The Digital Experience Design team from Kendall College of Art and Design observed the needs of the typical art student both digital and traditional. Our goal was to cut down on clutter and streamline the student experience and workflow. 

  • Stores all user files
  • Assists with heavy processing
  • Encodes rendered interface
  • Balances processing loads
  • Renders 3D graphics and video
  • Scaleable
  • Authenticates the user
  • Decodes processed data from the Kloud
  • Renders up to 4K resolution and pushes to
  • Infinity Terminal displays
  • Locally caches recent files from the Kloud
  • Renders latency sensitive interface components
  • Connect to Terminal displays
    via WiDi / Miracast 
    Mini-Display Port
  • Displays the GUI
  • Digitizes pen input
  • Can form to various aspect ratios
  • Communicates over WiDi or Miracast