint, n., ink; dye. -ar, v., to tint; to dye. -ator, n., dyer. -eri, n., dye-house. -ad, n., tint.
tintinar, v. intr., to ring.
tintur, n., tincture.
tip, n., type.
tipograf, n., typographer; printer.
tirar, v., to draw; to drag; to pull; to haul.
tiran, n., tyrant. -ik, a., tyrannical.
Tirol, n., Tyrol.
titan, n., titanium (Ti).
titilar, v., to tickle.
titmes, n., titmouse; tomtit.
titubar, v., to stagger. -asion, n., titubation; staggering.
titul, n., title. -ar, v., to title; to style; to entitle.
toalet, n., toilet.
tog, n., toga.
tolerar, v., to tolerate.
tom, n., tome; volume.
tomat, n., tomato.
tomb, n., tomb.
tombak, n., tombac; tombak; pinchbeck.
ton, n., tone; key. -ar, v., to sound.
toner, n., thunder. -ar, v., to thunder.
ton prim, first tone; prime.
tonsar, v., to shear. -ator, n., shears; scissors.
ton sekund, second.
topas, n., topaz.
topograf, n., topographer.
torf, n., turf; peat.
torium, n., thorium (Th).
tork, n., torch.
torment, n., torment. -ar, v., to torment.
tornar, v. tr., to turn (in a lathe). -ator, n., turner.
torpedo, n., torpedo.
torsar, v. tr., to twist; to twine; to coil.
tort, n., wrong.
tortu, n., tortoise; turtle.
tortur, n., torture. -ar, v., to torture.
tost, n., toast; health. -ar, v., to toast; to propose a health.
total, a., total. -e, ad., totally; wholly; altogether; quite. -itet, n., totality.
totale no, ad., by no means; certainly not; not at all.
tradision, n., tradition.
tradit, n., treachery. -ar, v., to betray.
tradukar, v., to translate. -asion (traduksion), n., translation.
tradukar in [lingu] german, to translate into German.
tragedi, n., tragedy.
tragik, a., tragic; tragical.
traké, n., trachea; windpipe.
traktar, v., to treat. -asion, n., treatment.
traktu, n., train; trail. -ar, v., to trail; to drag.
tram, n., tramway.
trankil, a., tranquil; still; quiet.
trans, p., across; beyond; over.
transaksion, n., transaction.
trans-donar, v., to give over; to transfer; to convey; to deliver.
trans-fluar, v., to overflow; to run over.
transit, n., transit.
transitiv, a., transitive.
trans-metar, v., to lay over; to put over.
trans-mitar herede, to bequeath; to leave.
transparent, a., transparent.
transpirar, v., to perspire; to transpire.
trans-pontar, v., to bridge; to bridge over; to build a bridge.
transport, n., transportation. -ar, v., to transport; to convey. -abl, a., transportable.
transversal, a., transverse. -e, ad., transversely.
trap, n., trap; snare; pitfall.
trapes, n., trapezium.
tras, n., trace; track. -ar, v., to trace; to track.
trasar mediu piketi, to stake out.
trat, n., draft (finance).
trav, n., beam (timber).
travesti, n., travesty. -ar, v., to travesty.
treliaj, n., trellis; lattice.
trembl, n., aspen.
tremblar, v., to tremble; to shake; to quake.
tren, n., train (railroad).
trepan, n., trepan. -ar, v., to trepan.
trepidar, v., to tremble with fear; to be afraid. -asion, n., trepidation.
tres, n., tress; braid; plait. -ar, v., to braid; to plait.
tresor, n., treasure.
tri, nr., three.
tri-, prefix signifying tri-, three-.
triangul, n., triangle.
tribu, n., tribe.
tribut, n., tribute.
tri-des, nr., thirty.
trifoli, n., clover.
trikot, n., knit-goods. -ar, v., to knit.
trili, n., trill. -ar, v., to trill.
trilion, nr., trillion (1,000,000,000,000).
trinitet, n., trinity.
trio, n., trio.
triped, n., tripod.
tripl, nr., triple; threefold; treble.
trisikl, n., tricycle.
trist, a., sad; sorrowful. -itet, n., sadness.
triturar, v., to crush; to triturate.
triumf, n., triumph. -ar, v., to triumph. -ator, n., triumpher.
tro, ad., too (overmuch).
trofé, n., trophy.
troké, n., trochee. -ik, a., trochaic.
trombon, n., trombone.
trompet, n., trumpet. -ar, v., to trumpet.
tron, n., throne.
tronk, n., trunk (stem). -ar, v., to truncate. -et, n., stalk.
trop, n., trope; figure. -ik, a., figurative.
tropik, n., tropic. -ia, n., the tropics. -ian, a., tropical.
tropik de kaprikorn, tropic of Capricorn.
tropik de krev, tropic of Cancer.
trot, n., trot; trotting. -ar, v., to trot.
trotoar, n., sidewalk.
trufl, n., truffle.
truit, n., trout.
trup, n., troop; band; flock.
truvar, v., to find.
tsar, n., czar.
tsigan, n., gypsy.
tu, pr., thou (in literal translation).
tub, n., tube; pipe; flue.
tuber, n., tuber; bulb; knob. -os, a., knobby; protuberant; bulbous. -ositet, n., protuberance; tuberosity.
tuberkl, n., tubercle. -os, a., tuberculous.
tue, pr., thy; thine.
tuf, n., tuft; bunch.
tul, n., tulle.
tulip, n., tulip.
tumor, n., tumor; swelling. -ar, v., to swell.
tumultu, n., tumult; uproar; riot; hubbub. -ar, v., to make a tumult; to cause an uproar; to riot.
tun, n., tun; ton.
tunel, n., tunnel.
tur, n., tour; trip. -ist, n., tourist.
turbar, v., to disturb; to trouble.
turban, n., turban.
turi, n., tower; rook (in chess).
turk, a., Turkish. -ia, n., Turkey.
turmalin, n., tourmalin(e); schorl.
turnar, v. tr., to turn.
turnir, n., tournament.
tus, n., cough. -ar, v., to cough.
tutar, v., to be guardian to; to exercise tutelage over. -el, n., body of guardians.
tutor, n., tutor; guardian.
u, c., or.
-u, suffix forming derivative prepositions.
uest, n., west. -ik, a., west; western. -e, ad., in the west; westerly.
uiski, n., whisky.
ul, n., owl.
ulan, n., uhlan; lancer.
ulm, n., elm.
uln, n., elbow; ell.
ulser, n., ulcer; sore. -ar, v., to ulcerate; to fester. -ad, n., pus; matter.
ulterior, a., ulterior; further; farther; that; thither. -e, ad., further; on that side; on the thither side.
ulteriore de, p., on that side of; on the thither side of; beyond.
ultim, a., last; ultimate. -foa, ad., (at) the last time.
ultimat, n., ultimatum.
ultra, p., beyond; above; over; more than.
ultra-, prefix signifying something excessive, ultra-.
ultramarin, n., ultramarine.
ultraviolet, a., ultra-violet.
ulular, v., to howl.
umbilik, n., navel. -al, a., umbilical.
un, nr., one. -itet, n., unity; oneness.
unanim, a., unanimous. -e, ad., unanimously. -itet, n., unanimity.
undul, n., wave. -ar, v., to undulate; to wave.
ungu, n., nail (of hand or foot).
unguent, n., unguent; ointment; salve. -ar, v., to anoint.
ungu masiv, hoof.
uniar, v., to unite.
uniform, n., uniform. -ar, v., to uniform.
unik, a., unique; single.
unikorn, n., unicorn.
union, n., union.
unison, n., unison. -ik, a., unison. -e, ad., in unison.
univers, n., universe.
universal, a., universal.
universitet, n., university.
un—otr, pr. ind., (the) one—(the) other.
un visinu otr, next each other.
-upl, suffix used with a cardinal number to form a multiplicative; it is used also with the word mult.
ur, n., aurochs; urochs; (European) bison.
uragan, n., hurricane; tempest.
uran, n., uranium (U).
urb, n., city.
ureter, n., ureter.
uretr, n., urethra.
urgar, v., to urge. -ant (urgent), part., urgent; pressing.
urin, n., urine. -ar, v., to urinate.
urin-vesik, n., bladder.
urn, n., urn.
urs, n., bear.
urtik, n., nettle.
us, n., use; usage. -ar, v., to use; to employ. -abl, a., usable; serviceable. -ablitet, n., usableness; serviceableness. -asion, n., use (act of using).
usk, p., until; till; unto; to.
usk ke, c., until.
usk sitempe, ad., hitherto; until now.
usufruktu, n., usufruct. -ar, v., to usufruct; to enjoy the usufruct of.
usur, n., usury. -ar, v., to practise usury. -er, n., usurer.
usurpar, v., to usurp. -ator, n., usurper.
utensil, n., utensil.
utensili de dom, household utensils.
utensili de ekles, church furniture.
utensili de hort, garden tools.
util, a., useful. -itet, n., utility; usefulness; use.
utilisar, v., to utilize.
utopia, n., Utopia; utopia; -ik, a., utopian. -ist, n., utopian.
u—u, c., either—or.
vad, n., ford. -ar, v., to ford; to wade.
vafr, n., wafer; waffle.
vag, a., vague; indefinite.
vagabund, n., vagabond; vagrant. -ar, v., to vagabondize.
vagiar, v., to cry; to whine; to whimper.
vagin, n., sheath; scabbard; vagina.
vagon, n., car; railroad car.
vaka, n., cow.
vakans, n., vacation.
vaksin, n., cow-pox. -ar, v., to vaccinate. -asion, n., vaccination.
vaku, a., vacant; empty; void. -ifikar, v., to clear. -itet, n., emptiness; vacuity; vacancy;void.
val, n., valley; vale; dale.
valar, v., to be worth; to have value; to be worth while. [it val, it is worth while]. -id, a., valid. -iditet, n., validity. -or, n., value; worth.
Valakia, n., Wallachia.
valerian, n., valerian.
vals, n., waltz. -ar, v., to waltz.
valut, n., value; valuation.
valv, n., valve.
vampir, n., vampire.
van, a., vain; futile. -e, ad., vainly; in vain. -itet, n., vanity.
vanad, n., vanadium (V).
vandal, n., vandal. -ism, n., vandalism.
vanel, n., lapwing; peewit; plover.
vanili, n., vanilla.
vapor, n., steam; vapor. -ar, v., to steam (tr. and intr.)
variar, v. tr., to vary; to change. -asion, n., variation; change. -abl, a., variable; changeable. -ablitet, n., variability; variableness; changeableness. -os, a., various. -ositet, n., variety; variousness.
varietet, n., variety (of a species).
variar kavali, to change horses.
vari-kolor, n., variegation. -ik, a., variegated.
variol, n., smallpox; variola.
vas, n., vase; vessel.
vasal, n., vassal.
vas-fragment, n., shard; potsherd.
vasilar, v., to vacillate; to waver.
vast, a., vast.
vat, n., wadding; padding.
vatikan, n., Vatican. -ik, a., Vatican.
ve!, i., woe!
ve a mi! woe to me!
vegetar, v., to vegetate. -asion, n., vegetation. -abl, a., vegetable.
vegetabil, n., herb; vegetable (plant).
vegetari, n., vegetable food; vegetable diet. -an, a. and n., vegetarian. -anism, n., vegetarianism.
vehement, a., vehement. -itet (vehemens), n., vehemence.
vehikl, n., vehicle. -ar, v., to ride; to drive.
veksar, v., to vex; to plague; to harass; to tease.
vel, n., veil. -ar, v., to veil.
velkom, n., welcome. -ar, v., to welcome.
velos, a., swift; speedy. -e, ad., swiftly; speedily. -itet, n., velocity; swiftness.
velosiped, n., velocipede. -ist, n., velocipedist.
velut, n., velvet.
ven, n., vein.
venar, v., to hunt. -ad, n., hunt; chase. -ator, n., hunter; huntsman.
vend, n., sale. -ar, v., to sell. -ad, n., sale(s) (trade, business).
vendrdi, n., Friday. -an and de v., a., Friday.
venen, n., poison; venom. -ar, v., to poison. -os, a., poisonous; venomous. -ositet, n., poisonousness; venomousness.
venerar, v., to venerate. -asion, n., veneration. -ator, n., venerator. -ik, a., venerable. -ablitet, n., venerability; venerableness.
veniar, v., to come.
venison, n., venison.
vent, n., wind. -ar, v., to blow; to be windy. -os, a., windy.
ventilar, v., to ventilate. -asion, n., ventilation. -ator, n., ventilator.
ventol, n., fan. -ar, v., to fan.
ventr, n., belly. -os, a., bellied; ventricose; ventricous.
ver, a., true. -ifikar, v., to verify. -ifikasion, n., verification. -itet, n., truth; verity.
veras, a., veracious; truthful. -e, ad., truly; indeed. -itet, n., veracity; truthfulness.
verb, n., verb.
verb auksiliar, intransitiv, refleksiv, transitiv, auxiliary verb, intransitive verb, reflexive v., transitive v.
verd, a., green. -atr, a., greenish. -eskar, v., to become green.
verdikt, n., verdict.
verg, n., rod; wand.
verm, n., worm.
vere—ma, truly—but; indeed—but.
vermilion, n., vermilion.
vermin, n., vermin.
vernis, n., varnish. -ar, v., to varnish.
vers, n., verse; line. -ifikar, to versify.
versar, v., to pour.
version, n., version.
versu, p., toward(s).
versu anteriore, ad., toward the front; forward.
versu dors, ad., toward the rear; backward; back.
versu est, ad., toward the east; easterly; eastward.
versu flank, ad., toward the side; sideways; sidewise.
versu nord, ad., toward the north; northerly; northward.
versu siloke, ad., hitherward; in this direction.
versu sud, ad., toward the south; southerly; southward.
versu uest, ad., toward the west; westerly; westward.
vertebr, n., vertebra.
vertigin, n., vertigo; dizziness. -os, a., dizzy; vertiginous.
vertikal, a., vertical; upright.
vertis, n., vertex; crown.
veruk, n., wart.
vesik, n., vesicle; blister; bubble; bladder.
vesp, n., wasp.
vespertili, n., bat.
vespr, n., evening. -e, ad., in the evening.
vest, n., garment. -ar, v., to clothe; to dress; to attire; to vest; to invest.
Vestfalia, n., Westphalia.
vestibul, n., vestibule.
vest-sak, n., pocket.
veteran, n., veteran.
veto, n., veto.
via, n., way.
via, p., by way of; via.
vibrar, v., to vibrate. -asion, n., vibration.
vidu, a., widowed. -o, n., widower. -a, n., widow -itet, n., widowhood. -eskar, v., to be (become) widowed.
vigilar, v., to watch; to be awake. -ant, part., vigilant; watchful; alert; awake, and n., watchman. -eskar, v., to wake; to wake up; to waken; to awake; to awaken. -ifikar, v., to wake; to wake up; to waken; to awake; to awaken.
vigor, n., vigor -ar, v., to invigorate; to strengthen. -os, a., vigorous. -ositet, n., vigorousness.
vikar, n., vicar; vicegerent. -ar, v., to act as vicar or vicegerent.
viktim, n., victim; sacrifice. -ar, v., to immolate; to sacrifice.
viktor, n., victor.
viktori, n., victory. -ar, v., to be victorious; to vanquish; to defeat; to overcome. -os, a., victorious.
viktual, n., victuals.
vil, a., worthless. -itet, n., worthlessness.
vila, n., villa.
vilaj, n., village.
vilan, a., nasty; vile.
vin, n., wine.
vindikar, v., to avenge. -asion, n., vengeance; revenge.
vinegr, n., vinegar.
viniet, n., vignette.
violar, v., to violate; to transgress; to infringe. -asion, n., violation; transgression; infringement.
viola, n., viola; tenor violin.
violet, n., violet (flower).
violet, a., violet; violet-colored.
violin, n., violin; fiddle. -ist, n., violinist.
violoncel, n., violoncello.
vipr, n., viper.
vir, n., man.
virgin, a., virginal. -a, n., virgin; maiden. -itet, n., virginity.
Virtemberg, n., Wurtemberg.
virtu, n., virtue. -os, a., virtuous
virtuoso, n., virtuoso. -a, n., virtuosa.
vis, n., sight; eyesight; vision. -ar, v., to see. -abl (visibl), a., visible.
vise-, prefix signifying a person taking the place of another; subordinate; vice-.
visedirektor, n., vice-director.
visepresident, n., vice-president.
visi, n., vice. -os, a., vicious.
visier, n., visor.
visin, a., neighboring. -itet, n., neighborhood; vicinity. -o, -a, n., neighbor (masc. and fem.). -e, ad., in the vicinity; close by. -u, p., in the vicinity of; beside.
vision, n., vision (supernatural).
visit, n., visit. -ar, v., to visit.
vist, n., whist.
vit, n., life.
vital, a., vital. -itet, n., vitality.
vitr, n., glass. -er, n., glazier. -ik, a., glass; vitreous. -atr, a., glassy. -eskar, v., to vitrify (in trans.). -eskablitet, n., vitrifiability. -ifikar, v., to vitrify (trans.).
vitriol, n., vitriol.
vivar, v., to live. -ik, a., alive; living.
vivas, a., vivacious; lively. -e, ad., vivaciously. -itet, n., vivacity; liveliness.
vivar luksure, to luxuriate; to live extravagantly.
vo, pr., you (sing.). -i, pr., you (plur.).
Vogesi (monti), n., Vosges Mountains.
vok, n., voice. -ar, v., to call; to cry. -asion, n., call; cry; vocation.
vokabl, n., vocable; term.
vokal, n., vowel.
vokal intermediar, intermediary vowel; modified vowel.
vokal klar, clear vowel.
vok bas, bass.
vol, n., flight. -ar, v., to fly. -etar, v., to flit; to flutter.
volapükar, v., to speak Volapük.
volfram, n., wolfram (W).
voikan, n., volcano.
volontar, a., voluntary. -e, ad., voluntarily; willingly. -o, n., volunteer.
volt, n., vault (arch). -ar, v., to vault (arch).
voltij, n., vaulting. -ar, v., to vault.
volu, n., will. -ar, v., to will.
volumin, n., volume; bulk. -os, a., voluminous. -ositet, n., voluminousness.
voluptu, n., voluptuousness. -os, a., voluptuous. -er, n., voluptuary.
vomar, v., to vomit. -asion, n., vomit; vomiting.
voras, a., voracious. -itet, n., voracity.
vort, n., vortex; eddy; whirl. -ar, v., to whirl; to eddy.
vostr, pr., your; yours (plur.).
vot, n., vote. -ar, v., to vote.
votiv, a., votive.
votr, pr., your; yours (sing.).
vov, n., vow. -ar, v., to vow.
voyaj, n., journey. -ar, v., to journey; to travel. -er, n., traveler.
vulgar, a., vulgar; common.
vulner, n., wound. -ar, v., to wound. -abl, a., vulnerable. -asion, n., wounding.
vulp, n., fox.
vultur, n., vulture.
ya, ad., already.
yak, n., jacket.
yakt, n., yacht.
yanuar, n., January.
Yaponia, n., Japan..
yasiar, v., to lie (be situated).
ye, c., yet; nevertheless; however; still.
yelb, a., yellow.
yok, n., joke; jest. -ar, v., to joke; to jest. -os, a., jocose; jesting.
yovdi, n., Thursday. -an and de y., a., Thursday.
yovial, a., jovial. -itet, n., joviality; jovialness.
yubil, n., jubilation; exultation. -ar, v., to rejoice; to exult; to jubilate. -er, n., jubilarian. -ad, n., jubilee.
yudaik, a., Jewish; Judaic. -n, a., Jew. -ism, n., Judaism.
yudikar, v., to judge (in law). -ator, n., judge. -asion, n., judgment (act of judging). -ad, n., judgment; decision; sentence.
yudisi, n., judgment (product of mental act of judging). -ar, v., to judge. -asion, n., judgment (mental act).
yug, n., yoke.
yukund, a., jocund; glad; joyful.
yuli, n., July. -an and de y., a., July.
yun, a., young. -ifikar, v., to rejuvenate. -itet, n., youthfulness.
yuni, n., June. -an and de y., a., June.
yunior, a., junior; younger.
yunipr, n., juniper.
yun-kaval, n., foal; colt.
yunktar, v., to join; to hitch up (horses). -e, ad., jointly; conjointly; together.
yun-ran, n., tadpole.
yup, n., petticoat.
yur, n., right; law. -ist, n., jurist. -istik, a., juristic; juristical.
yurar, v., to swear; to take an oath. -ad, n., oath. -ade, ad., on oath. -o, n., juror. -i, n., jurors; jury. -ifikar, v., to swear (any one).
yuridik, a., juridic; juridical; rightful; lawful. -e, ad., rightly; of right.
yurisdiksion, n., jurisdiction.
yurisprudens, n., jurisprudence.
yust, a., just; right; righteous. -itet, n., justice; justness; right; righteousness. -ifikar, v., to justify; to vindicate. -e, ad., just; exactly; precisely.
yuste el sem, pr., the very same; just the same.
yustis, n., justice (administration of justice).
yuste it sem, pr., the very same (thing); just the same (thing).
yuste sitempe, ad., just now.
yut, n., jute.
yuvel, n., jewel. -er, n., jeweler.
yuvent, n., youth (time).


a, art., see § 4 of Grammar.
a day; a month, etc., in diurn; in mens e s.; e. g. twice a month = dufoa in mens.
abandon, v., abandonar.
abase, v., basifikar.
abash, v., pudifikar.
abate, v., rabatar.
abbess, n., abata.
abbey, n., abateri.
abbot, n., abat.
abbreviate, v., abreviar.
abbreviation, n., abreviasion.
abdicate, v., abdikar.
abdication, n., abdikasion.
abdomen, n., abdomin.
abduct, v., raptar.
abduction, n., rapt.
aberrate, v., aberar.
aberration, n., aberasion.
abhor, v., abominar.
abide, v., permanar (last).
ability, n., kapablitet.
abjure, v., abyurar.
ablative, n., ablativ.
able, a., kapabl.
able, be, v., potesar (can).
abolish, v., anular.
abominable, a., abominabl.
abominate, v., abominar.
abomination, n., abominasion.
abound, v., abundar.
about, ad., sirka.
about, p., di (concerning); sirka (around).
above, ad., superiore.
above, p., superiore de (over); ultra (beyond).
abridge, v., abreviar.
abridgment, n., abreviasion.
abroad, n., ekstria (foreign parts).
abrogate, v., anular.
abscess, n., abses.
absence, n., absentitet (absens).
absent, a., absent.
absinthium, n., absint.
absolute, a., absolut.
absolution, n., absolvasion (absolusion).
absolutism, n., absolutism.
absolve, v., absolvar.
absorb, v., absorbar.
absorbed in thought, be, meditar profunde di kk.
abstain, v., abstinar.
abstemious, a., abstinent.
abstinence, n., abstinentitet (abstinens).
abstinent, a., abstinent.
abstract, a., abstrakt.
abstract, v., abstraktar.
absurd, a., absurd.
absurdity, n., absurditet.
abundance, n., abundad.
abuse, n., misus (misuse); inyuri (railing).
abuse, v., misusar (misuse); inyuriar (rail at).
abyss, n., abism.
Abyssinia, n., Abisinia.
acacia, n., akasia.
academic, a., akademian.
academician, n., akademian.
academy, n., akademi.
accelerate, v., akselerar.
acceleration, n., akselerasion.
accent, n., aksent (mark); aksentuasion (accentuation).
accent, accentuate, v., aksentuar.
accentuation, n., aksentuasion.
accept, v., akseptar.
acceptance, n., aksept.
accident, n., aksident.
accidentally, ad., aksidente.
acclaim, v., aklamar.
acclamation, n., aklamasion.
accommodate, v., akomodar (adapt).
accommodate one’s self, v., akomodar se (submit).
accommodation, n., akomodasion (adaptation).
accompany, v., kompanar (attend); esar ad-yunkted (be subjoined).
accomplish, v., efektuar (effect); eksekutar (execute).
accord, n., akord.
accord, v., akordar (agree); konsesionar (grant).
accordingly, ad., sikause.
according to, p., sekuantu.
account, n., kont (reckoning); narasion (narration).
account of, on, p., kausu.
account of, to the, p., a kont de.
accredit, v., akreditar.
accumulate, v., akumular.
accumulation, n., akumulasion.
accumulator, n., akumulator.
accuracy, n., akuratitet.
accurate, a., akurat.
accusatival, accusative, a., akusativik.
accusative, n., akusativ.
accuse, v., akusar.
accustom, v., kustomar.
ace, n., as (cards).
acerb, a., aserb.
ache, n., dolor.
achieve, v., per-fasiar.
acid, a., asid.
acid, n., asidad.
acidity, n., asiditet.
acknowledge, v., konfesar.
acoustics, n., akustik.
acquaintance of, make the, v., konoseskar.
acquainted with, be, v., konosar.
acquainted with, become, v., konoseskar.
acquire, v., obtenar.
acrid, a., aserb.
across, p., trans.
act, n., akt.
act, v., aktar (do); prosedar (proceed); funksionar (function).
action, n., akt.
active, a., aktiv.
active voice, the active, n., aktiv.
activity, n., aktivitet.
actor, n., aktor.
actress, n., aktora.
actual, a., aktual.
actuality, n., aktualitet.
actuate, v., motivar.
acute, a., akut (sharp); sagas (sagacious).
acuteness, n., sagasitet (sagacity); akutitet (sharpness).
adage, n., aforism.
adapt, v., akomodar (accommodate).
adaptation, n., akomodasion (accommodation).
add, v., sumar (sum up); ad-yunktar (subjoin).
address, n., adres (direction); apostrofad (speech).
address, v., adresar (direct); apostrofar (speak to).
adherent, n., partisan.
adieu!, i., a Deo!
adjectival, adjective, a., adyektivik.
adjective, n., adyektiv.
adjourn, v., adiurnar (trans.).
adjudge, v., ad-yudikar.
adjudicate, v., ad-yudikar.
adjust, v., adyustar.
adjutant, n., adyutant.
administer, v., administrar.
administration, n., administrasion.
administrator, n., administrator.
admirable, a., admirabl.
admiral, n., admiral.
admiralty, n., admiralitet.
admiration, n., admirasion.
admire, v., admirar.
admit, v., admitar (tolerate).
admix, v., miksar.
admonish, v., monitar.
admonition, n., monit.
adopt, v., adoptar.
adorable, a., adorabl.
adoration, n., adorasion.
adore, v., adorar.
adorer, n., adorator.
adorn, v., ornamentar.
adult, a., adult.
adultery, commit, v., adulterar.
advance, v. intr., avansar.
advance, in, ad., avanse.
advance (money), v., prestar avanse.
advantage, n., profit.
advantage of, for the, p., profitu.
adventure, n., aventur.
adverb, n., adverb.
adversary, n., adverser.
adverse, a., advers.
adversity, n., adversitet.
advertise, v., inserar (in paper).
advice, n., konsili (counsel); avis (information).
advisable, a., konsiliabl.
advise, v., konsiliar (counsel); avisar (inform).
advise against, v., de-konsiliar.
advocate, n., advokat (lawyer).
affability, n., afablitet.
affable, a., afabl.
affair, n., afer.
affect, v., afektar (pretend).
affection, n., afekt (feeling); afeksion (inclination).
affiance, n., fiansasion.
affiance, v., fiansar.
affirm, v., afirmar.
affirmation, n., afirmasion.
afflict, v., afliktar.
affliction, n., afliksion.
afford, v., furnar (furnish).
affront, n., inyuri.
affront, v., inyuriar.
afoot, ad., pede.
afraid, be, v., trepidar.
Africa, n., Afrik.
after, p., po.
after, i., po ke.
afternoon, in the, ad., po-medi-diurne.
afterwards, ad., posteriore.
again, ad., denove.
against, p., kontr (opposed to); ad (at).
agate, n., agat.
age, n., ansianitet (ancientness).
age, v. intr., ansianeskar.
agency, n., agensi.
agent, n., agent.
agglutinate, v., ad-glutinar.
aggravate, v., plu-malifikar.
aggregate, n., kompleks.
aggregate, v., fasiar sum de (amount to).
agile, a., agil.
agio, n., ajio.
agitate, v., agitar.
agitation, n., agitasion.
agitator, n., agitator.
ago, ad., ante (five years ago = ante kuink anui).
agony, n., agoni.
agree, v., paktar (make compact); akordar (accord); akordar se (be on good terms).
agreeable, a., agreabl.
agreeableness, n., agreablitet.
agreement, n., akord (accord); pakt (compact); konvension (convention).
agriculture, n., agrikultur.
ah!, i., a!
aid, n., sukurs.
aid, v., sukursar.
aid of, by the, p., ko sukurs de.
aim, n., but (goal).
aim, v., butar.
aim at, v., butar.
air, n., aer (atmosphere); aria (tune).
air-tight, a., hermetik.
alabaster, n., alabastr.
alarm, n., alarm.
alarm, v., alarmar.
alas!, i., regrete!
alb, n., alb.
Albania, n., Albania.
album, n., albom.
alchemist, n., alkimiist (alkimist).
alchemistic, a., alkimiistik (alkimistik).
alchemy, n., alkimi.
alcohol, n., alkohol.
alcove, n., alkov.
alder, n., aln.
ale-house, n., bireri.
alembic, n., alambik.
alert, a., vigilant.
alfenid(e), n., alfenid.
algebra, n., algebra.
algebraic, a., algebraik.
Algeria, n., Aljeria.
alien, a., alienik.
alienate, v., alienar.
alienation, n., alienasion.
alien country (land), n., alienia.
alight, v., desendar.
aliment, n., aliment.
alimental, a., alimentos.
alimentation, n., allmentasion.
alive, a., vivik.
alkali, n., alkali.
alkaline, a., alkaliik.
all, a., omni.
all (one’s) life, ad., pro-vite.
all the time, ad., in omni temp.
allegoric(al), a., alegoriik (alegorik).
allegory, n., alegori.
alley, n., alé.
alley-like, a., aleatr.
alliance, n., alians.
alligator, n., aligator.
allow, v., permitar.
allowed, be, v., avar permit a.
allude, v., aludar.
allure, v., alektar.
allurement, n., alektasion.
allusion, n., aludasion.
almanac, n., almanak.
almond, n., mand.
almost, ad., kuasi.
alms, n., almosin.
aloe, n., aloe.
aloft, ad., a superiore.
alone, a., sol.
alone, ad., sole.
along, p., longu.
alphabet, n., alfabet.
Alps, n., Alpi.
already, ad., ya.
Alsace, n., Alsasia.
also, i., et.
altar, n., altar.
alter, v. tr., mutar.
alternate, v., alternar.
alternation, n., alternasion.
alternative, n., alternativ.
although, i., negligante ke.
altitude, n., altitet.
altogether, ad., totale (quite).
alum, n., alum.
aluminium, aluminum, n., aluminium.
always, ad., sempre.
amalgam, n., amalgam.
amalgamate, v., amalgamar.
amass, v., kumular.
Amazon, an, n., amason.
ambassador, n., ambasader.
amber, n., elektropetr.
ambiguity, n., ambiguitet.
ambiguous, a., ambigu.
ambition, n., ambisi.
ambitious, a., ambisios.
amble, n., ambl.
amble, v., amblar.
ambler, n., amblator.
ambrosia, n., ambrosi.
ambrosial, a., ambrosian.
ameliorate, v., plu-bonifikar.
amen!, i., amen!
America, n., Amerik.
American, a., amerikan.
American, n., amerikan.
amethyst, n., ametist.
amiability, n., amablitet.
amiable, a., amabl.
ammonia, n., amoniak.
amnesty, n., amnesti.
amnesty, v., amnestiar.
among, p., intr.
amorous, a., amoros.
amorousness, n., amorositet.
amortization, n., amortisasion.
amortize, v., amortisar.
amount, n., sum.
amount to, v., fasiar sum de.
amphibian, n., amfibi.
amphibian, a., amfibian.
ample, a., ampl.
amplify, v., amplifikar.
amplitude, n., amplitet.
amputate, v., amputar.
amputation, n., amputasion.
amulet, n., amulet.
amuse, v., amusar.
an, art., see § 4 of Grammar.
anal, a., anik.
analogous, a., analog.
analysis, n., analis.
analyze, v., analisar.
anapest, n., anapest.
anapestic, a., anapestik.
anarchic, a., anarkiik (anarkik).
anarchism, n., anarkiism (anarkism).
anarchist, n., anarkiist (anarkist).
anarchy, n., anarki.
anathema, n., anatem.
Anatolia, n., Anatolia.
anatomical, a., anatomiik (anatomik).
anatomist, n., anatomiist (anatomist).
anatomy, n., anatomi.
anchor, n., ankr.
anchor, v., ankrar.
ancient, a., ansian.
ancientness, n., ansianitet.
and, c., e.
and so forth, e setri = e s.
Andalusia, n., Andalusia.
anecdote, n., anekdot.
anew, ad., denove.
angel, n., angel.
anger, n., koler.
angina, n., angin.
angle, n., angul.
angle, v., anglar.
Angora, a., angoran.
angry, a., koleros.
angry, be, v., kolerar.
animal, n., animal.
animal, a., animalik.
animate, v., animar.
anise, n., anis.
annals, n., anali.
annex, n., aneks.
annex, v., aneksar.
annihilate, v., anular.
anniversary, n., aniversar.
announce, v., anunsiar.
announcement, n., anunsi.
annoy, v., molestar.
annual, a., anuik ((anual) yearly); monoanuik (of one year).
annul, v., anular.
anoint, v., unguentar.
anonymity, n., anonimitet.
anonymous, a., anonim.
another, a., otr.
another, pr., otr.
another time, ad., otrfoa.
answer, n., respond.
answer, v., respondar.
answerable, a., respondabl.
answerable for, be, v., respondar.
ant, n., formik.
antagonist, n., adverser.
antelope, n., antilop.
antenna, n., palp.
anterior, a., anterior.
anteriorly, ad., anteriore.
anthem, n., antifon.
antialcoholic, a., antialkoholik.
anticipate, v., preveniar (forestall); presentimentar (have presentiment of).
Antilles, n., Antili.
antimony, n., antimon.
antipathetic, a., antipatiik (antipatik).
antipathy, n., antipati.
antiphon, n., antifon.
antiphonal, a., antifonik.
antipode, n., antipod.
antipope, n., antipap.
antique, a., antik.
antiquity, n., antikitet.
anus, n., an.
anvil, n., inkud.
anxiety, n., angust.
anxiety to, cause, v., angustar.
any, a., kelk; kelk-un (sing.).
anybody, pr., kelk-hom.
anyone, pr., kelk-hom.
anything, pr., kelk-kos.
any time, at, ad., kelk-unfoa.
anywhere, ad., kelk-loke.
aorta, n., aort.
apart, ad., apart.
apathetic, a., apatiik (apatik).
apathy, n., apati.
ape, n., simi.
ape, v., simiar.
Apennines, n., Apenini.
aphorism, n., aforism.
apiece, ad., a (before a numeral).
apologetic, a., apologiik (apologetik).
apologist, n., apologiist (apologist).
apologize, v., pregar pardon.
apology, n., apologi (defence).
apoplectic, a., apopleksiik (apoplektik).
apoplexy, n., apopleksi.
apostate, a., apostat.
apostle, n., apostol.
apostolic, a., apostolik.
apostrophe, n., apostrof (’); apostrofad (address).
apostrophize, v., apostrofar.
apothecary, n., apoteker.
apothecary shop, n., apotek.
appanage, n., apanaj.
appanage, v., apanajar.
apparatus, n., aparat.
apparition, n., fantom.
appeal, n., apel.
appeal, v., apelar.
appear, v., aparar (be or become visible); semblar (seem).
appease, v., plakar.
appendage, n., ad-pendad.
appendix, n., ad-pendad.
appertain, v., apartenar.
appetite, n., apetit.
applaud, v., aplaudar.
apple, n., pom.
apply one’s self, v., penar (exert one’s self).
apply one’s self to something, v., okupar se in kk.
appoint, v., nominar.
appointment, n., nominasion.
appraisal, n., taksasion.
appraise, v., taksar.
appraiser, n., taksator.
apprehend, v., konseptar (conceive).
apprize, v., informar kh di kk.
appropriate, v., apropriar.
approve, v., aprobar.
approximate, v., ad-proksimar (trans.).
approximate, a., aproksimativ.
approximately, ad., aproksimative.
approximation, n., ad-proksimasion.
approximative, a., aproksimativ.
approximatively, ad., aproksimative.
apricot, n., abrikos.
April, n., april.
apron, n., gremiad.
apt, a., apt (skilful).
aptitude, n., aptitet.
aquafortis, n., akuafort.
aquarium, n., akuarium.
arabesque, n., arabesk.
Arabia, n., Arabia.
arbiter, n., arbitr.
arbitrariness, n., arbitraritet.
arbitrary, a., arbitrar.
arbitration, n., arbitraj.
arc, n., ark.
arcade, n., arkad.
arch, n., ark.
archangel, n., arkiangel.
archbishop, n., arkiepiskop.
archduke, n., arkiduk.
archer, n., arker.
archetype, n., prototip.
architect, n., arkitekt.
archives, n., arkiv.
archway, n., arkad.
ardent, a., ardoros.
ardor, n., ardor.
area, n., ar (100 square meters).
arena, n., aren.
areometer, n., areometr.
argil, n., argil.
argillaceous, a., argilos.
argol, n., tartr.
argon, n., argon.
argue, v., argumentar.
argument, n., argument.
aria, n., aria.
arid, a., sik.
aridity, n., sikitet.
arise, v., levar se.
aristocracy, n., aristokrati.
aristocrat, n., aristokrat.
arithmetic, n., aritmetik.
arm, n., bras (of body); arm (weapon).
arm, v., armar.
armature, n., armatur.
arm-chair, n., bras-stul.
Armenia, n., Armenia.
arms, n., arm-emblem (escutcheon).
army, n., armi.
army, a., armiik and de armi.
aroma, n., aromat.
aromatic, a., aromatik.
around; all around, ad., sirka.
around, p., sirka.
arrack, n., arak.
arrange, v., ad-rangar.
arrangement, n., ord (order).
arrest, n., arest.
arrest, v., arestar.
arrive, v., arivar.
arrive at, v., arivar.
arrogance, n., arogantitet (arogans).
arrogant, a., arogant.
arrow, n., sagit.
arrowroot, n., arorut.
arsenal, n., arsenal.
arsenic, n., arsen.
art, n., art (fine art); astusi (cunning); artifisi (skill).
artery, n., arter.
artful, a., astusios (crafty); artifisios (ingenious).
artichoke, n., artishok.
article, n., artikl (in paper; also part of speech).
artifice, n., artifisi.
artificial, a., artifisial.
artillerist, n., artileriist (artilerist).
artillery, n., artileri.
artisan, n., metierist.
artist, n., artist.
artless, a., naiv.
artlessness, n., naivitet.
as, ad., kuale.
as, i., kause (because); in kualitet de (in capacity of); kuale (just as).
asbestos, n., asbest.
ascend, v., asendar.
Ascension, n., asension.
ascertain, v., konstatar (establish).
ascetic, n., asket.
ascribe, v., imputar.
ash, n., fraksin (tree).
ashamed, be, v., pudar.
ashes, n., sen.
Asia, n., Asia.
Asia Minor, n., Anatolia.
Asiatic, a., asian (asiatik).
aside, ad., a flanke (to one side); apart (at one side).
as if, i., kuale if.
ask, v., interogar (interrogate); pregar (request); demandar (demand).
as long as, i., tale longe ke.
as often as, i., omnifoa ke.
asparagus, n., asparg.
aspect, n., aspekt.
aspen, n., trembl.
asphalt, n., asfalt.
aspire, v., aspirar.
ass, n., asin.
assail, v., atakar.
assassin, n., asasinator.
assassinate, v., asasinar.
assassination, n., asasinasion.
assault, n., atak.
assault, v., atakar.
assemble, v., konventar (intr.); reuniar (trans.).
assembly, n., konvent.
assent, n., asenti.
assent, v., asentiar.
assert, v., afirmar.
assertion, n., afirmasion.
assessor, n., asesor (judge lateral).
assiduity, n., asiduitet.
assiduous, a., asidu.
assign, v., asignar.
assist, v., sukursar (succor); asistar (help).
assistance, n., sukurs (succor).
assistant, n., asistant.
associate, v., asosiar (trans.).
associate, n., asosied.
association, n., asosiasion.
as soon as, i., nemediate po ke.
assort, v., sortar.
assume, v., suposar (suppose); prendar su se (undertake).
assuming that, i., suposante ke.
assurance, n., asekurasion.
assure, v., asekurar.
Assyria, n., Asiria.
asthma, n., astmat.
astonished, be, v., esar surprised.
astrologer, n., astrolog.
astrology, n., astrologi.
astronomer, n., astronom.
astronomical, a., astronomiik (astronomik).
astronomy, n., astronomi.
as well as, i., e – e.
asylum, n., asil.
at, p., ad.
atheism, n., ateism.
atheist, n., ateist.
athlete, n., atlet.
athletic, a., atletik.
Atlantic Ocean, osean Atlantik.
atlas, n., atlas.
atmosphere, n., atmosfer.
atom, n., atom.
at once, ad., nemediate.
atone for, v., ekspiar.
atonement, n., ekspiasion.
at pleasure, sekuantu plisad.
attack, n., atak.
attack, v., atakar.
attain, v., atinar.
attempt, n., efors.
attempt, v., eforsar.
attention, n., atension.
attention to, pay, v., konsidar.
attentive, a., atensionos.
attest, v., atestar.
attire, v., vestar.
attorney, n., prokurist.
attract, v., atraktar.
attraction, n., sharm (charm); atraktasion ((atraksion) act of attracting).
attribute, v., imputar.
at will, sekuantu plisad.
auction, n., auksion.
auction, v., auksionar.
audience, n., audiens.
augment, n., augment.
augment, v., augmentar.
augmentation, n., augmentasion.
August, n., august.
aunt, n., tanta.
aurochs, n., ur.
auscultate, v., auskultar.
Australia, n., Australia.
Austria, n., Austria.
authentic, a., autentik.
authenticate, v., dokumentar.
author, n., autor.
author, be, v., esar autor.
authority, n., autoritet.
authorize, v., autorisar.
autobiography, n., autobiografi.
automatic, a., automatik.
automatically, ad., automate.
automaton, n., automat.
automobile, a., automobil.
automobile, n., [vehikl] automobil.
autumn, n., fruktotemp.
auxiliary verb, verb auksiliar.
avarice, n., avaritet.
avaricious, a., avar.
avaricious, be, v., esar avar.
avenge, v., vindikar.
avenue, n., alé (alley, path).
aversion, n., aversion.
avid, a., avid.
avidity, n., aviditet.
avoid, v., evitar.
avow, v., konfesar.
await, v., atendar.
awake, a., vigilant.
awake, v., vigileskar (intrans.); vigilifikar (trans.).
awake, be, v., vigilar.
awaken, v., vigileskar (intrans.); vigilifikar (trans.).
award premium or prize, v., premiar.
away!, i., apo!
awkward, a., neapt.
awkwardness, n., neaptitet.
awl, n., alen.
axe, n., skur.
axiom, n., aksiom.
axis, n., aks.
axle, n., aks.
azote, n., asot.
azure, a., asur.
babble, v., babiliar.
baboon, n., pavian.
back, n., dors.
back, a., posterior.
back, ad., retro (backward).
background, n., fon.
back of, p., dorsu.
backward, ad., retro; versu dors.
bacon, n., lard.
bad, a., mal.
bad, the, n., it mal (the evil).
badger, n., daks.
baffle, v., frustrar.
bag, n., sak.
baggage, n., bagaj.
bail, n., garantad (guarantee); garant (person).
bail, v., garantar.
bailor, n., garant.
bake, v., bakar.
baking, n., bakad (batch).
balance, n., balans (equipoise); bilans (in commerce; as in trial balance).
balance, v. intr., balansar (equipoise).
balcony, n., balkon.
bald, a., kalv.
baldachin, n., baldakin.
baldness, n., kalvitet.
balk, v. tr., frustrar.
ball, n., bul (bullet); bal (dance).
ball, red, n., karambol (billiards).
ballad, n., balad.
ballast, n., balast.
ballet, n., balet.
ballistics, n., balistik.
balloon, n., balon.
balm, n., balsam.
balsam, n., balsam.
balsamine, n., balsamin.
Baltic Sea, mar Baltik.
baluster, n., balustr.
balustrade, n., balustrad.
bamboo, n., bambu.
banana, n., banan.
band, n., band (tie); trup (troop).
bandage, n., bandaj.
bandage-maker, n., bandajist.
bandbox, n., skatul.
bandit, n., bandit.
banish, v., eksilar.
banishment, n., eksil.
bank, n., bank (for money); fluvi-bord (of river).
bankbill, n., bank-billet.
banker, n., banker.
banknote, n., bank-billet.
bankrupt, become, v., fasiar bankrot.
bankruptcy, n., bankrot.
banner, n., baner.
banquet, n., banket.
baptism, n., baptasion.
baptize, v., baptar.
baptizer, n., baptist.
bar, n., bar (ingot, bolt); stang (pole).
bar, v., barar (bolt).
barbarian, n., barbar.
barbarous, a., barbar.
Barbary, n., Berberia.
barbel, n., barbi.
barber, n., barber.
bare, a., nud.
bare, v., nudifikar.
bargain, v., merkantar.
baritone, n., bariton.
barium, n., barium.
bark, n., bark (boat); krust (rind).
bark, v., kani-klamar.
barley, n., ors.
barometer, n., barometr.
baron, n., baron.
barrack, n., kasern (for soldiers); barak (hovel).
barren, a., steril.
barricade, n., barikad.
barrier, n., barier.
barter, n., kambiasion.
barter, v., kambiar.
basalt, n., basalt.
base, n., basis.
base, a., bas.
baseness, n., basitet.
bashful, a., pudik.
bashfulness, n., pudikitet.
Bashkir, n., bashkir.
basilisk, n., basilisk.
basin, n., basin.
basis, n., basis.
basket, n., korb.
bass, n., vok bas (music).
bass-singer, n., basist.
bast, n., bast.
bastard, n., bastard.
bastion, n., bastion.
bat, n., vespertili (animal).
batch, n., bakad (baking).
bath, n., bani (act); banieri (place).
bathe, v., baniar.
bather, n., banier.
bathing-place, n., banieri.
bathtub, n., bani-kuf.
batiste, n., batist.
baton, n., baston.
battalion, n., batalion.
battery, n., bateri (military).
battle, n., batali.
battlement, n., kren.
Bavaria, n., Bavaria.
bay, n., golf (gulf); laur (laurel).
bayonet, n., bayonet.
bazaar, n., basar.
be, v., esar (substantive verb); standar (do, fare).
beach, n., mar-bord.
beacon, n., far.
beadle, n., bedel.
beak, n., bek.
beaker, n., bokal.
beam, n., radi (ray); tray (timber).
bean, n., fasol.
bear, n., urs.
bear, v., portar (carry); natar (give birth to); sufrar (endure).
beard, n., barb.
bearded, a., barbos.
beast of prey, animal rapas.
beat, v., batar (strike); pulsar (pulsate); bastonar (cudgel).
beat down, v., de-merkantar (prices).
beatitude, n., beatitet.
beat off, v., de-batar.
beautiful, a., bel.
beautiful, the, n., it bel.
beautiful-eyed, a., kaliokulos.
beauty, n., belitet.
beaver, n., kastor.
because, i., kause.
because of, p., kausu.
because of that, ad., tekause.
because of this, ad., sikause.
become, v., deveniar.
become blunted, v., obtuseskar.
become drunk, v., ebrifikar se.
become dull, v., obtuseskar.
become dumb, v., deveniar mut.
become lame, v., deveniar misandant.
become poor, v., povreskar.
become sick, v., maladeskar.
become stupid, v., stupideskar.
become wild, v., feroseskar.
becoming, a., desent.
bed, n., bed (couch); bet (of garden).
Bedouin, n., beduin.
bee, n., api.
beech, n., fag.
beef, n., bov-karn (meat).
beefsteak, n., bifstek.
beehive, n., apieri.
beer, n., bir.
beer-house, n., bireri.
beet, n., betarubr.
beetle, n., skarab (insect).
before, p., ante (temporal and local); presentu (in presence of).
before, ad., anteriore.
before, i., ante ke.
beforehand, ad., avanse.
beforehand with, be, v., preveniar.
befoul, v., sordifikar.
beg, v., mendikar (ask alms); pregar (request).
beget, v., generar.
begetter, n., generator.
beg from, v., de-mendikar.
beggar, n., mendikant.
begin, v., komensar.
beginning, n., komens.
beginning, in the, ad., komense or in komens.
beg of, v., de-mendikar.
begone!, i., apo!
beg pardon, v., pregar pardon.
behave, v., konduktar se.
behavior, n., kondukt.
behead, v., de-kapar (dekapitar).
beheading, n., de-kapasion (dekapitasion).
behind, p., po; dorsu.
behind, ad., posteriore.
behold, v., aspektar.
behold!, i., ekse!
be in condition, v., esar in stand (be able).
belch, v., eruktar.
belching, n., eruktasion.
beleaguer, v., obsidiar.
Belgium, n., Belgia.
belie, v., dementiar (contradict).
belief, n., kred.
believe, v., kredar.
believe in something, v., kredar in kk.
bell, n., klok.
belladonna, n., beladon.
bellied, a., ventros.
belly, n., ventr.
belong, v., apartenar.
below, ad., inferiore.
below, p., inferiore de (lower than).
belt, n., sintur.
belt, v., sinturar.
belvedere, n., belveder.
belvidere, n., belveder.
belying, n., dementi.
bench, n., skamnu.
bend, n., kurv (curve).
bend, v., flektar (flex); kurvar (curve).
beneath, p., sub.
benediction, n., benedikasion.
benefactor, n., bene-fasiator.
benefice, n., benefis.
beneficent, a., bene-fasiant.
benefit, n., profit (profit).
benefit, v., bene-fasiar.
benefit of, for the, p., profitu.
benevolent, a., benevolent.
bent, a., kurvik.
benzine, n., bensin.
benzole, n., bensol.
bequeath, v., trans-mitar herede.
be quiet!, i., silensi!
bereave, v., privar.
berry, n., ber.
beryl, n., beril.
beryllium, n., berilium.
beseech, v., suplikar.
beside, p., visinu.
besides, ad., ekstr it.
besides, p., ekstr.
besiege, v., obsidiar.
Bessarabia, n., Besarabia.
bestow, v., donar.
bet, n., pari.
bet, v., pariar.
betray, v., traditar.
betroth, v., fiansar.
betrothal, n., fiansasion.
betrothed (couple), n., fiansedi.
better, v., plu-bonifikar.
between, p., intr.
between, ad., intre.
between, in, ad., intre.
bewitch, v., sharmar.
beyond, p., trans (across); ulteriore de (on farther side of); ultra (over, more than).
Bible, n., bibl.
bicycle, n., bisikl.
bicyclist, n., bisiklist.
bid, v., imperar.
big, a., gros (thick).
bigarade, n., oranj amer.
bigoted, a., bigot.
bilateral, a., biflankik.
bilberry, n., mirtil.
bile, n., bili.
bilingual, a., bilinguik.
bilious, a., bilios.
bill, n., bek (beak); faktur (invoice); nota (reckoning).
billet, n., billet (note).
billiards, n., billard.
billion, nr., bilion (1,000,000,000).
bill posted up, n., afish.
bind, v., bandar (tie); obligar (oblige).
bind books, v., libr-bandar.
bind by oath, v., obligar mediu yurad.
biography, n., biografi.
birch, n., betul.
bird, n., ornit.
bird of prey, ornit rapas.
biretta, n., baret.
birth, n., nat.
birth to, give, v., natar.
biscuit, n., biskit (rusk); biskuit (cracker).
bishop, n., episkop (dignitary); kurser (in chess).
bismuth, n., bismut.
bison, European, n., ur.
bissextile, a., bisekstil.
bissextile, n., anu bisekstil.
bit, n., morsel.
bite, n., mordad (wound).
bite, v., mordar.
bitter, a., amer.
bitumen, n., bitumin.
bituminous, a., bituminos.
bivouac, n., bivuak.
bivouac, v., bivuakar.
black, a., negr.
blackbird, n., merl.
black bread, n., negr-pan.
blacken, v., negrifikar.
black horse, n., negr-kaval.
blacking, n., negrad.
blackish, a., negratr.
Black Sea, mar Negr.
bladder, n., urin-vesik; vesik.
blade, n., lam.
blame, n., blam.
blame, v., blamar.
blank-book, n., papir-libr.
blaspheme, v., blasfemar.
blaze, n., flam.
blaze, v., flamar.
bleach, v., palidifikar.
bleachery, n., palidifikeri.
bleed, v., sanguinar (intr.).
bleed to death, v., eks-sanguinar.
blemish, n., makul (stain); defekt (fault).
blemish, v., makular.
blend, v., miksar.
bless, v., benedikar (consecrate); felisifikar (make happy).
blessed, a., beat.
blessedness, n., beatitet.
blessing, n., benedikasion.
blind, a., siek.
blind, v., siekifikar.
blindness, n., siekitet.
blindworm, n., fals-serpent.
blister, n., vesik.
block, n., blok (wood, stone, etc.).
blockade, v., blokar.
block up, v., blokar.
blonde, a., blond.
blood, n., sanguin.
bloom, v., florar.
blossom, v., florar.
blot, n., makul.
blot, v., makular.
blow, n., bat (stroke).
blow, v., suflar (general sense; produce current of air); ventar (of wind).
blubber, n., pisk-gres.
blue, a., blu.
blue, v., bluifikar.
bluish, a., bluatr.
blunt, a., brusk (in manner); obtus (dull).
bluntness, n., bruskitet.
blush, v., rubeskar.
bluster, v., bruar.
board, n., plank (plank); karton (pasteboard).
boast of, v., ostentar.
bobbin, n., bobin.
body, n., korp.
Bohemia, n., Bohemia.
boil, v., buliar (trans. and intr.).
boiler, n., kaldron.
bold, a., hard.
boldness, n., harditet.
Bolivia, n., Bolivia.
bolt, n., bar.
bolt, v., barar (bar).
bomb, n., bomb.
bombard, v., bombardar.
bonbon, n., bonbon.
bond, n., band (tie).
bondsman, n., garant.
bone, n., os.
book, n., libr.
bookbinder, n., libr-bandator.
bookkeeper, n., libr-tenator.
booklet, n., libret.
bookseller, n., librer.
bookshop, n., libreri.
bookstore, n., libreri.
boot, n., bot.
booty, n., kaptad.
borax, n., boraks.
border, n., bord.
border, v., bordar.
bore, v., perforar (drill); enuiar (weary).
born, be, v., naskar.
boron, n., bor.
borough, n., burg.
borrow, v., prendar pro kredit.
botanical, a., botanikal.
botanize, v., botanisar.
botany, n., botanik.
both, a., omni du.
both – and, i., e – e.
both times, ad., omni-dufoa.
bottle, n., boteli.
bottom, at the, ad., base.
bottom, to the, ad., a base.
bough, n., ram.
bound, n., salt (leap).
bound, v., saltar (leap); limitar (limit).
boundary, n., limit.
bouquet, n., buket.
bourse, n., burs.
bovine animal, bov.
bow, n., ark.
bowel, n., intestin.
bowl, n., bokal (beaker).
bowman, n., arker.
box, n., kaset (box in general); kest (case or chest); skatul (such as band box, hat-box, pasteboard box); skatulet (such as snuff-box, pill-box); lodji (in theater, etc.).
box, v., boksar (with fists).
boy, n., puer.
bracelet, n., braselet.
bracket, n., kramp ([]).
brag of, v., ostentar.
braid, n., tres (tress); pasement (fringe).
braid, v., tresar.
braid-maker, n., pasementer.
brain, n., serebr.
brake, n., fren (mechanical device).
bran, n., bran.
branch, n., ram.
brand, n., stigmat.
brandy, n., akuavit.
brass, n., latun.
brave, a., brav.
bravery, n., bravitet.
bravo!, i., brave!
Brazil, n., Brasilia.
breach, n., bresh.
bread, n., pan.
breadth, n., largitet.
break, n., frangad (fracture); bresh (breach); liniet de separasion (dash).
break, v., frangar (fracture); dresar (train animals).
breakfast, n., matin-repast.
breakfast, v., matin-repastar.
break in, v., dresar (train animals).
break off, v., de-frangar.
break to pieces, disfrangar.
break up, disfrangar (break to pieces).
breast, n., mamel (mammary gland); pektor (chest).
breastplate, n., kiras.
breath, n., respir (respiration); halit (exhalation).
breathe, v., respirar (respire).
breathe out, v., halitar.
breathing, n., respirasion.
breeches, n., pantalon.
breeze, n., bris.
breviary, n., breviar.
brevity, n., brevitet.
brew, v., bir-kukar.
brewery, n., bir-kukeri.
brick, n., brik.
bricks, make, produktar briki.
bride, n., fianseda.
bridegroom, n., fiansedo.
bridesman, n., paranimf.
bridge, n., pont.
bridge, v., trans-pontar.
bridge over, v., trans-pontar.
bridle, n., brid.
bridle, v., bridar.
brief, a., brev.
briefness, n., brevitet.
brigade, n., brigad.
brigand, n., brigand.
bright, a., splendid.
bright, be, v., splendar.
brightness, n., splendor.
brim, n., bord.
bring, v., ad-portar (fetch); furnar (furnish).
bring forth, v., natar.
brink, n., bord.
bristle, n., setul.
bristly, a., setulos.
Brittany, n., Bretonia.
brittle, a., frangabl.
brittleness, n., frangablitet.
broad, a., larg.
broaden, v., largifikar.
brochure, n., broshur.
broker, n., kurtajist.
brokerage, n., kurtaj.
bromine, n., brom.
bronchial, a., bronkiik (bronkial).
bronchus, n., bronki.
bronze, n., brons.
bronze, v., bronsar.
brood, n., kuv.
brook, n., fluviet.
broom, n., svip.
broth, n., bulion.
brothel, n., bordel.
brother, n., fratr.
brother-in-law, n., bel-fratr.
brow, n., front.
brown, a., brun.
brown, v., brunifikar.
bruise, n., kontusion.
bruise, v., kontusionar.
brush, n., brus (for brushing); pinsl (pencil).
brush, v., brusar.
brush away, v., de-brusar.
brush off, v., de-brusar.
brusque, a., brusk.
brusqueness, n., bruskitet.
brutal, a., brutal.
brutality, n., brutalitet.
bubble, n., vesik.
bucket, n., situl.
buckle, n., fibl.
buckle, v., fiblar.
buckler, n., skut.
bud, n., boton.
bud, v., botonar.
buffoon, n., bufon.
buffoon, a., bufonik.
buffoonery, n., bufonad.
bug, n., simeks.
build, v., edifisiar.
build a bridge, trans-pontar.
building, n., edifisi.
buillon, n., bulion.
bulb, n., tuber.
bulbous, a., tuberos.
bulk, n., volumin (volume).
bull, n., taur.
bullet, n., bul.
bulwark, n., bastion.
bunch, n., fask (bundle); tuf (tuft).
bundle, n., fask (bunch); garb (of grain).
burbot, n., lota.
burden, n., sharj.
burden, v., sharjar.
burdensome, a., molestik.
bureau, n., komod (chest of drawers).
burlesque, a., burlesk.
burn, v., flagrar (intr.); kombustar (trans.).
burn down, v. tr., de-kombustar.
burnish, v., poliar.
burn up, v. tr., de-kombustar.
burst, v. intr., krakar.
bury, v., sepultar.
bush, n., arbust.
bushel, n., bushl.
business, n., negosi.
business, a., negosiik.
business, carry on, do, negosiar.
business man, n., negosiant.
bust, n., bust.
busy one’s self with something, okupar se in kk.
but, ad., sole.
but, i., ma.
but, p., ekseptu.
butcher, v., maktar.
butcher, n., maktator.
butchering, n., maktasion.
butt, n., but (mark.)
butter, n., butir.
butter, make, v., butirifikar.
butterfly, n., papilion.
button, n., buton.
button, v., butonar.
buy, v., akuirar.
by, p., per (by agency of); proksimu (near); mediu (by means of); ad (at, with).
by, ad., a (e. g. a du = by twos; two by two).
by the way, ad., pasante.
by way of, p., via.
c. = circa, about, s. = sirka.
cabal, n., kabal.
cabal, v., kabalar.
cabbage, n., brasik.
cabin, n., kabin (of ship).
cabinet, n., kabinet (study).
cabinet-maker, n., tabler.
cabinet-maker’s shop, n., tabler-ofisin.
cable, n., kabl.
cacao, n., kakao.
cackle, v., galina-klamar.
cactus, n., kakt.
cadaver, n., kadavr.
cadence, n., kadens.
cadet, n., kadet.
cadmium, n., kadmium.
cæsium, n., sesium.
café, n., kaferi.
cake, n., kek.
calamity, n., kalamitet.
calash, n., kalesh.
calcine, v., kalsinar.
calcium, n., kalsium.
calculate, v., kalkular.
calculation, n., kalkul.
caleche, n., kalesh.
calendar, n., kalendar.
calender, n., kalandr.
calender, v., kalandrar.
calf, n., pulp de gamb (of leg).
calibrate, v., kalibrar.
calibre, n., kalibr.
calico, n., kalikot.
California, n., Kalifornia.
caliph, n., kalif.
call, n., vokasion (cry).
call, v., vokar (cry); nomar (name).
call attention to, dukar atension a.
called, be, v., esar nomed.
calligraph, v., kali-grafar.
calligrapher, n., kali-graf.
call in, v., in-kasar (cash in).
calling, n., ofis (office).
callous, a., kalos.
call out to anyone, klamar a kh.
call to mind, memoriar.
callus, n., kal.
calm, n., kalm.
calm, v., kalmar.
calomel, n., kalomel.
calumniate, v., kalumniar.
calumny, n., kalumniasion.
calyx, n., kalis.
camel, n., kamel.
camellia, n., kameli.
camelopard, n., giraf.
cameo, n., kamé.
camomile, n., kamomil.
campaign, n., kampani.
camphor, n., kamfor.
can, n., pot.
can, v., see “able, be.”
canal, n., kanal.
canary (bird), n., kanarit.
cancel, v., anular.
cancer, n., kansr (disease).
candelabrum, n., kandelabr.
candid, a., sinser.
candidacy, n., kandidatad.
candidate, n., kandidat.
candidature, n., kandidatad.
candle, n., kandel.
candlestick, n., kandelad.
candor, n., sinseritet.
candy, n., bonbon.
cane, n., baston (stick); kan (reed).
cane, v., bastonar.
cannibal, n., kanibal.
cannibalistic, a., kanibalik.
cannon, n., kanon.
cannonade, n., kanonad.
cannonade, v., kanonar.
canon, a., kanonik.
canonical, a., kanonik.
canopy, n., baldakin.
canton, n., kanton.
canvas, n., kanvas.
cap, n., kasket (head-covering of boys, men, women); baret (biretta).
capability, n., kapablitet.
capable, a., kapabl.
capable, think one, estimar kh kapabl.
capacity, n., kapablitet (ability).
capacity of, in the, i., in kualitet de.
caper, n., kapar (berry); kapriol (curvet).
capital, n., kapital (finance).
capitol, n., kapitol.
capon, n., kapon.
capouch, n., kapus.
caprice, n., kapris.
capricious, a., kaprisos.
capricorn, n., kaprikorn.
capriole, n., kapriol.
capsule, n., kapsul.
captain, n., kapitan.
capture, v., kaptar.
capture, n., kaptad (catch).
capture, make a, fasiar kaptad.
Capuchin, n., kapusin.
car, n., vagon (railroad).
caraffe, n., karaf.
carambole, n., karambol.
caramel, n., karamel.
carat, n., karat.
caravan, n., karavan.
caraway, n., kumin.
carbine, n., karabin.
carbineer, n., karabiner.
carbon, n., karbon.
carbuncle, n., karbunkl (med.).
card, n., kart.
cardinal, a., kardinal.
cardinal, n., kardinal (dignitary).
cardinal number, numerativ kardinal.
care, n., kur.
care (for), v., kurar.
caress, n., kares.
caress, v., karesar.
cargo, n., sharj.
caricature, n., karikatur.
caricature, v., karikaturar.
Carinthia, n., Karintia.
carmine, n., karmin.
carnival, n., karneval.
carob, n., karob.
carom, n., karambolad.
carom, v., karombolar.
carouba, n., karob.
carp, n., karpion.
Carpathian Mountains, Karpati.
carpenter, n., karpentator.
carpenter, v., karpentar.
carpet, n., tapet.
carriage, n., karos.
carrot, n., karot.
carrousel, n., karusel.
carry, v., portar.
cart, n., karet.
cartilage, n., kartilag.
cartouche, n., kartush.
cartridge, n., kartush.
carve, v., skulptar (sculpture).
cascade, n., kaskad.
case, n., kest (box); kasu (event; also in grammar).
case, in every, ad., in omni kasu.
casein, n., kasein.
casemate, n., kasemat.
cash, in, per kontant.
cash-box, n., kas.
cashier, n., kaser.
casing, n., kuvr.
Caspian Sea, mar Kaspik.
cassock, n., talar.
cast, v., lansar.
cast, n., lansad (throw).
caste, n., kast.
castigate, v., kastigar.
castigation, n., kastigasion.
castle, n., kastel.
cast off, v., apo-pusar.
cast out, v., eks-movar.
castrate, v., kastrar.
cat, n., kat.
catacomb, n., katakomb.
catafalque, n., katafalk.
catalepsy, n., katalepsi.
cataleptic, a., katalepsiik (kataleptik).
catalogue, n., katalog.
cataplasm, n., kataplasm.
cataract, n., katarakt (med.).
catarrh, n., katar.
catastrophe, n., katastrof.
catch, v., kaptar.
catch, n., kaptad (booty).
catch fire, v., flagreskar.
catechism, n., katekism.
categorical, a., kategorik.
category, n., kategori.
cathedral, n., katedral.
Catholic, a., katolik.
Catholicism, n., katolikism.
Caucasus, n., Kaukasia.
Caucasus Mountains, Kaukas.
cauldron, n., kaldron.
cauliflower, n., flor-brasik.
cause, n., kaus.
cause, v., kausar.
caustic, a., kaustik.
cauterize, v., kauterisar.
caution, n., prekautasion.
caution, v., prekautar.
cavalcade, n., kavalkad.
cavalry, n., kavaleri.
cavalry, a., kavalerian.
cavalryman, n., kavaleriist (kavalerist).
cave, n., kavern.
cavern, n., kavern.
cavernous, a., kavernik.
caviare, n., kaviar.
cease, v., sesar.
cedar, n., sedr.
celebrate, v., festar (festival).
celebrated, a., selebr.
celebration, n., festasion.
celebrity, n., selebritet.
celery, n., selri.
celestial, a., sielik.
celibacy, n., selibat.
cell, n., selul.
cellar, n., kav.
cement, n., sement.
cement, v., sementar.
censer, n., insenser.
censor, n., sensor.
censor, examine as, v., sensurar.
censorship, n., sensur.
censure, v., blamar.
cent, n., sentim [de dolar] (U. S. coin).
centennial, a., sekulik (sekular).
center, n., sentr.
center of, in the, p., in sentr de.
centime, n., santim.
centiped, n., skolopendr.
centner, n., sent-livr.
centralization, n., sentralisasion.
centralize, v., sentralisar.
centurial, a., sekulik (sekular).
century, n., sekul.
cerebrum, n., serebr.
ceremony, n., seremoni.
cerium, n., serium.
certain, a., sert (certain kind of; also having certitude); sekur (safe).
certain, make, v., asekurar.
certainly, ad., serte.
certainly not, ad, totale no.
certain thing, a, sert-kos.
certainty, n., sertitet.
certificate, n., sertifikasion.
certify, v., sertifikar.
ceruse, n., serus.
chafer, n., skarab.
chain, n., katen.
chain of mountains, montaj.
chair, n., stul.
chairman, n., presedant (presiding officer).
chalice, n., kalis.
chalk, n., kret.
challenge, v., provokar (provoke).
chamber, n., kamr.
chamberlain, n., kamrer.
chameleon, n., kameleon.
chamfer, n., kanel.
chamfer, v., kanelar.
chamois, n., kamosk.
chance, n., fortuit.
chancellor, n., kanseler.
chancery, n., kanseleri.
chandelier, n., kandelabr.
change, n., variasion.
change, v., variar (vary); mutar (alter); kambiar (money).
changeable, a., variabl.
changeableness, n., variablitet.
change horses, variar kavali.
change one’s residence, mutar domisil.
channel, n., kanal (canal); kanel (chamfer).
channel, v., kanelar (chamfer).
chant, n., kant.
chant, v., kantar.
chaos, n., kaot.
chaotic, a., kaotik.
chap, n., fisad (crack).
chapel, n., kapel.
chaplain, n., kapelan.
chapter, n., kapitl.
character, n., karakter (qualification); rol (dramatic part); reputasion (reputation); liter (letter).
characteristic, a., karakterik.
charge, n., sharj (load).
charge, carrying, n., porto.
charge, v., sharjar (load); debetar (debit); imperar (enjoin).
charity, n., karitet.
charm, n., sharm.
charm, v., sharmar.
charpie, n., karp-fili.
chase, n., venad (hunt).
chaste, a., kast.
chasten, v., kastigar.
chastise, v., kastigar.
chastisement, n., kastigasion.
chastity, n., kastitet.
chasuble, n., kasubl.
cheap, a., nekar.
cheapen, v., de-merkantar (beat down price).
cheat, v., fraudar.
check, n., cek (finance); fren (restraint).
check, v., frenar (restrain).
cheek, n., guen.
cheer, v., gaudiar (gladden).
cheerful, a., alegr.
cheerfulness, n., alegritet.
cheese, n., kase.
chemical, a., kimiik.
chemist, n., kimiist.
chemistry, n., kimi.
cherry, n., seris.
cherub, n., kerub.
chess, n., shak.
chess-board, n., shak-plat.
chess-player, n., shakist.
chest, n., kest (box); pektor (breast).
chestnut, n., kastani.
chest of drawers, komod.
chew, v., mastikar.
chicory, n., sikor.
chief, n., shef.
chief, a., prinsipal.
chiefly, ad., prinsipale.
child, n., fili (son or daughter); infant (infant).
childbirth, n., natasion.
childish, a., pueril.
childishness, n., puerilitet.
Chili, n., Cili.
chimney, n., kamin.
chin, n., menton.
China, n., Cinesia.
chink, n., fisad.
chirp, v., gril-klamar.
chisel, n., sisel.
chisel, v., siselar.
chlorine, n., klor.
chocolate, n., cokolad.
choir, n., kor.
choke, v., sufokar.
cholera, n., kolera.
choleric, a., kolerik.
choleric man, n., koleriker.
choose, v., selektar (select); preferar (prefer).
choral, n., koral.
chord, n., korda (mus. and math.).
chorister, n., korist.
Christ, n., Krist.
Christian, a., kristian.
Christian, n., kristiano (masc.); kristiana (fem.).
Christianity, n., kristianism.
Christmas, n., nativitet.
chromium, n., krom.
chronic, a., kronik.
chronicle, n., kronik.
chronological, a., kronologiik (kronologik).
chronology, n., kronologi.
chronometer, n., krono-metr.
chrysalis, n., krisalid.
church, n., ekles.
church furniture, utensili de ekles.
churn, v., butirifikar.
cicatrice, n., sikatris.
cicatrize, v., sikatrisar.
cider, n., sidr.
cigar, n., sigar.
cigarette, n., sigaret.
cincture, n., sintur.
cinder, n., skori.
cinnabar, n., sinabr.
cinnamon, n., sinamon.
cipher, n., shifr.
cipher, write in, v., shifrar.
circle, n., sirkl.
circuit, n., sirkuit.
circuitous, a., sirkuitos.
circular, n., sirkular (letter).
circular letter, sirkular.
circulate, v., propagar (propagate); sirklar (be in circulation).
circumference, n., periferi.
circumscribe, v., restriktar.
circumstance, n., sirkumstans.
circus, n., sirk.
cistern, n., sistern.
citadel, n., sitadel.
cite, v., sitar (quote; also summon).
citizen, n., borges (of a city); [person] apartenant a kelkun stat (of a country).
city, n., urb.
civet, n., sibet (in pharmacy); sibet-kat (animal).
civet-cat, n., sibet-kat.
civic, a., sivil.
civil, a., sivil (civic).
civilization, n., sivilisasion.
civilize, v., sivilisar.
claim, v., pretendar (pretend to).
clamp, n., kramp.
clarinet, n., klarinet.
clarionet, n., klarinet.
clash, n., konflikt.
clasp, n., agraf.
class, n., klas.
classic, a., klasik.
classical, a., klasik.
classicality, n., klasikitet.
clause, n., klausul (proviso).
claviature, n., klaviaj (key-board).
claw, n., grif.
clay, n., argil.
clayey, a., argilos.
clean, a., pur.
clean, v., netifikar.
cleanliness, n., netitet.
cleanly, a., net.
cleanness, n., puritet.
cleanse, v., netifikar.
clear, a., klar.
clear, v., vakuifikar (make vacant).
clear, ad., neto (net).
clearness, n., klaritet.
cleave, v. tr., fisar.
cleft, n., fisad.
clematis, n., klematit.
clemency, n., klementitet.
clement, a., klement.
clergy, n., kler.
clergyman, n., kleran.
cleric, n., kleran.
client, n., klient.
clientele, n., klientel.
clients, n., klientel.
climate, n., klimat.
climb, v., klimbar.
cloak, n., mantel.
cloak, v., mantelar.
clock, n., hormetr.
clod, n., gleb.
close, a., intim (intimate).
close by, ad., visine.
closet, n., repositori (cupboard).
clot, n., grum.
cloth, n., drap.
clothe, v., vestar.
clotted, a., grumos.
cloud, n., nub.
cloud, v., kuvrar mediu nubi.
clover, n., trifoli.
clown, n., bufon.
clown, play the, bufonar.
club, n., klub (society).
clumsiness, n., neaptitet.
clumsy, a., neapt.
cluster, n., grup.
clyster, n., klister.
coach, n., fiakr.
coachman, n., karosan.
coagulate, v., koagular.
coal, n., karbon.
coarse, a., kras.
coarseness, n., krasitet.
coast, n., mar-bord.
coat, n., frak (dress-coat); sur-tut (overcoat).
coat of arms, arm-emblem.
cobalt, n., kobalt.
cochineal, n., koshinil.
cock, n., galino.
cockade, n., kokard.
cockatoo, n., kakadú.
cocoa, n., kakao (cacao).
cocoon, n., kokon.
C. O. D., rimbors.
code, n., kod.
codicil, n., kodisil.
coefficient, n., koefisient.
coffee, n., kaf.
coffee-house, n., kaferi.
coffin, n., sark.
coffin, v., in-sarkar.
cognac, n., koniak.
cognate, a., parent.
cog-wheel, n., rot dented.
coheir, n., ko-hered.
coil, v. tr., torsar.
coin, n., monet (money); koin (wedge).
coin, v., monetar.
coke, n., koks.
cold, n., frigor (lack of heat); nas-katar (in the head); frigad (becoming chilled).
cold, a., frigid.
cold, be, v., frigar.
cold, become, v., frigideskar.
cold, catch, v., frigadar se.
colic, n., kolik.
collar, n., kolad.
colleague, n., koleg.
collect, v., kolektar (gather); in-kasar (cash in).
collect charges, rimborsar.
collection, n., kolektad.
college, n., gimnas; liseum.
collision, n., kolision.
collision, come into, kolisionar.
colon, n., dupl-punkt.
colonel, n., kolonel.
colonial, a., koloniik (kolonial).
colonist, n., koloniist (kolonist).
colonize, v., koloniar.
colony, n., koloni.
color, n., kolor.
color, v., kolorar.
colossal, a., kolosik (kolosal).
colossus, n., kolos.
colt, n., yun-kaval.
column, n., kolumn (typography and architecture).
comb, n., pekt.
comb, v., pektar.
combat, n., kombat.
combat, v., kombatar.
combine, v., kombinar.
come, v., veniar.
comedian, n., komedian.
comedic, a., komedian.
comedy, n., komedi.
come from, v., proveniar.
comet, n., komet.
comfort, n., komfort (convenience).
comfort, v., konsolar.
comfortable, a., komfortos.
comic, comical, a., komik.
comma, n., koma.
command, n., komand.
command, v., komandar (order); imperar (have command over).
commander, n., imperator.
commandment, n., komand.
commence, v., komensar.
commencement, n., komens.
commend, v., laudar (praise); rekomendar (recommend).
commendation, n., laud (praise).
comment, v., komentar.
commerce, n., komers.
commiserate, v., miserar.
commissary, n., komisar.
commission, n., komision (errand).
commission, v., komitar.
commissioner, n., komisar.
committee, n., komitet.
commode, n., komod (chest of drawers).
commodiousness, n., komoditet (convenience).
common, a., komunik (joint); ordinar (usual); vulgar (vulgar).
communicate, v., komunikar (hold intercourse with; also make known).
communication, n., komunikasion (dealing; also making known).
communion, n., komunion (sacrament).
community, n., komun.
compact, n., pakt.
compact, a., kompakt.
companion, n., kompan.
company, n., sosietet.
company with, in, p., in sosietet de.
comparative, n., komparativ.
compare, v., komparar.
comparison, n., komparasion.
compass, n., kompas (magnetic).
compasses, n., sirklator.
compassion, n., kompasion.
compassionate, v., kompasionar.
compel, v., forsar.
compensate, v., kompensar.
compensation, n., kompensasion.
compete, v., konkurar.
competent, a., kompetent.
competition, n., konkurasion.
competitor, n., konkurant.
complain, v., lamentar.
complain of, v., lamentar di kk.
complaisant, a., komplesant.
complement, n., komplement.
complete, a., komplet.
complete, v., kompletifikar (make whole or entire; fill up); per-fasiar (bring to an end; finish).
completely, ad., komplete.
complicate, v., komplikar.
compliment, n., kompliment.
compliment, v., komplimentar.
complot, n., komplot.
compose, v., komposar.
composer, n., komposator (music).
compost, n., kompost.
compound, n., parol ko-posed.
compound, v., kombinar.
comprehend, v., komprendar (understand); kompleksar (comprise).
comprehensible, a., komprendabl.
compress, n., kompres.
comprise, v., kompleksar.
computation, n., kalkul.
compute, v., kalkular.
comrade, n., kamarad.
comradeship, n., kamaraditet.
concave, a., konkav.
concavity, n., konkavitet.
conceal, v., okultar (hide); ne-komunikar (keep secret).
concealed, a., arkan (secret).
concede, v., konsesionar.
conceive, v., konseptar (mentally or physically).
concentrate, v., konsentrar.
conception, n., konseptasion (mental or physical).
concern, n., afer.
concern, v., konsernar.
concerning, p., di.
concert, n., konsert.
concert, give, v., konsertar.
concession, n., konsesion.
conch, n., konk.
conclude, v., konkludar (infer); resolvar (resolve); finiar (end).
concord, n., konkord.
condemn, v., kondamnar.
condemnation, n., kondamnasion.
condensation, n., kondensasion.
condense, v., kondensar.
condenser, n., kondensator.
condescend, v., kondesendar.
condition, n., kondision (stipulation); stand (state).
condition, be in, esar in stand (be able).
conditional, n., kondisional (mood).
condolence, n., kondolasion.
condole with, v., kondolar.
condor, n., kondor.
conduce, v., servar.
conduct, n., kondukt.
conduct (one’s self), v., konduktar se (behave).
conduct, v., kondukar (water, electricity, etc.).
conducting, n., kondukasion.
conduction, n., kondukasion.
conductor, n., konduktor.
cone, n., kon.
confectionery, n., konfet.
confederate, v., konfederar.
confederation, n., konfederasion.
confer, v., konferar (negotiate).
confess, v., konfesar.
confession, n., konfesasion (konfesion).
confide, v., konfidar.
confidence, n., konfid (trust); konfidens (familiarity).
confidential, a., konfidensik (konfidensial).
confine, v., restriktar (restrict).
confinement, n., natasion (child-birth).
confirm, v., konfirmar.
confirm by oath, afirmar mediu yurad.
confirmed, one to be, konfirmand.
confiscate, v., konfiskar.
conflagration, n., insendi.
conflict, n., kombat (combat); konflikt (clash).
conformable, a., konform.
conformable to, p., konformu.
conformably, ad., konforme.
conformity, n., konformitet.
confound, v., konfundar (mix up in idea; erroneously regard or treat as identical; fail to distinguish; mistake one for another).
confounding, n., konfundasion.
confront, v., konfrontar.
confuse, v., konfusionar (disorder).
confusion, n., konfusion (disorder).
congeal, v. intr., gelar.
congest, v., kongestar.
congestion, n., kongestasion (kongestion).
congratulate, v., felisitar.
congratulation, n., felisitasion.
congress, n., kongres.
congruence, n., kongruentitet (kongruens).
congruent, a., kongruent.
conic, conical, a., konik.
conifer, n., konifer.
conjecture, n., konyektur.
conjecture, v., konyekturar.
conjointly, ad., yunkte.
conjugate, v., konyugar.
conjugation, n., konyugasion.
conjunction, n., konyunksion.
conjuncture, n., konyunktur.
conjure, v., pregar urgante.
connect, v., koneksar.
connected, be, v., avar koneks.
connection, n., koneks.
conquer, v., konkuistar.
conqueror, n., konkuistator.
conquest, n., konkuist.
conscience, n., konsient.
conscientious, a., konsientos.
consecrate, v., konsakrar.
consent, n., konsent.
consent, v., konsentar.
consequence, n., konsekuentitet (konsekuens).
consequence of, in, p., sekuantu.
consequent, a., konsekuent.
consequently, ad., ergo.
conserve, v., konservar.
consider, v., konsidar (pay attention to); konsiderar (reflect upon; also deem).
consideration, n., konsiderasion.
consideration of, in, p., konsiderantu.
consist in, v., konsistar in.
consist of, v., konsistar eks.
consistorial, a., konsistorian (konsistorial).
consistory, n., konsistori.
console, v., konsolar.
consonance, n., homoton (konsonans).
consonant, n., konsonant.
consort, n., konsort.
conspiracy, n., konspirasion.
conspire, v., konspirar.
constant, a., konstant.
constellation, n., konstelasion.
constitution, n., konstitusion.
construct, v., konstruar.
consul, n., konsul.
consulate, n., konsulat.
consult, v., konsultar.
consultation, n., konsultasion.
consume, v., konsumar.
consummate, v., per-fasiar.
consumption, n., konsum (use); ftisi (phthisis).
consumptive, a., ftisiik (ftisik).
contact, n., kontakt.
contain, v., kontenar.
contemn, v., kontemtar.
contemplate, v., intuar.
contemplation, n., intuasion (intuision).
contemplative, n., intuativ (intuitiv).
contempt, n., kontemt.
contented, a., kontent.
contentment, n., kontentitet.
contents, n., kontenad.
contest, n., kontestasion.
contest, v., kontestar.
contestable, a., kontestabl.
continent, n., kontinent.
continental, a., kontinentik (kontinental).
contingent, n., kontingent.
continual, a., konstant.
continuation, n., kontinuasion.
continue, v., kontinuar.
continuous, a., kontinuik.
continuously, ad., kontinue.
contour, n., kontur.
contract, n., kontrakt.
contract, v., kontraktar (agree).
contradict, v., dementiar (belie).
contradiction, n., dementi (belying).
contralto, n., kontralt (voice); kontraltist (singer).
contrariwise, ad., kontrare.
contrary, a., kontrar.
contrary, on the, ad., kontrare.
contrast, n., kontrast.
contrast, v., kontrastar.
contribute, v., kontribuar.
contribution, n., kontribuad.
contrite, a., kontrit.
contrition, n., kontritad.
control, n., kontrol (supervision).
control, v., kontrolar (supervise).
controversy, n., kontrovers.
controvert, v., kontroversar.
contusion, n., kontusion.
convalesce, v., saneskar.
convalescence, n., saneskasion.
convallaria , n., konvalari.
convene, v., konventar (meet).
convenience, n., komoditet.
convenient, a., komod.
convention, n., konvent (assembly); konvension (agreement).
converge, v., konvergar.
conversation, n., konversasion.
converse, v., konversar.
conversion, n., konvertasion (konversion).
convert, n., konvert.
convert, v., konvertar.
converter, n., konvertator.
convex, a., konveks.
convexity, n., konveksitet.
convey, v., portar (carry); trans-donar (give over); transportar (transport).
convince, v., konvinsiar.
convulsion, n., konvulsion.
cook, v., kukar.
cookable, a., kukabl.
cool, v., refreskar.
cooper, n., kufer.
coordinate, v., koordinar.
copper, n., kupr.
copse, n., bosket.
copula, n., kopul.
copy, n., kopi (reproduction); eksemplar (sample).
copy, v., kopiar.
copyist, n., kopiist.
coquet, v., koketar.
coquettish, a., koketik.
coral, n., korali.
cord, n., kordonet.
cordial, a., kordial.
cordiality, n., kordialitet.
cork, n., kork (substance); tampon (stopper).
cork, v., tamponar.
corn, n., mais (Indian); frument (wheat).
corner, n., angul.
cornice, n., kornis.
cornucopia, n., papir-kornu.
corporal, n., kaporal (military).
corporation, n., korporasion.
corpse, n., kadavr.
corpulence, n., korpulentitet (korpulens).
corpulent, a., korpulent.
correct, a., korekt.
correct, v., korigar.
correction, n., korigasion (koreksion).
correctness, n., korektitet.
correlative, a., korelativ.
correlative pronoun, pronom korelativ.
correspond, v., korespondar (write; also be fitting).
correspondence, n., korespondad (korespondens).
corridor, n., koridor.
corrigible, a., korigabl.
corroborate, v., koroborar.
corrupt, v., korumpar.
corrupter, n., korumpator.
corruptibility, n., korumpablitet.
corruptible, a., korumpabl.
corruption, n., korumpasion (korupsion).
corset, n., korset.
Corsica, n., Korsika.
coryphæus, corypheus, n., korifé.
cosmographer, n., kosmograf.
cosmography, n., kosmografi.
cosmographic, a., kosmografiik (kosmografik).
cosmopolitan, n., kosmopolit.
cosmopolitanism, n., kosmopolitism.
Cossack, n., kosak.
cost, n., kost.
cost, v., kostar.
costliness, n., presiositet.
costly, a., presios.
costume, n., kostum.
costume, v., kostumar.
cotton, n., koton.
cough, n., tus.
cough, v., tusar.
council, n., konsil.
councilor, n., konsilier.
counsel, n., konsili (advice).
counsel, v., konsiliar.
count, n., komt (title); kont (reckoning).
count, v., kontar.
countenance, n., fas.
counterfeit, v., imitar.
countermand, v., de-komitar.
counting-room, n., kontor.
country, n., land (land); patria (native country); kampestrad (not city).
country, a., kampestr.
couple, n., par.
coupon, n., kupon.
courage, n., kuraj.
courier, n., kurser.
course, n., kurs (career); prosed (line of conduct).
course, v., kursar.
court, n., kurt.
court, v., kurtisar.
courtier, n., kurtisan, kurtisana.
cousin, n., kusin; kusino (masc.); kusina (fem.).
cover, n., kuvrator (lid); kuvert (envelope).
cover, v., kuvrar.
covering, n., kuvr (integument); kuvrad (coverlet).
coverlet, n., kuvrad.
covetous, a., kupid.
covetousness, n., kupiditet.
covey, n., kuv.
cow, n., vaka.
coward, n., poltron.
cowardice, n., poltronitet.
cowardly, a., poltron.
cowl, n., kapus.
cow-pox, n., vaksin.
crab, n., krab.
crack, n., ruptad (rupture); fisad (fissure); krak (sound).
crack, v., fisar (trans.); krakar (intr.).
cracker, n., biskuit.
cradle, n., kun.
cradle, v., kunar.
craft, n., astusi (cunning).
crafty, a., astusios.
cramp, n., spasm.
crane, n., grus (bird).
cranial, a., kraniik and de krani.
cranium, n., krani.
crank, n., manivel.
cranny, n., fisad.
crape, n., krep.
crapulence, n., krapul.
crapulous, a., krapulos.
crash, n., frakas.
crassitude, n., krasitet.
crater, n., krater.
cravat, n., kravat.
crawfish, n., krev.
crawl, v., kripar.
crayfish, n., krev.
crazy, a., lunatik.
cream, n., krem.
create, v., krear.
creation, n., kreasion.
creator, n., kreator.
credit, n., kredit.
credit, v., kreditar.
credit for, give one, estimar kh kapabl.
creditor, n., krediter.
creep, v., kripar.
cress, n., kres.
crevice, n., fisad.
crib, n., presepi (manger).
cricket, n., gril (insect).
crime, n., delikt.
cripple, n., defektos.
crisis, n., kris.
crisp, v., krispar.
crispy, a., krispik.
criticism, n., kritik.
criticize, v., kritikar.
Croatia, n., Kroatia.
crocodile, n., krokodil.
crook, n., krok.
crooked, a., kurvik.
crop, n., rekolt.
cross, n., krus.
cross, v., krusar.
croup, n., krup (disease); krupa (rump).
croupade, n., krupaad.
crow, v., galino-klamar.
crowd, n., multitet.
crown, n., koron (diadem); vertis (of head).
crown, v., koronar.
crucifix, n., krusifiks.
crucify, v., krusifiksar.
cruel, a., kruel.
cruelty, n., kruelitet.
crusade, n., krusad.
crush, v., triturar.
crust, n., krust.
crustated, a., krustos.
crusty, a., krustos.
cry, n., vokasion (call).
cry, v., vokar (call); lakrimar (weep); vagiar (whine).
cry out, v., eks-klamar.
cry out to anyone, klamar a kh.
crystal, n., kristal.
cube, n., kub.
cube root, n., kubikradik.
cubic, a., kubik.
cubic meter, n., kubikmetr.
cuckoo, n., kukul.
cucumber, n., kukum.
cud, chew, ruminar.
cud, chewing the, ruminasion.
cudgel, v., bastonar.
cuff, n., manshet (ruffle).
cuirass, n., kiras.
culminate, v., kulminar.
culpable, a., kulpos.
cultivate, v., arar (till the soil); kultivar (educate).
culture, n., kultur.
culture, v., erudiar (teach).
cultured, a., erudied.
cumin, n., kumin.
cunning, n., astusi.
cunning, a., astusios.
cup, n., tas (teacup); bokal (goblet); kalis (communion cup).
cupboard, n., repositori.
cupidity, n., kupiditet.
cupola, n., kupol.
curable, a., remediabl.
curb, n., fren (check).
curb, v., frenar.
curd, n., kuak.
curdle, v., koagular.
cure, n., kur (as water-cure).
cure, v., remediar.
curiosity, n., kuriositet (inquisitiveness).
curious, a., kurios (inquisitive).
curl, n., bukl (lock of hair).
curl, v. tr., krispar.
curly, a., krispik.
current, n., kurs.
curse, n., maledikasion (malediksion).
curse, v., maledikar.
curtain, n., kortin.
curve, n., kurv.
curve, v. tr., kurvar.
curved, a., kurvik.
curvet, n., kapriol.
cushion, n., pulvin.
custom, n., kustom (habit).
customer, n., klient.
customers, n., klientel.
custom-house, n., duaneri.
custom-house officer, duaner.
customs, n., duan (revenue).
cut, n., tali (shape).
cut, v., kupar (incise); skulptar (sculpture).
cut down, v., abatar (fell); de-falsiar (mow off).
cut ice, frangar glas.
cutler, n., kulteler.
cutlet, n., kotiet.
cut off, v., de-kupar.
cut up, v., diskupar.
cylinder, n., silindr.
cymbal, n., simbal.
cypress, n., sipres.
czar, n., tsar.
Czech, n., cekh.
dactyl, n., daktil.
dactylic, a., daktilik.
dagger, n., puniard.
daily, ad., omni-diurne.
dainty, be, v., friandar.
dainty person, n., friand (sweet-toothed).
dais, n., estrad.
daisy, n., margarit.
dale, n., val.
Dalmatia, n., Dalmatia.
dam, n., dam (dike).
damage, n., damn.
damage, v., damnifikar.
damn, v., kondamnar.
damp, a., humid.
dampen, v., humidifikar.
dampness, n., humiditet.
dam up, v., konstruar dam.
dance, n., dans.
dance, v., dansar.
danger, n., perikl.
dangerous, a., periklos.
Dardanelles, n., Dardaneli.
daring, n., harditet.
daring, a., hard.
dark, a., obskur.
dark-blue, a., obskur-blu.
dark-brown, a., obskur-brun.
darkness, n., obskuritet.
dash, n., liniet de separasion.
dash to pieces, v., frakasar.
date, n., dat (time); datl (fruit).
dative, n., dativ.
daughter, n., filia.
day, n., diurn.
day, by, ad., diurne.
day after to-morrow, ad., plu-po-sidiurne.
day before yesterday, ad., plu-pre-sidiurne.
daytime, in the, ad., diurne.
deacon, n., diakon.
dead, a., mortik (lifeless); surd (of sound).
deaf, a., surd.
deafness, n., surditet.
deal, v., komunikar (hold intercourse).
dealing, n., komunikasion (intercourse).
dean, n., dekan.
dear, a., kar.
dear, make, v., karifikar.
death, n., mort.
debase, v., basifikar.
debate, n., debat.
debate, v., debatar.
debauch, n., krapul.
debauch, indulge in, v., krapular.
debit, v., debetar.
debit side, n., debet.
debt, n., debt.
decant, v., de-versar.
decanter, n., karaf.
decapitate, v., de-kapar (dekapitar).
decapitation, n., dekapitasion.
decay, n., putreskasion (rotting).
decay, v., putreskar (rot).
deceit, n., fraud.
deceive, v., ilusionar (delude); fraudar (cheat).
December, n., desembr.
decent, a., desent.
decide, v., resolvar (resolve); desidar (determine, settle).
decision, n., resolusion (resolution); yudikad (judgment); desidasion ((desision) determination).
decisive, a., definitiv.
deck, n., dek.
declaim, v., deklamar.
declare, v., deklarar.
declension, n., deklinasion.
decline, v., deklinar (grammar); refusar (refuse).
declivity, n., dekliv.
decoct, v., de-kukar.
decorate, v., dekorar.
decoration, n., dekor.
decrease, v., minuar (make less); minueskar (become less).
decree, n., dekret.
decree, v., dekretar.
dedicate, v., dedikar.
deduct, v., de-kontar.
deed, n., akt.
deem, v., konsiderar.
deep, a., profund.
deepen, v., profundifikar.
deer, n., serf.
deface, v., de-formar.
de facto, a., efektiv.
default of, in, p., manku.
defeat, v., frustrar (frustrate); viktoriar (vanquish).
defect, n., defekt.
defective, a., defektos.
defend, v., defendar.
defender, n., defendator.
defending, defense, n., defendasion.
defer, v., adiurnar (postpone).
deficiency, n., defisit.
deficit, n., defisit.
define, v., definiar.
definite, a., definitiv (definitive).
definite article, artikl definit.
definitive, a., definitiv.
deform, v., de-formar.
deformed, a., de-formik.
defraud, v., defraudar.
defrauding, n., defraudasion.
defunct, a., mortik.
degenerate, v., degenerar.
degrade, v., degradar.
degree, n., grad.
degree, to such a, ad., tante.
deify, v., deifikar.
deign, v., dignar.
deject, v., deprimar.
delay, n., mor.
delay, v. intr., morar.
delegate, v., delegar.
delicacy, n., delikates.
delicate, a., delikat.
delight, n., delisi.
delight, v. tr., delektar.
delightful, a., delisios.
delineate, v., deliniar.
delirious, be, v., delirar.
delirium, n., delir.
deliver, v., delivrar (furnish); trans-donar (convey); librifikar (free).
delivery, n., natasion (child-birth).
delude, v., ilusionar.
deluge, n., inundasion.
deluge, v., inundar.
demagogue, n., demagog.
demand, n., demand.
demand, v., demandar.
demean (one’s self), v., konduktar se.
demeanor, n., kondukt.
democrat, n., demokrat.
democratic, a., demokratik.
demolish, v., demolar.
demon, n., demon.
demonstrate, v., demonstrar.
demonstrative pronoun, pronom demonstrativ.
denial, n., negasion.
Denmark, n., Dania.
denomination, religious, konfesion.
denominator, n., denominator.
denote, v., signar.
denounce, v., denunsiar.
dense, a., dens.
density, n., densitet.
dental, n., konsonant dental.
dentist, n., dentist.
denude, v., nudifikar.
deny, v., negar.
depart, v., partar.
department, n., departement.
departure, n., partad.
depend, v., dependar.
depict, v., piktar.
deplore, v., deplorar.
depopulate, v., de-poplar.
deport (one’s self), v., konduktar se.
deportment, n., kondukt.
depose, v., atestar (attest).
depository, n., depó.
depot, n., depó (depository).
depress, v., deprimar.
deprive, v., privar.
depute, v., deputar.
deputy, n., deputed.
deride, v., de-ridar.
derivative, n., parol derived.
derive, v., derivar.
dervish, n., dervish.
descend, v., desendar.
describe, v., deskribar.
descry, v., perseptar.
desert, a., desert.
desert, v., desertar.
deserve, v., meritar.
design, v., desinar (intend); deliniar (draw).
designate, v., signar (denote).
desire, n., desir.
desire, v., desirar.
desist, v., sesar.
despair, v., desperar.
despise, v., kontemtar.
despite, p., obstinu.
despot, n., despot.
despotic, a., despotik.
dessert, n., deser.
destination, n., destinasion.
destine, v., destinar.
destiny, n., fat (fate).
destitute of, be, v., esar prived de.
destroy, v., destruktar.
detail, n., detali.
detail, a., detaliik.
detail, v., detaliar.
detailed, a., detalied.
determine, v., resolvar (resolve); determinar (fix).
detest, v., abominar.
detriment, n., damn.
device, n., devis (motto).
devil, n., diabol.
devote, v., dedikar.
devoted, a., devot.
devotion, n., devosion.
devour, v., devorar.
devout, n., pietos.
devoutness, n., pietositet.
dew, n., rosi.
dew, form, v., rosiar. [it rosi = the dew is forming; the dew is falling.]
dewy, a., rosiik and de r.
diabetes, n., diabet.
diabetic, a., diabetik.
diadem, n., diadem.
diagnose, v., diagnosar.
diagnosis, n., diagnos.
diagonal, a., diagonal.
diagonally, ad., diagonale.
dialect, n., dialekt.
dialectic(al), a., dialektikal.
dialectic(s), n., dialektik.
dialogue, n., dialog.
diameter, n., diametr.
diamond, n., diamant.
diaphanous, a., diafan.
diaphanousness, n., dialfanitet.
diaphragm, n., diafragm.
diarrhœa, diarrhea, n., diaré.
dictate, v., diktar.
dictation, write from, skribar sekuantu diktad.
dictator, n., diktator.
dictionary, n., diksionar.
didymium, n., didim.
die, n., kub (cube).
die, v., moriar.
die out, v., eks-moriar.
diet, n., diet (regimen).
differ, v., diferar.
difference, n., diferens.
different, a., divers.
different, radically, a., dispar.
difficult, a., nefasil.
difficult, make (render), v., nefasilifikar.
difficulty, n., nefasilitet.
dig, v., fosar.
digest, v., digestar.
dignity, n., dignitet.
dike, n., dam.
dilemma, n., dilem.
dilettante, n., diletant.
diligence, n., diligentitet (diligens).
diligent, a., diligent.
dim, a., mat.
dim, v., matifikar.
dimension, n., dimension.
diminish, v., minuar (make less); minueskar (become less).
dine, v., dinear.
dinner, n., diné.
diocese, n., dioses.
dip, v., mergar.
diphtheria, n., difteri.
diphtheritic, a., difteriik.
diphthong, n., diftong.
diploma, n., diplom.
diploma, v., diplomar.
diplomacy, n., diplomati.
diplomat, n., diplomat.
diplomatic, a., diplomatiik (diplomatik).
direct, a., direkt (straight).
direct, v., dirigar (manage); adresar (address); ordonar (order).
direction, n., direksion (course); adres (address); ordonasion (order).
direction, in this, ad., versu siloke.
director, n., direktor.
directorate, n., direktorad (office).
directorship, n., direktorad.
dirt, n., sord (grime): fang (mud).
dirty, a., sordik (grimy); nepur (unclean).
dirty, v., sordifikar.
dirty, become, v., sordeskar.
disaccustom, v., de-kustomar.
disappear, v., disaparar.
disappoint, v., frustrar (frustrate).
disapprobation, n., reprovasion.
disapproval, n., reprovasion.
disapprove, v., reprovar.
disarrange, v., disordar.
disburse, v., spendar.
discard, n., eskart.
discard, v., eskartar.
discern, v., perseptar (perceive); distinguar (discriminate).
discharge, v., dimitar (dismiss); de-sharjar (unload).
discharge the duties of an office, funksionar.
discipline, n., disiplin.
disclose, v., manifestar (manifest); de-kuvrar (uncover).
discontent, n., nekontentitet.
discontented, a., nekontent.
discontinue, v., sesar (cease).
discord, n., diskord.
discordant, be, v., dissonar.
discount, n., diskont.
discount, v., diskontar.
discourage, v., de-kurajar.
discouraged, be, v., esar dekurajed.
discover, v., dekuvrar.
discovery, n., dekuvrad.
discredit, n., miskredit.
discreet, a., diskret.
discriminate, v., distinguar.
discuss, v., diskutar.
disease, n., maladitet.
disfigure, v., de-formar.
disgust, v., disgustar.
disgusting, a., disgustik.
dish, n., platad (platter; also mess).
dishearten, v., de-kurajar.
disinfect, v., desinfektar.
disinter, v., eks-humar.
disk, n., disk.
dismay, v., konsternar.
dismember, v., dismembrar.
dismiss, v., dimitar.
disorder, n., konfusion (confusion).
disorder, v., disordar.
disparate, a., dispar.
disparity, n., disparitet.
dispatch, v., ekspediar (send).
dispel, v., disipar.
dispensation, n., dispens (exemption).
dispense, v., dispensar (exempt); distribuar (distribute).
disperse, v. tr., disipar.
display, n., eklat.
display, v., ostentar (show ostentatiously).
dispose, v., disposar.
disposed, a., disposed.
dispute, n., disput.
dispute, v., disputar.
dissatisfaction, n., nekontentitet.
dissatisfied, a., nekontent.
dissect, v., diskupar.
dissipate, v. tr., disipar (dispel).
dissolute, a., disolut.
dissolve, v., solvar.
dissonant, be, v., dissonar.
dissuade, v., de-konsiliar.
distance, n., distantitet (distans).
distant, a., distant.
distant, be, v., esar distant.
distil, v., destilar.
distinct, a., distinkt.
distinction, n., distingu (difference); distinsion (dignity).
distinguish, v., distinguar (discriminate; also mark out); perseptar (perceive).
distort, v., karikar.
distracted, a., distrakt.
distractedness, n., distraktitet.
distraction, n., distraktitet.
distress, n., angust.
distress, v., angustar.
distribute, v., distribuar.
distributive, n., numerativ distributiv.
district, n., distrikt.
distrust, n., miskonfid.
distrust, v., miskonfidar.
distrustful, a., miskonfidik.
disturb, v., turbar.
disunite, v., disuniar.
ditch, n., kanalet.
dive, v., plonjar.
diverge, v., divergar.
diverse, a., divers.
divert, v., amusar (amuse); de-turnar (turn off).
divest, v., de-vestar.
divide, v., dividar.
divide into bits (pieces), morselar.
dividend, n., dividend.
divine, a., divin.
divine, n., teologiist.
divine, v., divinar (guess).
divinity, n., divinitet (godhead); teologi (theology).
division, n., division (military).
divorce, n., divors.
divorce, v., divorsar.
divulge, v., manifestar.
dizziness, n., vertigin.
dizzy, a., vertiginos.
do, v., fasiar (make); prestar (render).
do, how do you? kuale vo stand?
docent, n., dosent.
doctor, n., medik (physician); doktor (title).
doctorate, n., doktorad.
doctrine, n., doktrin.
document, n., dokument.
dog, n., kani.
dogma, n., dogmat.
doing, n., prestasion (performance).
doll, n., pup.
dollar, n., dolar.
dolphin, n., delfin.
domain, n., domen.
dome, n., kupol.
domicile, n., domisil.
dominate, v., dominar.
Dominican, n., dominikan.
dominion, n., domen.
donate, v., donatar.
donation, n., donat.
door, n., porta.
dose, n., dosi.
dose, v., dosiar.
dot, n., punkt.
dot, v., punktar.
double, a., dupl.
double-eagle, n., dupl-akuil.
doubloon, n., dublon.
doubt, n., dubi.
doubt, v., dubiar.
doubtful, a., dubios.
doubt of anything, v., dubiar di kk.
douche, n., dush.
dough, n., past.
dove, n., kolumb.
down, n., lanugin (soft feathers); dun (dune).
down, ad., a base (downward).
down below, ad., base.
downward(s), ad., a inferiore.
downy, a., lanuginos.
dowry, n., dot.
dozen, n., dusen.
draft, n., trat (money order).
drag, v., tirar (draw); traktuar (trail).
dragon, n., drakon.
dragoon, n., dragon.
drain, n., kloak (sewer).
drama, n., dramat.
drape, v., drapar.
drastic, a., drastik.
draw, v., tirar (pull); deliniar (delineate).
drawer, n., remov-kest (of bureau).
drawers, n., kalson (one pair); kalsoni (more than one pair).
drawing-room, n., salon.
draw lines on, liniar.
draw up, v., redaktar.
dread, n., timor.
dread, v., timar.
dream, n., somni.
dream, v., somniar.
dregs, n., sediment.
dress, n., rob (woman’s gown).
dress, v., vestar (clothe); dresar (prepare).
dress-coat, n., frak.
drill, v. tr., dresar (train).
drink, n., bibad.
drink, v., bibar.
drip, v., gutar.
drive, v., vehiklar (in a vehicle); dirigar karos (as coachman).
drive out, v., eks-movar (eject).
droll, a., drol.
dromedary, n., dromedar.
drop, n., gut.
drop, v., gutar (trickle); kadar (fall).
dropsical, a., hidropsiik.
dropsy, n., hidropsi.
dross, n., skori.
drouth, n., siti (thirst).
drug, n., drog.
druggist, n., drogist.
drugstore, n., apotek.
drum, n., tambur.
drum, v., tamburar.
drunk., drunken, a., ebr.
drunkenness, n., ebritet.
drunk, make, v., ebrifikar.
dry, a., sik.
dryness, n., sikitet.
dubious, a., dubios.
ducat, n., dukat.
duck, n., anat.
due, be, v., esar deb (be the duty).
duel, n., duel.
duel, v., duelar ko kh.
duet, n., duet.
due time, in, ad., sue-tempe.
duke, n., duk.
dull, a., stupid (stupid); mat (dim); surd (hollow); obtus (obtuse).
dull, v., matifikar (dim).
duly, ad., sue-tempe.
dumb, a., mut.
dune, n., dun.
dupe, v., dupar.
durability, n., durablitet.
durable, a., durabl.
during, p., durantu.
dust, n., pulv.
dust off, v., de-pulvar.
Dutch, a., nederlandian (pertaining to Holland); nederlandik (language).
Dutch-speaking, a., nederlandik.
duty, n., deb (obligation); duan (revenue).
duty, be the, v., esar deb.
dwarf, n., nan.
dwell, v., domisiliar.
dwelling, n., domisil.
dye, n., tint.
dye, v., tintar.
dye-house, n., tinteri.
dyer, n., tintator.
dynamic(al), a., dinamikal.
dynamics, n., dinamik.
dynamite, n., dinamit.
dynasty, n., dinasti.
dysenteric, a., disenteriik (disenterik).
dysentery, n., disenteri.
dyspepsia, n., dispepsi.
dyspepsy, n., dispepsi.
dyspeptic, a., dispepsiik (dispeptik).
each, a., omni (every).
each, each one, pr., omni hom; a (before numerals).
eager, a., avid.
eagerness, n., aviditet.
eagle, n., akuil.
ear, n., or (of body); spik (of grain).
early, a., bon-tempik.
early, ad., bon-tempe.
earn, v., ganiar.
earn a living, ganiar pan.
earnest, a., serios.
earnestness, n., seriositet.
earning(s), n., ganiad.
earth, n., ter (world); hum (ground).
earth, on, ad., su ter.
earthenware, n., fayans.
earthly, a., terestr.
earthworm, n., lombrik.
ease, n., fasilitet (facility); osi (leisure).
east, n., est.
east, in the, ad., este.
Easter, n., pask.
easterly, ad., este (in the east); versu est (toward the east).
East India, n., Estindia.
eastward, ad., versu est.
easy, a., fasil.
easy, make, v., fasilifikar.
eat, v., edar.
eatable, a., edabl.
ebb, n., refluks.
ebony, n., eben.
eccentric character, original.
echo, n., eko.
eclipse, n., eklips.
eclipse, v., eklipsar.
ecliptic, n., ekliptik.
economic(al), a., ekonomiik ((ekonomik) relating to economy or economics); parsimonios (saving).
economist, n., ekonomiist (ekonomist).
economize, v., parsimoniar.
economy, n., parsimoni (frugality); ekonomi (management of affairs).
ecstasy, n., ekstas.
eddy, n., vort.
eddy, v., vortar.
edge, n., bord.
edge, v., bordar.
edible, a., edabl.
edict, n., edikt.
edifice, n., edifisi.
edit, v., redaktar.
editing, n., redaktasion (redaksion).
editor, n., redaktator (redaktor).
educate, v., edukar.
eel, n., anguil.
eel-pout, n., lota.
effect, n., efekt (power); efektuad (thing effected).
effect, v., efektuar (accomplish); prokurar (procure).
effective, a., efektiv (de facto; not the usual sense of effective).
effort, n., efors.
e. g. = for instance, p. e. = pro eksempl.
egg, n., ov.
egg, of egg, a., ovik.
egotism, n., egoism.
egotist, n., egoist.
egress, n., ekstrad.
Egypt, n., Egiptia.
eight, nr., okt.
eighth, a., oktav or oktim.
eighty, nr., okt-des.
either – or, i., u – u.
eject, v., eks-movar.
elaborate, v., eks-laborar.
elastic, a., elastik.
elasticity, n., elastikitet (elastisitet).
elbow, n., uln.
elect, v., selektar.
electric, a., elektrik.
electricity, n., elektrikitet (elektrisitet).
electrify, v., elektrisar.
electrize, v., elektrisar.
electrochemistry, n., elektrokimi.
electrodynamics, n., elektrodinamlk.
electromagnet, n., elektromagnet.
electrometer, n., elektro-metr.
electronegative, a., elektronegativ.
electropositive, a., elektropositiv.
electrostatics, n., elektrostatik.
electrotechnician, n., elektroteknikist.
electrotechnics, n., elektroteknik.
elegance, n., elegantitet (elegans).
elegant, a., elegant.
elegiac, a., elegiik (elegik).
elegy, n., elegi.
element, n., element.
elephant, n., elefant.
elevate, v., elevar.
eleven, nr., des-un.
elite, n., elit.
ell, n., uln.
ellipse, n., elips.
elliptic, a., elipsik (eliptik).
elm, n., ulm.
eloquence, n., elokuentitet.
eloquent, a., elokuent.
else, ad., otre.
elsewhere, ad., otr-loke (in another place); a otr-loke (to another place).
emancipate, v., emansipar.
emasculate, v., kastrar.
embalm, v., balsamar.
embassy;, n., ambasad.
embellish, v., belifikar.
embitter, v., afliktar.
emblem, n., emblem.
embossed, a., reliefik.
embrace, v., in-brasar (physically); kompleksar (comprise).
embroider, v., brodar.
embryo, n., embrion.
embryonic, a., embrionik.
emerald, n., smaragd.
emery, n., esmeril.
emigrant, n., emigrant.
emigrate, v., emigrar.
emigration, n., emigrasion.
eminent, a., eminent.
emollient, a., molifikant.
emperor, n., imperator.
empire, n., imperia.
empiric, a., empirik.
employ, v., usar (use); okupar (occupy).
employment, n., usasion (use); okupasion (occupation).
empower, v., autorisar.
emptiness, n., vakuitet.
empty, a., vaku.
empty, v., eks-versar (pour out); eks-vakuar (deprive of contents).
emulate, v., emular.
emulation, n., emulasion.
enact, v., statuar.
enamel, n., esmalt.
encase, v., kuvrar.
enchant, v., sharmar.
encircle, v., sirka-donar.
enclose, v., in-klosar.
encompass, v., sirka-donar (surround).
encounter, v., okurar (meet).
encourage, v., in-kurajar.
end, n., fini (termination, conclusion); but (aim).
end, v., finiar.
endeavor, n., etors.
endeavor, v., eforsar.
ending, n., finiad (gram.).
endive, n., endiv.
endorse, v., girar.
endow, v., dotar.
end to, put an, fasiar finiar.
endure, v., sufrar (suffer); durar (last).
enema, n., klister.
enemy, n., neamik.
energetic, a., energiik (energik).
energy, n., energi.
enforce, v., forsar.
engage, v., fiansar (betroth).
engagement, n., fiansasion (betrothal).
engender, v., generar.
engineer, n., injenier (one skilled in the principles and practice of engineering).
engineers, military, injenieri militarik.
England, n., Anglia.
English, a., anglian (pertaining to England); anglik (pertaining to the English language).
Englishman, n., anglian.
English-speaking, a., anglik.
engrave, v., gravar.
engrave on wood, ksilo-grafar.
enigma, n., enigmat.
enigmatic, a., enigmatik.
enjoin, v., imperar.
enjoy, v., delisiar.
enjoyment, n., delisi.
enlist, v., rekrutar (recruit).
enliven, v., animar.
ennoble, v., noblifikar.
ennui, n., enui.
enormous, a., enorm.
enough, ad., sufise.
en passant, ad., pasante (in chess).
enrapture, v., raviar.
enrich, v., rikifikar.
enroll, v., registrar.
ensign, n., standart (standard).
ensnare, v., atrapar.
ensue, v., sekuar.
entangle, v., komplikar.
enter, v., intrar (come in); in-skribar (inscribe).
enterprise, n., entrepren.
entertain, v., regalar (regale); albergar (as inn-keeper); amusar (amuse).
enthusiasm, n., entusiasm.
enthusiastic, make, entusiasmar.
entice, v., alektar.
enticement, n., alektasion.
entire, a., integr.
entirety, n., integritet.
entitle, v., titular (style); autorisar (give right to).
entomologic(al), a., entomotogiik (entomologik).
entomologist, n., entomologiist (entomologist).
entomology, n., entomologi.
entrance, n., intrad (place); intrasion (act).
entrap, v., atrapar.
entreat, v., suplikar.
entreaty, n., suplik.
entrust, v., konfidar.
entry, n., intrasion (act).
envelop, v., kuvertar.
envelope, n., kuvert.
envious, a., envios.
environ, v., sirka-donar.
environs, n., sirklad.
envy, n., envi.
envy, v., enviar.
ephemeral, a., efemer.
epic, n., epopé.
epidemic, n., epidemi.
epidemic, a., epidemiik (epidemik).
epigram, n., epigram.
epigraph, n., epigraf.
epilepsy, n., epilepsi.
epileptic, a., epilepsiik (epileptik).
epilogue, n., epilog.
episcopal, a., episkopik.
episcopate, n., episkopad (office); episkopel (body).
epistle, n., letr.
epitaph, n., epitaf.
epoch, n., epok.
equal, a., egual.
equal, v., ekuivalar.
equality, n., egualitet.
equalize, v., egualifikar (egualisar).
equally, ad., eguale.
equal-sided, a., ekuiflankik (ekuilateral).
equal to, be, v., ekuivalar.
equator, n., ekuator.
equilateral, a., ekuiflankik (ekuilateral).
equilibrist, n., ekuilibriist (ekuilibrist).
equilibristic, a., ekuilibriistik (ekuilibristik).
equilibrium, n., ekuilibri.
equip, v., ekipar.
equipage, n., ekipaj.
equipoise, n., balans.
-er (the comparative ending), plu, e. g. plu alt, higher.
era, n., era.
eradicate, v., de-radikar.
erbium, n., erbium.
erect, v., erektar.
ermine, n., hermelin.
err, v., erar.
errand, n., komision.
error, n., eror.
eructate, v., eruktar.
eructation, n., eruktasion.
erudite, a., erudied.
erudite person, erudied.
escape, v., evitar (avoid); eks-glisar (slip out).
escort, n., eskort.
escort, v., eskortar.
escutcheon, n., arm-emblem.
esparcet, n., esparset.
especial, a., spesial.
especially, ad., spesiale.
Esquimau, n., eskimo.
essay, n., skribad.
essence, n., esens.
-est (the superlative ending), leplu, e. g. leplu alt, highest.
establish, v., konstatar (ascertain); instituar (institute).
estate, n., posesad (possessions).
esteem, n., estim.
esteem, v., estimar (honor; also deem).
estrade, n., estrad.
etc. = and so forth, e s. = e setri.
eternal, a., etern.
eternalize, v., eternifikar.
eternity, n., eternitet.
eternize, v., eternifikar.
ether, n., eter.
ethical, a., etikal.
ethics, n., etik.
Ethiopia, n., Etiopia.
etiquette, n., etiket.
etymological, a., etimologiik (etimologik).
etymologist, n., etimologiist (etimologist).
etymology, n., etimologi.
eucharist, n., eukarist.
eucharistic, a., eukaristik.
eunuch, n., eunuk.
Europe, n., Europ.
European, a., europan.
evangelic(al), a., evangelik.
evangelist, n., evangelist.
even, a., parik (not odd).
even, v., planifikar.
even, ad., ipse.
even if, i., if et.
evening, n., vespr.
evening, in the, ad., vespre.
even number, numr parik.
event, n., kasu.
events, at all, ad., in omni kasu.
eventual, a., eventual.
eventuality, n., eventualitet.
eventually, ad., eventuale.
ever, ad., sempre (always); kelkunfoa (at any time).
ever-blooming, a., sempre-florant.
everlasting, a., semprik.
every, a., omni.
everybody, pr., omni-hom.
every day, ad., omni-diurne.
every month, ad., omni-mense.
everyone, pr., omni-hom.
everything, pr., omni-kos.
every time, ad., omnifoa.
every time that, i., omnifoa ke.
every week, ad., omni-semane.
everywhere, ad., omni-loke.
everywhere that, i., omni-loke ke.
every year, ad., omni-anue.
evil, a., mal.
evil, the, it mal.
evolution, n., evolusion.
ewer, n., kruk.
exactly, ad., yuste.
exaggerate, v., eksagerar.
exaggeration, n., eksagerasion.
examination, n., eksamin.
examine, v., eksaminar.
example, n., eksempl.
excavate, v., kavernar.
excavation, n., fos.
exceed, v., surpasar.
excellence, n., ekselentitet.
excellency, n., ekselens (title).
excellent, a., ekselent.
except, v., ekseptar.
except, excepting, p., ekseptu.
exception, n., eksept.
exception of, with the, p., ekseptu.
excess, n., ekses.
excessive, a., eksesik.
exchange, n., kambi (term of commerce); kambiasion (barter); burs (place).
exchange, v., kambiar (money; also to barter).
exchange, course or rate of, kambi-kurs.
excite, v., eksitar.
exclaim, v., eks-klamar.
exclamation mark, n., sign de eks-klamasion.
exclude, v., eks-klosar.
exclusive, a., eksklusiv.
exclusively, ad., eksklusive.
excrement, n., ekskrement.
excuse, v., ekskusar.
excuse me!, i., pardon!
execute, v., eksekutar (accomplish).
executioner, n., eksekutator yustisik.
exempt, v., dispensar (dispense).
exercise, n., eksersad.
exercise, v., eksersar.
exertion, n., efors (effort).
exert one’s self, v., penar.
exhalation, n., halit.
exhale, v., halitar.
exhibit, v., eks-posar (expose).
exhibition, n., eks-posasion ((eksposision) exposition).
exhume, v., eks-humar.
exile, n., eksil (state).
exile, v., eksilar.
exist, v., eksistar.
existence, n., eksistens.
exit, n., ekstrad.
exorcise, v., eksorsismar.
exorcism, n., eksorsism.
exotic, a., eksotik.
expand, v. tr., ekspandar.
expect, v., ekspektar.
expectation, n., ekspektasion.
expectorate, v., sputar.
expedient, n., ekspedient.
expel, v., eks-movar.
expend, v., spendar.
expenditure, n., spend.
experience, n., eksperiad (eksperiens).
experience, v., eksperiar (learn by practical trial); sensuar (physical sensation).
experienced, a., ekspert.
experiment, n., eksperiment.
experiment, v., eksperimentar.
expert, a., ekspert.
expiate, v., ekspiar.
expiation, n., ekspiasion.
expire, v., moriar (die); eks-respirar ((ekspirar) breathe out).
explain, v., eksplikar.
explode, v. intr., eksplodar.
exploit, v., eksploatar.
exploitation, n., eksploatasion.
explore, v., eksplorar.
explosive consonant, explosive, n., konsonant eksplosiv.
export, n., eksport.
export, v., eksportar.
exportation, n., eksport.
expose, v., eks-posar (exhibit).
exposition, n., eks-posasion (eksposision).
express, a., ekspres.
express, v., eksprimar.
expression, n., ekspresion (utterance).
extend, v. tr., eks-tendar.
extent, to a great, ad, grand-partie.
exterior, a., eksterior.
exteriorly, ad., eksteriore.
external, a., ekstern.
extinction (of a debt), n., amortisasion.
extinguish, v., ekstinguar.
extinguish (a debt), v., amortisar.
extol, v., laudar.
extort, v., de-urgar.
extract, n., ekstrakt.
extract, v., ekstraktar.
extraordinary, a., ekstr-ordinar.
extreme, a., ekstrem.
extremely, ad., ekstreme.
extremities, n., ekstremiteti (hands and feet).
extremity, n., ekstremitet.
exult, v., yubilar.
exultation, n., yubil.
eye, n., okul.
eye-glasses, n., pinser.
eyelash, n., sil.
eyelid, n., palpebr.
eyesight, n., vis.
fable, n., fabl.
fabricate, v., fabrikar.
façade, n., fasad.
face, n., fas (countenance).
face to face, ad., kontre.
facilitate, v., fasilifikar.
facility, n., fasilitet.
fact, n., fakt.
fact, in, ad., fakte.
factory, n., fabrik.
faculty, n., fakultet (of medicine, etc.); kapablitet (ability).
fade, v., palideskar.
fagot, n., fashin.
fail, v., faliar.
failure, n., fiasko.
fair, n., feri.
fairy, n., fea.
fairy tale, n., fabl.
faith, n., kred.
faithful, a., fidel.
faithfulness, n., fidelitet.
falcon, n., falkon.
fall, n., kad (falling); frukto-temp (autumn).
fall, v., kadar.
fallible, a., faliabl.
fall off, v., de-kadar.
false, a., fals.
falsetto, n., falset.
falsify, v., falsifikar.
falsity, n., falsitet.
fame, n., fam.
familiar, a., familiar.
familiarity, n., familiaritet.
family, n., famili.
famous, a., famos.
fan, n., ventol.
fan, v., ventolar.
fanatic(al), a., fanatik.
fanaticism, n., fanatism.
fancy, n., fantasi.
fancy, v., fantasiar.
fantast, n., fantast.
fantastic, a., fantastik.
far, a., distant.
farewell!, i., a Deo!
farm, n., farm.
farmer, n., farmer.
far-sighted, a., presbiop.
farther, a., ulterior.
fascinate, v., sharmar.
fascine, n., fashin.
fashion, n., mod (style).
fashion, v., formar.
fashionable, a., modik.
fast, n., karem.
fast, a., rapid.
fast, v., karemar.
fast, be, v., andar tro velose (timepiece).
fasten, v., fiksar (fix); glutinar (glue).
fat, n., gres.
fatal, a., fatal.
fate, n., fat.
father, n., patr.
father-in-law, n., bel-patr.
fatherland, n., patria.
fathom, v., sondar.
fatigue, n., fatig.
fatigue, v., fatigar.
fatigued, a., fatiged.
fault, n., kulp (offence); defekt (blemish).
fault with, find, v., kulpar.
favor, n., favor.
favor, v., favorar (favorisar).
favor of, in, p., favoru.
fawn-colored, a., falb.
fear, n., timor.
fear, v., timar.
fearful, a., timid (timid).
feasible, a., fasiabl.
feast, n., fest (festival); festin (banquet, entertainment).
feather, n., plum.
February, n., februar.
federation, n., federasion.
feeble, a., febl.
feebleness, n., feblitet.
feed, v., alimentar.
feel, v., palpar (palpate); sensuar (physically); sentiar (perceive).
feeler, n., palp.
feeling, n., sentiment (sentiment).
feeling, a., sentimentos.
feign, v., fingar.
feint, n., fint.
felicitate, v., felisitar.
felicitation, n., felisitasion.
felicity, n., felisitet.
fell, v., abatar.
felloe, n., anel rotik.
fellow, n., garson (familiar term).
fellow-creature, n., ko-hom.
fellow-man, n., ko-hom.
fellowship, n., kamaraditet.
felt, n., feltr.
female, n., femin.
feminine, a., feminik (feminin).
fence, n., sepl.
fence, v., seplar (hedge); gladiar (fight).
fennel, n., fenul.
ferment, n., ferment.
ferment, v., fermentar.
fermentation, n., fermentasion.
fern, n., filis.
ferocious, a., feros.
ferocity, n., ferositet.
ferret, n., furet.
fertile, a., fertil.
fertility, n., fertilitet.
fervent, a., ferv.
fervor, n., fervitet.
fester, v., ulserar.
festival, n., fest.
festoon, n., feston.
festoon, v., festonar.
fetch, v., ad-portar.
feudal, a., feodal.
feuilleton, n., folieton.
feuilletonist, n., folietonist.
fever, n., febr.
few, a., nemult.
fiasco, n., fiasko.
fibre, n., fibr.
fibrine, n., fibrin.
fiddle, n., violin.
fidelity, n., fidelitet.
fie!, i., fi!
field, n., agr (tilled); kamp (in general).
fierce, a., feros.
fierceness, n., ferositet.
fiery, a., ardoros.
fifth, a., kuint or kuinkim.
fifty, nr., kuink-des.
fig, n., fig.
fight, n., kombat.
fight, v., kombatar.
figurative, a., tropik.
figure, n., figur (form); tali (shape); shifr (cipher); trop (trope).
figure, v., figurar (form).
file, n., lim.
file, v., limar.
filer, n., limator.
fill, v., plenifikar.
filter, n., filtr.
filter, v., filtrar.
filth, n., sord.
filthy, a., sordik.
final, a., finiik (final).
finally, ad., finie.
finances, n., finansi.
finch, n., fringil.
find, v., truvar.
fine, n., mulkt.
fine, a., fin (refined); subtil (subtile).
fine, v., mulktar.
fineness, n., finitet (quality or state of being refined); subtilitet (subtilty).
finger, n., digit.
finish, v., finiar (end); perfasiar (complete).
Finland, n., Finlandia.
fir, n., abiet.
fire, n., fok (active principle of combustion); insendi (conflagration); ardor (ardor).
fireman, n., insendier (fire-fighter).
firm, n., firma (commerce).
firm, a., firm.
firmament, n., firmament.
firmness, n., firmitet.
first, a., prim or unim.
first, ad., prime (in the first place); anteriore (anteriorly).
first class, scholar of the, priman.
fish, n., pisk.
fish, v., piskar.
fisher, fisherman, n., piskator.
fish-hook, n., angl.
fissure, n., fisad.
fissure, v. tr., fisar.
fist, n., pun.
fistula, n., fistul.
fitting, a., konvenabl.
fitting, be, v., konvenar; esar konvenabl.
five, nr., kuink.
fix, v., fiksar.
flabby, a., flaksid.
flaccid, a., flaksid.
flag, n., flag.
flagellation, n., flagelasion.
flag (person) of truce, n., parlamenter.
flake, n., flok.
flame, n., flam.
flame, v., flamar.
Flanders, n., Flandria.
flank, n., flank.
flannel, n., flanel.
flap, n., klap.
flat, a., platik (plane); insipid (insipid).
flat surface, n., plat.
flatten, v., platar.
flatter, v., flatar.
flaunt, v., ostentar.
flax, n., lin.
flay, v., pelar.
flea, n., pulk.
flee, v., fugar.
fleet, n., flot.
fleeting, a., fugas.
flesh, n., karn.
flex, v., flektar.
flexibility, n., flektablitet.
flexible, a., flektabl (fleksibl).
flexion, n., flektasion (fleksion).
flight, n., vol (flying); fug (fleeing).
fling, n., lansad.
flit, v., voletar.
float, v. intr., flotar.
flock, n., trup.
flood, n., inundasion (deluge); fluks (high tide).
floor, n., flur (of a room); etaj (story).
floor, v., flurar.
florin, n., florin.
flour, n., farin.
flourish, n., fanfar (of trumpets).
flow, n., fluks (high tide).
flow, v., fluar.
flower, n., flor.
flower, v., florar.
flow into, v., in-fluar.
flow off, v., de-fluar.
flow out, v., eks-fluar.
fluctuate, v., fluktuar.
flue, n., tub.
fluid, n., fluidad.
fluid, a., fluid.
fluidity, n., fluiditet.
fluorine, n., fluor.
flute, n., flaut (musical instrument); kanel (groove).
flute, v., kanelar (groove).
flutter, v., voletar.
fly, n., musk.
fly, v., volar.
foal, n., yun-kaval.
foam, n., skum.
foam, v., skumar.
focus, n., fokus.
fog, n., nebl.
foggy, a., neblos.
foil, v., frustrar.
fold, n., plik.
fold, v., plikar.
fold up, v., plikar.
foliage, n., foliaj.
folk (archaic), n., popl.
follow, v., sekuar.
folly, n., folitet.
foment, v., fomentar.
food, n., edad (victuals); aliment (aliment).
fool, n., fol.
foolish, a., fol.
foolishness, n., folitet.
foot, n., ped.
foot, on, ad., pede.
foot-soldier, n., infanteriist (infanterist).
for, p., pro (in favor of); kausu (because of); plasu (instead of).
for, i., kause.
forage, n., furaj.
forage, v., furajar.
forager, n., furajer.
forbearance, n., indulgentitet.
forbid, v., inhibiar.
force, n., fors.
force, v., forsar.
force in, v., in-urgar.
ford, n., vad.
ford, v., vadar.
forebode, v., ominar (portend); presentimentar (anticipate).
foreboding, n., presentiment.
forecast, n., prognos.
forecast, v., prognosar.
forehead, n., front.
foreign, a., foren.
foreign country (land), n., forenia.
foreign parts, n., ekstria.
foremost, ad., anteriore.
forenoon, in the, ad., premedi-diurne.
foresee, v., previsar.
foresight, n., prekaut (prudence).
foreskin, n., prepusi.
forest, n., forest.
forestall, v., preveniar.
forge, n., forg.
forge, v., forgar (metal); imitar (counterfeit).
forget, v., obliviar.
forgetful, a., oblivios.
forgetfulness, n., obliviasion ((oblivion) forgetting); obliviositet (obliviousness).
forget-me-not, n., miosot.
forgetting, n., obliviasion.
forgive, v., pardonar.
forgiveness, n., pardon.
fork, n., fork.
form, n., form.
form, v., formar.
formal, a., formal.
formality, n., formalitet.
former, a., anterior.
formerly, ad., otr-tempe.
formidable, a., formidabl.
formula, n., formul.
formulate, v., formular.
fornicate, v., fornikar.
fornication, n., fornikasion.
fornicator, n., fornikator.
forsake, v., abandonar.
forswear, v., abyurar.
fort, n., fortres.
fortify, v., fortifikar.
fortress, n., fortres.
fortunate, a., felis.
fortunately, ad., fortune.
fortune, n., fortun.
forty, nr., kuatr-des.
forward, v., ekspediar (send).
forward, ad., versu anteriore.
fossil, a., fosil.
foster, v., nutriar.
foul, v., sordifikar.
found, v., fundar (ground).
foundation, n., fundament.
founder, n., fondator (of metal).
foundry, n., fonderi.
fountain, n., font (source); fontan (artificial).
four, nr., kuatr.
fourth, a., kuart or kuatrim.
fowl, n., galin.
fox, n., vulp.
fraction, n., fraksion.
fracture, n., frangad.
fracture, v., frangar.
fragile, a., frangabl.
fragility, n., frangablitet.
fragment, n., fragment.
fragrance, n., aromat.
fragrant, a., aromatik.
frail, a., frangabl (fragile).
frame, n., kadr.
frame, v., in-kadrar.
franc, n., frank.
France, n., Fransia.
Franciscan, n., fransiskan.
Franconia, n., Frankonia.
frank, v., frankar.
frantic, a., frenetik.
fraternization, n., fraternisasion.
fraternize, v., fraternisar.
fraud, n., fraud.
free, a., libr.
free, v., librifikar.
freedom, n., libritet.
freeze, v., frigar (be cold); gelar (congeal, intr.). [akua gel = water freezes.].
freight, n., porto (charge).
frequent, a., frekuent.
frequent, v., frekuentar.
frequentation, n., frekuentasion.
frequently, ad., frekuente.
fresco, n., fresko.
fresh, a., fresk.
freshness, n., freskitet.
fricative, n., konsonant frikativ.
friction, n., frikasion.
Friday, n., vendrdi.
Friday, a., vendrdian and de v.
friend, n., amik.
friendliness, n., afablitet.
friendly, a., afabl.
friendship, n., amikad.
frieze, n., fris.
frigate, n., fregat.
fright, n., teror.
frighten, v., terorar.
frigid, a., frigid.
frigidity, n., frigor.
fringe, n., frangi.
fringe-maker, n., pasementer.
frivolity, n., frivolitet.
frivolous, a., frivol.
frizz, v., frisar.
frog, n., ran.
from, p., eks (out of); da (since; source).
from that time, ad., da tetempe.
from the time that, i., da temp ke.
front, n., fasad.
front, in, ad., anteriore.
front, to the, ad., a anteriore.
frontier, n., frontier.
frost, n., frost.
froth, n., skum.
froth, v., skumar.
fructify, v., fruktifikar.
frugal, a., frugal.
frugality, n., frugalitet.
fruit, n., frukt.
fruitful, a., fertil.
frustrate, v., frustrar.
fry, v., friar.
fugacious, a., fugas.
fugacity, n., fugasitet.
fugitive, a., fugas.
fugitiveness, n., fugasitet.
fugue, n., fuga.
fulfil, v., eksekutar.
full, a., plen.
full moon, n., plenilun.
fullness, n., plenitet.
function, n., funksion.
function, v., funksionar.
fundamental, a., prinsipik.
fur, n., fur.
furbish, v., poliar.
furious, a., furios.
furlough, n., permision.
furnace, n., forn.
furnish, v., furnar (supply); ekipar (fit out).
furniture, n., mobili.
furrow, n., sulk.
furrow, v., sulkar.
further, a., ulterior.
further, v., promovar.
further, ad., ulteriore.
furthermore, ad., setre.
fury, n., furi (rage); furia (woman).
fury, be in a, furiar.
fuse, n., flagresk-kordon.
fuse, v. tr., fondar.
futile, a., van.
future, a., futur.
future, future tense, n., futur; temp futur.
future, in the, ad., future.
future perfect, n., futur perfekt.
futurity, n., futur.
gabion, n., gabion.
gain, n., profit (profit); ganiad (earnings).
gain, v., ganiar.
gaining(s), n., ganiad.
gaiter, n., gamash (spatterdash).
gala dress (attire), n., galavest.
galaxy, n., galaksi (Milky Way).
galena, n., galen.
Galicia, n., Galitsia (in Austria); Galisia (in Spain).
gall, n., bili.
gallant, a., galant.
gall-apple, n., gal.
gallery, n., galeri.
galley, n., galer.
gallium, n., galium.
galloon, n., galon.
galloon, trim with, galonar.
gallop, n., galop.
gallop, v., galopar.
galop, n., galop.
galosh, n., galosh.
galvanic, a., galvanik.
galvanism, n., galvanism.
gamboge, n., gumigut.
game, n., lud.
gamut, n., skal.
gangrene, n., gangren.
gangrene, v., gangrenar (intrans.).
gangrenous, a., gangrenos.
gap, n., bresh (break).
gape, v., ositar (yawn); musardar (gaze).
gaper, n., musard.
garden, n., hort.
gargle, v., gorgar.
garland, n., girland.
garment, n., vest.
garnet, n., granat.
garnish, v., garnar.
garrison, n., garnison.
garrison, v., garnisonar.
garrulous, a., lokuas.
garrulousness, n., lokuasitet.
gas, n., gas.
gasometer, n., gasometr.
gastronomer, n., gastronom.
gastronomist, n., gastronom.
gate, n., portal.
gather, v., karpar (pluck); kolektar (collect).
Gaul, n., Galia.
gauze, n., krep.
gavotte, n., gavot.
gay, a., alegr (joyous).
gaze, v., musardar.
gazelle, n., gasel.
gazer, n., musard.
gelatin(e), n., gelatin.
geld, v., kastrar.
gender, n., gen.
genealogical, a., genealogiik (genealogik).
genealogist, n., genealogiist (genealogist).
genealogy, n., genealogi.
general, n., general.
general, a., general.
generalization, n., generalisasion.
generalize, v., generalisar.
generally, ad., generale.
generate, v., generar.
generation, n., generasion (begetting).
generator, n., generator.
generosity, n., generositet.
generous, a., generos.
genitive, n., genitiv.
genius, n., genialitet (mental power).
genteel, a., gentil.
genteelness, n., gentilitet.
gentian, n., gensian.
gentility, n., gentilitet.
gentle, a., gentil (genteel).
gentleman, n., sinior.
genuflect, v., genu-flektar.
genuflection, n., genu-flektasion (genufleksion).
genuine, a., genuin.
genuineness, n., genuinitet.
geodesy, n., geodesi.
geodetic, a., geodesiik.
geographic, a., geografiik (geografik).
geography, n., geografi.
geological, a., geologiik (geologik).
geologist, n., geolog.
geology, n., geologi.
geometric(al), a., geometriik (geometrik).
geometry, n., geometri.
Georgia, n., Grusia (in Asia).
geranium, n., geranium.
germ, n., germin.
German, a., germanian (relating to Germany); german (relating to the German language).
Germanic, a., germanik.
Germanic blood, one of, germanik.
germanium, n., germanium.
German-speaking, a., german.
German-speaking person, german.
Germany, n., Germania.
germinate, v., germinar.
germination, n., germinasion.
gerund, n., gerundi.
gerundive, n., gerundiv.
gesticulate, v., gestikular.
gesticulation, n., gestikulasion.
get, v., resivar (receive); obtenar (obtain).
get up, v., levar se (stand up).
ghost, n., fantom (spectre); spirit (spirit).
ghostly, a., spiritik.
giant, n., gigant.
gibbous, a., gibos.
giddy, a., frivol.
gift, n., don.
gifted, highly, a., genial.
gigantic, a., gigantik.
gild, v., aurar.
gilding, n., aurasion.
gill, n., branki (of fish).
giraffe, n., giraf.
gird, v., sinturar.
girdle, n., sintur.
girdle, v., sinturar.
girl, n., puera.
give, v., donar.
give back, v., redonar.
give over, v., trans-donar.
give up, v., dimisionar (relinquish).
glad, a., yukund.
glad, be, v., gaudiar se.
gladden, v., gaudiar.
gladiator, n., gladiator.
gladness, n., gaudi.
gland, n., gland.
glass, n., vitr.
glass, a., vitrik.
glassy, a., vitratr.
glaze, v., glasar.
glaze, n., glasad.
glazier, n., vitrer.
glazing, n., glasad.
glide, v., glisar.
glide off, v., de-glisar.
glitter, v., briliar.
globe, n., glob.
globule, n., globet.
glorification, n., glorifikasion.
glorify, v., glorifikar.
glorious, a., glorios.
glory, n., glori.
glossy, a., glat.
glove, n., gant.
glove, v., gantar.
gloves, put on, gantar.
glow, n., ardor.
glow, v., ardar.
glucinum, n., berilium.
glue, n., glutin.
glue, v., glutinar.
glue on, v., su-glutinar.
glue to, v., ad-glutinar.
glycerine, n., gliserin.
gnaw, v., rodar.
gnaw off, v., de-rodar.
go, v., andar.
go about, v., sirkl-andar.
goal, n., but.
go around, v., sirkl-andar.
goat, n., kapr.
go away, v., apo-andar.
go back, v., returnar.
go before, v., andar anteriore (precede).
goblet, n., bokal.
God, n., Deo.
goddess, n., dea.
godfather, n., ko-patr.
godhead, n., divinitet.
godmother, n., ko-matr.
go down, v., disaparar (of sun).
God’s sake, for, ad., kausu Deo.
God’s sake!, for, i., o Deo!
going out, n., ekstrad.
gold, n., aur.
gondola, n., gondol.
good, a., bon.
good!, i., brave!
good, the, it bon.
good bye!, i., a Deo!
goodness, n., bonitet.
good of, for the, p., profitu.
goods, n., merkantad (merchandise); posesad (possessions).
go off, v., apo-andar.
goose, n., gus.
go out, v., eks-andar.
gorge, n., ravin.
gospel, n., evangel.
gospel, a., evangelik.
Goth, n., got.
Gothic, a., gotik.
go to meet, v., andar a kontre.
gout, n., podagr.
gouty, a., podagros.
govern, v., guvernar.
gown, n., rob (woman’s); talar (robe).
grace, n., gras.
gracious, a., grasios.
graciousness, n., grasiositet.
gradation, n., gradasion.
grade, n., grad.
grade, v., gradar.
gradual, a., suksesiv.
gradually, ad., suksesive.
graduate, v. tr., gradar.
graduation, n., gradasion (gradation).
grain, n., gren (cereal); gran (kernel); lign-ven (of wood).
grammar, n., gramatik.
grammatical, a., gramatikal.
gramme, n., gram.
granary, n., greneri.
grand, a., grandios.
grandeur, n., grandiositet.
grandfather, n., grand-patr.
grandiose, a., grandios.
grand-nephew or -niece, n., grand-nef.
grandson, n., grand-filio.
granduncle, n., grand-onkl.
granite, n., granit.
grant, n., konsesion.
grant, v., konsesionar (concede); eks-audiar (hear favorably).
grape, n., grap.
graphite, n., grafit.
grasp, v., sisar.
grass, n., herb.
grasshopper, n., lokust.
grateful, a., mersios.
grater, n., frikator.
grate up, v., kiosar mediu treliaj.
gratis, ad., gratis.
gratitude, n., mersiositet.
gratuitously, ad., gratis.
grave, n., sepult.
grave, a., grav.
gravel, n., gravin.
gravitation, n., gravitasion.
gravity, n., gravitet.
gravy, n., sos.
gray, a., gris.
grease, n., gres.
grease, v., gresar.
great, a., grand.
Great Britain, n., Britania.
great-grandfather, n., plu-grand-patr.
greatly, so, ad., tante.
greatness, n., granditet.
Greece, n., Gresia.
greed, n., kupiditet.
greedy, a., kupid.
green, a., verd.
green, become, verdeskar.
greenish, a., verdatr.
Greenland, n., Grenlandia.
greet, v., salutar.
greeting, n., salut.
grenade, n., grenad.
gridiron, n., rost.
grief, n., griv.
grieve, v. intr., grivar.
grimace, n., grimas.
grimace, v., grimasar.
grime, n., sord.
grind, v., molinar (mill); poliar (whet).
gristle, n., kartilag.
grits, n., grit.
groan, v., gemar.
groats, n., grit.
groceries, n., spes.
groom, n., kavalan (hostler).
groomsman, n., paranimf.
groove, n., kanel.
groove, v., kanelar.
gross, a., kras.
gross, ad., bruto (in the gross).
grossness, n., krasitet.
grot, n., grot.
grotesque, a., grotesk.
grotto, n., grot.
ground, n., fon (background); suol (soil); hum (earth); kaus (reason).
ground, v., fundar (found).
grounds, n., sediment.
group, n., grup.
group, v., grupar.
grow, v., kreskar.
grow old, v., ansianeskar.
grow tall, v., alteskar.
growth, n., kreskasion.
grow up, v., kreskar.
grumble, v., murmurar.
grumous, a., grumos.
guarantee, n., garantad.
guarantee, v., garantar.
guarantor, n., garant.
guard, n., gard (shield); kustod (watchman).
guard, v., gardar (shield); kustodar (watch).
guardian, n., tutor.
guardian to, be, tutar.
guardians, body of, tutel.
guess, v., divinar.
guide, n., gid.
guide, v., gidar.
guilt, n., kulp.
guilty, a., kulpos.
guilty of, kulpos de.
guitar, n., gitar.
guitarist, n., gitarist.
guitar-player, n., gitarist.
gulf, n., golf.
gum, n., gom.
gum, v., gomar.
gun, n., fusil.
guncotton, n., fulmin-koton.
gut, n., intestin.
guttural, n., konsonant gutural.
gymnasium, n., gimnas (college).
gymnastic, a., gimnastikal.
gymnastics, n., gimnastik.
gymnastics, exercise in, gimnastikar.
gypsum, n., gips.
gypsy, n., tsigan.
habit, n., kustom.
habitable, a., habitabl.
habituate, v., kustomar.
hack, n., fiakr.
haft, n., ans.
haggle, v., merkantar.
hail, n., grel.
hail, v., grelar (pour down hail).
hair, n., kapil (single hair); kapili (hair of the head).
hairy, a., kapilos.
halberd, n., halebard.
halberdier, n., halebarder.
halcyon, n., halsion.
half, a., demi.
half, n., semi-ad.
half-breed, n., mestis.
half-brother, n., semifratr.
half-moon, n., semilun.
half-year, n., semestr.
half-yearly, a., semestrik.
hall, n., hal.
hallow, v., sanktifikar.
hallucination, n., halusinasion.
halo, n., nimb.
halt, n., stop.
halt, v., stopar (intr.).
halt!, i., stop!
halter, n., strangl (for punishmenit).
halting-place, n., etap.
ham, n., gambon.
hammer, n., martel.
hammer, v., martelar.
hammock, n., hamak.
hamster, n., hamster.
hand, n., manu.
handicraft, n., metier.
handkerchief, n., drap de sak.
handle, n., ans.
hand over, v., in-manuar.
hang, v. tr. and intr., pendar.
hangman, n., eksekutator yustisik.
Hanover, n., Hanovr.
Hanseatic, a., hanseatik.
Hanseatic League, n., hanseat.
happen, v., aksidar.
happiness, n., felisitet.
happy, a., felis.
happy, make, felisifikar.
harass, v., veksar.
harbor, n., port.
harbor, v., albergar (as inn-keeper).
hard, a., dur (not soft); nefasil (difficult).
hard consonant, konsonant dur.
harden, v., durifikar (indurate); asierar (steel).
hardihood, n., harditet.
hardly, ad., pene.
hardness, n., duritet.
hare, n., lievr.
hark!, i., audia!
harlequin, n., harlekin.
harm, n., damn.
harm, v., damnifikar.
harmonious, a., harmonios.
harmonium, n., harmonium.
harmony, n., harmoni.
harness, n., harnes.
harness, v., harnesar.
harp, n., harp.
harper, n., harpist.
harpoon, n., harpun.
harrow, n., rastron.
harrow, v., rastronar.
harvest, n., rekolt.
harvest, v., rekoltar.
haste, n., hast.
hasten, v., hastar (be quick); akselerar (accelerate).
hastening, n., akselerasion (acceleration).
hastily, ad., haste.
hasty, a., hastik.
hasty, be too, fasiar tro haste.
hat, n., shapó.
hat, cylinder, n., silindr-shapó.
hat, silk, n., silindr-shapó.
hat-box, n., skatul.
hatch, v., kuvar.
hatchel, n., lin-pekt.
hatchel, v., lin-pektar.
hatchet, n., skur.
hate, n., odi.
hate, v., odiar.
hateable, a., odiabl.
hateful, a., odios.
hatred, n., odi.
haul, v., tirar.
haunted, the house is, fantomi apar in dom.
have, v., avar.
haven, n., port.
hawk, n., hastor.
hay, n., fien.
hazard, n., hasard.
hazard, v., hasardar.
hazel-nut, n., nuset.
he, pr., il.
head, n., kap (part of body); shef (chief); kapitl (chapter).
heal, v., remediar.
health, n., sanitet (soundness); tost (toast).
health, propose a, tostar.
healthful, a., salubr.
healthy, a., san.
heap, n., kumul.
heap, v., kumular.
hear, v., audiar (perceive by the ear); eks-audiar (grant).
hear!, i., audia!
hearing, n., audit (the sense).
heart, n., kord.
heart, by, ad., memorie.
heartiness, n., kordialitet.
hearty, a., kordial (cordial).
heat, n., kalor (warmth); ardor (ardor).
heat, v., fornar.
heated, a., ardoros.
heathen, n., pagan.
heathen, a., paganik.
heathenish, a., paganik.
heathenism, n., paganism.
heaven, n., siel.
heavenly, a., sielik.
heavenly body, astr.
heaviness, n., gravitet.
heavy, a., pesant.
Hebraic(al), a., hebreik.
Hebrew, a., hebreik.
heckle, n., lin-pekt.
heckle, v., lin-pektar.
hectograph, hektograph, n., hektograf.
hectograph, hektograph, v., hektografar.
hedge, n., sepi.
hedge, v., sepiar.
heel, n., talon.
hegemony, n., hegemoni.
he-goat, n., kapro.
height, n., altitet.
heir, n., hered.
helium, n., helium.
hell, n., infern.
hello!, i., audia!
helm, n., guvern.
helmet, n., kask.
help, n., sukurs.
help, v., sukursar.
help!, i., sukurs!
help of, with the, p., ko sukurs de.
hem, n., bord.
hem, v., bordar.
hemp, n., kanab.
hen, n., galina.
hence, ad., sikause.
her, pr., sie (possessive).
her (own), pr., sue.
herald, n., herald.
heraldry, n., heraldik.
herb, n., vegetabil.
herbage, n., herbaj.
here, ad., siloke (in this place); a siloke (hither).
here!, i., ekse!
hereafter, ad., future.
here below, ad., su ter.
heresy, n., heretism.
heretic, n., heretik.
heretical, a., heretik.
heritage, n., heredad.
hermaphrodite, n., hermafrodit.
hermetical, a., hermetik.
hermit, n., eremit.
hermitage, n., eremiteri.
hero, n., hero.
heroic, a., heroik.
heroism, n., heroism.
heron, n., heron.
herring, n., haring.
hers, pr., sie.
herself, pr., aut (emphatic: ila aut skrib = she herself writes); se (reflexive: ila am se = she loves herself).
hesitate, v., hesitar.
heterogeneous, a., heterogen.
heterogeneousness, n., heterogenitet.
hexameter, n., heksa-metr.
hiccough, n., hik.
hiccough, v., hikar.
hidden, a., arkan.
hide, n., pelt.
hide, v., okultar.
high, a., alt.
hilt, n., ans.
himself, pr., aut (emphatic); se (reflexive). See “herself.”
hind, a., posterior.
hinder, v., impediar.
hindrance, n., obstakl.
hinge, n., kardin.
hinny, n., mulet.
hint, n., avertasion.
hint, v., avertar.
hippodrome, n., hipodrom.
hippopotamus, n., hipopotam.
hire, v., arendar (rent).
hirer, n., arendator.
his, pr., sie.
his (own), pr., sue.
hiss, v., sibilar.
historic(al), a., historik.
history, n., histor.
hit, v., perkutar.
hitch up, v., yunktar (horses).
hither, a., siterior.
hither, ad., a siloke.
hitherto, ad., usk sitempe.
hitherward, ad., versu siloke.
ho!, i., audia!
hoar-frost, n., glas-rosi.
hoarse, a., rauk.
hoarseness, n., raukitet.
hodgepodge, n., pelmel.
hog, n., pork.
hoist, v., erektar (as a flag).
hold, v., tenar.
hole, n., for.
holiness, n., sanktitet.
Holland, n., Nederlandia.
Holland, a., nederlandian.
Hollander, n., nederlandian.
hollow, a., kavernik (cavernous); surd (dull).
hollow, v., kavernar.
holy, a., sankt.
home, ad., dome (at); a dome (to).
home, at, ad., dome.
homeopathic, a., homeopatiik (homeopatik).
homeopathist, n., homeopatiist.
homeopathy, n., homeopati.
homogeneous, a., homogen.
homologous, a., homolog.
homonymous, a., homonim.
honest, a., honest.
honey, n., miel.
honey-comb, n., protosir.
honor, n., honor.
honor, v., honorar.
honorable, a., honorabl.
honoring, n., honorasion.
honor of, in, p., in honor de.
hood, n., koif (woman’s); kapus (cowl).
hoof, n., ungu masiv.
hook, n., krok.
hop, hops, n., lupul.
hope, n., esper.
hope, v., esperar.
horde, n., hord.
horizon, n., horisont.
horizontal, a., horisontik (horisontal).
horn, n., kornu (substance).
horrible, a., hororos.
horror, n., horor.
horse, n., kaval.
hose, n. pl., kalsi (stockings).
hospice, n., hospit.
hospital, n., hospital.
host, n., hoteler (landlord).
hostler, n., kavalan.
hot, a., kalid (warm); ardoros (ardent).
hotel, n., hotel.
hotel-keeper, n., hoteler.
hour, n., hor.
house, n., dom.
household utensils, utensili de dom.
house of, at the (in the), p., in dom de.
housing, n., shabrak.
hovel, n., barak.
how, ad., kuale (to what degree); kemaniere (in what manner).
how do you do? kuale vo stand?
however, ad., negligante it.
however, i., ye.
how frequently, ad., kefrekuente.
howl, v., ulular.
how many, a., kuant.
how many fold, a., kuantupl.
how many times, ad., kuantfoa.
how many(th) time, for the, ad., kelimfoa.
how much, a., kuant.
how much, ad., kuante.
how often, ad., kefrekuente.
hubbub, n., tumultu.
hull, n., silik (husk).
human, a., homik.
humane, a., human.
humaneness, n., humanitet.
humanity, n., humanitet (humaneness).
humble, a., humil.
humid, a., humid.
humidity, n., humiditet.
humility, n., humilitet.
humor, n., humor.
humorist, n., humorist.
hump, n., gib.
humpbacked, a., gibos.
humus, n., hum.
hunch, n., gib.
hunchback, n., gibos.
hunchbacked, a., gibos.
hundred, nr., sent.
hundred, n., sent-livr (weight).
hundredweight, n., sent-livr.
hung, be, v., pendar.
Hungary, n., Hungaria.
hunger, n., famel.
hunger, v., avar famel.
hungry, a., famelik.
hungry, be, avar famel.
hunt, n., venad.
hunt, v., venar.
hunter, huntsman, n., venator.
hurl, v., lansar.
hurricane, n., uragan.
hurry, n., hast.
hurry, v., hastar (be quick); akselerar (accelerate).
hurry!, i., haste!
hurt, n., damn (detriment); lesasion (injury).
hurt, v., damnifikar (damage); lesar (injure).
husband, n., marito.
hush!, i., silensi!
husk, n., silik.
hussar, n., husar.
hut, n., barak.
hyacinth, n., hiasint (flower).
hybrid, n., mestis.
hydra, n., hidra.
hydrodynamics, n., hidrodinamik.
hydrogen, n., hidrogen.
hydrometer, n., areometr.
hydrophobia, n., hidrofobi.
hydrophobic, a., hidrofobios.
hydropic, a., hidropsiik.
hydrostatics, n., hidrostatik.
hyena, n., hien.
hymn, n., himn.
hyperbole, n., hiperbol.
hyphen, n., liniet de union.
hypocrite, n., hipokrit.
hypocritical, a., hipokritik.
hypothesis, n., hipotes.
hysteria, n., histeri.
hysterical, a., histeriik (histerik).
I, pr., mi.
iambic, a., iambik.
iambus, n., iamb.
ice, n., glas.
Iceland, n., Islandia.
idea, n., idé.
ideal, n., ideal.
ideal, a., idealik.
identical, a., identik.
identity, n., identikitet (identitet).
idiom, n., idiom.
idle, a., osios.
idleness, n., osiositet.
idol, n., idol.
idyl, n., idil.
i. e. = that is, i. e. = it es.
if, i., if (conditional); eske (whether).
if you please, if it plis. (See plisar.)
ignite, v., flagrifikar (set on fire); flagreskar (take fire).
ignore, v., ignorar (not to know; to wish not to know).
ill, a., malad.
ill-favored, a., vilan.
illness, n., maladitet.
illuminate, v., iluminar.
illumine, v., iluminar.
illusion, n., ilusion.
illustrate, v., ilustrar (explain; also pictorially).
illustration, n., ilustrasion (explanation; also picture).
Illyria, n., Iliria.
image, n., imag (picture).
imagine, v., imaginar.
imitate, v., imitar.
immaculate, a., nemakuled.
immature, a., nematur.
immediate, a., nemediat.
immediately, ad., nemediate.
immense, a., imens.
immerse, v., mergar.
immolate, v., viktimar.
impart, v., donar.
impartial, a., nepartisan.
impatience, n., nepasientitet.
impatient, a., nepasient.
impede, v., impediar.
impel, v., impulsar.
imperative, n., imperativ.
imperfect tense, the imperfect, n., imperfekt.
imperial, a., imperatorik.
impertinent, a., impertinent.
impetuosity, n., impetuositet.
impetuous, a., impetuos.
impetus, n., impetu.
implacable, a., neplakabl.
implement, n., instrument.
implore, v., suplikar.
important, a., important.
impose, v., su-metar (lay on).
imposing, a., grandios.
impossible, render, fasiar neposibl.
impost, n., impost.
impregnate, v., impregniar.
impress, v., impresionar (affect); imprimar (imprint).
impression, n., impresion (effect).
imprint, v., imprimar.
imprison, v., prisonar.
imprisonment, n., prisonad.
improve, v., plu-bonifikar.
improvisator, n., improvisator.
improvise, v., improvisar.
impudent, a., impertinent (impertinent); nopudik (shameless).
impulse, n., impuls.
impure, a., nepur (dirty); nekast (unchaste).
impurity, n., nekastitet (unchastity).
impute, v., imputar.
in, p., in.
inactive, a., inert.
inactivity, n., inertitet.
inapt, a., neapt.
inaptitude, n., neaptitet.
inaugurate, v., inaugurar.
inauguration, n., inaugurasion.
incapable, a., nekapabl.
incarnate, v., in-karnar.
incarnation, n., in-karnasion.
incendiary, a., insendian.
incense, n., insens.
incense, v., insensar.
incenser, n., insensator.
incessant, a., nesesant.
incest, n., insestu.
incestuous, a., insestuos.
inch, n., pols.
incident, n., aksident.
incite, v., instigar.
inclination, n., inklinasion.
incline, v. intr., inklinar.
include, v., kompleksar (comprise).
inclusively, ad., inklusive.
income, n., rent.
income, one who has a fixed, renter.
increase, v., pluar (trans.); kreskar (intr.).
incredible, a., nekredabl.
incredulity, n., nekredantitet.
incredulous, a., nekredant.
incredulousness, n., nekredantitet.
incubate, v., kuvar.
incus, n., inkud.
indeed, ad., verase.
indeed – but, vere – ma.
indefinite, a., vag.
indefinite article, artikl indefinit.
indefinite pronoun, pronom indefinit.
indemnify, v., bonifikar.
independence, n., nedependantitet.
independent, a., nedependant.
India, n., India.
India-rubber, n., kaucuk.
indicate, v., indikar.
indicative, n., indikativ.
indifferent, a., indiferent.
indigence, n., indigentitet (indigens).
indigenous, a., indigen.
indigent, a., indigent.
indignant, be, indiniar.
indigo, n., indigo.
indium, n., indium.
individual, n., individu.
individual, a., individuik (individual).
individuality, n., individualitet.
indoctrinate, v., preseptorar.
indolence, n., indolentitet.
indolent, a., indolent.
induce, v., persuadar.
indulgence, n., indulgentitet (forbearance).
indulgent, a., indulgent.
indurate, v., durifikar.
industrial, a., industriik (industrial).
industrious, a., industrios.
industry, n., industri.
inebriety, n., ebritet.
inert, a., inert.
inertia, n., inertitet.
inertness, n., inertitet.
inevitable, a., neevitabl.
infallible, a., nefaliabl.
infant, n., infant.
infantry, n., infanteri.
infantry, a., infanterian.
infantryman, n., infanteriist (infanterist).
infect, v., infektar.
infection, n., infektasion (infeksion).
infer, v., konkludar.
inferior, a., inferior.
inferiority, n., inferioritet.
inferiorly, ad., inferiore.
infinitive, n., infinitiv.
infirmary, n., lasaret.
inflame, v., inflamar (med.).
inflammation, n., inflamasion.
influence, n., influens.
influence, v., influensar.
influenza, n., influensa.
inform, v., informar kh di kk.
inform against, v., denunsiar.
information, n., informasion.
inform one’s self, v., informar se di kk.
infringe, v., violar.
infringement, n., violasion.
infuse, v., in-versar.
ingenious, a., genial (possessed of genius); artifisios (skilful).
ingenuous, a., naiv.
ingenuousness, n., naivitet.
ingot, n., bar.
inhabit, v., habitar.
inhabitant, n., habitant.
inhabitant of a kingdom, regnikol.
inherit, v., heredar.
inheritance, n., heredad.
injection, n., klister.
injure, v., lesar.
injuriously to or of, speak, inyuriar.
injury, n., lesasion.
ink, n., tint.
inn, n., alberg.
inner, a., interior.
inn-keeper, n., albergist.
innocence, n., inosentitet.
innocent, a., inosent.
in order that, i., a fini ke.
in order to, a (before the infinitive).
in place of, p., plasu; in plas de.
in place of, c., plase ke.
inquire, v., interogar (ask questions).
inquire about (into), v., informar se di kk.
inquisitive, a., kurios.
inquisitiveness, n., kuriositet.
inscribe, v., in-skribar.
insect, n., insekt.
insert, v., in-plasar (place in); inserar (in newspaper).
inside, ad., interiore.
inside, p., interiore de.
inside, to the, ad., a interiore.
inside of, p., interiore de.
insignificant, a., neimportant.
insinuate, v., insinuar.
insipid, a., insipid.
insist upon, v., instar.
insolence, n., insolentitet.
insolent, a., insolent.
inspect, v., inspektar.
inspector, n., inspektator.
inspiration, n., inspirasion.
inspire, v., inspirar (trans.); in-respirar ((inspirar) breathe in).
inspissate, v., kondensar (trans.).
install, v., instalar.
instance, n., eksempl.
instant, n., moment.
instantly, ad., simomente.
instead of, p., plasu; in plas de.
instead of, c., plase ke.
instigate, v., instigar.
instil, v., in-versar.
instinct, n., instinkt.
institute, v., instituar.
institution, n., instituad (institut).
institution, educational, instituad de edukasion.
instruct, v., instruar.
instructor, n., instruator.
instrument, n., instrument.
instrument, v., instrumentar (a composition).
insulate, v., isolar.
insult, n., insult.
insult, v., insultar.
insurance, n., asekurasion.
insure, v., asekurar.
integrity, n., integritet.
integument, n., kuvr.
intellect, n., intelektu.
intellectual, a., intelektuos.
intelligence, n., intelektu (intellect); informasion (information).
intelligible, a., komprendabl.
intend, v., intensionar.
intensive, a., intensiv.
intent, n., intent.
intention, n., intension.
intentionally, ad., intensione.
inter, v., sepultar.
intercede, v., intersedar.
interchange, n., permutasion.
interchange, v., permutar.
intercourse, n., komunikasion.
intercourse, hold, komunikar.
interest, n., interes (concern); interest (income).
interest, v., interesar.
interest, bear, portar interest.
interior, a., interior.
interiorly, ad., interiore.
interjection, n., interyeksion.
interlude, n., intr-lud.
internal, a., intern.
international, a., internasional.
interpret, v., interpretar.
interpreter, n., interpret.
interrogate, v., interogar.
interrogation mark, sign de interogasion.
interrogative particle, eske?
interrogative pronoun, pronom interogativ.
interrupt, v., interumpar.
interval, n., interval.
intestine, n., intestin.
intimacy, n., intimitet.
intimate, a., intim.
intimate, v., notifikar.
intimation, n., notifikasion.
intimidate, v., timidifikar.
into, p., in.
intoxicate, v., in-ebrar.
intransitive verb, intransitive, n., verb intransitiv.
intrigue, n., intrig.
intrigue, v., intrigar.
introduce, v., introdukar (bring in).
intrude, v., in-urgar (trans.).
intuition, n., intuasion (intuision).
intuitive, a., intuativ (intuitiv).
inundate, v., inundar.
inundation, n., inundasion.
inure, v. tr., kustomar.
invalid, n., invalid.
invalid, a., invalid.
invalidity, n., invaliditet.
invasion, n., invasion.
invent, v., inventar.
invention, n., inventasion (invension).
inventor, n., inventator (inventor).
inventory, n., inventar.
inversely, ad., inversie.
invert, v., inversiar.
invest, v., vestar (clothe); obsidiar (besiege).
investigate, v., investigar.
investigation, n., investigasion.
investigator, n., investigator.
invigorate, v., vigorar.
invite, v., invitar.
invoice, n., faktur.
involve, v., komplikar.
inward, ad., a interiore.
iodine, n., iod.
Ireland, n., Irlandia.
iridium, n., iridium.
iris, n., iris.
iron, n., fer.
iron, v., glatifikar (clothes).
ironical, a., ironios.
irony, n., ironi.
irrigate, v., irigar.
irrigation, n., irigasion.
irritate, v., iritar (excite).
irritated, be, v., esar veksed.
island, n., insul.
islander, n., insulan.
isolate, v., isolar.
isosceles, a., ekuikrurik.
issue, n., resultad (result).
issue, v., fontar (spring); editar (publish).
issuer, n., editator ((editor) publisher).
issuing, n., editasion (edision).
isthmus, n., istm.
it, pr., it.
Italian, a., italian (pertaining to Italy); italik (language).
Italian, n., italian (man); italiana (woman).
Italian-speaking, a., italik.
Italy, n., ltalia.
itch, n., skabi (mange).
itch, v., pruriar.
itchy, a., skabios (mangy).
iterative, n., numerativ iterativ.
its, pr., sie.
its (own), pr., sue.
itself, pr., aut (emphatic); se (reflexive). See “herself.”
ivory, n., ivor.
ivy, n., hedr.
jackal, n., shakal.
jacket, n., yak.
January, n., yanuar.
Japan, n., Yaponia.
jar, n., pot.
jaw, jawbone, n., maksil.
jaw, lower, maksil inferior.
jaw, upper, maksil superior.
jaws, n., bokon.
jealous, a., jalus.
jealousy, n., jalusitet.
jelly, n., gelatin.
jest, n., yok.
jest, v., yokar.
jesting, a., yokos.
Jew, n., yudan.
jewel, n., yuvel.
jeweler, n., yuveler.
Jewish, a., yudaik.
jocose, a., yokos.
jocund, a., yukund.
join, v., yunktar (unite).
joiner, n., tabler.
joiner’s shop, n., tabler-ofisin.
joint, n., flekt.
jointly, ad., yunkte.
joke, n., yok.
joke, v., yokar.
journal, n., diurnal (periodical).
journey, n., voyaj.
journey, v., voyajar.
journey, go on a, de-voyajar.
jovial, a., yovial.
joviality, n., yovialitet.
jovialness, n., yovialitet.
joy, n., gaudi.
joyful, a., yukund.
joyous, a., gaudios.
jubilarian, n., yubiler.
jubilate, v., yubilar.
jubilation, n., yubil.
jubilee, n., yubilad.
Judaic, a., yudaik.
Judaism, n., yudaism.
judge, n., yudikator.
judge, v., yudisiar (mentally); yudikar (pronounce upon the merits of a cause); pensar (think).
judge lateral, n., asesor.
judgment, n., yudisi (product of mental act of judging); yudisiasion (mental act); yudikasion (process of arriving at a decision in a debatable matter); yudikad (sentence, decision of a judge).
jug, n., kruk.
juice, n., suk.
juicy, a., sukos.
July, n., yuli.
July, a., yulian and de y.
jumble, n., pelmel.
jump, n., salt.
jump, v., saltar.
jump off, v., de-saltar.
June, n., yuni.
June, a., yunian and de y.
junior, a., yunior.
juniper, n., yunipr.
juridic, juridical, a., yuridik.
jurisdiction, n., yurisdiksion.
jurisprudence, n., yurisprudens.
jurist, n., yurist.
juristic(al), a., yuristik.
juror, n., yuro.
jurors, n., yuri.
jury, n., yuri.
just, a., yust.
just, ad., yuste (exactly).
just as, i., kuale.
justice, n., yustis (administration of justice); yustitet (justness).
justify, v., yustifikar.
justness, n., yustitet.
just now, ad., yuste sitempe.
jute, n., yut.
kaleidoscope, n., kalidoskop.
kalium, n., kalium.
keel, n., kil.
keep, v., tenar (hold); retenar (retain); festar (celebrate); preservar (preserve); ne-komunikar (not communicate).
keep back, v., retenar (restrain).
keep books, v., libr-tenar.
keep secret, v., tenar sekrete.
keep still!, i., silensi!
kernel, n., gran.
kettle, n., kaldron.
key, n., klavi (of lock, also of musical instrument); ton (tone).
keyboard, n., klaviaj.
kidney, n., ronion.
kill, v., mortifikar.
kilogramme, n., kilogram.
kilometer, n., kilometr.
kin, a., parent.
kind, n., sort.
kind, a., benevolent.
kindle, v., flagreskar (intr.); flagrifikar (trans.).
kindred, n., parentel.
king, n., reg (ruler; also in chess).
kingdom, n., regnia.
kingfisher, n., halsion.
kiss, n., oskul.
kiss, v., oskular.
kitchen, n., kukeri.
knave, n., brikon.
knee, n., genu.
kneel, v., genuar.
kneepan, n., patel.
knife, n., kultel.
knight, n., kavalier (cavalier); kaval (in chess).
knit, v., trikotar.
knit goods, n., trikot.
knob, n., tuber.
knobby, a., tuberos.
knock, v., perkutar.
knot, n., nod.
knot, v., nodar.
know, v., konosar.
knowledge, n., konosad (cognition, acquaintance); sient (science).
knuckle, n., flekt [de digit].
kopeck, n., kopek.
Koran, n., koran.
kreutzer, n., kreutser.
labial, n., konsonant labial.
labile, a., labil.
labor, n., labor.
labor, v., laborar.
labyrinth, n., labirint.
lace, n., dentel.
lace, v., lasear (tie); galonar (trim with galloon).
lacerate, v., laserar.
lacker, n., lak.
lackey, n., laké.
lacking, be, v., mankar.
lack of, for, p., manku.
lacmus, n., lakmus.
lacquer, n., lak.
lacquer, v., lakar.
lady, n., siniora (Mrs.); siniorina (miss).
lagoon, n., lagun.
lake, n., lag.
lama, n., lama.
lamaism, n., lamaism.
lamb, n., agnel.
lament, n., lament.
lament, v., lamentar.
lamina, n., lamin.
laminate, v., lamlinar.
lamp, n., lamp.
lampblack, n., fum-negrad.
lampoon, n., paskuil.
lamprey, n., lampret.
lance, n., lans.
lancer, n., ulan.
land, n., agr (field); land (country); teren (opposed to water).
land, v. intr., ad-bordar.
landlord, n., hoteler (of hotel).
landscape, n., paisaj.
landscape-painter, n., paisajist.
language, n., lingu.
lantern, n., lantern.
lanthanum, n., lantan.
lap, n., gremi.
Lapland, n., Laponia.
lapwing, n., vanel.
larch, n., lariks.
large, a., grand.
large, make, v., grandifikar.
largeness, n., granditet.
lark, n., alaud.
larva, n., larv.
larynx, n., laring.
lasso, n., laso.
last, a., ultim.
last, v., durar.
last, at, ad., finie.
late, a., tard.
late, ad., tarde.
lately, ad., nelonge.
later, a., posterior.
lath, n., lat.
Latin, n., latin (language).
latitude, degree of, grad de largitet.
lattice, n., treliaj.
lattice, v., klosar mediu treliaj.
laud, v., laudar.
laugh, laugh at, v., ridar.
launch, v., lansar (hurl).
laundress, n., lavatora.
laurel, n., laur.
lava, n., lav.
lavish, a., prodigik.
lavish, v., prodigar.
law, n., leg (statute); yur (right).
lawful, a., legitim (legitimate); yuridik (right).
lawsuit, n., proses.
lawyer, n., advokat.
lax, a., laks.
laxity, n., laksitet.
lay, v., posar (place); metar ovi (of fowls).
lay down, v., de-posar.
layer, n., strat (stratum); lamin (lamina).
lay on, v., su-metar.
layout, v., spendar (spend).
lay over, v., trans-metar.
lazaretto, n., lasaret.
laziness, n., inertitet.
lazy, a., inert.
lead, n., plomb.
lead, n., dukasion (leading).
lead, v., plombar.
lead, v., dukar.
lead away, v., de-dukar.
leader, n., shef (head).
leadership, n., dukasion.
leading, a., prinsipal (chief).
lead off, v., de-dukar.
lead-pencil, n., krayon.
leaf, n., foli (plant, book); lamin (lamina).
league, n., liga.
leak, n., lekaj.
leak, v., lekajar.
lean, a., magr.
lean, v., ad-dorsar (trans.).
lean, become, magreskar.
leanness, n., magritet.
leap, n., salt.
leap, v., saltar.
leap off, v., de-saltar.
leap-year, n., anu bisekstil.
learn, v., aprendar.
learnable, a., aprendabl.
learned, a., erudied.
learned man, n., erudied.
lease, n., luad.
lease, v., luar (take); prestar luade (let).
least, at, ad., a minu.
leather, n., kuir.
leave, v., lasar (let); abandonar (forsake); trans-mitar herede (bequeath).
leaven, n., ferment.
leave of absence, permision.
leech, n., sanguin-sug.
lees, n., sediment.
left, a., sinistr.
left, at the (on the), ad., sinistre.
left, to the, ad., a sinistre.
left of, to (at) the, p., sinistre de.
leg, n., gamb.
legend, n., legend.
legible, a., lektabl.
legion, n., legion.
legitimacy, n., legitimitet.
legitimate, a., legitim.
legumes, n., leguminosi.
legumin, n., legumin.
leisure, n., osi.
lemon, n., limon.
lemonade, n., limonad.
lend, v., prestar.
length, n., longitet.
lentil, n., lentil.
leopard, n., leopard.
leprosery, n., leproseri.
leprosy, n., lepr.
leprous, a., lepros.
lesion, n., lesasion.
less, ad., minu.
lessee, n., luator.
lessen, v., minuar (trans.); minueskar (intr.).
lesson, n., leksion.
let, v., permitar (allow); lasar (leave); prestar luade (lease).
let go, v., lasar andar.
letter, n., letr (epistle); liter (of alphabet).
letter, by, ad., letre.
lettuce, n., laktuk.
level, n., nivel.
level, v., nivelar.
lever, n., levator.
levity, n., frivolitet.
liability, n., respondablitet.
liable, a., respondabl.
liable, jointly and severally, a., solidar.
liberal, a., generos.
liberality, n., generositet.
liberate, v., librifikar.
liberty, n., libritet.
librarian, n., biblioteker.
library, n., bibliotek.
license, n., lisensi (permission).
license, v., lisensiar.
licentiate, n., lisensied (person).
licentious, a., lisensios.
licentiousness, n., lisensiositet.
lichen, n., liken (bot. and med.).
licit, the, n., lisensiad.
lick, v., lekar.
lickerish, be, friandar.
lickerish person, friand.
lid, n., kuvrator.
lie, n., mentiad (untruth); dementi (contradiction).
lie, v., mentiar (be untruthful); yasiar (be situated).
lie in wait for, v., ad-yustar.
lie to anyone, mentiar a kh.
lieutenant, n., leutenant.
life, n., vit.
life, a., pro-vitik.
life, for, ad., pro-vite.
lifelong, a., pro-vitik.
lifelong, one’s, ad., pro-vite.
lift, v., levar.
light, n., lum.
light, a., lejer (not heavy).
light, v., iluminar (illuminate).
light, give, v., lumar.
lighten, v., fulminar (flash).
lighthouse, n., far.
lightness, n., lejeritet.
lightning, n., fulmin.
lightning-conductor, n., parafulmin.
lightning-rod, n., parafulmin.
ligneous, a., lignatr.
like, a., simil.
like, v., amar.
like, i., kuale.
likely, ad., probable.
liken, v., komparar.
likeness, n., similitet.
likewise, ad., eguale.
liking, n., plisad (pleasure).
lily, n., lili.
lily-of-the-valley, n., konvalari.
lily-of-the-valley, a., konvalarian.
limb, n., ram (of tree).
lime, n., kalsin.
limit, n., limit.
limit, v., limitar.
limp, a., flaksid.
limp, v., misandar.
limpid, a., limpid.
linden, n., tili.
linden, a., tiliik and de t.
line, n., lini (extension in length; stroke); vers (verse).
line, v., liniar (rule).
linear, a., liniik (linear).
linen, n., lin-drap (cloth); linaj (washing).
linen-cloth, n., lin-drap.
linger, v., morar.
linguist, n., linguist.
lint, n., karp-fili (charpie); lin (flax).
lion, n., leon.
lip, n., labi.
liquid, n., fluidad (fluid); konsonant likuid (letter).
liquid, a., fluid.
liquidate, v., likuidar.
liquidity, n., fluiditet.
liquor, n., liker.
list, n., list.
listen, v., auskultar.
litany, n., litani.
liter, litre, n., litr.
literal, a., literal.
literature, n., literatur.
litharge, n., litarg.
lithium, n., litium.
Lithuania, n., Lituania.
litigate, v., prosesar.
litmus, n., lakmus.
little, a., minim (small); nemult (not much).
little, ad., nemulte.
liturgical, a., liturgiik (liturgik).
liturgy, n., liturgi.
live, v., vivar; residar.
liveliness, n., vivasitet.
lively, a., vivas.
liver, n., hepat.
livery, n., livré.
live extravagantly, vivar luksure.
living (livelihood), earn a, ganiar pan.
living, a., vivik.
Livonia, n., Livonia.
lizard, n., lasert.
llama, n., lyam.
lo!, i., ekse!.
load, n., sharj.
load, v., sharjar.
loan, n., prestasion.
loathe, v., abominar.
lobe, n., lob.
lobster, n., mar-krev.
local, a., spasiik (lokal).
locality, n., lokal.
lock, n., klos (fastening); bukl (of hair).
lock, v., klosar.
lock out, v., eks-klosar.
locomotive, n., lokomotiv.
locomotor, n., lokomobil.
locust, n., lokust (insect).
lodge, n., lodji (place of meeting).
lodge, v, intr., lojiar.
lodging, n., loji.
loftiness, n., altitet.
lofty, a., alt (high); sublim (sublime).
log, n., blok.
logarithm, n., logaritm.
logic, n., logik.
logical, a., logikal.
loin, n., lomb.
loiter, v., morar.
Lombardy, n., Lombardia.
long, a., long.
long, ad., longe.
long ago, ad., prelonge.
long ago. not, ad., nelonge.
long for, v., desirar.
longitude, degree of, grad de longitet.
long time, for a, ad., longe.
look, n., spekt.
look (at), v., spektar.
look!, i., ekse!
look after, v., sekuar mediu aspekt.
look for, v., shershar.
looking-glass, n., miror.
looking over, n., kontrol (control).
look over, v., kontrolar (control).
loop, n., laksi.
loose, a., laks.
loosen, v., solvar.
looseness, n., laksitet.
loquacious, a., lokuas.
loquacity, n., lokuasitet.
Lord, n., Sinior.
lord over, v., dominar.
Lord’s Prayer, n., patrnostr.
Lorraine, n., Lotaringia.
lose, v., perdar.
loss, n., perd.
lost, be, v., esar perded.
lost in thought, be, meditar profunde di kk.
lot, n., lot (share).
lottery, n., loteri.
loud, a., sonor.
loudly, not, ad., nesonore.
lounge, n., divan.
louse, n., pedikul.
love, n., amor.
love, v., amar.
lover, n., amator.
low, a., bas (not high); nesonor (not loud).
low, ad., nesonore (not loudly).
lower, a., inferior.
lower, v., minuar (lessen) ; basifikar (abase).
lowness, n., basitet.
loyal, a., loyal.
loyalty, n., loyalitet.
lubrication, n., lubrifikasion.
lucid, a., lusid.
lucidity, n., lusiditet.
lucky, a., felis.
lucrative, a., lukrativ.
luggage, n., bagaj.
lukewarm, a., tepid.
lunatic, a., lunatik.
lung, n., pulmon.
lupine, n., lupin.
lute, n., liut.
Lutheran, a., luteran.
Lutheran, n., luteran.
Lutheranism, n., luteranism.
luxuriance, n., luksuritet.
luxuriant, a., luksur.
luxuriate, v., vivar luksure.
luxurious, a., luksos.
luxuriousness, n., luksositet.
luxury, n., luks.
lyceum, n., liseum (college).
lye, n., liksiv.
lynx, n., links.
lyre, n., lir.
macaroni, n., makaron.
machine, n., mashin.
mackerel, n., makrel.
madam, n., siniora.
Madonna, n., madona.
magazine, n., magasin (store-house).
magic, n., magi.
magic, magical, a., magiik (magik).
magic, practise, magiar.
magician, n., magier.
magistracy, n., magistrat.
magnanimity, n., magnanimitet.
magnanimous, a., magnanim.
magnate, n., magnat.
magnesium, n., magnesium.
magnet, n., magnet.
magnetic, a., magnetik.
magnetism, n., magnetism.
magnetize, v., magnetisar.
magnificence, n., magnif.
magnificent, a., magnifik.
magpie, n., pikas.
mahogany, n., mahagoni.
mahogany, a., mahagoniik and de m.
Mahometan, n., mahometan.
Mahometan, a., mahometan.
Mahometanism, n., mahometanism.
maiden, n., virgina.
main, a., prinsipal.
mainly, ad., prinsipale.
maintain, v., mantenar (hold fast).
maize, n., mais.
majesty, n., mayestet.
major, n., mayor.
majority, n., mayoritet.
make, v., fasiar (cause); fabrikar (manufacture).
make faces, grimasar.
make good, v., bonifikar.
malady, n., maladitet.
Malay, n., malay.
male, n., maskul.
male, a., maskulik (maskulin).
malediction, n., maledikasion (malediksion).
malice, n., malisi.
malicious, a., malisios.
mallow, n., malv.
malt, n., malt.
mammal, n., animal mamifer.
mammoth, n., mamut.
man, n., vir (male); hom (human being).
manage, v., menajar (administer); guvernar (guide, govern).
management, n., menaj.
mandate, n., mandat.
mandolin, n., mandolin.
mandrake, n., mandragor.
manège, n., manej.
manganese, n., mangan.
mange, n., skabi.
manger, n., presepi.
mangy, a., skabios.
mania, n., mani.
manifest, v., manifestar.
manifesto, n., manifest.
manifold, a., multupl.
manipulate, v., manipular.
manipulation, n., manipulasion.
manna, n., mana.
manner, n., manier.
manner, in a certain, ad., sert-maniere.
manner, in this, ad., simaniere.
manner, in what, ad., kemaniere.
manner of, after the, p., in manier de.
manœuver, manœuvre, n., manovr.
manœuver, v. intr., manovrar.
Mansard roof, n., mansard.
mantilla, n., mantili.
mantle, n., mantel.
manufactory, n., fabrik.
manufacture, v., fabrikar.
manure, n., kompost.
manure, v., kompostar.
manuscript, n., manuskript.
many, a., mult.
many-headed, a., polikapik.
many times, ad., multfoa.
map, n., kart geografiik.
maple-tree, n., aser.
marasmus, n., marasm.
marble, n., marmor.
March, n., mars.
march, n., marsh.
march, v., marshar.
march off, v., de-marshar.
marchpane, n., marsipan.
mare, n., kavala.
margin, n., bord.
marinate, v., marinar.
marine, n., marin (navy).
marionette, n., marionet.
marjoram, n., mayoran.
mark, n., mark (token); but (butt); mark (coin).
mark, v., markar (impress with a token; also render conspicuous); signar (denote).
market, n., basar.
market-town, n., burg.
marl, n., marg.
marly, n., marli.
marly, a., marliik and de m. (of marly).
marmalade, n., marmelad.
marmot, n., marmot.
maroon, n., maron (chestnut).
marriage, n., matrimoni.
marriageable, a., nubil.
marrow, n., medul.
marry, v., maritar.
marsh, n., palud.
marshal, n., marshal.
marshy, a., paludos.
marten, n., mart.
martyr, n., martir.
masculine, a., maskulik (maskulin).
mask, n., mask.
mask, v., maskar.
mason, n., murator.
mass, n., mas (bulk); mes (sacrifice).
massacre, n., masakr.
massacre, v., masakrar.
massive, a., masiv.
mast, n., mast (of ship).
master, n., maestr.
mastic, n., mastik.
masticate, v., mastikar.
mastiff, n., dog.
mastodon, n., mastodon.
matador, n., matador.
match, n., flagreskator (friction); flagresk-kordon (slow-match).
matched, a., parik.
mate, a., mat (in chess).
mated, a., parik (paired).
material, n., material.
material, a., materiik ((material) of matter).
materialism, n., materialism.
mathematical, a., matematikal.
mathematics, n., matematik.
matriculate, v., imatrikular.
matriculation, n., imatrikulasion.
matrimonial, a., matrimonian (matrimonial).
matrimony, n., matrimoni.
matrix, n., matris.
matron, n., matron.
matter, n., afer (affair); materi (material); ulserad (pus).
mattress, n., matras.
mature, a., matur.
maturity, n., maturitet.
maxilla, n., maksil.
maxim, n., maksim.
maximum, n., maksimum.
May, n., mai.
May, a., maian and de m.
may, v., avar permit a.
maze, n., labirint.
mazurka , n., masurka.
meadow, n., prat.
meal, n., farin (flour); repast (repast).
mean, v., signifikar (signify); desinar (purpose).
meander, v., serpentar.
meaning, n., signifikasion.
means, n., medi (medium).
means, by no, ad., totale no.
means of, by, p., mediu.
meantime, ad., intr-tempe.
meanwhile, ad., intr-tempe.
measles, n., morbil.
measure, n., mesur (dimension; also mode of proceeding); takt (music).
measure, v., mesurar.
measure off, v., mesurar.
meat, n., karn.
mechanic, n., metierist.
mechanician, n., mekaniker.
mechanics, n., mekanik.
mechanism, n., mekanism.
medal, n., medali.
medallion, n., medalion.
mediate, a., mediat.
mediate, v., mediar.
mediation, n., mediasion.
mediator, n., mediator.
medical man, n., medisinist.
medicament, n., medikament.
medicine, n., medikament (medicament); medisin (science).
mediocre, a., mediokr.
mediocrity, n., mediokritet.
meditate, v., meditar.
Mediterranean Sea, mar Mediteran.
medium, n., medi.
medium, a., medi-grand.
medlar, n., mespil.
medley, n., pelmel.
meet, v., konventar (assemble); okurar (encounter).
meeting, n., konvent (assembly); okurasion (encounter).
megrim, n., migren.
melancholic, a., melankoliik (melankolik).
melancholy, n., melankoli.
melancholy person, melankoliiker (melankoliker).
mellow, a., mol.
mellowness, n., molitet.
melodious, a., melodios.
melody, n., melodi.
melon, n., melon.
melt, v. tr., fondar.
member, n., membr.
membrane, n., membran.
memorable, a., memoriabl.
memory, n., memori.
memory, from, ad., memorie.
menace, n., menas.
menace, v., menasar.
mend, v., reparar.
mendicant, n., mendikant.
mention, n., mension.
mention, v., mensionar.
mentor, n., mentor.
mercantile, a., merkantik (merkantil).
merchandise, n., merkantad.
merchant, n., merkant.
merchant, great, grand-komersant.
merciful, a., miserikordos.
mercury, n., merkur.
mercy, n., miserikord.
meridian, n., meridian.
meridional, a., meridianik.
merit, n., merit.
merit, v., meritar.
merry, a., alegr.
merry-go-round, n., karusel.
mesenteric, a., mesenteriik (mesenterik).
mesentery, n., mesenteri.
mesh, n., mail.
mess, n., platad (dish).
messenger, n., nunsi.
Messiah, n., Mesias.
metal, n., metal.
metallic, a., metalik.
metamorphose, v., metamorfosar.
metamorphosis, n., metamorfos.
metaphor, n., metafor.
metaphysics, n., metafisik.
meteor, n., meteor.
meteorology, n., meteorologi.
meter, n., metr (measure of length).
metropolis, n., metropol.
mew, v., kat-klamar.
Mexican, a., meksikan.
Mexico, n., Meksik.
mezzanine, n., mesanin.
miasm, miasma, n., miasm.
microcephalous, a., mikrokapik.
micrometer, n., mikro-metr.
mid-day, n., medi-diurn.
middle, n., mediad.
middle, a., mediik.
middle (midst), in the, ad., in mediad.
middle ages, n., medi-epok.
middle finger, medi-digit.
middleman, n., komers-mediant.
middle of, in the, p., in mediad de.
midnight, n., medi-noktu.
midnight, at, ad., medi-noktue.
mien, n., mim.
might, n., potentitet (potens).
mighty, a., potent.
migraine, n., migren.
migrate, v., migrar.
mild, a., tendr.
mile, n., miliar.
militarism, n., militarism.
military, n., militar.
military, a., militarik.
militia, n., milisi.
militia, a., milisian and de m.
milk, n., lakt.
milk, v., laktar.
Milky Way, n., galaksi.
mill, n., molin (for grinding); milim [de dolar] (one-tenth of a cent).
millet, n., miliet.
million, nr., milion.
millionaire, n., milioner.
mimic, v., simiar.
mimic art, n., mimik.
mimics, n., mimik.
mimosa, n., mimos.
mind, n., intelektu (intellect).
mind, v., konsidar (consider).
mind, be of a certain, esar de sert sentiment.
minded, be, v., esar de sert sentiment.
mine, n., min (ore, coal); pulvr-min (military).
mine, v., minar.
mine, pr., mie.
mineral, n., mineral.
mingle, v. tr., miksar.
minimum, n., minimum.
mining, n., min-konstruasion.
minister, n., ministr (public official).
ministry, n., minister (ministerial department).
minium, n., minium.
minority, n., minoritet.
mint, n., moneteri (for coining); ment (bot.).
mint, v., monetar.
minute, n., minut.
minute, a., minusios.
minuteness, n., minusiositet.
minutia, n., minusi.
miracle, n., mirakl.
miraculous, a., miraklos.
mire, n., fang.
mirror, n., miror.
mirth, n., alegritet.
misanthrope, n., misantrop.
misdraw, v., misdeliniar.
miser, n., avar.
miserable, a., miserabl.
misery, n., miser.
misfortune, n., misfortun.
mislay, v., mismetar.
mislead, v., misdukar.
misplace, v., mismetar.
miss, n., siniorina (young woman).
miss, v., netruvar (not find); mankar (be too late for).
missal, n., misal.
misspeak, v., misparlar.
mist, n., nebl.
mistake, n., erad.
mistake, v., konfundar (confound).
mistaking, n., konfundasion (confounding).
mister (Mr.), n., sinior.
misty, a., neblos.
misunderstand, v., miskomprendar.
misunderstanding, n., miskomprendad.
misuse, n., misus.
misuse, v., misusar.
miter, n., mitr.
mitre, n., mitr.
mix, v. tr., miksar.
mobile, a., mobil.
mobilization, n., mobilisasion.
mobilize, v., mobilisar.
mock, v., mokar.
mockery, n., mok.
modal, a., modal.
modality, n., modalitet.
mode, n., manier.
model, n., model.
model, v., modelar.
moderate, v., moderar.
moderation, n., moderasion.
modern, a., modern.
modest, a., modest.
modesty, n., modestitet.
modify, v., modifikar.
moist, a., humid.
moisten, v., humidifikar.
moisture, n., humiditet.
molasses, n., melas.
mold, n., muf (of bread); matris (matrix).
mold, v., mufar (become moldy); modelar (model).
Moldavia, n., Moldavia.
moldy, become, mufar.
mole, n., talp (animal); molo (wharf).
molecular, a., molekulik (molekular).
molecule, n., molekul.
molest, v., molestar.
mollify, v., molifikar.
mollusk, n., molusk.
molybdenum, n., molibden.
moment, n., moment.
momentary, a., momentik.
monarch, n., monark.
monarchy, n., monarkia.
monastery, n., monaster.
Monday, n., lundi.
Monday, a., lundian and de l.
money, n., mon.
money, ready, n., kontant.
monk, n., monako.
monogram, n., monogram.
monologue, n., monolog.
monopoly, n., monopol.
monosyllabic, a., monosilabik.
monotonous, a., monoton.
monster, n., monstru.
monstrous, a., monstruos.
month, n., mens.
monthly, ad., omni-mense.
monument, n., monument.
monumental, a., monumentik.
moon, n., lun.
Moor, n., moresk.
Moorish, a., moresk.
moral, a., moral.
morality, n., moralitet.
moral philosophy, n., moralad.
morals, n., moralitet (morality); moralad (science).
more, ad., plu.
morel, n., morel.
more (the) – the more, ad., plu – plu.
moreover, ad., setre.
more times, ad., plufoa.
morning, n., matin.
morning, in the, ad., matine.
morocco, n., marokin.
morose, a., moros.
morphia, n., morfin.
morphine, n., morfin.
morsel, n., morsel.
mortal, a., mortal.
mortality, n., mortalitet.
mortar, n., mortar (cement).
mortgage, n., hipotek.
mortification, n., gangren (gangrene).
mortify, v., gangrenar (intrans.).
mosaic, n., mosaik.
mosque, n., moské.
mosquito, n., moskit.
moss, n., muskl.
mossy, a., musklos.
most, ad., leplu.
most, at, ad., leplu.
most, the, ad., leplu.
mostly, ad., leplu.
moth, n., tine.
mother, n., matr.
motion, n., movasion (movement); proposasion (proposal).
motive, n., motiv.
motive, v., motivar.
motor, n., movator (motor).
motto, n., moto.
mount, mountain, n., mont.
mount, v., asendar (ascend); montar (make ready).
mountain range, n., montaj.
mourn, v., luktuar.
mournful, a., luktuos.
mourning, n., luktu.
mouse, n., mus.
moustache, n., mustaki.
mouth, n., bok (in general); bokon (jaws).
movable, a., movabl.
move, n., marsh (in chess).
move, v., movar (disturb); motivar (motive, influence); proposar (propose); marshar (in chess).
movement, n., movasion.
mow, v., falsiar.
mow off, v., de-falsiar.
Mrs., n., siniora.
much, a., mult.
much, ad., multe.
much, not, ad., nemulte.
much, so, ad., tante.
mucous, a., pituitos.
mucus, n., pituit.
mud, n., slim.
muddy, a., slimos.
mulatto, n., mulat.
mulberry, n., maur-ber.
mulberry-tree, n., maur.
mulct, n., mulkt.
mulct, v., mulktar.
mule, n., mul.
multiple, a., multupl.
multiplicative, n., numerativ multiplikativ.
multiply, v., multiplikar.
multitude, n., multitet.
mummy, n., mumi.
municipal, a., munisipal.
municipality, n., munisipalitet.
munition, n., munision (war material).
murder, n., asasinasion.
murder, v., asasinar.
murderer, n., asasinator.
murmur, v., murmurar.
muscle, n., muskul.
muscular, a., muskulos.
muse, n., musa.
museum, n., musé.
mushroom, n., shampinion.
music, n., musik.
music, make (render), musikar.
musical, a., musikal.
musket, n., musket.
muslin, n., muslin.
must, n., most (new wine).
must, I = mi deb.
mustache, n., mustaki.
mustard, n., mostard.
mute, a., mut.
mutilate, v., mutilar.
muzzle, n., muselier (fastening); musel (snout).
my, pr., mie.
myopia, n., miopitet.
myopic, a., miop.
myrrh, n., mir.
myrtle, n., mirt.
myself, pr., aut (emphatic); mi (reflexive).
mysterious, a., misterios.
mystery, n., misteri.
mystification, n., mistifikasion.
mystify, v., mistifikar.
nadir, n., nadir.
naiad, n., nayad.
nail, n., klav (pin); ungu (of hand or foot).
naive, a., naiv.
naivety, n., naivitet.
naked, a., nud.
nakedness, n., nuditet.
name, n., nom.
name, v., nomar.
named, be, v., esar nomed.
namely, ad., e nome.
name of, in the, p., in nom de.
nankeen, n., nankin.
nape of the neck, n., nuk.
naphtha, n., naft.
napkin, n., serviet.
narcissus, n., narsis.
narcosis, n., narkotisasion.
narcotic, a., narkotisant.
narcotize, v., narkotisar.
narrate, v., narar.
narration, n., narasion.
narrow, a., stret.
narrow, v., stretifikar.
narrowness, n., stretitet.
narwhal, n., narval.
nasal, n., konsonant nasal.
nasty, a., vilan.
nation, n., nasion.
national, a., nasional.
nationality, n., nasionalitet.
native, a., indigen.
native country, native land, n., patria.
nativity, n., nat.
natrium, n., natrium.
natural, a., naturik (natural).
naturalization, n., naturalisasion.
naturalize, v., naturalisar.
naturally, ad., nature (naturale).
natural philosophy, n., fisik.
nature, n., natur.
nausea, n., nausé.
nauseate, v., nausear.
nauseous, a., nauseos.
navel, n., umbilik.
navigate, v., navigar.
navigation, n., navigasion.
navy, n., marin.
near, a., proksim.
near, ad., proksime.
near, near to, p., proksimu.
near by, ad., proksime.
nearly, ad., kuasi.
nearness, n., proksimitet.
neat, a., net.
neatness, n., netitet.
nebulous, a., neblos.
necessary, a., neses (nesesar).
necessary, be, esar neses (nesesar).
necessitate, v., nesesitar.
necessity, n., nesesitet.
neck, n., kol.
necrology, n., nekrolog.
necromancer, n., nekromant.
nectar, n., nektar.
need, n., nesesitet (necessity); indigentitet ((indigens) indigence).
need, v., avar nesesitet de.
needle, n., aku.
need of, have, avar nesesitet de.
needy, a., indigent.
negation, n., negasion.
negative, a., negativ.
neglect, v., negligar.
negligent, a., negligik.
negotiate, v., konferar (confer).
negro, n., negr.
neighbor, n., visino (masc.); visina (fem.).
neighborhood, n., visinitet.
neighboring, a., visin.
neither – nor, i., ni – ni.
Neopersian, a., neopersian.
nephew, n., nefo.
nephew or niece, n., nef.
nerve, n., nerv.
nervous, a., nervos.
nest, n., nid.
nest, v., nidifikar.
nest, build, nidifikar.
net, n., ret.
net, ad., neto.
Netherlands, n., Nederlandia.
nettle, n., urtik.
neuter, neuter gender, n., neutr.
neuter, a., neutrik.
neutral, a., neutral.
neutrality, n., neutralitet.
never, ad., nokuande.
nevertheless, ad., negligante it.
nevertheless, i., ye.
new, a., nov.
Newfoundland, n., Niufundlandia.
newness, n., novitet.
news, n., avis.
newspaper, n., gaset.
next each other, un visinu otr.
next time, the, ad., sekuantfoa.
nice, a., minion.
niche, n., nish.
nickel, n., nikl.
nickel, v., niklar.
niece, n., nefa.
niggard, n., avar.
night, n., noktu.
night, at (by), ad., noktue.
nightingale, n., filomel.
nightly, a., noktuik.
night-quarters, n., etap.
nightshade, deadly, n., beladon.
nimble, a., agil.
nimbus, n., nimb.
nine, nr., nov.
ninety, nr., nov-des.
niobium, n., niobium.
nip, v., pinsar.
nippers, n., pins.
nitre, n., nitr.
nitric acid, n., akuafort.
nitrogen, n., asot.
no, a., noun.
no, ad., no.
nobility, n., noblitet (nobleness); nobli (nobles).
noble, a., nobl.
nobleness, n., noblitet.
nobody, pr., nohom.
nocturnal, a., noktuik.
noise, n., rumor.
noise, v., rumorar.
nomad, n., nomad.
nominate, v., nominar.
nomination, n., nominasion.
nominative, n., nominativ.
noon, n., medi-diurn.
noon, at, ad., medi-diurne.
no one, pr., nohom.
noose, n., laso.
norm, n., norm.
normal, a., normik (normal).
north, n., nord.
north, a., nordik.
north, in the, ad., norde.
northeast, n., nord-est.
northeast, in the, ad., nord-este.
northeasterly, ad., nord-este (in the northeast).
northeast(ern), a., nord-estik.
northerly, ad., norde (in the north); versu nord (toward the north).
northern, a., nordik.
North Sea, mar Nordik.
northward, ad., versu nord.
northwest, n., nord-uest.
northwest, in the, ad., nord-ueste.
northwesterly, ad., nord-ueste (in the northwest).
northwest(ern), a., nord-uestik.
nose, n., nas.
nostril, n., naris.
not, ad., no.
notable, a., notabl.
notary, n., notar.
not at all, ad., totale no.
note, n., not (notice); billet (billet).
note, v., notar.
note-book, n., papir-libr.
noted, a., selebr.
nothing, pr., nokos.
notice, n., not.
notice, not, no observar.
notion, n., nosion.
not many, a., nemult.
not much, a., nemult.
not only–but also, no sole–ma et.
notorious, a., notorik.
notwithstanding, ad., obstine.
notwithstanding, p., obstinu.
notwithstanding that, i., obstine ke.
nought, nr., nul.
noun, n., substantiv.
nourish, v., alimentar (feed); nutriar (foster).
nourishing, n., alimentasion.
nourishment, n., aliment.
novelty, n., novitet.
November, n., novembr.
novice, n., novisi.
now, ad., sitempe.
now and then, ad., kelkfoa.
nowhere, ad., noloke.
now–then, ad., tempe–tempe.
nubile, a., nubil.
nubility, n., nubilitet.
nucha, n., nuk.
nude, a., nud.
nudity, n., nuditet.
number, n., numr.
number, v., numrar.
numeral, n., numerativ.
numerator, n., numrator.
numerous, a., numros.
nun, n., monaka.
nuptials, n., nupt.
nurse, n., nutriatora (wet).
nurse, v., mamelar (suckle); nutriar (foster).
nurturing, n., alimentasion.
nut, n., nus.
nutmeg, n., muskad.
nutriment, n., aliment.
nutritious, a., alimentos.
nutritive, a., alimentos.
O!, i., O!
oak, n., kuerk.
oar, n., rem.
oasis, n., oasi.
oath, n., yurad.
oath, on, ad., yurade.
oath, take, yurar.
oats, n., aven.
obedient, a., obediant.
obelisk, n., obelisk.
obey, v., obediar.
obituary, n., nekrolog.
object, n., obyekt (thing); but (aim).
object, v., obyektar.
objective, a., obyektiv.
obligation, n., obligasion (engagement); obligad (duty).
oblige, v., obligar (bind).
oblique, a., obliku.
obliqueness, n., oblikuitet.
obliquity, n., oblikuitet.
oblivion, n., obliviasion (oblivion).
oblivious, a., oblivios.
obliviousness, n., obliviositet.
oblong, a., oblong.
obscene, a., obsen.
obscenity, n., obsenitet.
obscure, a., obskur.
obscurity, n., obskuritet.
observation, n., observasion (act of observing).
observe, v., observar (notice; also follow).
obstacle, n., obstakl.
obstinacy, n., obstinasion.
obstinate, a., obstinant.
obstinate, be, obstinar.
obstruct, v., blokar.
obtain, v., obtenar.
obtuse, a., obtus.
obtusely, ad., obtuse.
obviate, v., obviar.
obviation, n., obviasion.
occasion, n., okasion.
occasion, v., okasionar.
occasion, on, ad., okasione.
occasion of, on the, p., okasionu.
occasionally, ad., kelkfoa.
Occident, n., oksident.
occupation, n., okupasion.
occupy, v., okupar (employ).
occupy one’s self with something, okupar se in kk.
occur, v., aveniar.
ocean, n., osean.
Oceanica, n., Oseania.
ochre, n., okr.
octette, n., oktet.
October, n., oktobr.
ocular, a., okulik.
oculist, n., okulist.
ode, n., od.
odious, a., odios.
odor, n., odor.
of, p., de (possessive); di (concerning).
offend, v., ofendar.
offended, be, v., esar ofended.
offer, n., ofr.
offer, v., ofrar.
office, n., ofis (calling); ofisin (place of business); kontor (counting-room).
officer, n., ofisir (military, naval).
official, a., ofisik (ofisial).
officiate, v., funksionar.
often, ad., frekuente.
oh!, i., o!
oil, n., ole.
oil, v., olear.
oily, a., oleos (containing oil); oleatr (oleaginous).
ointment, n., unguent.
old, a., ansian.
old man, n., ansian.
older, a., senior.
oleaginous, a., oleatr.
oleander, n., oleandr.
olive, n., oliv.
omelet, n., omlet.
omen, n., omin.
ominous, a., ominos.
omit, v., omitar.
omnibus, n., omnibus.
on, p., su (upon); di (concerning); ad (at).
once, ad., prelonge (formerly); unfoa (one time).
once again, ad., ankorfoa.
once more, ad., ankorfoa.
one, nr., un.
one, pr. ind., on.
one, the, pr. dem., tel.
one (the)–the other, pr., un–otr.
one-eyed, a., monookulik.
one-horse, a., monokavalik.
oneness, n., unitet.
one’s self, pr., aut (emphatic); se (reflexive). See “herself.”
one-year, a., monoanuik.
onion, n., bulb.
only, a., sol.
only, ad., sole.
onyx, n., oniks.
opal, n., opal.
open, v., aperiar.
opening, n., aperiad.
opera, n., opr.
opera-glass, n., binokl.
operate, v., operar.
operation, n., operasion.
operator, n., operator.
opinion, n., opinion.
opium, n., opium.
opportune, a., oportun.
opportunely, ad., oportune.
opportunity, n., okasion.
oppose, v., oposar.
opposite (to), p., kontr.
oppositely, a., kontre.
opposition, n., oposasion (oposision).
oppress, v., opresar.
optative, n., optativ.
optical, a., optikal.
optician, n., optikist.
optics, n., optik.
optimist, n., optimist.
opulent, a., opulent.
or, i., u.
oracle, n., orakl.
oral, a., oral.
orally, ad., orale.
orange, n., oranj.
orange, Seville, oranj amer.
orange-colored, a., oranj-kolorik.
oration, n., orasion.
orator, n., orator.
orchestra, n., orkestr.
orchestrate, v., orkestrar.
ordain, v., ordonar (order).
order, n., ord (arrangement); ordonasion (prescription); ordn (religious or secular); komitasion (bespeaking); komand (command).
order, v., ordar (arrange); ordonar (prescribe); komitar (bespeak, send for); komandar (command).
order in advance, komitar avanse.
order of, by, p., sekuantu komand de.
order that, in, i., a fini ke.
ordinal, n., numerativ ordinal.
ordinance, n., ordonasion.
ordinary, a., ordinar.
ore, n., protometal.
organ, n., org (instrument); organ (medium).
organic, a., organik.
organism, n., organism.
organist, n., orgist (organist).
organization, n., organisasion.
organize, v., organisar.
orgasm, n., orgasm.
orgy, n., orgi.
Orient, n., orient.
orient, orientate, v., orientar.
orifice, n., for.
origin, n., origin.
original, a., original.
original, n., original (e. g. text).
original character, n., original.
originality, n., originalitet.
ornament, n., ornament.
ornament, v., ornamentar.
ornithology, n., ornitologi.
orphan, n., orfan.
orthographic, a., ortografiik (ortografik).
orthography, n., ortografi.
oscillate, v., osilar.
osmium, n., osmium.
ostentatious, a., ostentativ.
ostrich, n., strut.
other, a., otr.
other, pr. ind., otr.
otherwise, ad., otre.
otter, n., lutr.
ought, I = mi deb.
ounce, n., ons.
our, ours, pr., nostr.
Our Father, n., patrnostr.
ourselves, pr., aut (emphatic); noi (reflexive).
out, ad., a eksteriore.
outlaw, v., proskribar.
outlay, n., spend.
outline, n., kontur.
outline, v., konturar.
out of, p., eks.
outside (of), p., eksteriore de.
outside, on the, ad., eksteriore.
outside, to the, ad., a eksteriore.
outstanding debt, debt aktiv.
outwardly, ad., eksteriore.
outwit, v., esar plu astusios.
oval, a., oval.
ovary, n., ovari.
ovation, n., ovasion.
over, p., trans (across); superiore de (above); ultra (more than).
over, ad., superiore.
overcoat, n., surtut.
overcome, v., viktoriar.
overflow, v., trans-fluar.
overlook, v., no observar.
overplus, n., pluad.
overreach, v., fraudar.
overshadow, v., ombrar.
overshoe, n., galosh.
overthrow, v., subvertar.
oviparous, a., ovipar.
owe, v., debtar.
owl, n., ul.
own, a., propr.
own, v., konfesar (avow).
oxalic, a., oksalik.
oxide, n., oksid.
oxidize, v., oksidar.
oxygen, n., oksigen.
oyster, n., ostr.
pace, n., pasu.
pace, v., pasuar.
pacer, n., amblator.
Pacific Ocean, osean Pasifik.
pack, n., paket.
pack, v., paketar.
package, n., paket.
packet, n., paket.
padding, n., vat.
pæan, n., pean.
pagan, n., pagan.
pagan, a., paganik.
paganism, n., paganism.
page, n., pagin (of books); paj (boy).
page, v., paginar.
pagoda, n., pagod.
pail, n., situl.
pain, n., dolor.
painful, a., doloros.
pains, n., pen (trouble).
pains, take, penar.
paint, v., piktar.
painter, n., piktator.
painting, n., piktasion (art); piktad (picture).
pair, n., par.
paired, a., parik.
palace, n., palast.
palate, n., palat.
pale, a., palid.
pale, become, palideskar.
Palestine, n., Palestina.
palette, n., palet.
palisade, n., palisad.
palisade, v., palisadar.
palladium, n., paladium (chem.).
palliate, v., mantelar.
pallid, a., palid.
palm, n., palm (tree).
palpable, a., palpabl.
palpitate, v., palpitar.
palsy, n., paralis.
palsy, v., paralisar.
paltriness, n., minusiositet.
paltry, a., minusios.
pamphlet, n., broshur.
panic, n., panik.
panorama, n., panoram.
pantaloons, n., pantalon.
panther, n., panter.
pantomime, n., pantomim.
pap, n., mamel (breast); papil (food).
papacy, n., papad.
papal, a., papik.
paper, n., papir (material); gaset (newspaper).
parable, n., parabol.
parabola, n., parabol.
parabolic, a., parabolik (relating to a parable; also to a parabola).
parade, n., parad (show).
parade, v., paradar.
paradisaic, paradisaical, a., paradisik.
paradise, n., paradis.
paradoxical, a., paradoks.
paraffin, n., parafin.
paragraph, n., paragraf.
paragraph, new, n., aline.
parallel, a., paralel.
paralysis, n., paralis.
paralyze, v., paralisar.
parasite, n., parasit.
parasol, n., parasol.
parcel, n., parsel (part).
parcel (out), v., parselar.
parchment, n., pergamen.
pardon, n., pardon (forgiveness); amnesti (amnesty).
pardon, v., pardonar (forgive), amnestiar (amnesty).
pardon!; I beg your pardon! , i., pardon!
pare, v., pelar.
parenthesis, n., parentes.
parents, n., generatori.
parish, n., paroki.
parish, a., parokian.
parishioner, n., parokian.
park, n., park.
parley, v., parlamentar.
parliament, n., parlament.
parochial, a., parokian.
parody, n., parodi.
parquet, n., parket.
parrot, n., papagay.
parsley, n., petrosel.
parsnip, n., pastinak.
part, n., parti (portion); rol (character).
part, v., partiar (divide).
part, for the most; in great part, ad., grand-partie.
part, in, ad., partie.
parterre, n., parter.
partial, a., partisan (partisan).
partially, ad., partie.
participate, v., partisipar.
participial adverb, adverb partisipik.
participle, n., partisip.
particle, n., parsel (small portion); partikl (gram.).
particular, a., partikular.
particularism, n., partikularism.
particularity, n., partikularitet.
particularly, ad., partikulare.
partisan, n., partisan.
partisan, a., partisan.
partition, n., pariet (wall).
partition, v., partiar (divide into shares).
partly, ad., partie.
partner, n., partner.
partnership, silent, komandit.
part of speech, parol-sort.
partridge, n., perdiks.
party, n., partis.
party, a., partisan.
pasha, n., pasha.
pasquinade, n., paskuil.
pass, n., pasport (passport).
pass (by, a way, through), v., pasar.
passage, n., pasaj.
passenger, n., pasajer.
passion, n., pasion.
passion, fall into a, deveniar pasionos.
passionate, a., pasionos.
passive, n., pasiv (voice).
passive, a., pasiv.
passiveness, n., pasivitet.
pass over, v., pasar (set on the other side).
passport, n., pasport.
paste, n., past (dough).
paste, v., glutinar.
pasteboard, n., karton.
pasteboard box, n., skatul; papir-kest.
paste on, v., su-glutinar.
pastor, n., pastor.
pastry, n., pastet.
pasture, n., pastur.
pasture, v. tr. and intr., pasturar.
Patagonia, n., Patagonia.
patella, n., patel.
patent, n., patent.
path, n., alé.
path-like, a., aleatr.
patience, n., pasientitet (pasiens).
patience, have, avar pasientitet (pasiens).
patient, a., pasient.
patriarch, n., patriark.
patrician, n., patrisi.
patrimony, n., patrimoni.
patriot, n., patriot.
patriotic, a., patriotik.
patriotism, n., patriotism.
patrol, n., patruli.
patrol, v., patruliar.
patron, n., patron.
pattern, n., model.
pause, n., paus.
pause, v., pausar.
pave, v., pavar.
pavement, n., pav.
pavilion, n., pavilion (tent).
pawn, n., pignor (pledge); soldat (ill chess).
pawnshop, n., lombard.
pay, v., payar.
pay duty, payar duan.
pay in, v., payar.
pea, n., pis.
peace, n., paks.
peach, n., persik.
peacock, peafowl, n., pavon.
pear, n., per.
pearl, n., perl.
peat, n., torf.
peck, v., bekar.
peculiar, a., partikular (particular).
peculiarity, n., partikularitet.
pedagogic, a., pedagogiik (pedagogik).
pedagogics, n., pedagogi.
pedagogue, n., pedagog.
pedagogy, n., pedagogi.
pedant, n., pedant.
pedantic, a., pedantik.
pedestal, n., pedestal.
peel, n., krust.
peel, v., pelar.
peewit, n., vanel.
pelican, n., pelikan.
pelt, n., pelt.
pen, n., plum.
penalty, n., puni.
penance, n., penitens.
penance, do, fasiar penitens.
pencil, n., krayon (lead-pencil); pinsl (artist’s).
pendulum, n., pendul.
penetrate, v., penetrar.
peninsula, n., peninsul.
penitence, n., repent.
penitent, n., penitent.
penitent, a., penitent.
pension, n., pension.
pension, v., pensionar.
pentameter, n., penta-metr.
Pentecost, n., pentekost.
peony, n., peoni.
people, n., popl (populace); on (as, on dik, people say).
people, v., poplar.
pepper, n., pepr.
pepper, v., peprar.
peptone, n., pepton.
perceive, v., perseptar (ohbserve); sentiar (be sensible of); sensuar (by the senses).
per cent, n., prosent.
perceptible, a., sentiabl.
percuss, v., perkutar.
percussion, n., perkutasion (perkusion).
perfect, a., perfekt.
perfect, v., perfektifikar (make perfect); per-fasiar (consummate).
perfection, n., perfektitet (perfeksion).
perfect tense, the perfect, n., perfekt.
perfidious, a., perfid.
perfidy, n., perfiditet.
perforate, v., forar.
perform, v., prestar (render).
performance, n., prestasion (doing).
perfume, n., parfum.
perfume, v., parfumar.
perhaps, ad., posible.
peril, n., perikl.
perilous, a., periklos.
period, n., period (time); punkt (dot).
periodical, n., diurnal.
periodical, a., periodik.
peripheric, a., periferiik (periferik).
periphery, n., periferi.
perish, v., periar.
perjure (one’s self), v., peryuriar.
perjured, a., peryurios.
perjury, n., peryuri.
permanence, n., permanasion.
permanent, a., permanant.
permission, n., permit.
permission for, have, avar permit a.
permission of, by (with), p., ko permit de.
permit, v., permitar.
permutation, n., permutasion.
permute, v., permutar.
perpendicular, a., perpendikular.
perpetual, a., perpetu.
perpetually, ad., perpetue.
perpetuity, n., perpetuitet.
perplex, v., perpleksar.
perplexed, a., perpleksed.
perplexity, n., perpleksitet.
perron, n., peron.
persecute, v., persekuar.
perseverance, n., persever.
persevere, v., perseverar.
Persia, n., Persia.
person, n., person.
personal name, nom personal.
personal pronoun, pronom personal.
perspective, n., perspektiv.
perspective, a., perspektivik.
perspicacious, a., perspikas.
perspicacity, n., perspikasitet.
perspire, v., transpirar.
persuade, v., persuadar.
persuasion, n., persuadasion (persuasion).
pertinent, a., pertinent.
pertinent, not, a., impertinent.
Peru, n., Peru.
perverse, a., pervers.
perversely, ad., perverse.
perversity, n., perversitet.
pessimist, n., pesimist.
pest, n., pest.
pestilence, n., pest.
petition, n., petision.
petition, v., petisionar.
petrify, v., petrifikar.
petroleum, n., petrole.
petrous, a., petratr.
petticoat, n., yup.
pettiness, n., minusiositet.
petty, a., minusios.
petulance, n., petulantitet (petulans).
petulant, a., petulant.
pew, n., skamnu.
pfennig, n., fenig.
phalanx, n., falang.
phantom, n., fantom.
pharmaceutic, a., farmasiik (farmaseutik).
pharmacist, n., farmasiist.
pharmacy, n., farmasi (science); apotek (drugstore).
pharynx, n., faring.
pheasant, n., fasan.
phenomenon, n., fenomen.
philologist, n., linguist.
philosopher, n., filosof.
philosophic, a., filosofiik (filosofik).
philosophize, v., filosofar.
philosophy, n., filosofi.
phlegm, n., pituit (mucus); flegmat (coolness).
phlegmatic, a., flegmatik.
phlegmatic person, flegmatiker.
phonetic, a., fonetikal.
phonetics, n., fonetik.
phonograph, n., fonograf.
phosphorus, n., fosfor.
photograph, n., foto-grafad.
photograph, v., foto-grafar.
photographer, n., foto-graf.
photometer, n., foto-metr.
phrase, n., fras.
phthisical, a., ftisiik (ftisik).
phthisis, n., ftisi.
physical, a., fisikal.
physician, n., medik.
physicist, n., fisikist.
physics, n., fisik.
physiognomic, a., fisionomiik (fisionomik).
physiognomist, n., fisionomiist (fisionomist).
physiognomy, n., fisionomi.
pianist, n., pianoist (pianist).
piano, n., piano.
piano, upright, n., pianin.
pianoforte, n., piano.
picarian, a., pikiik and de p.
pick, v., karpar (pluck); bekar (peck).
pickle, v., marinar.
pickled food, marinad.
picture, n., imag (image); piktad (painting).
picturesque, a., pitoresk.
pie, n., pastet (pastry); tart (tart).
piece, n., pies.
pierce, v., persar.
pietism, n., pietism.
pietist, n., pietist.
piety, n., piet.
pig, n., pork.
pigeon, n., kolumb.
pike, n., pik (spear); luk (fish).
pilaster, n., pilastr.
pile, n., kumul (heap).
pile, v., kumular.
pilgrim, n., peregrin.
pilgrimage, n., peregrinasion.
pilgrimage, go on (make), peregrinar.
pill, n., pilul.
pillar, n., kolumn.
pill-box, n., skatulet.
pilot, n., pilot.
pilot, v., pilotar.
pimple, n., pustul.
pimpled, a., pustulos.
pin, n., spil.
pince-nez, n., pinser.
pincers, n., pins.
pinch, v., pinsar.
pinchbeck, n., tombak.
pine, n., pin.
pineapple, n., ananas.
pious, a., pietik.
pipe, n., tub (tube); pip (for smoking).
pirate, n., pirat.
pirate, v., piratar.
pistol, n., pistol.
piston, n., piston.
pit, n., parket (theater); fos (excavation).
pitch, n., pes (resinous substance).
pitch a tent, tendar pavilion.
pitcher, n., kruk (vessel).
pitfall, n., atrap.
pity, n., kompasion.
pity, v., kompasionar.
pity!, it is a; what a pity!, i., damnos!
pivot, n., pivot.
pivot, v., pivotar.
placable, a., plakabl.
placard, n., plakard.
placate, v., plakar.
place, n., lok (locality); plas (spot).
place, v., plasar.
place, to this, ad., a siloke.
place of, in, p., plasu; in plas de.
plague, n., pest.
plague, v., veksar.
plaint, n., lament.
plait, n., tres (tress); plik (fold).
plait, v., tresar (braid); plikar (fold).
plan, v., desinar.
plane, n., plan (surface); rabot (tool).
plane, a., planik.
plane, v., rabotar (as carpenter).
plane off, v., de-rabotar.
planet, n., planet.
plane-tree, n., platan.
planish, v., planar.
plank, n., plank.
plank, v., plankar.
plant, n., plant.
plant, v., plantar.
plantation, n., plantaj.
plaster, n., plastr (in pharmacy).
plaster of Paris, n., gips.
plastic, a., plastik (formative).
plastic art, n., plastikitet.
plate, n., platil (dish); lamin (lamina).
platform, n., platform.
platinum, n., platin.
Platonic, a., platonik.
plausible, a., plausibl.
play, n., lud (game); spektakl (drama).
play, v., ludar.
play the flute, musikar mediu flaut.
play the violin, musikar mediu violin.
play the violoncello, musikar mediu violoncel.
play the zither, musikar mediu sitr.
pleasant, a., plisik (pleasing).
please, v., plisar.
please, if you, if it plis. (See plisar.)
pleasing, a., plisik.
pleasure, n., plesir (enjoyment); plisad (liking, will).
plebeian, n., plebe.
plebeian, a., plebeik.
pledge, n., pignor.
plenipotent(iary), a., plenipotent.
plenitude, n., plenitet.
plenty, n., plenitet.
plot, n., komplot (complot).
plover, n., vanel.
plow, n., plug.
plow, v., plugar.
pluck, v., karpar.
plum, n., prun.
plumage, n., plumaj.
plummet, n., sond.
plunge, v., plonjar (dive); mergar (immerse).
pluperfect, n., pluskuamperfekt.
plural, n., plural.
plush, n., plush.
pluvious, a., pluvios.
ply, n., plik.
pocket, n., vest-sak.
pocket, v., in-sakar.
pocket-handkerchief, n., drap de sak.
pod, n., silik.
podagra, n., podagr.
podium, n., podium.
poem, n., poem.
poesy, n., poesi.
poet, n., poet.
poetic(al), a., poetik.
poetize, v., poetisar.
poetry, n., poesi.
point, n., punkt (dot); punt (tip).
point, v., punktar (dot).
point of view, punkt de vis.
point out, v., monstrar.
poise, v. intr., balansar.
poison, n., venen.
poison, v., venenar.
poisonous, a., venenos.
poisonousness, n., venenositet.
Poland, n., Polonia.
Polar Sea, mar Glasik.
pole, n., stang (bar); pol (astr., physics); pal (post).
police, n., polisi.
policy, n., polis (insurance).
polish, n., poliad (finish).
polish, v., glatifikar (smooth); poliar (grind).
polished, a., glat (smooth).
polite, a., polit.
politeness, n., polititet.
political, a., politikal.
politics, n., politik.
polka, n., polka.
polyglot, n., poliglot.
polyglot, a., poliglotik.
polygon, n., poliangul.
polypus, n., polip.
polytechnic, a., politeknikal.
polytechnics, n., politeknik.
pomade, n., pomad.
pomade, v., pomadar.
Pomerania, n., Pomerania.
pomp, n., pomp.
pompous, a., pompos.
pond, n., stagn.
ponder, v., konsiderar.
ponderable, a., ponderabl.
poniard, n., puniard.
poniard, v., puniardar.
pontoon, n., ponton.
pony, n., kavalet.
pool, n., stagn.
poor, a., povr.
pope, n., pap.
poppy, n., papavr.
popular, a., popular.
popularity, n., popularitet.
populate, v., poplar.
populous, a., poplos.
porcelain, n., porselan.
pore, n., por.
port, n., port.
portal, n., portal.
porte-monnaie, n., portmoné.
portend, v., ominar.
portent, n., omin.
portentous, a., ominos.
portfolio, n., portfoli.
portico, n., portik.
portion, n., porsion.
portrait, n., portret.
portray, v., portretar.
Portugal, n., Portugalia.
position, n., pos (site); stand ( standing).
positive, a., positiv.
positive degree, the positive, n., positiv.
positively, ad., positive.
positiveness, n., positivitet.
positivism, n., positivism.
possess, v., posesar.
possession, n., poses.
possessions, n., posesad.
possessive pronoun, pronom posesiv.
possibility, n., posiblitet.
possible, a., posibl.
possibly, ad., posible.
post, n., pal (pole); post (mail).
post, v., afishar (bills).
postage, n., porto.
postage stamp, n., post-mark.
postal card, n., post-kart.
post-card, n., post-kart.
poster, n., afish.
posterior, a., posterior.
posteriority, n., posterioritet.
posteriorly, ad., posteriore.
posterity, n., posteritet.
posthumous, a., posthum.
postil(l)ion, n., postilion.
postpone, v., adiurnar (put off).
posture, n., pos.
pot, n., pot.
potash, n., potash.
potassium, n., kalium.
potato, n., potat.
potato, sweet, n., batat.
potency, n., potentitet (potens).
potent, a., potent.
potsherd, n., vas-fragment.
pottery, n., fayans.
pouch, n., sak.
poultice, n., kataplasm.
pound, n., livr (weight).
pour, v. tr., versar.
pour into, v., in-versar.
pour off, v., de-versar.
pour out, v., eks-versar (trans.).
poverty, n., povritet.
powder, n., pulvr (gunpowder; also dust); pudr (toilet).
powder, v., pulvrar ((pulverisar) pulverize); pudrar (toilet, etc.).
power, n., potentitet (potens).
powerful, a., potent (potent); fort (strong).
practicability, n., praktikablitet.
practicable, a., praktikabl.
practical, a., praktikal.
practice, n., praktik.
practise, v., praktikar.
praise, n., laud.
praise, v., laudar.
prattle, v., babiliar.
pray, v., prekar (to the deity); pregar (request).
prayer, n., prek (to the deity); preg (request).
preach, v., predikar.
preacher, n., predikator.
preaching, n., predikasion.
precaution, n., prekaut.
precede, v., andar anteriore.
preceptor, n., preseptor.
precious, a., presios.
precipice, n., presipis.
precipitate, v., presipitar.
precipitate, be, fasiar tro haste.
precise, a., presis.
precisely, ad., yuste (exactly).
predecessor, n., predesesor.
predilection, n., predileksion.
prefect, n., prefekt.
prefer, v., preferar.
preferable, a., preferabl.
preference, n., preferad.
prefix, n., prefiks.
prejudice, n., preyudisi.
prelate, n., prelat.
preliminary, a., preliminar.
prelude, n., prelud.
premature, a., prematur.
premium, n., premi (prize); ajio (agio).
preparation, n., preparasion.
prepare, v., preparar.
prepared, a., parat (ready).
prepay postage, frankar.
preposition, n., preposision.
prepuce, n., prepusi.
prerogative, n., prerogativ.
presage, v., ominar.
presbyopic, a., presbiop.
prescribe, v., preskribar.
prescription, n., resept (recipe); preskribasion (order).
presence, n., presentitet (presens).
presence of, in, p., presentu.
present, n., donat (gift).
present, a., present.
present, v., presentar (place before); donatar (donate).
present, be, esar present.
presentiment, n., presentiment.
presentiment of, have, presentimentar.
present tense, the present, n., present.
preserve, v., preservar.
preside, v., presedar.
president, n., president.
presiding officer, presedant.
press, n., pres (pressing); repositori (closet).
press, v., presar.
press in, v., in-presar.
pressing, a., urgant (urgent).
press off, v., de-presar.
press out, v., eks-presar.
presume, v., suposar (suppose).
pretend, v., fingar (feign); pretendar (claim).
pretext, n., pretekst.
pretty, a., minion.
pretty, ad., sufise (sufficiently).
prevent, v., preveniar.
previous, a., anterior.
previously, ad., anteriore.
price, n., pris.
prick, v., pikar.
pride, n., orgul.
priest, n., presbitr.
priesthood, n., presbitrad.
priestly, a., presbitrik.
prime, n., ton prim (music).
primeval forest, protoforest.
primitive, a., primitiv.
primitive word, protoparol.
primogeniture, n., primogenitur.
primrose, n., priml.
prince, n., prins.
principal, a., prinsipal.
principally, ad., prinsipale.
principial, a., prinsipik.
principle, n., prinsip.
principle, relating to, prinsipik.
print, v., imprimar.
printer, n., tipograf.
printing office, n., imprimeri.
prior, a., prior.
priority, n., prioritet.
prism, n., prism.
prison, n., prison.
prisoner, n., prisoner.
pristine, a., pristin.
private, a., privat.
privilege, n., privileg.
privilege, v., privilegar.
privy, n., kloset.
privy-vault, n., latrin.
prize, n., premi (premium); kaptad (capture, booty).
prize, make a, fasiar kaptad.
probable, a., probabl.
probably, ad., probable.
probe, n., sond.
probe, v., sondar.
problem, n., problem.
proboscis, n., probosk.
procedure, n., prosed.
proceed, v., prosedar (act).
proceed from, v., proveniar.
proceeding, n., prosed.
process, n., prosed.
procession, n., prosesion.
proclaim, v., proklamar.
proclamation, n., proklamasion.
procreate, v., generar.
procreator, n., generator.
procuration, n., prokur.
procurator, n., prokurist.
procure, v., obtenar (obtain); prokurar (effect).
prodigal, n., prodig.
prodigal, a., prodigik.
prodigal, be, prodigar.
prodigality, n., prodigasion.
produce, v., produktar (make); rentar (yield); prolongar (lengthen).
product, n., produkt.
profane, a., profanik.
profane, v., profanar.
profession, n., profesion (occupation).
professor, n., profesor.
proffer, v., ofrar.
profile, n., profil.
profit, n., profit.
profit, v., profitar.
profitable, a., lukrativ.
profound, a., profund.
prognosis, n., prognos.
prognosticate, v., prognosar.
programme, n., program.
progress, n., progres.
progress, v., progresar.
prohibit, v., inhibiar.
project, n., proyekt.
project, v., proyektar (design).
prologue, n., prolog.
prolong, v., prolongar.
prolongation, n., prolongasion.
promenade, n., promenad.
promenade, v., promenar.
promise, n., promet.
promise, v., prometar.
promontory, n., promontori.
promote, v., promovar (further).
promulgate, v., publikar.
prong, n., dent.
pronoun, n., pronom.
pronounce, v., pronunsiar.
pronunciation, n., pronunsiasion.
proof, n., pruf (demonstration); prov (test).
prop, n., suport.
prop, v., suportar.
propagate, v., propagar.
propagation, n., propagasion.
proper, a., konvenabl (suitable); propr (own).
proper, be, konvenar.
properly, ad., propre.
property, n., propritet (ownership); posesad (possessions).
prophesy, v., profetar.
prophet, n., profet.
proportion, n., proporsion.
proportion, v., proporsionar.
proposal, n., proposasion.
propose, v., proposar.
proposition, n., proposision.
prorogue, v., suspendar.
prosaic, a., prosaik.
proscribe, v., proskribar.
prose, n., prosa.
prosodic, a., prosodiik (prosedik).
prosody, n., prosodi.
prospect, n., aspekt (view).
prosper, v., prosperar (thrive).
prosperity, n., prosperitet.
protect, v., protektar.
protection, n., protektasion (proteksion).
protector, n., protektator (protektor).
protest, n., protest.
protest, v., protestar.
Protestant, n., protestant.
Protestant, a., protestant.
Protestantism, n., protestantism.
protocol, n., protokol.
protocol, v., protokolar.
prototype, n., prototip.
protuberance, n., tuberositet.
protuberant, a., tuberos.
proud, a., orgulos.
proud of, be, esar orgulos di kk.
prove, v., prufar (demonstrate); provar (test); demonstrar se (show one’s self).
proverb, n., proverb.
provide, v., furnar (furnish); klausular (by clauses).
provided that, i., suposante ke.
province, n., provins.
provision, n., provision (supply).
provisional, a., provisorik.
provisionally, ad., provisore.
proviso, n., klausul.
provoke, v., provokar (challenge).
proximate, a., proksim.
proximity, n., proksimitet.
proxy, n., prokurist (person); prokur (thing).
prudence, n., prudentitet (prudens).
prudent, a., prudent.
prudery, n., pruditet.
prudish, a., prud.
prudishness, n., pruditet.
prurient, be, pruriar.
Prussia, n., Prusia.
psalm, n., psalm.
pseudonym, n., pseudonom (pseudonim).
public, n., publik.
publication, n., editasion ((edision) the act).
publish, v., editar (as a book); publikar (promulgate); afishar (post up).
publisher, n., editator ((editor) issuer).
puerile, a., pueril.
puerility, n., puerilitet.
puff, puffing, n., reklam (in newspaper); halit (whiff).
puff, v., halitar.
pull, v., tirar.
pulley, n., rulaj.
pulp, n., pulp.
pulpit, n., katedr.
pulpous, a., pulpos.
pulpousness, n., pulpositet.
pulpy, a., pulpos.
pulsate, v., pulsar.
pulse, n., puls (motion of artery); leguminosi (leguminous plants).
pulverize, v., pulvrar (pulverisar).
pumice, n., pomis.
pumice, v., pomisar.
pump, n., pump.
pump, v., pumpar.
punch, n., punsh (liquor).
punctual, a., punktual.
punctuality, n., punktualitet.
punctuate, v., interpunktar.
punctuation, n., interpunktasion.
punctuation marks, signi de interpunktasion.
puncture, v., pikar.
punish, v., puniar.
punishment, n., puni.
pupil, n., pupila (of eye); elev (scholar); pupil (ward).
puppet, n., marionet.
purchase, v., akuirar.
pure, a., pur (clean); kast (chaste).
purgation, n., purgasion.
purgative, a., purgativ.
purge, v., purgar.
purify, v., purifikar.
Puritan, n., puritan.
puritanic(al), a., puritan.
puritanism, n., puritanism.
purity, n., puritet (cleanness); kastitet (chastity).
purple, n., purpur.
purpose, n., intent.
purpose, v., desinar.
purse, n., bors.
pursue, v., persekuar (persecute).
purveyor, n., furnator.
pus, n., ulserad.
push, n., pus.
push, v., pusar.
push off, v., de-pusar.
pustule, n., pustul.
pustulous, a., pustulos.
put, v., metar.
put away, v., apo-pusar (cast off).
put before, v., presentar (present).
put in, v., in-metar.
put in parentheses, metar in parentesi.
put into, v., ad-bordar (touch at).
put off, v., adiurnar (defer).
put on, v., su-metar (lay on).
put over, v., trans-metar.
putrefaction, n., putreskasion.
putrefy, v., putreskar.
putrid, a., putr.
put up, v., desendar (at inn).
puzzle, n., enigmat.
puzzled, a., perpleksed.
pygmy, n., nan.
pyramid, n., piramid.
Pyrenees, n., monti Pireneik.
pyrite, n., pirit.
pyrotechnic, a., piroteknikal.
pyrotechnics, n., piroteknik.
quadrant, n., kuadrant.
quadrat, n., kuadrat.
quadratic, a., kuadratik.
quadrille, n., kuadrili.
quadrillion, nr., kuadrilion (1,000,000,000,000,000).
quake, v., tremblar.
Quaker, n., kuekr.
qualify, v., kualifikar.
qualitative, a., kualitativ.
quality, n., kualitet.
quantitative, a., kuantitativ.
quantity, n., kuantitet.
quarantine, n., kuaranten.
quarrel, n., kuerel.
quarrel, v., kuerelar.
quarter, n., kuartier (in a city); un kuart (1/4).
quartette, n., kuartet.
quartz, n., kuarts.
quash, v., anular.
quay, n., kay.
queen, n., rega (sovereign; also in chess).
question, n., kuestion.
question, v., interogar (interrogate); dubiar di kk (doubt of).
quick, a., rapid.
quick!; be quick!, i., haste!
quick as lightning, ad., rapide kuale fulmin.
quicksilver, n., merkur.
quiet, n., kuiet.
quiet, a., trankil.
quiet, v. tr., kalmar.
quince, n., kuidon.
quinine, n., kinin.
quintal, n., sent-livr.
quintessence, n., kuint-esens.
quintette, n., kuintet.
quintillion, nr., kuintilion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000).
quite, ad., totale (wholly); sufise (sufficiently).
quittance, n., kuit.
quoin, n., koin.
quoit, n., disk.
quota, n., kuot.
quotation mark, sign de sitasion.
quote, v., sitar.
quotient, n., kuosient.
rabbi, rabbin, n., rabin.
rabbit, n., kunikl.
rabble, n., kanali.
race, n., ras (breed); kurson (run).
race, n., kursonar.
race-course, n., kursoneri.
racer, n., kursoner.
radial, a., radiik (radial).
radiate, v., radiar.
radical, n., radik.
radical, a., radikal.
radish, n., radis.
radius, n., radi.
rage, n., furi.
rage, v., furiar.
rail, n., rels.
rail at, v., inyuriar.
railing, n., inyuri (abuse).
railroad, railway, n., rels-rut.
railroad car, n., vagon.
rain, n., pluvi.
rain, v., pluviar.
rainbow, n., iris.
rainy, a., pluvios.
raise, v., levar (lift); erektar (as a flag); karifikar (prices).
raised, a., reliefik (relief).
raisin, n., rosin.
rake, n., rastr.
rake, v., rastrar.
ramify, v., ramifikar.
ramp, n., ramp.
rampart, n., rampart.
rancid, a., ransid.
rancidity, rancidness, n., ransiditet.
rancor, n., rankor.
range, v. tr., rangar (rank).
rank, n., rang.
rank, v. tr., rangar.
ransom, v., redimar.
ranunculus, n., ranunkl.
rapacious, a., rapas.
rapacity, n., rapasitet.
rape, n., raps (bot.).
rapid, a., rapid.
rapidity, n., rapiditet.
rapier, n., espad.
rapture, n., raviasion.
rare, a., rar.
rarefy, v., rarifikar.
rarely, ad., rare.
rareness, n., raritet.
rarity, n., raritet.
rascal, n., brikon.
rash, a., temer.
rashness, n., temeritet.
rasp, n., rasp.
rasp, v., raspar.
raspberry, n., frambos.
rat, n., rat.
rate, n., taks.
rate, v., taksar.
rather, ad., plu volontare.
ratify, v., ratifikar.
rational, a., rasional (relating to reason); resonos (reasonable).
rationalism, n., rasionalism.
rationality, n., rasionalitet.
rave, v., delirar.
raven, n., korv.
ravine, n., ravin.
ravish, v., raviar (enrapture).
ray, n., radi.
razor, n., rasator.
reach, v., atinar (attain).
react, v., reaktar.
reaction, n., reaktasion (reaksion).
read, v., lektar.
readable, a., lektabl.
read off, v., lektar.
ready, a., parat.
ready!, i., parat!
real, a., real.
realism, n., realism.
reality, n., realitet.
realize, v., realisar.
reap, v., rekoltar.
rear, v., erektar (set up).
rear, to the, ad., a posteriore.
reason, n., reson (rational faculty); motiv (motive); kaus (cause).
reason, v., resonar.
reason, for that, ad., tekause.
reason, for this, ad., sikause.
reason, principal, kaus prinsipal.
reasonable, a., resonos.
rebate, n., rabat.
rebate, v., rabatar.
rebel, n., rebel.
rebel, v., rebelar.
rebus, n., rebus.
recall, v., reklamar (reclaim).
recapitulate, v., rekapitular.
receipt, n., kuit (quittance); resept (recipe).
receipt, v., kuitar.
receive, v., resivar.
recently, ad., nelonge.
recipe, n., resept.
reciprocal, a., resiprok.
recite, v., resitar.
reckon, v., kalkular.
reckoning, n., kalkul (calculation); nota (bill).
reclaim, v., reklamar.
recognize, v., rekonosar.
recollect, v., memoriar.
recommend, v., rekomendar.
recompense, n., rekompensasion.
recompense, v., rekompensar.
recourse to, have, refugiar.
recover, v., saneskar (convalesce).
recovery, n., saneskasion (convalescence).
recreate, v., rekrear (take recreation).
recreation, n., rekreasion.
recruit, n., rekrut.
recruit, v., rekrutar (raise soldiers).
rectify, v., rektifikar.
rectitude, n., rektitet.
rector, n., rektor.
red, a., rub.
red, color, v., rubifikar.
redden, v., rubeskar (to become red); rubifikar (to color red).
redeem, v., redimar.
redeemer, n., redimator (redemptor).
redemption, n., redimasion (redempsion).
reduce, v., minuar.
reed, n., kan.
reel, n., guind.
reel, v., guindar.
refer, v., referar (report); aludar (allude).
reference, n., referad (report); aludasion (allusion).
refine, v., rafinar.
reflect, v., refleksar (physically); reflektar (meditate).
reflection, n., refleks (physical).
reflexive pronoun, pronom refleksiv.
reflexive verb, verb refleksiv.
reform, n., reform.
reform, v., reformar.
reformation, n., reformasion.
reformer, n., reformator.
refract, v., refrangar.
refrain from, v., abstinar.
refrangibility, n., refrangablitet.
refrangible, a., refrangabl.
refresh, v., restaurar (revive); refreskar (cool).
refuge, n., refugi.
refuge, take, refugiar.
refusal, n., refus.
refuse, n., eskart.
refuse, v., refusar.
refutation, n., refutasion.
refute, v., refutar.
regale, v., regalar.
regard, n., regard (relation).
regard, v., konsidar (pay attention to).
regardless of, p., negligantu.
regard to, in, p., regardu.
regatta, n., regat.
regenerate, v., regenerar.
regeneration, n., regenerasion.
regenerator, n., regenerator.
regiment, n., regiment.
region, n., region.
register, n., registr.
register, v., registrar.
regret, n., regret.
regret, v., regretar.
regular, a., regular.
regularity, n., regularitet.
regulate, v., regular.
rehabilitate, v., rehabilitar.
reign, v., regnar.
reimburse, v., rembursar.
reimbursement, n., remburs.
reindeer, n., ren.
reinforce, v., renforsar.
reinforcement, n., renfors.
reject, v., reprovar (disapprove); eskartar (discard).
rejection, n., reprovasion.
rejoice, v., gaudiar se (be glad); yubilar (exult).
rejoin, v., replikar.
rejoinder, n., replik.
rejuvenate, v., yunifikar.
relapse, n., residiv.
relapser, n., residiver.
relate, v., narar.
related, a., parent.
relate to, v., konsernar.
relation, n., relasion (of one thing to another; commercial relations, etc.); parent (relative).
relations, n., parentel (relatives).
relative, n., parent.
relative, a., relativ.
relative pronoun, pronom relativ.
relatives, n., parentel.
relative to, p., relativu.
relegate, v., relegar.
relegation, n., relegasion.
reliance, n., konfid.
relic, n., relikui.
relief, n., relief (relievo).
relief, a., reliefik.
relievo, n., relief.
religion, n., religi.
religious, n., monak.
religious, a., religios.
religiousness, n., religiositet.
relinquish, v., dimisionar.
relinquishment, n., dimision.
reliquian, a., relikuiik (relikuiar).
rely upon, v., konfidar.
remain, v., restar (be left); permanar (last).
remain alone, restar sol.
remain behind, restar posteriore.
remainder, n., rest.
remaining, a., setr.
remark, n., not (note).
remarkable, a., notabl.
remediable, a., remediabl.
remedy, n., remedi.
remedy, v., remediar.
remember, v., memoriar.
remind, v., reminiskar.
reminding, n., reminiskasion.
remittance, n., rimes.
remorse, n., remors.
remote, a., distant.
remove, v., removar (trans.); mutar domisil (change residence).
remunerate, v., rekompenar.
remuneration, n., rekompensasion.
rend, v., ruptar (rupture); laserar (tear).
render, v., prestar (perform, give, do).
rendering, n., prestasion (performance).
renew, v., repetar (repeat); renovar (renovate).
rennet, n., koagulad.
renounce, v., renunsiar.
renouncement, n., renunsiasion.
renovate, v., renovar.
rent, n., rent (income); ruptad (rupture).
rent, v., arendar (take on lease).
rentier, n., renter.
renunciation, n., renunsiasion.
repair, v., reparar.
repast, n., repast.
repeal, v., anular.
repeat, v., repetar.
repel, v., de-pusar.
repent, v., repentar.
repentance, n., repent.
repertory, n., repertori.
repetition, n., repetasion (repetision).
replace, v., substituar (substitute).
replenish, v., plenifikar.
reply, n., replik (an answer to an answer); respond (response, answer).
reply, v., replikar (make a return to an answer); respondar (respond, answer).
report, n., raport (account); fam (fame).
report, v., raportar.
repose, n., kuiet.
repose, v., kuietar.
repository, n., repositoriet.
represent, v., representar.
reprimand, n., reprimand.
reprimand, v., reprimandar.
reproach, n., reprosh.
reproach, v., reproshar.
reprobate, v., reprovar.
republic, n., republik.
republican, n., republikan.
republican, a., republikan.
reputation, n., reputasion.
request, n., preg.
request, v., pregar.
require, v., flagitar.
requisite, n., rekuisit.
requital, n., rekompensasion.
requite, v., rekompensar.
rescue, v., salvar.
resemble, v., esar simil.
reservation, n., reserv.
reserve, n., reserv.
reserve, v., reservar (lay up; also keep back).
reside, v., residar.
resign, v., resignar.
resignation, n., resignasion.
resign one’s self, v., resignar se.
resin, n., resin.
resistance, n., resistens.
resolute, a., resolut.
resolution, n., resolusion (decision).
resolve, v., resolvar.
resonance, n., resonans.
respect, n., respekt (esteem); regard (relation).
respect, v., respektar (esteem).
respective, a., relativ.
respectively, ad., respektive.
respect to, in, p., regardu.
respiration, n., respirasion.
respire, v., respirar.
resplendence, n., splendor.
resplendent, a., splendid.
resplendent, be, splendar.
respond, v., respondar.
response, n., respond.
responsibility, n., respondablitet.
responsible, a., respondabl.
responsible for, be, respondar.
rest, n., kuiet (repose); rest (remainder).
rest, v. intr., kuietar.
rest, for the, ad., setre.
rest, the, n., setri.
restaurant, n., restaureri.
restoration, n., restaurasion.
restore, v., restaurar (revive); redonar (give back).
restoring, n., restaurasion (reviving).
restrain, v., frenar (check); retenar (keep back).
restraint, n., fren.
restrict, v., restriktar.
result, n., resultad.
result, v., resultar.
resume, v., reprendar (take back).
resurrection, n., resureksion.
retail, a., detaliik.
retain, v., retenar.
retard, v., retardar.
retinue, n., suit.
retire, v., retirar (take back, draw back); retirar se (withdraw).
retort, n., retort (chem.).
retreat, n., retirad.
retrograde, v., regresar.
retrogression, n., regres.
return, n., return (going back); retro-via (way back).
return, v., returnar (go back); redonar (give back).
reunion, n., reunion.
reunite, v., reuniar.
reveal, v., manifestar (divulge); de-kuvrar (uncover).
revenge, n., vindikasion (vengeance).
revenue, n., rent.
reverend, a., reverend.
reverse, v., inversiar (invert).
review, n., diurnal (periodical).
review, v., revisar (revise).
revile, v., inyuriar.
reviling, n., inyuri.
revise, v., revisar.
revive, v., restaurar (restore).
revolt, n., revolt.
revolt, v., revoltar.
revolution, n., revolusion (radical change); rotasion (rotation).
revolve, v. intr., rotar.
reward, n., rekompensasion.
reward, v., rekompensar.
rheumatic, a., reumatismik (reumatik).
rheumatism, n., reumatism.
rhinoceros, n., rinoseros.
rhodium, n., rodium.
rhomb, n., romb.
rhombus, n., romb.
rhythm, n., ritm.
rhythmic(al), a., ritmik.
rib, n., kosta.
rice, n., ris.
rich, a., rik.
riches, n., rikitet.
richness, n., rikitet.
riddle, n., enigmat.
ride, v., vehiklar (in a vehicle); kavalkar (on horseback).
riding-school, n., manej.
rift, n., fisad.
right, n., yur (that which is due by just claim); yustitet (justness).
right, a., yust (just); dekstr (not left); rekt (straight); konvenabl (proper).
right, at (on) the, ad., dekstre.
right, be, konvenar (be fitting); esar rekt (be in the right).
right, of, ad., yuride.
right, to the, ad., a dekstre.
righteous, a., yust.
righteousness, n., yustitet.
rightful, a., yuridik.
rightly, ad., yuride (of right).
right of, to (at) the, p., dekstre de.
rigid, a., rigid.
rigidity, n., rigiditet.
rigorous, a., sever.
rim, n., bord.
rime, n., rim (rhyme); glas-rosi (boar-frost).
rime, v., rimar.
rind, n., krust.
ring, n., anel.
ring, v. intr., tintinar.
ringlet, n., bukl.
riot, n., tumultu.
riot, v., tumultuar.
ripe, a., matur.
ripen, v., matureskar.
ripeness, n., maturitet.
rise, v., asendar (ascend); resureksionar (from the dead); aparar (of the heavenly bodies).
risk, n., risk.
risk, v., riskar.
rite, n., ritu.
ritual, n., ritual.
rival, n., rival.
rival, v., rivalar (rivalisar).
rive, v. tr., fisar.
river, n., fluvi.
rivet, n., rivet.
rivet, v., rivetar.
road, n., rut (passage for travel); rad (roadstead).
roadstead, n., rad.
roar, v., bruar (bluster).
roast, n., rostad.
roast, v., rostar.
roasting-pan, n., rost-plat.
rob, v., rapinar.
robber, n., rapinator.
robbery, n., rapin.
robe, n., talar (long gown).
robust, a., robust.
rock, n., rok.
rock, v., kunar (cradle).
rod, n., verg (wand); baston (instrument of correction).
roe, n., kapreol (animal).
rogue, n., brikon.
roll, n., rul (cylinder); registr (register).
roll, v., rular (bring into form of cylinder); laminar (laminate).
romance, n., roman.
roof, n., tekt.
roof, v., tektar.
rook, n., turi (in chess).
room, n., kamr (chamber); spasi (space).
roomy, a., spasios.
root, n., radik.
root out, v., de-radikar.
root up, v., de-radikar.
rope, n., kordon.
roscid, a., rosiik and de r.
rose, n., ros.
rosemary, n., rosmarin.
rot, v., putreskar.
rotate, v. intr., rotar (revolve).
rotation, n., rotasion.
rotten, a., putr.
rotting, n., putreskasion.
rotund, a., rotond.
rouble, n., rubl.
rough, a., rud (rude).
Roumania, n., Rumania.
Roumelia, n., Rumelia.
round, a., rotond.
round, v., rotondifikar.
round about, ad., sirka.
round off, v., rotondifikar.
rouse, v., eksitar.
route, n., rut.
row, n., rang.
row, v., remar.
row, place in, seriar.
rub, v., frikar.
rubber, n., kaucuk (India).
rubbing, n., frikasion.
rubidium, n., rubidium.
ruble, n., rubl.
rubric, n., rubrik.
rubricate, v., rubrikar.
ruby, n., rubin.
rude, a., rud.
rudeness, n., ruditet.
rudiments, n. pl., rudimenti.
rue, n., ruta.
ruffle, n., manshet (cuff).
ruin, n., ruin (as of building, city); ruinasion (the act).
ruin, v., ruinar.
rule, n., regl.
rule, v., regnar (reign); liniar (draw lines on).
ruler, n., regnator (sovereign).
rum, n., rum.
ruminate, v., ruminar.
rumination, n., ruminasion.
rumor, n., rumor.
rumor, v., rumorar.
rump, n., krupa.
run, v., kursar.
run about, v., sirkl-andar.
run away, v., desertar.
runner, n., kursoner.
run over, v. intr., trans-fluar.
rupture, n., ruptad.
rupture, v., ruptar.
rural, a., kampestr.
rusk, n., biskit.
Russia, n., Rusia.
Russian, n., rusian.
Russian, a., rusian (pertaining to Russia); rusik (relating to the Russian language).
Russian-speaking, a., rusik.
Russian-speaking person, ruso (masc.); rusa (fem.).
rustic, n., rustik.
rustic, a., rustik.
ruthenium, n., rutenium.
rye, n., rog.
sable, n., sobl.
sabre, n., sabr.
sacerdotal, a., presbitrik.
sack, n., sak (bag).
sacrament, n., sakrament.
sacrifice, n., viktim.
sacrifice, v., viktimar.
sacristy, n., sakristi.
sad, a., trist.
saddle, n., sedl.
saddle, v., sedlar.
saddle-cloth, n., shabrak.
sadness, n., tristitet.
safe, a., sekur.
safety, n., sekuritet.
saffron, n., safran.
sagacious, a., sagas.
sagacity, n., sagasitet.
sail, n., sel (sheet).
sail, v. intr., selar.
sail away, v., apo-selar.
saint, n., sankt.
salad, n., salad.
salamander, n., salamandr.
salary, n., salar.
salary, v., salarar.
sale, n., vend.
sale(s), n., vendad (trade, business; as in “sales were good to-day”).
saliva, n., saliv.
salmon, n., salmon.
saloon, n., salon (salon).
salt, n., sal.
salt, v., salar.
saltpeter, n., nitr.
saltworks, n., salin.
salty, a., salos.
salubrious, a., salubr.
salute, n., salut (greeting); salv (salvo).
salute, v., salutar.
salve, n., unguent.
salvo, n., salv.
samarium, n., samarium.
same, a., el sem.
same thing, the, it sem.
same thing, the very; just the same thing, yuste it sem.
same, the very; just the same, yuste el sem.
sample, n., eksempl.
sanctify, v., sanktifikar.
sanction, n., sanksion.
sanction, v., sanksionar.
sanctity, n., sanktitet.
sand, n., sabl.
sandals, n., sandali.
sandy, a., sablos.
sanguine, a., sanguinik.
sanguine person, sanguiniker.
Sanskrit, n., sanskrit.
sap, n., suk.
sapphire, n., safir.
sappy, a., sukos.
sarcasm, n., sarkasm.
sarcastic, a., sarkasmik (sarkastik).
sardine, n., sardin.
Satan, n., satan.
satanic, a., satanik.
sate, v., saturar.
sated, a., satured.
satiation, n., saturasion.
satin, n., satin.
satin, v., satinar.
satin-finish, v., satinar.
satire, n., satir.
satisfaction, n., kontentitet (contentment); satisfaktasion ((satisfaksion) satisfying).
satisfied, be, v., esar kontent.
satisfy, v., satisfaktar.
satisfying, n., satisfaktasion (satisfaksion).
saturate, v., saturar.
saturated, a., satured.
saturation, n., saturasion.
Saturday, n., saturndi.
Saturday, a., saturndian and de s.
satyr, n., satiro.
sauce, n., sos.
saucepan, n., kaserol.
saucer, n., sub-tas.
sausage, n., sosis.
save, v., salvar (rescue); reservar (lay up); parsimoniar (be frugal).
saving, a., parsimonios.
savior, n., salvator.
Savoy, n., Savoya.
Savoyard, n., savoyan.
Savoyard, a., savoyan.
saw, n., seg.
saw, v., segar.
Saxony, n., Saksonia.
say, v., dikar.
saying, n., aforism.
scab, n., skabi (mange).
scabbard, n., vagin.
scabby, a., skabios.
scaffold, n., skafold.
scale, n., skuam (squame); skal (gamut).
scales, n., ponderator.
scaly, a., skuamos.
scandal, n., skandal.
scandalous, a., skandalos.
Scandinavia, n., Skandinavia.
scandium, n., skandium.
scapula, n., omoplat.
scar, n., sikatris.
scarcely, ad., pene.
scarify, v., skarifikar.
scarlet, a., skarlat.
scarp, n., skarp.
scatter, v. tr., disipar.
scene, n., sken (stage).
scent, n., odor.
scent, v., odoratar (perceive odor).
scepter, n., skeptr.
sceptic, n., skeptik.
sceptical, a., skeptik.
scepticism, n., skeptikism.
scholar, n., skolan (pupil); erudied (learned man).
school, n., skol.
schoolfellow, n., ko-skolan.
science, n., sient.
scientific, a., sientik (sientifik).
scissors, n., tonsator.
Sclave, n., slav.
Sclavic, a., slavik.
scoff, n., mok.
scoff, v., mokar.
scolopendra, n., skolopendr.
scoria, n., skori.
scorpion, n., skorpion.
Scotland, n., Skotia.
scourge, n., flagel.
scourge, v., flagelar.
scourging, n., flagelasion.
scrape, v., rasar.
scratch, n., skar.
scratch, v., kratar.
scratch off, v., de-kratar.
screen, n., paravent (protection from air).
screw, n., skrub.
screw, v., skrubar.
scrofula, n., skroful.
scrofulous, a., skrofulos.
scrofulousness, n., skrofulositet.
scruple, n., skrupl.
scruple, v., skruplar.
scrupulous, a., skruplos (skrupulos).
scrupulousness, n., skruplositet (skrupulositet).
sculptor, n., skulptator (skulptor).
sculpture, n., skulptasion (skulptur).
sculpture, v., skulptar.
scum, n., skum.
scythe, n., falsi.
sea, n., mar.
seal, n., sigil (stamp).
seal, v., sigilar.
seam, n., sutad (suture); fisad (fissure).
seamstress, n., sutatora.
search (for), v., shershar.
seashore, n., mar-bord.
season, n., seson.
seasonably, ad., oportune.
seat, n., sed.
second, n., sekond (division of time); ton sekund (music).
second, a., sekund or duim.
second, v., sekundar.
secondary, a., sekundar.
second class, scholar of the, sekundan.
secret, n., sekret.
secret, a., arkan.
secretary, n., sekretar.
secrete, v., okultar (hide).
sect, n., sekt.
sect, form, sektar.
section, n., seksion.
secular, a., sekulik ((sekular) relating to century).
secure, a., sekur.
secure, v., asekurar (make safe.)
security, n., sekuritet (safety); garantad (guarantee).
sediment, n., sediment.
seduce, v., sedukar.
see, v., visar.
seed, n., semin (in general); sperm (semen).
seed, v., in-seminar.
seek, v., shershar.
seem, v., semblar.
seem strange, semblar estran.
seethe, v., buliar.
segment, n., segment.
seize, v., sisar.
seizure, n., sekuestr (in law).
seldom, ad., rare.
select, v., selektar.
selenium, n., selen.
self, pr., aut (il aut = he himself); se (reflexive).
self-moving, a., automobil.
sell, v., vendar.
semaphore, n., semafor.
semen, n., sperm.
semi-annual, a., semestrik.
semicolon, n., koma-punkt.
seminary, n., seminar.
Semite, n., semit.
semitone, n., semiton.
semivowel, n., semivokal.
senate, n., senat.
senator, n., senater.
send, v., mitar.
send afterwards, mitar posteriore.
send off, v., ekspediar (forward).
senile, a., senil.
senior, a., senior.
sensation, n., sensuasion (feeling); sensasion (state of excited interest or feeling).
sense, n., sens (purport); sensu (one of the five).
sensibility, n., sensuablitet (sensiblitet).
sensible, a., sensos (judicious); sentiabl (perceptible); sensuabl ((sensibl) sensitive).
sensible of, be, sentiar.
sensitive, a., sensuabl ((sensibl) sensible); sentimentos (full of feeling).
sensitiveness, n., sensuablitet (physical).
sensitive-plant, n., mimos.
sensory, a., sensuik.
sensual, a., sensual.
sensuality, n., sensualitet.
sentence, n., proposision (proposition); fras (phrase); yudikad (decision); sentens (saying).
sentiment, n., sentiment.
sentimental, a., sentimental.
sentimentality, n., sentimentalitet.
sentinel, n., sentinel.
separate, a., separik.
separate, v., separar.
separately, ad., apart.
separation, n., separasion.
September, n., septembr.
septette, n., septet.
sepulcher, n., sepult.
sequester, v., sekuestrar.
sequestrate, v., sekuestrar.
sequestration, n., sekuestr.
sequin, n., sekin.
seraph, n., seraf.
serenade, n., serenad.
serene, a., seren.
serenity, n., serenitet.
seriate, v., seriar.
series, n., seri.
series, arrange in, seriar.
serious, a., serios.
seriousness, n., seriositet.
sermon, n., predikad.
serpent, n., serpent.
serpentine line, n., serpentin.
servant, n., serv.
serve, v., servar.
Servia, n., Serbia.
service, n., prestasion (performance).
serviceable, a., usabl.
serviceableness, n., usablitet.
servile, a., servil.
servility, n., servilitet.
set, v., posar (lay); disaparar (of sun, moon).
set aside, v., de-posar.
set down, v., de-posar.
set of instruments, instrument-kompleks.
set one’s self right, v., orientar se.
set on fire, v., flagrifikar.
set right, v., orientar.
set up, v., erektar (as a standard).
seven, nr., sept.
seventh, a., septim.
seventy, nr., sept-des.
several, a., kelk.
severe, a., sever.
severity, n., severitet.
sew, v., sutar.
sewer, n., kloak (drain).
sex, n., seksu.
sextette, n., sekstet.
shabrack, n., shabrak.
shade, n., ombr (shadow); nuans (color).
shade, v., ombrar (shadow); nuansar (color).
shadow, n., ombr.
shadow, v., ombrar.
shaft, n., puit (mining); timon (thill).
shake, v., sukusar (trans.); tremblar (tremble).
shake off, v., de-sukusar.
shaking, n., sukus.
shame, v., pudifikar.
shamefaced, a., pudik.
shamefacedness, n., pudikitet.
shameless, a., nopudik.
shape, n., tali (figure).
shape, v., formar.
shard, n., vas-fragment.
share, n., aksion (stock).
shareholder, n., aksioner.
shark, n., skual.
sharp, a., akut (acute); sever (severe).
sharpen, v., akutifikar.
sharpness, n., akutitet.
shatter, v., frakasar.
shave, v., rasar.
she, pr., ila.
sheaf, n., garb.
shear, v., tonsar.
shears, n., tonsator.
sheath, n., vagin.
sheathing, n., kuvr.
shed (its) blossoms, de-florar.
sheep, n., muton.
sheet, n., papir-foli (paper).
she-goat, n., kapra.
shell, n., krust (rind); bomb (bomb); konk (conch).
shelter, n., gard.
shelter, v., gardar.
shepherd, n., pasturan.
shield, n., skut (buckler).
shield, v., gardar.
shilling, n., shiling.
shinbone, n., tibi.
shine, v., lumar (give light); splendar (be bright).
shine upon, v., mitar radii su kk.
shining, a., splendid.
ship, n., nav.
shipwreck, n., naufrag.
shipwreck, suffer, naufragar.
shirt, n., kamis.
shock, n., sukus.
shoe, n., bas-bot.
shoemaker, n., boter.
shoot, n., germin (sprout).
shoot, v., fusilar (as a gun); lansonar (discharge a missile).
shop, n., butik (store).
short, a., brev.
shorten, v., abreviar.
shortening, n., abreviasion.
shorthand, write, stenografar.
shortness, n., brevitet.
shortsighted, a., miop.
shortsightedness, n., miopitet.
shot, n., lanson (shooting).
should, I = mi deb.
shoulder, n., epol.
shoulder-blade, n., omoplat.
shout, v., klamar.
shove, n., pus.
shove, v., pusar.
shovel, n., palet.
shovel, v., paletar.
show, n., eklat (display); parad (parade).
show, v., monstrar.
showy, a., ostentativ.
shrub, n., arbust.
shun, v., evitar.
shut out, v., eks-klosar.
Siberia, n., Siberia.
sibilant, n., son [liter] sibilant.
Sicily, n., Sisilia.
sick, a., malad.
sickle, n., falsiet.
sickly, a., malados.
sickness, n., maladitet.
side, n., flank.
side, at (on) the, ad., flanke.
side, on every, ad., omni-flanke.
side, on that, ad., ulteriore.
side, on the hither, ad., siteriore.
side, on the other, ad., otr-flanke.
side, on the thither, ad., ulteriore.
side, on this, ad., siteriore.
side, to the, ad., a flanke.
sideboard, n., bufet.
side of, on that, p., ulteriore de.
side of, on the hither, p., siteriore de.
side of, on the thither, p., ulteriore de.
side of, on this, p., siteriore de.
sides, on all, ad., omni-flanke.
sidewalk, n., trotoar.
sideways, ad., versu flank.
side-whiskers, n., guen-barb.
sidewise, ad., versu flank.
siege, n., obsidiasion.
sieve, n., krib.
sift, v., kribar.
sigh, n., suspir.
sigh, v., suspirar.
sight, n., vis (eyesight); aspekt (view); spektakl (spectacle).
sign, n., sign (mark); omin (omen).
sign, v., sub-skribar (subscribe).
signal, n., signal.
signal, v., signalar.
signification, n., signifikasion.
signify, v., signifikar (mean); notifikar (intimate).
silence, n., silensi.
silence!, i., silensi!
silent, a., silensios (still); mut (of a letter).
silent, be, silensiar.
Silesia, n., Silesia.
silicium, n., silisium.
silk, n., set.
sill, n., slipr.
silver, n., argent.
silver, v., argentar.
simian, a., simiik and de s.
similar, a., simil.
similarity, n., similitet.
simple, a., simpl.
simplicity, n., simplitet (simplisitet).
simplification, n., simplifikasion.
simplify, v., simpifikar.
simulate, v., simular.
simulation, n., simulasion.
simultaneous, a., simultan.
simultaneously, ad., simultane.
simultaneousness, n., simultanitet.
sin, n., pekad.
sin, v., pekar.
since, ad., da tetempe.
since, p., da.
since, i., da temp ke (time); kause (because).
sincere, a., sinser.
sincerity, n., sinseritet.
sinew, n., tendon.
sing, v., kantar.
singing, n., kant.
singing bird, n., ornit kantant.
single, a., unik (unique).
singular, n., singular (number).
singular, a., estran (strange).
sinner, n., pekator.
siphon, n., sifon.
sir, n., sinior.
sister, n., soror.
sit, v., sedar.
site, n., situasion.
situate, v., situar.
situated, be, v., esar situed.
situation, n., situasion (site).
six, nr., seks.
sixth, a., sekst or seksim.
sixty, nr., seks-des.
size, n., granditet.
skate, n., patin.
skate, v., patinar.
skeleton, n., skelet.
sketch, n., skis.
sketch, v., skisar.
skilful, a., apt.
skill, n., aptitet.
skim, v., de-skumar.
skin, n., pel.
skin, v., pelar.
skull, n., krani.
sky, n., siel.
slack, a., laks.
slackness, n., laksitet.
slag, n., skori.
slander, n., kalumniasion.
slander, v., kalumniar.
slanting, a., obliku.
slate, n., shist.
slate-pencil, n., shist-krayon.
slaughter, v., maktar.
slave, n., sklav.
slay, v., mortifikar.
sleep, n., dorm.
sleep, v., dormar.
sleeper, n., slipr (in building).
sleepy, a., dormos.
sleeve, n., mansh.
sleigh, n., slit.
slender, a., grasil.
slenderness, n., grasilitet.
slide, v., glisar.
slide off, v., de-glisar.
slight, a., grasil (slender).
slight, v., negligar.
slim, a., grasil.
slime, n., pituit (mucus); slim (mud).
slimy, a., pituitos.
slip, v., glisar.
slip off, v., de-glisar.
slip out, v., eks-glisar.
slipper, n., pantufl.
slipperiness, n., lubrikitet.
slippery, a., lubrik.
slit, n., fisad.
sloop, n., shalup.
slope, n., skarp.
slope, v. tr., skarpar.
sloth, n., ai (animal); inertitet (inactivity).
slothful, a., inert.
slothfulness, n., inertitet.
slow, a., lent.
slow, be, andar tro lente (time-piece).
slowly, ad., lente.
slow-match, n., flagresk-kordon.
slowness, n., lentitet.
slow-worm, n., fals-serpent.
sly, a., astusios.
small, a., minim.
small-headed, a., mikrokapik.
smallness, n., minimitet.
smallpox, n., variol.
smash, v. tr., frakasar.
smear, v., gresar.
smell, n., odor (odor); odorat (sense).
smell, v., odoratar (perceive odor); odorar (emit odor).
smell, sense of, odorat.
smelt, v. tr., fondar.
smile, v., sub-ridar.
smite, v., perkutar.
smoke, n., fum.
smoke, v., fumar (emit smoke); in-fumar (hams, etc.).
smooth, a., glat.
smooth, v., glatifikar.
smoothness, n., glatitet.
smother, v. tr., sufokar.
smuggle, v., kontrabandar.
smuggler, n., kontrabandist.
smuggling, n., kontraband.
snail, n., kokle.
snake, n., serpent.
snare, n., trap (literally); atrap (figuratively).
sneeze, v., sternutar.
sneezing, n., sternutasion.
snipe, n., bekas.
snore, v., stertar.
snort, v., suflonar.
snout, n., probosk.
snow, n., nev.
snow, v., nevar.
snuff-box, n., skatulet.
so, ad., tale.
soap, n., sapon.
sob, n., singult.
sob, v., singultar.
sober, a., sobr.
sobriety, n., sobritet.
sociability, n., sosiablitet.
sociable, a., sosiabl.
social, a., sosial.
socialism, n., sosialism.
society, n., sosietet.
society of, in the, p., in sosietet de.
socle, n., sokl.
soda, n., sod.
sodium, n., natrium.
sofa, n., divan.
soft, a., mol (mellow), nesonor (low).
soft consonant, konsonant mol.
soften, v., molifikar.
softening, a., molifikant.
softly, ad., nesonore.
softness, n., molitet.
so greatly, ad., tante.
soil, n., suol (ground); sord (filth).
soil, v. tr., sordifikar.
soiled, a., sordik.
sojourn, n., sejurn.
sojourn, v., sejurnar.
solder, v., soldar.
soldier, n., soldat.
sole, n., sole (of foot, shoe, etc.).
sole, a., sol.
solely, ad., sole.
solemn, a., solemn.
solemnity, n., solemnitet.
solemnize, v., festar (festival).
solicit, v., solisitar.
solicitous, be, solisitar.
solid, a., solid.
solidarity, n., solidaritet.
solidary, a., solidar.
solidify, v., solideskar (intr.).
solidity, n., soliditet.
solitariness, n., solitet.
solitary, be, restar sol.
solitude, n., solitet.
solo, n., solo.
solution, n., solvasion (solusion).
solve, v., solvar.
so many, a., tant.
so many times, ad., tale multfoa.
some, pr. ind. and, a., kelk; kelk-un (sing.).
somebody, pr., kelk-hom.
some one, pr., kelk-hom.
something, pr., kelk-kos (any-thing); sert-kos (certain thing).
something else, pr., otr-kos.
sometimes, ad., kelkfoa.
sometimes–sometimes, ad., tempe–tempe.
somewhat, ad., nemulte.
somewhere, ad., kelk-loke.
somewhere else, ad., otr-loke (in another place); a otr-loke (to another place).
so much, a., tant.
so much, ad., tante.
son, n., filio.
sonata, n., sonat.
song, n., kanson.
son-in-law, n., bel-filio.
sonnet, n., sonet.
sonorous, a., sonor.
soon, ad., po-breve.
soot, n., fuligin.
sooty, a., fuliginos.
soprano, n., sopran (voice); sopranist (person).
sordid, a., sordid.
sordidness, n., sordiditet.
sore, n., ulser (ulcer).
sorrel, n., oksal.
sorrow, n., griv.
sorrowful, a., trist.
sort, n., sort.
sort, v., sortar.
so that, i., tale ke.
soul, n., anim.
sound, n., son (audible noise); sond (probe).
sound, a., san.
sound, v., sonar (resound); sondar (probe); tonar (as instrument).
soundness, n., sanitet.
soup, n., sup.
sour, a., asid.
source, n., font.
south, n., sud.
south, in the, ad., sude.
southerly, ad., sude (in the south); versu sud (toward the south).
southward, ad., versu sud.
sovereign, n., regnator.
sow, v., seminar.
space, n., spasi.
spacious, a., spasios.
spade, n., palet.
Spain, n., Espania.
spar, n., spat (mineral).
spark, n., sintil.
sparkle, v., briliar.
sparrow, n., pasr.
sparrow-hawk, n., sparv.
spasm, n., spasm.
spatterdash, n., gamash.
speak, v., parlar (talk); orar (as orator).
speaker, public, orator.
spear, n., lans.
special, a., spesial.
specially, ad., spesiale.
specialty, n., spesialitet.
specific, a., spesifik.
specification, n., spesifikasion.
specify, v., spesifikar.
specimen, n., eksempl.
speck, n., makul.
speck, v., makular.
spectacle, n., spektakl.
spectacles, n., preokul.
spectator, n., spektator.
spectre, n., fantom.
speculate, v., spekular (commerce).
speed, n., hast.
speed, v., hastar.
speedy, a., velos (swift); po-brevik (prompt).
speedily, ad., velose (swiftly); po-breve (soon).
spell, v., literar.
spend, v., spendar (expend).
spendthrift, n., prodig.
sphere, n., sfer.
spherical, a., sferik.
sphincter, n., sfinkter.
sphinx, n., sfinks.
spice(s), n., spes.
spider, n., aran.
spike, n., spik (bot.).
spill, v. tr., misversar.
spin, v., filar.
spinach, n., spinat.
spinning-mill, n., fileri.
spiral, a., spiral.
spirit, n., spirit (soul); sprit (liquor).
spirited, a., spiritos.
spiritism, n., spiritism.
spiritist, n., spiritist.
spiritual, a., spiritual (opposed to worldly); spiritik (relating to spirit).
spirituous, a., spritos.
spit, v., sputar.
spite of, in, p., obstinu.
spittle, n., sput.
spleen, n., splen.
splendid, a., magnifik (magnificent); splendid (brilliant, dazzling).
splendor, n., splendor.
split, n., fisad.
split, v. tr., fisar.
spoil, v., ruinar.
spoke, n., radiad.
spondaic, a., spondeik.
spondee, n., spondé.
sponge, n., spongi.
sponge-like, a., spongiatr (spongios).
spongy, a., spongiatr (spongios).
sponsor, be, esar ko-patr, ko-matr.
sponsorship, n., ko-patritet.
spontaneity, n., spontanitet.
spontaneous, a., spontan.
spontaneousness, n., spontanitet.
spool, n., bobin.
spool, v., bobinar.
spoon, n., kuliar.
sporadic, a., sporadik.
sport, n., sport.
spot, n., makul (stain); plas (place).
spot, v., makular.
spotless, a., nemakuled.
spouse, n., marit.
spread, n., propagasion.
spread, v., propagar (propagate).
spring, n., font (source); floro-temp (season); salt (leap); resor (elastic force or body); fontad (of water).
spring, v., fontar (issue); saltar (leap).
sprout, n., germin.
sprout, v., germinar.
spun material, filad.
spur, n., sporn.
spur on, v., stimular.
spy, n., spion.
spy, v., spionar.
squadron, n., eskadr (naval); eskadron (cavalry).
squame, n., skuam.
squamous, a., skuamos.
squander, v., prodigar.
square, n., kuadrat (quadrat); plas (of a chess-board).
square, a., kuadratik.
square meter, n., kuadrat-metr.
square root, n., kuadrat-radik.
squeeze, v., presar.
squeeze out, v., eks-presar.
squirrel, n., skiur.
squirt, v., sprisar.
stab, v., pikar (puncture); puniardar (poniard).
stability, n., stabilitet.
stable, n., stal.
stable, a., stabil.
stadium, n., stadi.
staff, n., baton (baton); stab (military).
stage, n., sken (theater).
stagger, v., titubar.
staggering, n., titubasion.
stagnate, v., stagnar.
stain, n., makul.
stain, v., makular.
staircase, n., skal.
stairs, n., skal.
stake, n., piket.
stake, v., hasardar (venture).
stake out, v., trasar mediu piketi.
stalk, n., tronket.
stall, n., stal (for horses).
stallion, n., kavalo.
stammer, v., balbusiar.
stamp, n., stamp (instrument; also imprint); post-mark (postage stamp).
stamp, v., stampar.
stand, n., stand (position).
stand, v., standar.
standard, n., standart (ensign).
standpoint, n., punkt de vis.
stand up, v., levar se.
stannum, n., stan.
star, n., stel (fixed); astr (heavenly body).
starch, n., amidon.
starch, v., amidonar.
stare, v., musardar.
starer, n., musard.
starling, n., sturn.
start of, get, preveniar.
state, n., stat (commonwealth); stand (condition).
state-dinner, n., galadiné.
States of the Church, Eklesia.
static(al), a., statikal.
statics, n., statik.
station, n., stasion.
statistics, n., statistik.
statue, n., statu.
stature, n., statur.
statute, n., statut.
stay, n., stop.
stay, v., restar.
steal, v., rapiar.
steam, n., vapor.
steam, v., vaporar (tr. and intr.).
stearin, n., stearin.
steel, n., asier.
steel, a., asierik.
steel, v., asierar.
steep, a., skarpik.
steer, v., guvernar.
stenographer, n., stenograf.
stenographic, a., stenografiik ( stenografik).
stenography, n., stenografi.
step, n., pasu (pace); grad (degree).
step, v., pasuar.
step-brother, n., semifratr.
step by step, ad., de pasu a pasu.
step-father, n., semipatr.
steppe, n., step.
step-son, n., semifilio.
sterile, a., steril.
sterilize, v., sterilisar.
stew, n., kompot.
stewpan, n., kaserol.
stibium, n., antimon.
stick, n., baston.
stick, v., glutinar (glue).
stick on, v., su-glutinar.
stiff, a., rigid.
stiffness, n., rigiditet.
stifle, v. tr., sufokar.
stigma, n., stigmat.
stigmatic, n., stigmatik.
stigmatic, a., stigmatik.
still, a., trankil.
still, v., kalmar.
still, ad., ankor.
still, i., ye.
stimulate, v., stimular.
stimulus, n., stimul.
stipulate, v., stipular.
stir (up), v., eksitar.
stirrup, n., staf.
stitch (books), v., broshar.
stitched book, n., broshur.
stock, n., aksion (share); provision (supply); reserv (reserve).
stockfish, n., stokfish.
stockholder, n., aksioner.
stocking, n., kals.
stoic, n., stoiker.
stoic(al), a., stoik.
stole, n., stol.
stomach, n., stomak.
stone, n., petr.
stone, v., lapidar (pelt with stones).
stone-like, a., petratr.
stony, a., petros.
stop, n., stop.
stop, v., sesar (cease); stopar (halt); tamponar (stopper).
stop!, i., stop!
stopper, n., tampon.
stopper, v., tamponar.
stop to, put a, fasiar finiar.
store, n., butik (shop).
storehouse, n., magasin.
stork, n., sikon.
storm, n., tempestad.
story, n., etaj (floor).
stove, n., forn.
stovepipe, n., forn-tub.
straight, a., rekt.
straightness, n., rektitet.
strain, v., filtrar.
strait, a., stret.
straitness, n., stretitet.
straits, n., angust (distress).
strand, n., mar-bord.
strange, a., estran.
strangle, v. tr., stranglar.
strap, n., kuir-band.
strategic, a., strategiik (strategik).
strategy, n., strategi.
stratify, v., stratifikar.
stratum, n., strat.
straw, n., palia.
strawberry, n., frag.
stray, v., aberar.
straying, n., aberasion.
streak, n., stri.
streak, v., striar.
street, n., strad.
strength, n., potentitet ((potens) might); fortitet (force).
strengthen, v., vigorar (invigorate); fortifikar (fortify).
stretch, v. tr., tendar.
stria, n., stri.
striate, v., striar.
strict, a., strikt.
strife, n., kontestasion.
strike, n., strik (of workmen).
strike, v., perkutar (percuss); strikar (of workmen).
string, n., kordonet (cord); korda (chord).
stripe, n., stri.
stripe, v., striar.
striped, a., stried.
strive, v., eforsar.
stroke, n., bat (blow); lini (line).
strong, a., fort (robust); potent (potent).
strontium, n., stronsium.
strophe, n., strof.
structure, n., struktur.
stubborn, a., obstinant.
stubbornness, n., obstinasion.
stucco, n., stuk.
stucco, v., stukar.
student, n., studiant (student).
study, n., studi (mental effort); kabinet (cabinet).
study, v., studiar.
stuff, n., stof.
stupid, a., stupid.
stupidity, n., stupiditet.
sturgeon, n., sturion.
stutter, v., balbusiar.
style, n., stil (in diction, architecture, painting, chronology); mod (fashion).
style, v., titular (entitle).
stylish, a., modik.
Styria, n., Stiria.
subaltern, a., subaltern.
subdue, v., sub-yugar.
subject, n., subyekt.
subject, v., sub-mitar.
subjective, a., subyekiv.
subjectivity, n., subyektivitet.
subjoin, v., ad-yunktar.
subjoined, be, v., esar ad-yunkted.
subjugate, v., sub-yugar.
subjunctive, n., subyunktiv.
sublime, a., sublim.
submit, v., akomodar se (accommodate); sub-mitar (subject).
subordinate, a., subaltern.
subordinate, v., subordinar.
subordination, n., subordinasion.
subscribe, v., sub-skribar (sign).
subscribe for, v., abonar.
subscriber, n., abonant.
subsequent, a., posterior.
subsequently, ad., posteriore.
subsidy, n., subsidi.
subsist, v., subsistar.
substance, n., substans.
substantive, n., substantiv.
substitute, n., surogat.
substitute, v., substituar.
subterfuge, n., subterfugi.
subtile, a., subtil.
subtilty, n., subtilitet.
subtract, v., subtraktar.
suburb, n., preurb.
subvert, v., subvertar.
succeed, v., suksedar (follow); avar succes ko kk (prosper).
success, n., sukses.
succession, n., suksesion.
succor, n., sukurs.
succor, v., sukursar.
succory, n., sikor.
such, pr., tal.
suck, v., sugar.
suck in, v., in-sugar.
suckle, v., mamelar.
sudden, a., subit.
suddenly, ad., subite.
suet, n., seb.
suffer, v., pasiar (feel or undergo pain of body or mind); sufrar (endure).
suffering, n., pasiasion (pain endured, passion); sufrasion (enduring, bearing).
suffice, v., sufisar.
sufficient, a., sufisik.
sufficiently, ad., sufise.
suffix, n., sufiks.
suffocate, v. tr., sufokar.
sugar, n., sukr.
sugar, v., sukrar.
suggest, v., sugestar.
suggestion, n., sugestasion (sugestion).
suicide, n., suisidi (act); suisidiist (person).
suitable, a., konvenabl.
suitable, be, konvenar.
suite, n., suit (retinue).
sulcus, n., sulk.
sulphur, n., sulfur.
sultan, n., sultan.
sum, n., sum.
sumac, n., sumak.
summer, n., termotemp.
summit, n., somit.
summon, v., sitar.
sum up, v., sumar.
sun, n., sol.
Sunday, n., soldi.
Sunday, a., soldian and de s.
sup, v., supear.
superb, a., superb.
superficial, a., superfisiik (superfisial).
superficies, n., superfisi.
superfluous, a., superflu.
superior, a., superior.
superiority, n., superioritet.
superlative, n., superlativ.
supernumerary, a., supernumerar.
superstition, n., superstisi.
superstitious, a., superstisios.
supervise, v., kontrolar.
supervision, n., kontrol.
supper, n., supé.
supper, eat, supear.
supplicate, v., suplikar.
supplication, n., suplik.
supply, n., provision.
supply, v., furnar.
support, n., suport.
support, v., suportar.
suppose, v., suposar.
supposing that, i., suposante ke.
suppress, v., supresar.
sure, a., sekur (safe); sert (certain).
surely, ad., serte.
surety, n., garant (bail).
surface, n., superfisi.
surgeon, n., kirurg.
surgery, n., kirurgi.
surpass, v., surpasar.
surplice, n., surplis.
surplus, n., pluad.
surplus, a., supernumerar.
surprise, n., surpris.
surprise, v., surprisar.
surprised, be, v., esar surprised.
surround, v., sirka-donar.
surroundings, n., sirklad.
surveying, n., geodesi.
suspect, v., suspektar.
suspend, v., pendar (hang); suspendar (prorogue).
suspended, be, v., pendar.
suspicion, n., suspekt.
sustain, v., sustentar.
suture, n., sutad.
swallow, n., sval (bird).
swallow, v., inglotar.
swamp, n., palud.
swampy, a., paludos.
swan, n., sin.
swap, v., kambiar.
swarm, v., formikar.
swear, v., yurar (take oath); yurifikar (bind by oath).
sweat, n., sudad.
sweat, v., sudar.
Sweden, n., Suedia.
sweep, v., svipar.
sweet, a., duls.
sweeten, v., dulsifikar (in general); sukrar (sugar).
sweetmeat, n., bonbon.
sweetness, n., dulsitet.
sweet-toothed, be, friandar.
swell, v. intr., tumorar.
swelling, n., tumor.
swift, a., velos.
swiftly, ad., velose.
swiftness, n., velositet.
swim, v., flotar.
swine, n., pork.
swing, v. intr., pendular.
Switzerland, n., Helvetia.
sword, n., gladi.
sycamore, n., sikomor.
syllable, n., silab.
syllogism, n., silogism.
symbol, n., simbol.
symmetrical, a., simetriik (simetrik).
symmetry, n., simetri.
sympathetic, a., simpatiik (simpatik).
sympathy, n., simpati.
symptom, n., simptom.
synagogue, n., sinagog.
synonym, n., sinonim.
synonymous, a., sinonimik.
syntax, n., sintaks.
synthesis, n., sintes.
Syria, n., Siria.
syringe, n., spris.
syringe, v., sprisar.
syrup, n., sirop.
system, n., sistem.
systematic, a., sistemik (sistematik).
tabernacle, n., tabernakl.
table, n., tabl (furniture); tabel (list).
taciturn, a., tasiturn.
taciturnity, n., tasiturnitet.
tactics, n., taktik.
tadpole, n., yun-ran.
taffeta, n., taft.
tail, n., kaud.
tailor, n., talier.
take, v., prendar (seize); batar (take a man in chess).
take away, v., apo-prendar.
take back, v., reprendar.
take en passant, batar pasante (in chess).
take in, v., kompleksar (comprise).
take it ill, ofendar se.
take off, v., de-prendar.
take on one’s self, prendar su se.
take place, avar lok.
talent, n., talent.
talisman, n., talisman.
talkative, a., lokuas.
talkativeness, n., lokuasitet.
tallow, n., seb.
talon, n., grif.
tamarind, n., tamarind.
tan, v., tanar.
tangent, n., tangent.
tangent, a., tangentik.
tanner, n., tanator.
tannery, n., taneri.
tannin, n., tanin.
tantalum, n., tantal.
tapir, n., tapir.
tar, n., pes fluid.
tarantella, tarantelle, n., tarantel.
tarantula, n., tarantul.
tardily, ad., tarde.
tardy, a., tard.
tare, n., tar (commerce).
tariff, n., tarif.
taroc, n., tarok.
tarot, n., tarok.
tarry, v., morar.
tart, n., tart.
tart, a., aserb.
tartar, n., tartr.
Tartar, n., tatar.
Tartar, a., tatarik.
Tartarian, a., tatarik.
Tartary, n., Tataria.
task, n., problem.
tassel, n., kuast.
taste, n., gust.
taste, v., gustar.
tawny, a., falb.
tax, n., impost (impost).
tax, v., impostar (impose taxes); taksar (appraise).
tea, n., te.
teach, v., instruar (instruct); erudiar (culture).
teacher, n., instruator.
teaching, n., doktrin.
tear, n., lakrim (of eye).
tear, v., ruptar (rupture); laserar (lacerate).
tear off, v., de-ruptar.
tease, v., veksar.
technical, a., teknikal.
technics, n., teknik.
technology, n., teknologi.
tedious, a., enuiant, enuios.
tediousness, n., enui.
teeth, n., dentaj (set).
teeth, v., dentar.
teeth, cut, dentar.
teeth, set of, dentaj.
telegram, n., telegrafad (telegram).
telegraph, n., telegraf.
telegrapher, n., telegrafist.
telegraphist, n., telegrafist.
telephone, n., telefon.
telephone, v., telefonar.
telescope, n., teleskop.
tell, v., dikar (say); narar (relate).
tellurium, n., telur.
temerarious, a., temer.
temerity, n., temeritet.
temper, n., temperament.
temper, v., moderar (moderate); asierar (harden).
temperament, n., temperament.
temperance, n., sobritet.
temperate, a., sobr.
temperature, n., temperatur.
tempest, n., uragan.
temple, n., templ (for worship); tempor (of head).
temporal, a., temporal.
temporarily, ad., temporare.
temporary, a., temporar.
tempt, v., tentar.
temptation, n., tentasion.
tempter, n., tentator.
ten, nr., des.
tenacious, a., tenas.
tenacity, n., tenasitet.
tenant, n., arendator.
tend, v., avar tendens.
tendency, n., tendens.
tendency, have a, avar tendens.
tender, n., tendr (of locomotive).
tender, a., tendr.
tender, v., ofrar.
tendon, n., tendon.
tend to, v., servar (conduce to).
tenor, n., tenor (voice); tenorist (person).
tent, n., pavilion.
tentacle, n., palp.
tenth, a., desim.
tenuity, n., tenuitet.
tepid, a., tepid.
term, n., vokabl (word); termin (space of time); term (technical).
terminate, v., finiar.
terrace, n., teras.
terrace, v., terasar.
terrestrial, a., terestr.
terrible, a., teribl.
terrify, v., terorar.
territorial, a., teritoriik (teritorial).
territory, n., teritori.
terror, n., teror.
test, n., prov.
test, v., provar.
testament, n., testament (will).
testify, v., atestar.
testimony, n., atest.
tetanic, a., tetanik.
tetanus, n., tetan.
text, n., tekst.
textile, a., tekstil.
thaler, n., talr.
thallium, n., talium.
than, i., ka.
thank, v., mersiar.
thankful, a., mersios.
thankfulness, n., mersiositet.
thanking, n., mersiasion.
thanks, n., mersiad.
thanksgiving, n., mersiasion.
that, pr. dem., el (opposed to “this”); tel (the one); el-kos (thing); tel-kos (that thing).
that, pr. rel., kel.
that, a., ulterior (thither).
that, i., ke (introducing a clause); a fini ke (in order that); kause (because); a ke (see a ke).
the, art., see §§4 and 27 of Grammar.
theater, n., teatr.
their, pr., lor.
their (own), pr., sue.
theirs, pr., lor.
theme, n., tem.
themselves, pr., aut (emphatic); se (reflexive). (See “her-self”.)
then, ad., tetempe.
thence, ad., tekause (therefore).
theologian, n., teologiist.
theological, a., teologiik.
theology, n., teologi.
theoretical, a., teoriik (teoretik).
theorist, n., teoretiker.
theory, n., teori.
there, ad., la; teloke (in that place); a teloke (thither).
there!, i., ekse!
therefore, ad., ergo (consequently); sikause (for this reason).
thermometer, n., termo-metr.
thesis, n., tes.
Thessaly, n., Tesalia.
they, pr. pers., ili (masc., neuter, and common); ilai (fem.).
they, pr. ind., on.
thick, a., gros (big); dens (dense).
thicken, v., kondensar (trans.)
thicket, n., bosket.
thickness, n., grositet (size); densitet (density).
thief, n., rapiator.
thigh, n., krur.
thill, n., timon.
thin, a., tenu.
thin, grow, magreskar.
thine, pr., tue.
thing, n., kos.
think, v., pensar.
thinness, n., tenuitet.
third, a., ters or triim.
thirst, n., siti.
thirst, v., avar siti.
thirsty, a., sitios and avant siti.
thirteen, nr., des-tri.
thirty, nr., tri-des.
this, pr. dem., ist (opposed to “that”); ist-kos (thing).
this, a., siterior (hither).
thistle, n., kardon.
thither, a., ulterior.
thither, ad., a teloke.
thorium, n., torium.
thorn, n., spin.
thorny, a., spinos.
thorough, a., prob.
thoroughly, ad., probe.
thoroughness, n., probitet.
thou, pr., tu (in literal translation).
though, i., negligante ke.
thought, n., pensad.
thousand, nr., mil.
thread, n., fil.
threat, n., menas.
threaten, v., menasar.
three, nr., tri.
threefotd, a., tripl or triupl.
thresh, v., gren-batar.
threshold, n., slipr.
thrive, v., prosperar.
throat, n., gorg.
throb, v., pulsar.
throne, n., tron.
through, p., per (by agency of; across); mediu (by means of).
throw, n., lansad.
throw, v., lansar.
thrust, n., pus.
thrust, v., pusar.
thumb, n., pols.
thumb, v., folietar.
thunder, n., toner.
thunder, v., tonerar.
thurible, n., insenser.
Thursday, n., yovdi.
Thursday, a., yovdian and de y.
thus, ad., tale (so); simaniere (in this manner).
thwart, v., frustrar.
thy, pr., tue.
thyme, n., tim.
tibia, n., tibi.
tick, v., tikar.
ticket, n., tiket.
tickle, v. tr., titilar.
tide, high, n., fluks.
tie, n., band (band); slipr (rail-road).
tie, v., nodar (knot); bandar (bind).
tier, n., rang.
tiger, n., tigr.
tile, n., brik.
till, v., arar.
till, p., usk.
time, n., temp (measure of duration); takt (music); termin (term).
time, at that, ad., tetempe.
time, at the right (proper), ad., sue-tempe.
time, at this, ad., sitempe.
time, in, ad., sue-tempe.
time, that, ad., elfoa.
time, (at) the last, ad., ultimfoa.
time, the whole, ad., in omni temp.
time, this, ad., istfoa.
time, which (what), ad., kelfoa.
time of, at (in) the, p., in temp de.
timid, a., timid.
timidity, n., timiditet.
tin, n., stan.
tin, v., stanar.
tincture, n., tintur.
tine, n., dent.
tint, n., tintad.
tint, v., tintar.
tip, n., punt.
tire, v. tr, fatigar.
tired, a., fatiged.
tiresome, a., enuiant, enuios.
titanium, n., titan.
title, n., titul.
title, v., titular.
titmouse, n., titmes.
titubation, n., titubasion.
to, p., a (opposed to “from”); usk (until); ad (at).
to and fro, ad., a ulteriore e a siteriore.
toast, n., tost (health).
toast, v., tostar (propose health).
tobacco, n., tabak.
to-day, ad., sidiurne.
toe, n., ped-digit.
toga, n., tog.
together, ad., yunkte.
toilet, n., toalet.
tolerate, v., tolerar.
toll, n., duan.
toll-gatherer, n., duaner.
tomato, n., tomat.
tomb, n., tomb.
tombac, n., tombak.
tombak, n., tombak.
tome, n., tom.
to-morrow, ad., po-sidiurne.
tomtit, n., titmes.
ton, n., tun.
tone, n., ton.
tone, first, ton prim.
tongue, n., lang.
too, ad., tro (overmuch).
too, i., et (also).
tool, n., instrument.
tools, garden, utensili de hort.
tooth, n., dent.
top, n., kulmin (summit).
topaz, n., topas.
topographer, n., topograf.
torch, n., tork.
torment, n., torment.
torment, v., tormentar.
torpedo, n., torpedo.
tortoise, n., tortu.
torture, n., tortur.
torture, v., torturar.
toss, n., lansad.
to such a degree, ad., tante.
total, a., total.
totality, n., totalitet.
totally, ad., totale.
tottering, a., labil.
touch, n., kontakt.
touch, v., kontaktar.
touch at, v., ad-bordar.
tour, n., tur.
tourist, n., turist.
tourmalin(e), n., turmalin.
tournament, n., turnir.
tow, n., stup.
toward(s), p., versu (in the direction of); kontr (with respect to).
toward the east, ad., versu est.
toward the front, ad., versu anteriore.
toward the north, ad., versu nord.
toward the rear , ad., versu dors.
toward the side, ad., versu flank.
toward the south, ad., versu sud.
toward the west, ad., versu uest.
towel, n., manu-drap.
tower, n., turi.
trace, n., tras.
trace, v., trasar.
trachea, n., traké.
track, n., tras.
track, v., trasar.
trade, n., komers (commerce); metier (handicraft); vendad (sales; see “sales”).
trade, v., komersar (buy or sell).
tradition, n., tradision.
tragedy, n., tragedi.
tragic(al), a., tragik.
trail, n., traktu.
trail, v., traktuar.
train, n., tren (railroad); traktu (trail).
train, v., dresar (animals).
tramway, n., tram.
tranquil, a., trankil.
transaction, n., transaksion.
transcribe, v., de-skribar.
transfer, v., trans-donar.
transgress, v., violar.
transgression, n., violasion.
transit, n., transit.
transitive, a., transitiv.
transitive verb, transitive, n., verb transitiv.
translate, v., tradukar.
translate into German, tradukar in german.
translation, n., tradukasion (traduksion).
transparent, a., transparent.
transpire, v., transpirar (perspire).
transport, v., transportar.
transportable, a., transportabl.
transportation, n., transport.
transverse, a., transversal.
transversely, ad., transversale.
trap, n., trap (literal); atrap (fig.).
trapezium, n., trapes.
travel, v., voyajar.
travel back, v., revoyajar.
traveler, n., voyajer.
travesty, n., travesti.
travesty, v., travestiar.
treachery, n., tradit.
tread, v., kalkar.
treader, n., kalkator.
treasure, n., tresor.
treat, v., traktar.
treatise, n., skribad.
treatment, n., traktasion.
treble, a., tripi or triupl.
tree, n., arbor.
trellis, n., treliaj.
trellis, v., klosar mediu treliaj.
tremble, v., tremblar.
tremble with fear, trepidar.
trench, n., kanalet.
trepan, n., trepan.
trepan, v., trepanar.
trepidation, n., trepidasion.
tress, n., tres.
trial, n., prov (test).
triangle, n., triangul.
tribe, n., tribu.
tribute, n., tribut.
trickle, v., gutar.
tricycle, n., trisikl.
trifle, n., bagatel.
trill, n., trili.
trill, v., triliar.
trillion, nr., trilion (1,000,000,000,000).
trim, v., garnar (garnish).
trinity, n., trinitet.
trio, n., trio.
trip, n., tur.
triple, a., tripl or triupl.
tripod, n., triped.
triturate, v., triturar.
triumph, n., triumf.
triumph, v., triumfar.
triumpher, n., triumfator.
trivial, a., minusios.
trochaic, a., trokeik.
trochee, n., troké.
trombone, n., trombon.
troop, n., trup.
trope, n., trop.
trophy, n., trofé.
tropic, n., tropik.
tropical, a., tropikian.
tropic of Cancer, tropik de krev.
tropic of Capricorn, tropik de kaprikorn.
tropics, the, n., tropikia.
trot, n., trot.
trot, v., trotar.
troth, n., fidelitet.
trouble, n., pen (pains).
trouble, v., turbar (disturb); penar (take pains).
troublesome, a., molestik.
trough, n., lign-vas.
trousers, n., pantalon.
trout, n., truit.
true, a., ver (conformable to fact); fidel (faithful).
truffle, n., trufl.
truly, ad., verase.
truly–but, vere–ma.
trumpet, n., trompet.
trumpet, v., trompetar.
truncate, v., tronkar.
trunk, n., tronk (stem); kofr (traveler’s).
trust, n., konfid.
trust, v., konfidar.
truth, n., veritet.
truthful, a., veras.
truthfulness, n., verasitet.
try, v., eforsar (strive); provar (test).
tub, n., kuf.
tube, n., tub.
tuber, n., tuber.
tubercle, n., tuberkl.
tuberculous, a., tuberklos.
tuberosity, n., tuberositet.
Tuesday, n., marsdi.
Tuesday, a., marsdian and de m.
tuft, n., tuf.
tulip, n., tulip.
tulle, n., tul.
tumor, n., tumor.
tumult, n., tumultu.
tumult, make a, tumultuar.
tun, n., tun.
tune, n., aria.
tunnel, n., tunel.
turban, n., turban.
turf, n., torf (peat).
turkey, n., meleagr.
Turkey, n., Turkia.
Turkish, a., turk.
turn, v., turnar (change position of); rotar (revolve); tornar (in a lathe).
turn (the leaves of a book), v., folietar.
turn away, v., de-turnar (divert).
turner, n., tornator (lathe-worker).
turnip, n., rap.
turn off, v., de-turnar (divert).
turpentine, n., terebentin.
turtle, n., tortu.
tutelage, exercise, tutar.
tutor, n., dosent (in university); tutor (guardian).
twelve, nr., des-du.
twenty, nr., du-des.
twenty-one, nr., du-des-un.
twice, ad., dufoa.
twin, n., gemel.
twine, v. tr., torsar.
twist, v. tr ., torsar.
two, nr., du.
two-horse, bikavalik.
two-sided, a., biflankik.
type, n., tip.
typhus, n., tif.
typographer, n., tipograf.
tyrannical, a., tiranik.
tyrant, n., tiran.
Tyrol, n., Tirol.
ugly, a., de-formik (deformed).
uhlan, n., ulan.
ulcer, n., ulser.
ulcerate, v. intr., ulserar.
ulterior, a., ulterior.
ultimate, a., ultim.
ultimatum, n., ultimat.
ultramarine, n., ultramarin (color).
ultra-violet, a., ultraviolet.
umbilical, a., umbilikal.
umbrella, n., parapluvi.
umpire, n., arbitr.
unanimity, n., unanimitet.
unanimous, a., unanim.
unanimously, ad., unanime.
unassuming, a., modest.
unavoidable, a., neevitabl.
unbelieving, a., nekredant.
unbind, v., de-bandar.
unblemished, a., nemakuled.
unceasing, a., nesesant.
unchaste, a., nekast.
unchastity, n., nekastitet.
uncivil, a., rud.
uncle, n., onkl.
unclean, a., nepur.
uncover, v., de-kuvrar.
under, p., sub.
under, ad., inferiore.
underneath, p., sub.
under-officer, n., sub-ofisir.
understand, v., komprendar.
understanding, n., intelektu.
undertake, v., entreprenar (engage in); prendar su se (take on one’s self).
undertaking, n., entrepren (enterprise).
undress, v. tr., de-vestar.
undulate, v. int., undular.
unfortunately!, i., regrete!
unfruitful, a., steril.
unguent, n., unguent.
unhitch, v., de-yunktar (horses).
unicorn, n., unikorn.
unicorn-whale, n., narval.
uniform, n., uniform.
uniform, v., uniformar.
unimportant, a., neimportant.
union, n., union.
unique, a., unik.
unison, n., unison.
unison, a., unisonik.
unison, in, ad., unisone.
unite, v. tr., uniar.
unity, n., unitet.
universal, a., universal.
universal language, lingu universal.
universe, n., univers.
university, n., universitet.
unless, i., eksepte ke.
unload, v., de-sharjar.
unmask, v., de-maskar.
unpack, v., dispaketar.
unpartisan, a., nepartisan.
unravel, v., disnodar.
unripe, a., nematur.
unsaddle, v., de-sediar.
unskilful, a., neapt.
unstable, a., labil.
unstained, a., nemakuled.
untie, v., disnodar (as a knot); de-bandar (undo fastenings, bands).
until, p., usk.
until, i., usk ke.
until now, ad., usk sitempe.
until we meet again! , i., a re-visad!
unto, p., usk.
unusual, a., ekstr-ordinar.
unveil, v., de-kuvrar (uncover).
up, ad., a superiore.
upbraid, v., reproshar.
upon, p., su.
upper, a., superior.
upper part of, at (in, on) the, p., superiore de.
upright, a., vertikal (vertical).
uproar, n., tumultu.
uproar, cause an, tumultuar.
upset, v., subvertar.
upward, ad., a superiore.
uranium, n., uran.
ureter, n., ureter.
urethra, n., uretr.
urge, v., urgar.
urgent, a., urgant (urgent).
urinate, v., urinar.
urine, n., urin.
urn, n., urn.
urochs, n., ur.
usable, a., usabl.
usableness, n., usablitet.
usage, n., us.
use, n., us (usage); usasion (act of using); utilitet (utility).
use, v., usar.
useful, a., util.
usefulness, n., utilitet.
useless, a., neutil.
use up, v., eks-usar.
usufruct, n., usufruktu.
usufruct, v., usufruktuar.
usufruct of, enjoy, usufruktuar.
usurer, n., usurer.
usurp, v., usurpar.
usurper, n., usurpator.
usury, n., usur.
usury, practise, usurar.
utensil, n., utensil.
uterus, n., matris.
utility, n., utilitet.
utilize, v., utlilsar.
Utopia, n., utopia.
utopia, n., utopia.
utopian, n., utopist.
utopian, a., utopik.
vacancy, n., vakuitet.
vacant, a., vaku.
vacation, n., vakans.
vaccinate, v., vaksinar.
vaccination, n., vaksinasion.
vacillate, v., vasilar.
vacuity, n., vakuitet.
vagabond, n., vagabund.
vagabondize, v., vagabundar.
vagina, n., vagin.
vagrant, n., vagabund.
vague, a., vag.
vain, a., van.
vain, in, ad., vane.
vainly, ad., vane.
vale, n., val.
valerian, n., valerian.
valid, a., valid.
validity, n., validitet.
valley, n., val.
valuation, n., valut.
value, n., valor (worth); valut (valuation).
value, have, valar.
valve, n., valv.
vampire, n., vampir.
vanadium, n., vanad.
vandal, n., vandal.
vandalism, n., vandalism.
vanilla, n., vanili.
vanity, n., vanitet.
vanquish, v., viktoriar.
vapor, n., vapor.
variability, n., variablitet.
variable, a., variabl.
variableness, n., variablitet.
variation, n., variasion.
variegated, a., vari-kolorik.
variegation, n., vari-kolor.
variety, n., variositet (variousness); varietet (of a species).
variola, n., variol.
various, a., varios.
variousness, n., variositet.
varnish, n., vernis.
varnish, v., vernisar.
vary, v. tr., variar.
vase, n., vas.
vassal, n., vasal.
vast, a., vast.
vat, n., kuf.
Vatican, n., vatikan.
Vatican, a., vatikanik.
vault, n., volt (arch); latrin (privy-vault).
vault, v., voltar (arch); voltijar (spring).
vaulting, n., voltij.
vegetable, n., vegetabil (plant).
vegetable, a., vegetabl.
vegetable casein, n., legumin.
vegetable diet, n., vegetari.
vegetable food, n., vegetari.
vegetables, n., legum.
vegetarian, n., vegetarian.
vegetarian, a., vegetarian.
vegetarianism, n., vegetarianism.
vegetate, v., vegetar.
vegetation, n., vegetasion.
vehemence, n., vehementitet (vehemens).
vehement, a., vehement.
vehicle, n., vehikl.
veil, n., vel.
veil, v., velar.
vein, n., ven (blood-vessel); lign-ven (of wood).
velocipede, n., velosiped.
velocipedist, n., velosipedist.
velocity, n., velositet.
velvet, n., velut.
venerability, n., venerablitet.
venerable, a., venerabl.
venerableness, n., venerablitet.
venerate, v., venerar.
veneration, n., venerasion.
venerator, n., venerator.
vengeance, n., vindikasion.
venison, n., venison.
venom, n., venen.
venomous, a., venenos.
venomousness, n., venenositet.
ventilate, v., ventilar.
ventilation, n., ventilasion.
ventilator, n., ventilator.
ventricose, a., ventros.
ventricous, a., ventros.
venture, v., hasardar.
veracious, a., veras.
veracity, n., verasitet.
verb, n., verb.
verdict, n., verdikt.
verification, n., verifikasion.
verify, v., verifikar.
verity, n., veritet.
vermilion, n., vermilion.
vermin, n., vermin.
verse, n., vers.
versify, v., versifikar.
version, n., version.
vertebra, n., vertebr.
vertex, n., vertis.
vertical, a., vertikal.
vertiginous, a., vertiginos.
vertigo, n., vertigin.
very, ad., multe.
very, so, ad., tante.
very well, ad., multe bene.
vesicle, n., vesik.
vessel, n., vas (receptacle); nav (ship).
vest, n., kamisol (waistcoat).
vest, v., vestar.
vestibule, n., vestibul.
veteran, n., veteran.
veto, n., veto.
vex, v., veksar.
vexed, be, v., esar veksed.
via, p., via.
vibrate, v., vibrar.
vibration, n., vibrasion.
vicar, n., vikar.
vicar, act as, v., vikarar.
vice, n., visi.
vice-director, n., visedirektor.
vicegerent, n., vikar.
vice-president, n., visepresident.
vice versa, ad., inversie.
vicinity, n., visinitet.
vicinity, in the, ad., visine.
vicinity of, in the, p., visinu.
vicious, a., visios.
victim, n., viktim.
victor, n., viktor.
victorious, n., viktorios.
victorious, be, viktoriar.
victory, n., viktori.
victuals, n., viktual.
view, n., aspekt.
view, v., aspektar.
view of, in, p., konsiderantu.
vigilant, a., vigilant.
vignette, n., viniet.
vigor, n., vigor.
vigorous, a., vigoros.
vigorousness, n., vigorositet.
vile, a., vilan.
villa, n., vila.
village, n., vilaj.
vindicate, v., yustifikar.
vine, n., sep.
vinegar, n., vinegr.
viola, n., viola.
violate, v., violar.
violation, n., violasion.
violet, n., violet (flower).
violet, violet-colored, a., violet.
violin, n., violin.
violin, tenor, n., viola.
violinist, n., violinist.
violoncello, n., violoncel.
viper, n., vipr.
virgin, n., virgina.
virginal, a., virgin.
virginity, n., virginitet.
virtue, n., virtu.
virtue of, by, p., eks.
virtuosa, n., virtuosa.
virtuoso, n., virtuoso.
virtuous, a., virtuos.
visible, a., visabl (visibl).
vision, n., vis (eyesight); vision (supernatural).
visit, n., visit.
visit, v., visitar.
visor, n., visier.
vital, a., vital.
vitality, n., vitalitet.
vitreous, a., vitrik.
vitrifiability, n., vitreskablitet.
vitrify, v., vitreskar (intrans.); vitrifikar (trans.).
vitriol, n., vitriol.
vivacious, a., vivas.
vivaciously, ad., vivase.
vivacity, n., vivasitet.
vivify, v., animar.
vocable, n., vokabl.
vocation, n., vokasion (call).
voice, n., vok.
void, n., vakuitet.
void, a., vaku.
Volapük, speak, volapükar.
volcano, n., volkan.
volley, n., salv (salvo).
volume, n., volumin (bulk); tom (tome).
voluminous, a., voluminos.
voluminousness, n., voluminositet.
voluntarily, ad., volontare.
voluntary, a., volontar.
volunteer, n., volontar.
voluptuary, n., voluptuer.
voluptuous, a., voluptuos.
voluptuousness, n., voluptu.
vomit, n., vomasion (vomiting).
vomit, v., vomar.
vomiting, n., vomasion.
voracious, a., voras.
voracity, n., vorasitet.
vortex, n., vort.
Vosges Mountains, n., Vogesi.
vote, n., vot.
vote, v., votar.
votive, a., votiv.
vouchsafe, v., dignar (deign).
vow, n., vov.
vow, v., vovar.
vowel, n., vokal.
vowel, clear, vokal klar.
vowel, intermediary, vokal intermediar.
vowel, modified, vokal intermediar.
vulgar, a., vulgar.
vulnerable, a., vulnerabl.
vulture, n., vultur.
wadding, n., vat.
wade, v., vadar.
wafer, n., vafr.
waffle, n., vafr.
wager, n., pari.
wager, v., pariar.
waggish, a., bufonik.
wagon, n., kar.
wagon-pole, n., timon.
waistcoat, n., kamisol.
wait, v., atendar.
wait for, v., ad-yustar (lie in wait).
waiting, n., atend.
wait on, v., servar.
wake, v., vigileskar (intr.); vigilifikar (trans.).
waken, v ., vigileskar (intr.); vigilifikar (trans.).
wake up, v., vigileskar (intr.); vigilifikar (trans.).
walk, n., promenad (promenade); alé (path).
walk, v., ambular.
walk, take a, promenar.
wall, n., mur (masonry); pariet (partition).
wall (up), v., murar.
Wallachia, n., Valakia.
wall-paper, n., papir-tapet.
walrus, n., mors.
waltz, n., vals.
waltz, v., valsar.
wan, a., palid.
wand, n., verg.
wander, v., aberar.
wandering, n., aberasion.
wane, v., minueskar.
want, n., indigentitet ((indigens) indigence).
wanting, be, v., mankar (be lacking).
want of, for, p., manku.
war, n., guer.
war, v., guerar.
war, wage, v., guerar.
war upon any one, make, guerar ko kh.
ward, n., pupil (pupil); kuartier (quarter).
wardrobe, n., garderob (place).
wares, n., merkantad.
warm, a., kalid.
warm, v., kalidifikar.
warm, be, kalar.
warm, become, kalideskar.
warmth, n., kalor.
warn, v., monitar (admonish); prekautar (caution).
warning, n., monit (admonition); prekautasion (caution).
warrant, v., garantar.
wart, n., veruk.
wash, v., lavar.
washbasin, n., lav-basin.
washerwoman, n., lavatora.
wasp, n., vesp.
waste, a., desert.
watch, v., vigilar (be vigilant); kustodar (guard).
watch for, v., ad-yustar (lie in wait).
watchful, a., vigilant.
watchman, n., vigilant (one who keeps vigil); kustod (guard).
water, n., akua.
water, v., irigar (irrigate).
water-closet, n., kloset.
waterfall, n., kaskad.
water-tight, a., hidrodens.
watery, a., akuatr (water-like).
wave, n., undul.
wave, v. intr., undular.
waver, v., vasilar.
wavy line, n., serpentin.
wax, n., sir.
way, n., via (road); manier (manner).
way back, n., retro-via.
way, in a certain, ad., sert-maniere.
way, in this, ad., simaniere.
we, pr., noi.
weak, a., febl.
weakness, n., feblitet.
wealth, n., rikitet.
wealthy, a., opulent.
wean, v., de-kustomar.
weapon, n., arm.
wear, v., portar (clothes).
wearied, a., fatiged.
weariness, n., fatig.
wear out, v., de-usar (trans.).
weary, v., fatigar (fatigue); enuiar (bore).
weasel, n., mustel.
weather, n., tempest.
weave, v., teksar.
weaver, n., teksator.
weaving-mill, n., tekseri.
wedding, n., nupt.
wedge, n., koin.
Wednesday, n., merkurdi.
Wednesday, a., merkurdian and de m.
week, n., seman.
weekly, ad., omni-semane.
weep, v., lakrimar.
weigh, v., pesar (be weighty); ponderar (trans.).
weighable, a., ponderabl.
weight, n., gravitet (heaviness; also importance); pesad (heavy mass).
weighty, a., pesant (heavy); grav (grave).
welcome, n., velkom.
welcome, v., velkomar.
well, n., puit.
well, a., san (healthy).
well, ad., bene.
well, become, saneskar.
west, n., uest.
west, a., uestik.
west, in the, ad., ueste.
westerly, ad., ueste (in the west); versu uest (westward).
western, a., uestik.
Westphalia, n., Vestfalia.
westward, ad., versu uest.
wet, a., humid.
wet, v., humidifikar.
whale, n., balen.
wharf, n., molo.
what, pr. rel. (and int.), kel (adjectively); kekos (thing).
whatever, pr. ind., omni kekos.
what kind of? pr., kual?
wheat, n., frument.
wheel, n., rot.
wheelbarrow, n., pus-kar.
when, ad., kuande (rel. and inter.).
whenever, i., omnifoa ke.
where, ad., keloke, keplase.
wherever, i., omni-loke ke.
whet, v., poliar.
whether, i., eske.
which, pr. rel., kel (adjectively); kekos (thing).
whichever, pr. ind., omni ki.
which (what-th?) time, for the, ad., kelimfoa.
whiff, n., halit.
while, whilst, i., durante ke.
whim, n., kapris.
whimper, v., vagiar.
whine, v., vagiar.
whip, n., flagel.
whip, v., flagelar.
whipping, n., flagelasion.
whirl, n., vort.
whirl, v. intr., vortar.
whisky, n., uiski.
whist, n., vist.
whistle, n., fif (instrument); fifad (sound).
whistle, v., fifar.
white, a., blank.
white bread, n., blank-pan.
white frost, n., glas-rosi.
white horse, n., blank-kaval.
white lead, n., serus.
whitish, a., blankatr.
Whitsunday, n., pentekost.
who, pr. rel., kel.
who, pr. int. (and rel.), ki.
whoever, pr. ind., omni ki.
whole, n., kompleks.
whole, a., integr.
wholesaler, n., grosoist (grosist).
wholesaling, n., groso.
wholesome, a., salubr.
wholly, ad., totale.
why, ad., kekause.
wick, n., fil de kandel; fil de lamp.
wicked, a., mal.
wide, a., larg.
widen, v., largifikar.
widow, n., vidua.
widowed, a., vidu.
widowed, be (become), v., vidueskar.
widower, n., viduo.
widowhood, n., viduitet.
width, n., largitet.
wife, n., marita.
wig, n., peruk.
wild, a., feros.
wilful, a., obstinant.
wilfulness, n., obstinasion.
will, n., volu (volition); testament (testament).
will, v., voluar (desire); testamentar (make will).
willingly, ad., volontare.
willingly, more, ad., plu volontare.
willow, n., salis.
wilt, v., flaksideskar.
wilted, a., flaksid.
win, v., ganiar.
winch, n., manivel.
wind, n., vent.
wind, v., guindar (reel); serpentar (meander); bobinar (on a spool).
windlass, n., guind.
window, n., fenestr.
windpipe, n., traké.
windy, a., ventos.
windy, be, ventar.
wine, n., vin.
wing, n., al.
wing, v., alar (add wings to).
winged, a., aled.
wink, v., palpebrar.
winter, n., frigotemp.
wipe, v., frotar.
wire, n., metal-fil.
wisdom, n., sapientitet.
wise, a., sapient.
wish, n., desir.
wish, v., desirar.
wit, n., esprit.
with, p., ko (together with); mediu (by means of); ad (by; e. g. el papiri es ad mi–those papers are with me).
withdraw, v., retirar (take back); retirar se (go back).
withdrawal, n., retirad.
wither, v., flaksideskar.
withered, a., flaksid.
within, p., inu (time); interiore de (place).
within, ad., interiore (on the inside); a interiore (to the inside).
without, p., sine (lacking); eksteriore de (outside).
without, i., sine ke.
witness, n., atestator.
witness, v., atestar.
woe!, i., ve!
woe to me!, ve a mi!
wolf, n., lup.
wolfram, n., volfram.
woman, n., femin.
womb, n., matris.
wonder, v., esar surprised.
wood, n., lign.
wood, abounding in, lignos.
woodcock, n., bekas.
wooden, a., lignik.
wood-engraver, n., ksilo-graf.
woodlike, a., lignatr.
wood pecker, n., pikl.
woodpecker, a., piklik and de p.
woody, a., lignos.
wool, n., lan.
woolen, a., lanik.
woolly, a., lanos.
word, n., parol.
work, n., labor (labor); efektuad (thing effected).
work, v., laborar (labor); eksploatar (exploit); funksionar (function).
working, n., eksploatasion (exploitation).
work out, v., eks-laborar (elaborate).
workshop, n., ofisin.
world, n., mund.
worm, n., verm.
wormwood, n., absint.
worse, make, plu-malifikar.
worsen, v. tr., plu-malifikar.
worship, n., adorasion (the act); kult (a system of).
worship, v., adorar.
worshiper, n., adorator.
worth, n., valor (value); dignitet (dignity).
worth, be, valar.
worthless, a., vil.
worthlessness, n., vilitet.
worth while, be, valar.
worth while, it is, it val.
worthy, a., dignik.
wound, n., vulner.
wound, v., vulnerar.
wounding, n., vulnerasion.
wrap (up), v., kuvertar.
wrapper, n., kuvert (envelope).
wrath, n., koler.
wreath, n., flor-koron.
wretched, a., miserabl.
wretchedness, n., miser.
wring, v., de-urgar (extort).
wrinkle, n., rug.
wrinkle, v. tr., rugar.
wrinkled, a., rugos.
wrist, n., flekt [de manu].
write, v., skribar.
write beautifully, kali-grafar.
write off (out), v., de-skribar.
writer, n., skribator.
writing, n., skribasion (act); skribad (thing written).
writing, in, ad., skribade.
wrong, n., tort.
wrong, do, fasiar nekorekte (do incorrectly).
Wurtemberg, n., Virtemberg.
xylographer, n., ksilo-graf.
yacht, n., yakt.
yard, n., kurt (court).
yawn, v., ositar.
year, n., anu.
yearly, a., anuik (anual).
yearly, ad., omni-anue.
yearn for, v., desirar.
yeast, n., ferment.
yellow, a., yelb.
yes, ad., si.
yesterday, ad., pre-sidiurne.
yet, ad., ankor.
yet, i., ye.
yield, v., rentar (produce).
yoke, n., yug.
yonder, ad., teloke.
you, pr., vo (sing.); voi (plural).
young, a., yun.
younger, a., yunior.
young lady, n., siniorina.
your, pr., votr (sing.); vostr (plur.).
yours, pr., votr (sing.); vostr (plur.).
yourself, yourselves, pr., aut (emphatic); vo, voi (reflexive).
youth, n., yuvent (time).
youthfulness, n., yunitet.
ytterbium, n., iterbium.
yttrium, n., itrium.
zeal, n., fervitet.
zealous, a., ferv.
zealous, be, esar ferv.
zebra, n., sebr.
zechin, n., sekin.
zenith, n., senit.
zephyr, n., sefir.
zero, n., nul.
zigzag, n., sigsag.
zinc, n., sink.
zinc, v., sinkar.
zirconium, n., sirkonium.
zither, n., sitr.
zodiac, n., sodiak.
zone, n., sintur.
zoölogical, a., soologiik (soologik).
zoölogy, n., soologi.
zouave, n., suav.



a) Neutral-English Part.


40 under aserb, add: tart.
43 ... bat ... stroke.
49 ... 
dignar ... to vouchsafe. 
55 ... eskartar ... to reject.
57 ... fasiar sum de ... to aggregate.
63 ... glob ... ball.
67 ... indigentitet ... want.
73 ... kaus ... ground.
75 ... kolektar ... to gather.
84 ... lini ... stroke.
89 ... minueskar ... to wane.
92 ... mut ... silent.
107 ... prolongar ... to lengthen; to produce.
112 ... reprovar ... to reprobate.
112 ... resiprok ... mutual.
117 ... sfer ... ball.
123 ... sub ... below.
124 ... superior ... -u, p., over; above.
125 ... tart ... pie.
130 insert unotr, pr., each other; one another.

b) English-Neutral Part.

147 under ball, add: glob, sfer (globe, sphere).
153 before breeze, insert: breed, n., ras.
176 “ eager, “ each other, unotr.
206 “ lentil, “ lengthen, v., prolongar.
209 “ lowness, “ lower part of, at (in, on) the, p., inferiore de.
216 “ muzzle, “ mutual, a., resiprok.
221 “ one (the), “ one another, unotr.


a) Grammar.


16, line 21 from top, read: av doned instead of donav.
19, under inferiore de cancel: below, and add: at (in, on) the lower part of.
19, under superiore de cancel: over, above, and add: at (in, on) the upper part of.
28, line 25 from top, read: ruined e perded instead of: ruined u perded.

b) Neutral-English Part.

67 under inferiore de cancel: below, and add: at (in, on) the lower part of.
76 under kompleksar cancel: to aggregate, and add: to comprise; to embrace; to comprehend; to include; to take in.
124 under superiore de cancel: over; above, and add: at (in, on) the upper part of.

c) English-Neutral Part.

137 under above, p., cancel: superiore de, and add: superioru.
149 “ below, p., “ inferiore de,sub.
222 “ over, p., “ superiore de,superioru.



[This history and the preceding Grammar, written by Mr. Woldemar Rosenberger, Vice-director of the Academy, were, with his permission, translated by me for this work from the original German.—M. A. F. H.]

The International Academy of the Universal Language owes its origin to three congresses, which were held by Volapükists. The first congress of the Volapük union, to which the inventor of Volapük, Rev. J. M. Schleyer, in his “Weltspracheblatt (Volapükabled)” (1) had invited “all friends, well-wishers and knowers of Volapük,” took place in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance from the 25th to the 28th of August, 1884. At this congress there were present Volapükists from Germany, Austria and Alsace; German was the language used; (2) no decisions of importance were arrived at—at least none were made public—but a committee was chosen, which was commissioned to prepare for a second congress to be held at a fitting time and place, (3) and this committee at the beginning of 1887, in Schleyer’s Volapükabled and in Cogabled, issued an invitation to all Volapükists of the world to attend an international congress to be held in Munich from the 6th to the 9th of August, 1887. (4)

In this congress of Munich (1) some immaterial grammatical questions were decided; (2) statutes were prepared for a general international world-language club, which, however, came to nought;(5) and (3) in order to preserve the unity of the language and to perfect Volapük, an international society called the International Academy of the Universal Language was founded, which should begin its work the 1st of January, 1888.(6) Prof. Dr. Auguste Kerckhoffs of Paris, secretary of the extraordinarily active “Association française pour la propagation du Volapük” and author of the French Volapük Dictionary,(7) into which he had introduced some simplifications of the language, was unanimously chosen Director of the Academy, and seventeen persons from twelve different countries were chosen as kademals, that is academicians or members of the Academy.(8)

In § 9 of the resolutions of the congress that relate to the founding of the Academy, it is said that the Academy itself should formulate its own statutes, as a basis for which the statutes proposed by Schleyer(9) and all applicable paragraphs of the statutes of the “Académie française” should be used. After their ratification by the cifal (Director general: an honorary position created for Schleyer), the statutes should be communicated to the congress (perhaps a future one is intended). In § 8 of the same resolutions it was provided that a congress of the Academy should be held every third year at the beginning of August, that is at the same time with the congress of the above-mentioned general world-language club.(10) Paris or Vienna was chosen as the place of the next congress.(11)

Professor Kerckhoffs had accepted his election as Director on the following two conditions: (1) that the resolutions [he erroneously calls them statutes] of the Munich congress relative to the Academy be considered as provisional and be submitted to a new examination at the coming Volapük congress in the year 1889), on the occasion of the great Paris Exposition; (2) that, besides the above-mentioned seventeen persons, seven other gentlemen proposed by him be accepted as academicians.(12) The seventeen academicians already chosen and Schleyer also assented to these conditions.(13) Thus the future congress had a perfect right to ratify statutes, and the question as to the time and place of the next congress was also decided—Paris, 1889.

The work of the Academy now began, and Schleyer was the first to propose certain questions to the Academy; among others this: Should every root without exception begin with a consonant?(14)

The Director of the Academy in his correspondence with its members made use of “Le Volapük,” a journal edited by himself, and first of all laid down the following programme for the labors of the Academy: 1. Alphabet: (a) sounds, (b) letters. II. Formation of Words: (a) roots, (b) derivatives, (c) compounds. III. Arrangement of Words. IV. Grammar: (a) declension, (b) conjugation, (c) use and signification of prepositions, adverbs, etc. V. Examination of improperly formed words of the Dictionary. VI. Proposing of new words.(15)

After this programme had been approved by the Academy, he entered upon the work proper and began with the question, whether the sounds ä ö ü should be admitted into the language or not and, in the former event, whether they should be rendered by the forms ä ö ü or otherwise.

From these questions on the part of Schleyer and of the Director it is perceived that the Academy had to decide not only a few unimportant questions, such as had been hitherto raised by Volapükists, but that radical changes in the language were imminent and that great and earnest work was demanded of the Academy; for, if the majority had answered the above two questions in the negative, all dictionaries and textbooks of Volapük would immediately have become useless, and for half the Volapük words and for many grammatical forms the Academy would have had to create new words and forms, so that an entirely new language would have arisen, for which even the name Volapük would no longer have been suitable. It may be noted in passing that the answers were such that no radical changes were immediately necessary.

Thereupon the Director, in accordance with his programme, proposed other questions to the Academy and, after the answers of the individual academicians had been received, compared them, and the opinion of the majority formed a resolution of the Academy. Such resolutions were published in the journal “Le Volapük.” In proposing questions and in announcing the result the Director made use of Volapük.

At first the Academy had labored very diligently, so that at the beginning of the year 1889 the following had been resolved: what sounds were allowable in the language, by what letters they should be represented, the accentuation of words, and some principles for the formation of words; the two leading principles for the selection of roots were as follows: (1) it is allowed to choose roots at will, but when possible, short roots existing in the natural languages should be preferred, (2) it is not necessary to retain the original form of the root, but that form which is nearest the original is the best.—Further, it had been resolved that the order of words in the sentence should not be optional, but should take place in accordance with simple, fixed rules and, as for declension, that both kinds of declension (if I may so express myself) should be permitted—by means of the endings –a, –e, –i and with prepositions—de for the genitive, and al for the dative.—Resolutions in regard to conjugation and the form of pronouns were, however, still lacking; neither had the Academy yet entered upon the examination of improperly formed words nor the proposing of new words. Thus the programme was not yet fully elaborated, and consequently the Director could not carry into effect his intention of submitting to the congress of August, 1889, a finished grammatical project for final ratification; he therefore published shortly before the congress a grammatical project, in which these important points (conjugation and pronouns) were not drawn up in accordance with resolutions of the Academy, but contained some of the Director’s proposed changes, which were still waiting ratification.(16) As, however, these proposed changes did not meet with the general approbation of the Academy, there could not be question of a ratification by the congress of the proposed grammatical project; even the discussion of questions of grammar in the congress proved impossible, for it would have led to debates taking up much time, and would have accomplished no practical result; therefore the congress contented itself with entrusting to the Academy the preparation of a simple grammar.(17)

The congress was held in Paris August 19-21, 1889, and was participated in by Volapükists from thirteen different countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, England, Spain, Russia, Denmark, Austria-Hungary, Greece, United States of America, Turkey and China. The language of the congress was Volapük.—The principal work of the congress consisted in a detailed examination of all the twenty-one paragraphs of the statutes of the International Academy of the Universal Language, which the preparatory committee appointed by Professor Kerckhoffs had elaborated, and in the ratification of these (after some changes) in the form in which they are here given (see below) in an English translation. They are still in force to-day; in § 1 it is expressly stated that the task of the Academy is to complete and improve the grammar and dictionary of the inventor.—According to the last paragraph these statutes can be changed only by an international congress. In relation to congresses of the Universal Language the resolution of the 20th of August runs as follows: “The Academy must decide where and when the next congress should be held; the Academy should form the preparatory committee for the congress.”(18)

Schleyer, who had not been present at the congress, announced that he ratified all paragraphs of the statutes with the exception of those which determined his rights in the Academy, and that he reserved to himself a veto in all cases.(19) As no right of ratification had been granted to Schleyer by the congress, no attention was paid to this claim.

Thus the International Academy of the Universal Language had become a viable self-existent institution, whose given right and imposed duty were: (1) to complete the grammar and dictionary of the inventor, and (2) to introduce unlimited changes in them as soon as such should be considered improvements by the Academy.

Although therefore there was every prospect that the work of the Academy, begun with such success, would be finished in accordance with the programme, it must unfortunately be stated that after the congress there was a diminution of energy in the prosecution of the work, and that it was even brought to a temporary standstill. The fault first of all lay in this, that the Director changed the manner of proposing questions, since he (1) no longer proposed to the Academy single parts of the grammar to be voted on, but a complete grammatical project at one time, and with further proposed changes, and (2) directed the academicians to come to an agreement as to the acceptance or non-acceptance of this grammar with the clubs of the countries which they represented, —a method of voting not provided for in the statutes.(20) It was not possible to arrive at an agreement in this way, and if the views of the different Volapük clubs and journals and their correspondents were already, even before this, widely divergent, the strife of parties was increased by this action, and in a short time instead of one grammatical project there were many, for many of the academicians had laid their votes before the Director in the form of independent grammatical projects, and some of them had also published their projects.—It can not be denied that many of these grammatical projects contained good proposals that deserved to be taken into consideration by the Academy; therefore it was the general wish that the Director would submit the various proposals to a vote of the Academy in the journal of the Academy, which he meanwhile had founded under the name of “Calabled Kadema” (official paper of the Academy) [of which, however, only two numbers appeared]. The Director had the floor, so to speak, and the whole Volapük world waited expectantly for what would now come from Paris. Professor Kerckhoffs, however, for many months remained silent.—This circumstance and the disagreement of Volapükists had for result, that interest in Volapük ceased rather suddenly, and the ardent propaganda from this time onward constantly declined.

In order again to put in motion the interrupted work of the Academy, in November, 1890, at the instance of the St. Petersburg Volapük Club (Zilak volapüköl), a petition signed by twenty-three academicians and nineteen other Volapükists was sent to the Director with the request that he would submit to the Academy the nine leading grammatical projects (of academicians Day and Holden, Guigues, Heyligers, Kerckhoffs, Knuth, Krüger, Lederer and von Rylski,(21) Plum,(22) Rosenberger) grouped in separate paragraphs, beginning with the most important, in order that the Academy might choose from the proposed forms in each individual instance those that were desired.

This request was not complied with, although § 17 of the statutes says that every proposal signed by at least six members of the Academy must be brought before the Academy; but instead of this there appeared once more, in the second number of the academic paper, of date December, 1890, a complete grammatical project with a very inaccurate account of the proposals made by the academicians, and by a circular of July 20, 1891, Professor Kerckhoffs conveyed the intelligence that he had determined to lay down his office.

Thereupon the Academy commissioned a provisional committee, consisting of Champ-Rigot, Guigues and Heyligers, three members of the Academy living in Paris, to bring about the election of a new Director.

This committee reported its work in its six circulars to the members of the Academy of November 2, 1891 to December 14, 1892. The committee issued a financial report, had a so-called normal grammar (Glamat nomik) printed, which was written in Volapük, in which are given all the rules in the form in which they had been accepted by the Academy, and by vote of the academicians brought about the election of several new members of the Academy and finally of the Director, whereby it was my lot to receive the honor of an election to this office for five years. Since one of the members of the committee, H. Heyligers, by a circular to the academicians of date January 15, 1893, announced that he knew nothing of the election of a new Director, as he had been present at no meeting of the committee for at least three months, it was decided by the Academy to submit the work of the committee, in so far as it concerned the election of a Director, to a revision; and this was entrusted to the Volapük club of Leitmeritz in Bohemia.(23)

After making this examination the Leitmeritz club, by a circular to the academicians of date May 16, 1893, announced that I was actually the newly-elected Director.

Meanwhile the Academy had been inactive for nearly four years, interest in Volapük had materially diminished, Schleyer ignored the greater changes, the number of members of the Academy had decreased to fifteen and of Volapük papers to three, most of the Volapük clubs had ceased their activity, and the few remaining Volapükists were hostile to each other: some held to Schleyer and his Volapük, others regarded Volapük with Kerckhoffs’s changes as the ideal of an international language, the rest broke up into a number of smaller groups, each of which defended one of the many linguistic systems that arose at that period. —In spite of these conditions, so unfavorable for the labors of the Academy, convinced of the adaptability of an artificial language to international intercourse, and trusting in the feasibility of the task of the Academy and in the serviceableness of the statutes elaborated at Paris, I ventured to take up the interrupted work.

In the first place I left the grammar entirely alone and began with the most important part of the work—the examination of improperly formed words and the proposing of new words. —First I laid before the Academy for examination a list of such Volapük words as I was persuaded needed no change, e. g. delfin, legion, metal, etc., since they appear in most European languages, and in this I had noted after each word in what languages the word may be found (the following seven languages were always kept in view: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Latin). In the second list, instead of the corresponding Volapük words, I proposed to the Academy to accept such words as by their form fitted perfectly into the Volapük system, that is began and ended with a consonant, and could thus be taken into the dictionary without detriment to the Volapük grammar, and which complied with the above-mentioned resolution of the Academy—that the original form of the word should be retained as far as possible—much better than the respective Volapük words, e. g. fabrik, manufactory instead of fablüd ; balsam, balsam instead of bain ; trup, troop instead of tlup, etc. In this I met with very little opposition: most of the words proposed by me were accepted unanimously, and objection was made by individual academicians to only a few words, that is counter-proposals were made; for instance, I had proposed frat, brother instead of blod, for which academician Plum of Copenhagen considered fratr still more suitable. In such cases I brought the question once more before the Academy, that is I had the academicians choose between both the proposed words, and that word for which the most votes bad been given was considered accepted according to § 13 of the statutes.

In my communications with the members of the Academy I did not make use of a periodical, as this had proved unsuitable, for each number of such must consist of a fixed number of pages and appear at a stated time; but what I had to say to the academicians I caused to be printed in the form of circulars of from one to twelve pages, just as they were needed, naturally in Volapük, and sent two copies to each academician with the request that in one of the copies he would record his vote on the questions proposed and return this copy signed to me as soon as possible; as to this last, the Academy had granted me the right to disregard all votes received later than sixty-five days after I sent out the respective questions. This long time was fixed upon to enable the Brazilian member of the Academy to take part in the work, and it was impossible for his vote to arrive in St. Petersburg at an earlier date.—All the questions were so worded that the academicians were obliged to answer by yes or no, so that I was able to count the votes for and against; but in case of new proposals, for instance of words or grammatical rules, 1 had requested that the academicians would never vote simply no, but, if anyone disagreed with the proposal, that he would make a better one; in which latter case both proposals were laid before the Academy to choose from, as has already been pointed out in the above-cited example of frat and fratr. In this way, on the one hand, many really good and practical proposals came to light, which is most desirable in such work, and every proposal of every academician was put to the vote of the Academy; on the other hand opportunity was given to each member of the Academy to make his own proposals and to take part in the selection of a definite proposal from among several. Thence also contentment reigned among the members of the Academy, whose number by the accession of very capable persons began to increase.

At that time, as is mentioned above, besides Volapük several other systems of artificial language had appeared. I must here name the chief among them, as they had a material influence on the labors of the Academy:

  1. La lingvo internacia by Dr. Esperanto (Zamenhof) of Warsaw.(24)
  2. Kosmos by Eugene A. Lauda of Berlin.(25)
  3. Spelin by Professor J. Bauer of Agram.(26)
  4. Myrana by J. Stempfl of Oberreute in Bavaria.(27)
  5. Lingua internazional or Mondolingue by J. Lott of Vienna.(28)
  6. Universala by Dr. Eugene Heintzeler, principal, of Stuttgart.(29)
  7. Novlatiin by Dr. E. Beermann, headmaster, of Nordhausen.(30)

Besides these artificial languages the works of the following persons also influenced the Academy: Dr. T. C. Winkler of Haarlem,(31) John Runström of Stockholm,(32) editor Karl Lentze of Leipsic, (33) Edgar von Wahl of Reval and Anton von Grabovski of Ivano-Vosnesensk, the accentuation of words adopted by the Academy, namely on the vowel preceding the last consonant, being a proposal of Bauer (in Spelin) and Wahl, (34) and the plural ending -i, a proposal of Zamenhof(35) and Grabovski.(36) If the language of Dr. Esperanto was the best work in practical execution, on the other hand the best theoretical directions for creating an international language had been given by J. Stempfl. With the probable exception of Prof. Bauer, all the above-cited authors agreed in this, that the roots of words must be taken from living languages or from the Latin, and with as little change as possible.

Of the greatest importance to the labors of the Academy was the work of Dr. Alberto Liptay, “Eine Gemeinsprache der Kulturvölker,” which appeared in 1891, in which the author instituted a critical inquiry into the projects of universal language that had appeared up to that time, and laid down fixed principles for the building up of a dictionary of an international language, but did not himself proceed to the execution of this work. He then pointed out that there already exists a large number of so-called world-words, e. g. animal, which is intelligible to nearly all nations and certainly to all civilized peoples, even to those who do not, as the English, the French, the Italians, the Spanish, the Portuguese, etc., use it as a vocable of their mother-tongue;

thus the German speaks of Animalismus, Animalien, animalisieren, and of animalischen Eigenschaften.(37) Further examples of such world-words were: artificial, universal, amor, color, baron, balkon, amen, volumen, merkantil, vulcan, fabricant, miserable, natur, divin, adyectiv, observatorium; celibat, evangelist, tabak, cigar, kafé, té, sport, club, astronom, logaritm, etc.—in all over 8,000 words.(38)—All these words are entitled to admission to the dictionary of a language intended for international use, just as are the elements of which these words are composed.—only they must be discovered and collected(39)—indeed Liptay lays down the proposition that a universal language must not be invented, but discovered.(40) Convinced of the impossibility of creating a universal language, Liptay proposed the attaining of a common language by way of synthesis or compilation of such elements as are already within the reach of every human understanding and only await condensation into something tangible or visible and to be brought into a homogeneous form.(41)—As to the manner of writing the world-words we find in the same work directions most worthy of notice;(42) what Liptay most exhaustively says as to the international value of single letters can be denied in only a few instances.

After the work of Dr. Liptay had been submitted to Professor Max Müller of Oxford, he expressed his opinion to the author in the following terms: “Your idea of choosing roots almost universally understood by men of education is excellent, and the grammatical articulation that you propose is very practicable, although here and there perhaps something simpler and more practical could be suggested. What you have to do now is to elaborate a complete dictionary.”(43) —It appears that Dr. Liptay has not followed Max Müller’s advice, for no dictionary by him has yet appeared.

The International Academy of the Universal Language, however, willingly followed these practical suggestions. After I had called the attention of the Academy to the above-cited works on universal language in general and to that of Liptay in particular, and had invited the members to take them into consideration in voting, in order that the Academy might not be behind in the general movement, the leading principles of orthography were soon settled, and then the resolution was passed that for every root the international form must be sought. that is, that that root is the best which appears in the most European languages.(44) In fulfilment of this resolution, I considered in the selection of words to be proposed the seven leading languages of Europe, as above mentioned, and after I had assured myself that still more suitable forms had not been found by the above-mentioned writers, Esperanto, Lott, Heintzeler and Beermann, I laid my proposals before the Academy to be voted upon.

As, contrary to what had heretofore been held, the dictionary and not the grammar was considered the more important, and as very many international roots begin with a vowel, I necessarily proposed such roots, although the forms of the Volapük grammar are very unsuitable for such roots; on the other hand I had to seek new grammatical forms that would suit these roots.—After much search and many trials simple forms were found, e. g. the verbal suffixes -av for the past and -ero for the future, which, borrowed from the natural languages, are as well known to educated Europeans as the artificial Volapük forms; wherefore they also, with slight changes, were accepted by the Academy. It was also possible to replace most of the arbitrarily invented Volapük prefixes and suffixes by more natural forms, and in many cases even by international ones.(45) Most of the proposed words were accepted by the Academy, and in case counter-proposals were made, I proceeded as I pointed out above.

When the five years of my directorship were at an end, the programme of the work in essentials had been carried out; the Academy had accepted:

  1. rules for orthography and pronunciation,
  2. about 3,000 of the most necessary roots,
  3. the most necessary prefixes and suffixes,
  4. a large number of derivatives and compounds,
  5. all the pronouns,
  6. the most commonly used adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions,
  7. all the grammatical forms,
  8. rules for the order of words in the sentence.

The sum of the then-existent resolutions of the Academy could already be rightly called an artificial language. This academic language is essentially distinguished from all other artificial languages in this, that it is not the work of one man, but is the result of years of toil on the part of a whole international society. On the one hand, it can be just as easily spoken and written as Volapük, for the Volapük principles—of an almost phonetic spelling, of no exception to given rules, and of the simplicity and ease with which derivatives can be formed from roots (46)—have been retained; but on the other hand, this language is much more easily understood both by hearers and readers than Volapük, since, for all the elements of which the words are composed, such forms were chosen as are already known to the majority of educated Europeans.—Several members of the Academy already used the new language instead of Volapük for correspondence with their colleagues, since they found that it is much easier to write in the academic language than in Volapük, although the resolutions of the Academy had not yet been brought into a form available for ready reference, and although there was no grammar in which the accepted forms were collected, nor a dictionary where the accepted words could be found in alphabetical order.

I having declined a re-election,(47) from the persons proposed as Director of the Academy, on the 16th of May, 1898, Rev. M. A. F. Holmes, member of the Academy, resident in Macedon, New York, was unanimously elected for the term of five years.(48)

The circulars of the new Director to the academicians no longer appeared in Volapük, but in the new academic language, to which the name Neutral Language (Idiom neutral) was soon given by the Academy.

The new Director continued the work of the Academy in the same spirit: the language was further enlarged both by changes of some things previously accepted, but which had proved unsuitable, and by the acceptance of a large number of new roots and new derivatives and compounds, and partly by means of several new prefixes and suffixes.

The language is now so far finished that it can be practically useful, and therefore it is time to publish in the form of grammar and dictionary, as here presented, the resolutions so far passed by the Academy.

The work of the Academy, however, is not ended, nor will it ever altogether cease, for the Neutral Language, as every living language, will be subject to constant growth, and accordingly the Academy will be obliged continually to add to the dictionary.

The Academy has granted me a concession to publish the German dictionary of the Neutral Language, and a similar concession for the English dictionary to Rev. Director Holmes.

Should the foregoing dictionary by its practical use in life serve to facilitate international intercourse, its task is accomplished. I consider it an agreeable duty on this occasion to express my most obliged thanks to the Director, Rev. M. A. F. Holmes, for all the friendly services which he has so kindly rendered to me during the preparation of this book.

St. Petersburg, April, 1902.

W. Rosenberger.

Since the above was written the German grammar and dictionary of the Neutral Language have appeared,(49) and there are already many indications that Idiom Neutral is destined to become in the near future the medium of international intercommunication. Several reviews have spoken in the highest terms of the language, and Le Nouveau Précurseur, of Antwerp, Belgium, already publishes a biweekly letter, written in the Neutral Language, from a correspondent in Russia.

A concession has been granted by the Academy to W. V. Bonto van Bylevelt, one of the academicians for Holland, to publish the Dutch grammar and dictionary of the language.

I take the present opportunity of testifying to the many helpful suggestions received from Mr. W. Rosenberger, Vice-director of the Academy; all which have tended to the betterment of this book.

Macedon, N. Y., April, 1903.

M. A. F. Holmes.

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List of Members of the International Academy of the Universal Language

from its foundation August 9, 1887, to April, 1903.

No. Name. Residence. For what Country. Date of Entrance. Date of Retirement.
1 George Banfi Kupavar Hungary 9 Aug., 1887 May, 1889
2 Joseph Bernhaupt Beyrout Asia Minor (Syria) 14 Dec., 1890
3 Karl Dornbusch London England †24 Oct., 1888
4 Prof. Angelo Ferretti Reggio-Emilia Italy 1 March, 1892
5 J. Fieweger, rector Breslau Germany (Prussia) 10 March, 1889
6 Rudolf Herold Munich? Germany (Baden) April, 1889
7 Joseph Holden Preston England 14 Dec., 1890
8 Dr. Francisco Fernandez Iparraguirre Guadalajara Spain †7 May, 1889
9 Prof. Dr. Auguste Kerckhoffs (1) Paris France 9 Aug., 1892
10 Rupert Kniele Allmendingen Germany (Wurtemberg) 20 July, 1890
11 August Nilson, engineer (2) Gefle Sweden ----
12 Dr. Moritz Obhlidal Vienna Austria April, 1881
13 Woldemar Rosenberger, engineer (3) St. Petersburg Russia ”
14 Prof. Dr. Alfons von Rylsky (4) Vienna Austria April, 1891
15 Prof. Heinrich Schnepper (cf. No. 49) Munich Germany (Bavaria) May, 1889
16 Prof. da Silva Teixeira Porto Portugal 1 March,1692
17 Col. Charles E. Sprague New York U. S. America 81 Aug., 1896
18 Dr. T. C. Winkler Haarlem Holland 9 Aug. 1887 6 June, 1893
19 J. C. Aaen Aaby pro Aaby-bro Denmark Nov., 1887 Dec., 1888
20 Prof. Augusto Actis (cf. No. 76) Ferrara Italy 24 Sept., 1894
21 Louis Victor Allaire. M. D. Paris France †t25 July, 1888
22 Prof. Hippolyte Guigues (5) Paris France 29 May, 1895
23 J. Henry Harrison St. Petersburg Russia 4May. 1895
24 Prof. Arthur Heyligers Antwerp (6) Belgium (7) 4 Jan., 1895
25 Dr. J. P. Licherdopol Bucharest Roumania 18 March, 1898
26 Prof. John Runström (cf. No. 67) Stockholm Sweden 1 March, 1892
27 Prof. J. M. de Zubiria Bilbao Spain 1 March, 1892
28 Vincenzo Amoretti, engineer Turin Italy April, 1889 14 Dec., 1890
29 Henri Rubino de Barazia, captain La Rochelle France 20 July, 1890
30 Prof. J. Hanno Deiler New Orleans U. S. America 20 July, 1890
31 Dr. Thaddeus Devidé Vienna Austria 25 April, 1892
32 Alexander S. Harvey London England 1 March, 1892
33 G. Krause, editor (8) Hull England ----
34 Prof. Jesus Diaz de Leon Aguas Calientes Mexico 1 March, 1892
35 Prof. Dr. Siegfried Lederer (cf. No. 71)(9) Vienna Austria 25 April, 1892
36 Auguste Morel, engineer Le Creusot France 29 May, 1895
37 Prof. C. Moutonnier Chicago U. S. America 1 March, 1892
38 W. Pflaumer Halle on the Saale Germany April, 1889 †6 Jan., 1890
39 Paul Plum, merchant (10) Copenhagen Denmark
40 Dr. J. E. Weiss Munich Germany 20 July, 1890
41 Prof. Dr. O. Knuth Steglitz near Berlin Germany May, 1889 19 June, 1893
42 Friedrich Krüger, school-director Hamburg Germany 12 Nov., 1894 (11)
43 Prof. Nicolas de Ugarte Guadalajara Spain 1 Oct., 1894
44 M. W. Wood, M. D. Fort Randall, Dakota (12) U. S. America
45 George Day London England Nov., 1889 1 Mch., 1892
46 Pál de Madarassy Budapest Austro-Hungary 1 Mch., 1892
47 Paul Champ-Rigot St. Maurice, Seine France 14 Dec., 1890 14 Dec., 1892
48 Frederick W. Mitchell Cambridge, Mass. U. S. America 12 Mch., 1893
49 Prof. Heinrich Schnepper (cf. No. 15) Munich Germany 1 Mch., 1892
50 Tagliafero, school-inspector Malta English Colonies 1 Mch., 1892
51 Dr. Aloys Zott Munich (13) Germany 1 Mch., 1892
52 Dr. J. H. Thiessen Berlin Germany ? 1890 1 Mch., 1892
53 Prof. Guiglielmo Cattabeni Rome Italy 28 July, 1891 †4 Sept., 1893
54 Eugene Heintzeler, principal Stuttgart Germany 25 May, 1893
55 Bernardino Fraga Rosette Egypt 25 April, 1892 12 Oct., 1894
56 Eduardo Nunes Pires Desterro Brazil 25 April, 1897 (14)
57 Henri Dierckx Antwerp Belgium 29 Nov., 1893
58 Adam Henderson Glasgow Great Britain
59 Miss Henriette Enderneitt (15) St. Petersburg (16) Russia 30 July, 1893
60 Dr. Fr. Hoffmann Königsberg Germany
61 Dr. Raffaele Oreglia d’ Isola Turin (17) Italy
62 Julio Gabriel de Urquijo e Ibarra Bilbao Spain 26 Mch., 1897
63 Oscar Zschocher(18) St. Petersburg Russia 29 May, 1901
64 Prof. Samuel Huebsch New York U. S. America 1 Nov., 1893
65 Karl Lentze, editor Leipsic Germany 15 Nov., 1893
66 Edwin D. French New York (19) U. S. America
67 John Runström (cf. No. 26) Stockholm Sweden 17 July, 1894
68 H. Baines Paris France 24 Jan., 1894 29 May, 1895
69 C. Roussey Paris France 12 Oct., 1894
70 Arthur Röhr Leitmeritz Austria 31 Aug., 1896
71 Prof. Dr. S. Lederer (cf. No. 35) Radautz Austria 4 Feb., 1894 17 Nov., 1894
72 Prof. Valeriano Mazzanti Gaeta Italy 14 May, 1891 31 Aug., 1896
73 Julien Waegenaere Kortryk Belgium 7 June, 1894
74 Heinrich Petersen Hamburg Germany 18 Mch., 1898
-- Oscar Serck (20) St. Petersburg ---- ---- ----
75 Emanuele Bertolini, captain Turin (21) Italy 21 Nov., l894
76 Prof. Augusto Actis (cf. No. 20) Ferrara Italy May, 1895
77 Rev. M. A. F. Holmes (22) Macedon, N. Y. U. S. America 29 Nov., 1895
78 Christian Schmidt, teacher Nuremberg Germany 4 Mch., 1896
79 Julius Frost, doctor of chemistry Königsberg Germany 18 May, 1896
80 E. W. Earle, M. D. (23) Rochester, N. Y. U. S. America 31 May, 1896
81 Prof. B. Mackensen San Antonio, Texas U. S. America
82 Miss Marie J. Verbrugh Beek near Nijmegen (24) Holland
83 Alberto J. Martinez San Antonio, Texas (26) Mexico 12 Aug., 1896 31 March, 1903
84 Wladimir Shmurlo, engineer Tscheljabinsk Russia 6 Nov., 1896
85 W. V. Bonto van Bylevelt, lieutenant The Hague (27) Holland 18 Dec., 1899


(1) Director of the Academy from its foundation until 9 Aug., 1892.
(2) Election not accepted.
(3) Director from 16 May, 1893, to 16 May, 1898; Vice-director since 29 July, 1899.
(4) Vice-director from April, 1889, to April, 1891.
(5) Secretary and Cashier from November, 1887, to 1 Jan., 1893.
(6) From 30 Nov., 1891, in Paris.
(7) Later for France.
(8) Election not accepted.
(9) Secretary from November, 1889, to 25 April, 1892.
(10) Vice-director from 25 May, 1893, to 25 May 1898.
(11) Re-election not accepted.
(12) Now Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.
(13) Later Regensberg.
(14) Declined re-election.
(15) Secretary since 30 June, 1893. Since 17 May, 1896, Mrs. Bayer.
(16) Now Copenhagen.
(17) Now Rome.
(18) Secretary and Cashier (a)30 July, 1893, to 7 July, 1894, (b)15 March, 1897, to 16 May, 1898.
(19) Now Saranac Lake, N. Y.
(20) Not a member of the Academy; Secretary and Cashier 20 July, 1894, to †6 March, 1897.
(21) Now Bologna.
(22) Director since 16 May, 1898.
(23) Secretary and Cashier since 27 May, 1898.
(24) Now Wageningen.
(25) Later Mexico City.
(26) Now Tomsk.
(27) Now Amsterdam.


Enacted 19—21 August, 1889, by the International Congress of Volapükists in Paris.

[Translated from the Volapük original by M. A. F. Holmes.]

  1. The Academy busies itself only with the completion and improvement of the grammar and dictionary of the inventor.
  2. The Academy is the sole authority in questions of language.
  3. Academicians are chosen from among the most eminent of those who know the universal language in the different countries of the earth.
  4. In each country an academician may be chosen for every ten million inhabitants; a fraction of ten million is counted as ten million.
  5. Each country will have its normal number of academicians only when the universal language will have been sufficiently propagated therein.
  6. This number may be increased exceptionally in favor of very meritorious persons.
  7. The election of academicians takes place on proposal by the director and by a majority of the voters.
  8. The director of the Academy must propose for the office of academician those persons who are proposed to him by the clubs of the respective countries.
  9. If the clubs propose no person within two months, or if there be no club, the candidate is selected by the director.
  10. Academicians are chosen for five years; re-election is allowed.
  11. The Academy is administered by a directorate consisting of: (a) the inventor, (b) the director, (c) the vice-director, (d) two secretaries.
  12. The director and the vice-director are elected by the academicians for five years. They may be re-elected. The secretaries are appointed by the director.
  13. A mere majority of the voters decides.
  14. If the number of votes for and against is equal, the vote of the director decides.
  15. The resolutions of the Academy must be laid before the inventor at once. If the inventor does not protest against the resolutions within thirty days, the resolutions are definitive. Those resolutions which are not approved by the inventor will again be laid before the Academy, and will become definitive only after they will have been accepted by a two-thirds majority.
  16. The resolutions of the Academy are published in the universal language in the official journal of the Academy, which is chosen by the Academy.
  17. The director must lay before the Academy every proposal that is signed by six academicians.
  18. An academician who refuses to obey the definitive resolutions of the majority, or who for a year and without just cause has refused to take part in the labors of the Academy, has ceased to be an academician. The director should propose his dismissal.
  19. The dismissal of an academician is resolved by a two-thirds majority of the voters.
  20. Every academician pays a contribution of ten francs a year until the Academy will have the necessary means. The directorate of the Academy resolves how this money will be used. One of the secretaries is cashier of the Academy.
  21. These statutes can be changed only by an international congress. The original is signed by Paul Champ-Rigor, secretary of the congress.


(The figures refer to the paragraphs.)

Abbreviations, 84.
Accent (mark), 2.
Accent (stress), 2.
Accentuation, 2.
Accusative, 3.
Active, 37-49.
Adjective, 8.
Adjective as substantive, 11.
Adjective, position of, 10.
Adverb, 58-64, 17.
Adverb, numeral, 20.
Adverb, participial, 49.
Adverb, position of, 64.
Article, 4, 27.
Aryan languages, radicals taken from, 72.
Cardinal numbers, 13.
Cardinal numbers, position of, 19.
Comparison, 9, 63.
Complements of time, place and reason, position of, 64.
Compounds, 82, 83.
Conditional, 41, 42.
Conjugation, 36.
Conjunction, 67, 68.
Consonants, 1.
Dating, manner of, 22.
Dative, 3.
Days of week, 22.
Declension, 3.
Declension of pronouns, 29, 33, 34.
Derivatives, 80, 81.
Diminutives, 6.
Distributives, 16.
Feminine, 5.
Foreign words, pronunciation of, 1.
Formation of words, 71-83.
Fractions, 18.
Fractions, position of, 19.
Gender, 5.
Genitive, 3.
Gerundive, 52.
Imperative, 44.
Indicative, 37-40.
Infinitive, 45, 46.
Interjection, 69, 70.
Iteratives, 17.
Masculine, 5.
Months of year, 22.
Multiplicatives, 15.
Neuter, 5.
Nominative, 3.
Numeral, 13-23.
Ordinal numbers, 14.
Orthography, 1, 73.
Participle, 39, 47, 48, 51.
Passive, 50-53.
Plural, formation of, 3, 33.
Prefixes, 80, 82.
Preposition, 65, 66.
Preposition, position of, 66.
Primitives, 72-79.
Pronoun, 24-35.
Pronoun, correlative, 35.
Pronoun, demonstrative, 32.
Pronoun, indefinite, 34.
Pronoun, interrogative, 33.
Pronoun, personal, 24-29.
Pronoun, position of, 31.
Pronoun, possessive, 30-31.
Pronoun, relative, 33.
Pronunciation, 1, 2.
Questions, 57.
Radicals, 71-79.
Reciprocity, 56.
Root never changes, 75.
Specimens of the language, 85, and passim.
Subjunctive, 43.
Substantive, 3.
Suffixes, 81, and passim.
Time of day, 23.
Verb, 36-57.
Verb from adjective, 12.
Verb, impersonal, 54.
Verb, numeral, 21.
Verb, position of, 37.
Verb, reflexive, 55.
Vowels, 1.
Vowels, consecutive, 1.