Research Activities Page

Short Scientific Bio:

2009 -> Now : Temporary Researcher @ Dept. of Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering, Engineering Faculty, University of Catania, ITALY
2010 -> Now :  Visiting Researcher @ KawaObjects Inc, Los Altos, California, USA
2011: Contract Professor: Operating Systems (Winter-11) 
2011: Contract Professor: Web Services (Winter-11) 
2009: Contract Professor: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (Spring-09) 
2009:  PhD: Information and Telecommunication Engineering @ University of Catania .
2006: Qualification Test for Engineer ("Best IT Project")
2005: Master Degree in Engineering (Information Technology, Computer Science, Telecommunication) @ University of Catania

Research Interests

Autonomic Systems
 - DIME Computing
 - Autonomic Computing

Distributed Systems
 - Cloud, Grid Computing
 - P2P Computing
 - Volunteer/Crowd Computing
 - Wireless Sensor Network
Bio-inspired Computing
 -  Alienated Ant Algorithms
 -  Ant Colony Optimization
 -  Swarm Computing

"Services Oriented" Computing
 -  Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) management
 -  Immediate and Advanced Resources Reservation
 -  Services Discovery in wide-area distributed systems
 -  Services Composition under multiple constraints