Dignity of man

The basis of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests

Boris Mayorov

My parents dedicated 

The system of values based on the dignity  of man

Human history, all mankind - is the search for and study of meanings, values for the survival, modernization and sustainable living in the system of the original or conventional relative and absolute orientation of their social time  and their social level. In this community, the individual in different periods of his life can live in one landmark (for example: parents' home, friendship, love, work, career Vertical command-administrative system and democracy in the country, and you can focus on the companions, local Tale, the proletarians of all countries, and so on), one value or do not feel and do not realize anything as valuable , while in the study, in search of depression, in a stable, transitional society or during periodic unrest due to the fall of the mass of intelligence in their social level, or in the general level of current civilization. 

Parents, elite or leaders can exercise social control, to orient or disorient a person or people by force, money and wisdom in varying proportions to provide the elements of self-government or leave the human population for self-organization, or adventurers who  tricked live with his hands .

From communities of cannibals, who somehow got on together to the modern developed societies with legal concepts of human dignity and respect for the practice come a long historical path. 

At different times people relied on the objects of the gods, shamans, for the family and tribe, territory and religion, then by nationality and country estate and ideology, it is now focus on the culture of consumption and trade. In this social time poorly understood and even more practically defined for each region and communities of the region and the more targets a particular person in the developed and developing countries can quickly be filled and modified for even a single calendar year.  
However, the main timeless social landmark date for all communities by a group of three people up until recently existed empires - is the subordination of the king, emperor, leader, president, commander, boss, husband, chapter leader of ... Conditional or unquestioning obedience on oath or by agreement in different variations until work and their supposed to accept, understand and build their tolerant attitude to people on the basis of the existing reality. We just hope that people will be able in the future to mitigate the relationship of subordination and somehow influence the decisions made by the leader.

In my opinion, people in Russia have a high level of social inertia, live as if in the Soviet community, speak templates television programs and guided by leaders in 95 cases out of 100. I believe that 95% of power, money and knowledge in the hands of the ruling elite and bureaucracy. This is the prevailing social customs, taxation, senior junior, bordering on a voluntary operation due to lack of transparency in the calculations; write about it, saying, " asserts science " ... and the transition to a sustainable development of the newborn company new Russia probably will be in marked tendency to the relation of 50 x 50. 

You can accept the conclusion of scientists that man is a social animal origin completed the stage from the monkey, but adequate according to the social community, local time, in many countries have not developed, and this process is probably only in the initial stage. At the same time social trends and masses of people do not understand the problems of progress by participating in them because of the circumstances, and radically change social traditions harmful. This stalemate for a small number of progressive-minded people in Russia - to walk silently systems or stand with the poster in a single picket. 

Evolution, complexity of social systems, development trends of the communities will inevitably lead to the appearance of strength in the population - the mass of horizontal relations based on human dignity, will be built multiple non vertically based on the law and ethics, taking into account the multicultural factor. Already today, for a peaceful sustainable development of communities, the coexistence of cultures, forms a common and clear to every system of human values, solidarity and participation of everyone in community affairs - isolate themselves or to live in his virtual space and person, and inefficient state. Through universal education and technology are growing wealth and population knowledge. Achieving stability of complex social systems will stimulate the desire of each person to the values ​​of happiness, thereby minimizing losses and the efficient use of scarce resources in the economy.

However, in the XXI century a trend of separation of archaic human vertical relationship between the state, the collective-the tribe, and so on, replacing them by the law and ethical standards of respect for their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests. Nascent another human quality - oriented and value in geographic coordinates, just starting to show. Born and cognitive science and technology to use it to create new communities and happy lives of individuals. 

Today in Russia hardly created a new solidarity based on the people with the dignity and value of human orientation, which will bring together families, professionals, communities of interest and other primary cells of civil society. I believe that at the end of  the XXI century will be carried out individual quantitative calculation of the level of the values  of human in view of the genome  of a particular person to make a qualitative transition from Homo sapiens to value-oriented person.

The man and the community is always striving to improve the usefulness of a factor of the activity, sometimes called the meaning of life. However, this factor if it and will count ever, sure to be a little like a locomotive 8% or even less. And this level was for centuries to ethnic and throughout the life of each of us, what he was engaged. Human activity is very often not useful, but as the work of the engine, of which the benefits are often teachers talk.

Industrialization, Art realized average education of the population, embodied in the physical processes, indicators of force, work, energy .... In my opinion, in many countries of the twentieth century, the community lived simply, under the rule of activity idiots descendants passionaries on ethnogenesis theory  Lev Gumilyov , and now the majority of the energy  is uncontrollable , especially in Russia: it often ruined their own figures from the people and not the conquerors - the barbarians.  
The world has reached the limits of its intensive development. In my opinion, since the late 60-ies in the USSR, and in developed countries before, against the background of the utopian plans of the Communist Party, were established criminal community on the basis of existing law and common sense, and after the collapse of the USSR, these corporate structures, some involving foreign and multinational corporations have grown, multiplied and captured Russian: send representatives to the Government and as deputies to the Parliament with a ticket purchased from any party or gentlemanly set of relevant recommendations, up to doctoral theses of any science.

For corporations, the main thing - profit and Europe come together to simplify the movement of capital and make it meaningless garbage and sustainable development of EU corporate priority. However, on the way the EU has a lot of difficulties.  
In the transition period in Russia, probably the KGB, now the FSB plays an important role in governing the country and trying to get over the corporations, whose history is unfolding before our eyes. I believe that this method of transition,  the Russian version of corporate governance formation .  
For Russia, today it is necessary, as in the early twentieth century, universal values literacy as the basis for life in the information society, and the need to continually improve the welfare of the population, and especially the central part of it contribute to the horizontal ties of solidarity in the different communities, to prepare personnel for modern governance and cooperation in corporations around the world, and import from abroad, not only information, but also the capital. Russia during the transition to the postmodern can be for neighboring countries capital storage and collaboration developed countries not be a great power with missiles and comfortable supra-national country with a developed corporate system, actually united with their transnational links with the European Union and the rest of the value-oriented world.

Direct minority dictate the story goes, a control option through democracy in Russia did not take place, and the self-value-based population was just making its way into the minds and in practice is more developed countries. And here Russia has a chance not trail in the Western tail (which is not bad), and reach the same level as developed countries, steadily developing, not only the army, economy and science, but also value-oriented people.  
In today's world after the collapse of empires and the transformation of authoritarian regimes of the twentieth century, the end of "cold war", the scientific and technological revolution, and the era of the liberal economy of the developed countries thawed billions of people, the masses were freed for life in the new environment  the come postmodern . For the formation of communities after the democracy and liberalism (steady, not rapid development due to the processing of raw materials, and through innovation and enhancing each person) needed new bases and guidelines of building personal and social happiness. Once again, social history, but  for the first time on a global scale  has begun replacing the deity, chief, leader, re-evaluation of moral authority, the authority of brute force, the unjust money or doubtful knowledge, ideologies and other outdated social traditions.

In his youth, during the continuous propaganda, the Soviet people I seemed quite a decent community of modern humans, which lacks a little freedom of action. However, I was wrong. Soviet nation was canned, frozen community modes of absolute monarchy and the Bolshevik dictatorship; not cannibals, but not secular society. Perhaps massive showdown on concepts, including some cases of cannibalism in Russia may be another 100 years. We need the efforts of the elites, for example, five-year elimination of information literacy for the people living in a modern knowledge society. Apparently, young people should be encouraged to build elements of a new society, to show a correct picture of life, so as not to fall into shock from eating live or figuratively neighbor or disoriented and dying relative in search of his happiness is the post-industrial society.

In Russia, in the most resource-rich country in the world, after the collapse, defrost and re-activation of the Soviet society stepped transition. Sensible persons specified Russian sovereignty in the Constitution of 1993, created a blueprint for the future, but have not taught people to use these new opportunities to build their happiness and the people were disoriented with elements of collapsed administrative-command system, sprouts of democracy, a new crime, new ethics, and other all kinds of factors modern civilization. Disoriented people continued as in former times to seek private and public happiness, get your hands on, in addition to low wages, impersonal equivalents property - vouchers that have been thrown to the wind unprepared population. 

According to the UN Human Development Index ( HDI ) today varies in Russia in the area of 55 out of 169 countries. That is, citizens of Russia are poor, surrounded by his wealth (could not, did not have time in the twentieth century to develop its economy on the basis of the command system), could not go on the search for the construction of his own happiness. Compounding the material poverty of the society, uncontrolled media by inertia continue to impose public vague economic and political environment continue to consciously, often unconsciously, to manipulate public sentiments, form the concept of culture based on the songs and dances on the stage, and the ice, the other false targets to gain happiness man whose life continues to be measured is less than the contents of his small purse. There has been a need to update all levels of social and humanitarian meaning of life and if they are not designed and practically designed, after the development of the public products and meanings of scientific and technological revolution of our time gadgets in the present globalized world can happen a series of social catastrophes due landmarks loss now thriving and developing communities. 

Crash traditional way (of any orientation in life) have been in the past, but not on a global scale.  I assume that the complexity of the situation is due to the impossibility of repetition of the social history of developed countries developing. 
Modern challenges - the challenges of sustainable human development, community, Russia and all countries (no spontaneous development of money economy, without jerks and sudden braking, without wars and revolutions) I propose to begin to solve right now, and on his fingers ten value orientations, and expert digital methods in the super computers connected livelihoods coordinate systems, community culture and human, uniting in itself: heliocentric, geocentric, socio-economic (state, civil, private), personal value system, drawing on their own merit, for each specific value, etc. I propose today ten value orientations to solve problems of rapid assessment and a person's own happiness, and sustainability of any community from the family to the state, the evaluation of any steps the governments in the internal and foreign policy of the national interests of the people, which in our post-industrial era will be transformed in the universal values of the people and all mankind of the Earth. That is the political and ethnic nation states and national interests are transformed into values of sustainable communities based on the necessary and sufficient happiness of each person in a particular locality. 

In the XXI century it will be achieved universal information literacy, man today need to offer a set of facilities, the knowledge and skills that will enable it to identify and formalize primarily own the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests to maintain sustainable livelihoods values. Specific, digital, and not hazy methods and techniques necessary everywhere to offer a sufficient set of information tools, indicating how to use it in accordance with legal and ethical norms of a particular locality. Even today, it is necessary to digitize technology, formalize and offer to each and every human techniques solve most situations in life, many convenient transparent value orientations with the necessary detail for each value and clear the relationship on the basis of human dignity. 

Today, the majority do not read great literature, does not seek and does not prove valuable reference for his life, it is unlikely to have time to develop new appliances, machines with program control or handheld computers. Modern man is not enough, and democracy, and its basic values - freedom. To modernize the current society have to take into account and apply all the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests on the basis of human dignity, which will be a solid foundation in all spheres of social interaction, vertical and especially horizontal relations in society, which did not develop at times of slavery in Russia to this day: in they did not need to. All possible ranking, preserved in Russia since Peter the Great's times, it is necessary to change the codes of ethics and rules, based on the socio-economic conditions of the community or group of persons. I suppose that at the heart of the whole not the rule of law will be taken the life of society, and the rule of human dignity. Updated calendar will be created in Russia and for many nationalities separately. Population parted with many misconceptions culture of the past and acquire modern landmarks.  
The personal coordinate system based on human dignity, and in the near future and in view of the genome of each person, must everywhere be introduced into the public consciousness and in the near future become the basis of social methodology, methods and mathematical modeling state and social movements matter. This success will depend on the proportions and the level of power, monetary and educational regulation of social relations. Thus every conscious human dignity is the driving factor of self-government. 

To Europe and Russia plunged into chaos by natural and free of division of property of the former USSR and the second Migration, which we have seen in our time, it is necessary to formalize and technologically reconcile national interests and resources in these coordinate systems for the realization of the value of the economy, a genuine human culture and social policy, to the process of governance and human interaction was mathematically transparent, reasonable and predictable. Digitization Earth Works successfully conducted  by Google , an impressive experience in the human body is represented in the digitization technology  Google old Body the Browser . All further successes will be associated with the formalization of the world community in the transnational project (part of the project can be implemented in Skolkovo, to compensate for aggravated crime and corruption behind in democratization of the society, which was postponed under the impending 90-ies of the economic collapse of Russia). However, time dictates the need for the creation and implementation in Russia and post-democratic social relations.

Thus now it is necessary to provide a minimum level of education for the understanding of each person the difference between the individual coordinate systems and time: astronomy, geocentric, local, social, personal. For example, a person in childhood, adolescence and maturity resides in a different personal time.  Communities of our planet live in their social time , and the Earth - Sun have their astronomical time and calendar. From the periodic activity of the Sun depends not only on the transverse annual rings on a cut trees, but also generation of quality. Rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of gaining a every generation, but at a different level. We can not allow one generation has created a rocket, and another generation of negligence, for collective or personal conviction national leader to apply it. We must not allow the appearance of third countries with nuclear arsenals and leading his Cold War, or the launch of its satellite, for example, a leader and a music lover at the expense of sales of the tribe of forest around the Amazon to broadcast songs about the leader. I believe that the current lead productive, if based on the inviolability of human dignity: open, universal and dynamically allocated; It does not inhibit the activity and promotes the value of human orientation for sustainable development.

Today, the rate of social processes below the rate of change of the environment . Modern civilization requires constant and popular attention to value orientations person, including it's time to enter, and a single calendar for the inhabitants of the Earth.  
For example, no one thought, but it is possible for the sustainable development of the Caucasus there should not be expanded industry and demographics, as well as the in China, introduce clear limits to everyone and provide jobs for young people in the densely populated regions of the developing regions of Russia and the rest of the world. However, the local government in developing regions should be introduced immediately. For me, the vector of development of Moscow - the big question. Moscow - continental metropolis. Our capital is not blown ocean winds as New York and therefore morality, social laws, codes of ethics and corporate social groups, the tradition of Muscovites in a separation of religion and state should be more reliable. The importance of today are the principles of transparency and adequacy of the budget and the power control in Moscow, generating through media channels such actions all over Russia.

If we assume that modern Russia lags behind developed countries in Europe for 100 years, our society today, in 2010, part of the band appeal to a certain order of population (with the trends of the Italian banal or worse, German fascism with the fixation of the leader). The people remain poor, inadequate to its national wealth and according to social inertia, with no idea of dignity, still need to be the chief and leader, tying his personal fortune to the total number of missiles and warheads, livestock of cattle, pigs and the like scattered indicators initial era of modernization . Therefore, scientific and political leaders, economic elite, all sensible people should be skillfully and carefully apply the social management measures in this period of our development, to offer the necessary centers of concentration of social initiatives, constantly take care of improving the material level and social culture, instill independence and tolerance of the population, the concept of personal sovereignty and sustainable livelihoods in today's capital and after capitalism has come to the developed countries. For example, do not have enough money: happiness can be increased at the expense of love, knowledge, work or other values (see figure), without forgetting that the main factor for the man - woman to woman and vice versa - a man. Going to the value orientations of the population in the near future may start in young people giving up beer and cigarettes, and the adult population in the broad horizontal relationships begin to apply the law and ethic values in its relations with each other in everyday life and at work, creating a postmodern economy. In this society with rooted human dignity in  the mentality of  the people is more convenient to start to fold over the personnel of the Army (previously there were forged frames for the dictatorship of the proletariat and the command-administrative system, and now there is a vertical relationship predominate), which can act as a generator of citizens with protected denomination for a new society. The gap between the people in power, money and knowledge will continue to flatten the laws and ethical standards. I believe the right to enter into the law on political parties is not only quantitative, but also the need for research and analysis of social management center.

The author believes that in the modern era of globalization, universal social action and understanding of limited energy resources, begins a mass exodus of the population of all countries of the chimeras and ideologies. Following the scientific and technological revolution humanity will survive scientific and humanitarian. Each person, community, people will get reasonable value systems based on the concept of "Human dignity" that in the XXI century will be an axiom of public consciousness, the constant in the tools of e-democracy, the basis for the assessment and calculation of sustainable human development, community each locality and states.  

Such systems Descartes coordinates (x, y, z - everyone knows), to ensure the development of modern science and technology today to assess the first steps of building a happy life after modernity (capitalism) is needed for the Humanities and understandable to every system of social dimensions. Here are three common reference point (channel) on the power of social management (policy), money (economy) and knowledge (science) must be supplemented by other equivalent, transparent, understandable and convenient for the public systems of values ( coordinate systems ). Thus today we must understand that the force (self-organization), money, and intelligence (knowledge) society does not grow linearly, they are objective wave cycles, which will soon be found. This means that after the development of a community is quite possible period of decline, which requires reliable ties of protecting the community at least by self-destruction. Any social action today can be estimated on the fingers. The ruling elite in many countries has more power, money and knowledge than the opposition or the population. This also applies to Russia, which does not depart from the vertical device of his society, heightened Soviet period of development.  
Each person has a child it is necessary to foster respect for themselves and others, value orientation: citizen participation in local affairs and politics, both independently and as part of the local community on the horizontal level, in family matters and in the local economy, to attach to the self-organization and local communities for secular ethics, adapted to every age.  
for everyday communication between people in families for all the peoples of the world offer a simplified version of the same understanding of values a person on the basis of a half-open palm of your hand (fist) and three fingers. Hopefully, this symbol will become an element of information culture of all peoples. More sophisticated software and information model calculator personal happiness propose to develop a personal mobile devices.  Mobile smartphones in the near future will be connected  not only to the map of the area, but also to the relevant social databases, which are now booming.

It is obvious that the political system of a society of sustainable development will  consist of the three spheres of social relations, of the three main directions (parties), which extends social energy: the scope of power, money and knowledge. All spheres intersect and have a common component on the basis of human dignity and all this will enhance the value of every person, the personal happiness and well-being of the entire community, the political nation to the extent necessary. Political parties of the near future will not be based on the doctrine or belief, and on the scientific recommendations of national and private academic school, a minimum of which will be determined by law.  The Parliament of sustainable development law will be fixed at least three fractions, which will be formed by the applicable parties, regardless of the interest earned on general election. Such a political system of the three parties could be declared in Russia in 2015-2017 years the All-Russian Constituent Assembly for 50 years and it will provide the balance of social power. 

I believe that throughout the world the further development of existing democracies or authoritarian regimes based on the dictates of the ruling elite (the bureaucracy) concentrate in their hands the power, money and knowledge will flow in the direction of the balance of these components.  

If I am right, then in the near future it is necessary, for example, the establishment of three ruling parties: the Conservative Party of Russia (reliance on force), Liberal (Democratic) Party of Russia (reliance on the economy), Progressive Party of Russia (reliance on knowledge). Municipalities can always have a core of three elected commissioners in these areas as the basis of the local council and at least another five to select any representatives of the citizens, regardless of membership in political parties, which can be a lot, depending on local traditions.

 (Recall the text of Article 6 of the recent constitution, which was declared the role of one of the ruling party. "The leading and guiding force of Soviet society and the nucleus of its political system, state and public organizations is the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The CPSU exists for the people and serves the people. Armed with Marxist -leninskim teaching, the Communist party determines the general perspectives of the development of society and the course of domestic and foreign policy of the USSR, directs the great creative activity of the Soviet people, and imparts a planned scientifically substantiated character to their struggle for the victory of communism. ")  

Flat scheme developed political system of the National Society of the XXI century Russia with the three major parties 1.2 and 3, offering their community stabilization projects in the next elections will look like according to the figure stated above. Thus, any non-governmental organizations from three persons and above, and the media in particular should be built on a scientific basis and three pillars in all versions: the power, money, knowledge, rejecting as futile any congresses only economists, but filmmakers, intellectuals and generals as futile and erroneous in its declared structure - on one wheel is not to leave. For example, all of the successful party of the XX century were built on these foundations, and the duration of the success depended on correctly declared values ​​and the basics of building lots.

Further sustainable development of Russia, the quality of growth of its civilization will be able to carry out only self-sufficient, value-oriented people on the basis of all understood,  respect and protect human dignity. The masses of people are just beginning to enjoy all the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of man and citizen for the construction of the meaning of his own existence, self-improvement and self-organization of the various communities, society and humanity. This is the key to human well-being, present and future in Russia, the population of the world in our time of transition from democracy to sustainable human development. This is the essence starting our eyes a second Enlightenment. 

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9.09.2008 - 09.09.2013

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In the Age of Enlightenment (Descartes, the beginning of XVII century -.. Rousseau and Voltaire, the end of the XVIII century) came the idea of natural rights in the heliocentric universe.  
In the XIX century, Charles Darwin essentially substantiated human dignity, basic property that has been formed by natural selection during the anthropoid millions of years. It has been proven that the person is not a servant of God, as a social being with dignity, and only at their consent is subject to the king or the president of his choice.

Earlier centuries discussed the divine image of man and the love of neighbor in the geocentric world created by God.  
On the basis of these ideas have been created and adopted the Bill of Rights in the United Kingdom, the Bill of Rights in the United States, the Declaration of the Rights of Man in France.

First and Second World War revealed the need for universal human rights treaties. In 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt in his address, "State of the Union" called on to support the four essential freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear. This gave new impetus to the development of human rights as a necessary condition for peace and end the war.

When the public became aware of the atrocities that are committed by Nazi Germany, it became clear that the UN Charter did not accurately defines human rights. Universal agreement became necessary for Human Rights.


adopted at the third session of the UN General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948.


Article 1.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.


In 1993, Russia adopted a constitution, which laid the foundations of the protection of human dignity, his rights, freedoms and legitimate interests.


December 7, 2000, the European Parliament solemnly proclaimed the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.


Today, at the beginning of the XXI century, is born a second Age of Enlightenment, the scientific community, each person needs to participate in the implementation of declarations of human dignity in law, technology, and techniques worthy of life of every person in the world, sustainable development and the smooth transition of the population of authoritarian states to self-government of the peoples .

Author and editor of the website offers clear each person the personal value system of coordinates (human values) based on the merits of the concept as a common tool to update the nation, other communities and personal happiness.

War is always allowed to have accumulated in peacetime errors extinguish harmful human activities. All wars, including the cold - a social catastrophe of society unguided still factors of development, building a community. Gulag and the Holocaust should not be repeated. 

It is time for a second Enlightenment, scientific and humanitarian revolution, when value systems based on the dignity of the field of natural human rights will be included in each person's happiness technology, ensure the sustainable development of communities.

Constitution of Russia

We, the multinational people of the Russian Federation, united by a common fate on our land, establishing human rights and freedoms, civil peace and accord, preserving the historically established state unity, proceeding from the universally recognized principles of equality and self-determination of peoples, honoring the memory of ancestors who have conveyed to us the love and respect for Fatherland and faith in good and justice, reviving the sovereign statehood of Russia and asserting the firmness of its democratic basic, striving to ensure the well-being and prosperity of Russia, proceeding from the responsibility for our Fatherland before present and future generations, recognizing ourselves as part of the world community, adopt the CONSTITUTION oF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION.


Article 21
1. The dignity of the person protected by the state. Nothing can be the basis for its derogation. 
2. No one shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. No one shall be subjected without free consent to medical, scientific or other experiments.

Commentary on Art. 21

Human dignity, as stated in the Preamble to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, is an inherent property of all members of the human family, from which derive all the inalienable rights and which is based on freedom, justice and world peace.

Dignity - the inalienable property of the person as the supreme value, formed the basis of the recognition and respect of all his rights and freedoms (Constitutional Court Decision of 27 June 2000 N 11-P // SZ the Russian Federation 2000. N 27. Article 2882..) And belonging to it regardless of whether it itself and the surrounding people perceive and assess its identity. Therefore, no matter how established itself person, whatever qualities, including negative, it may possess, the state and its authorities are obliged to fully ensure his conditions for the realization of all rights that ensure human dignity. Ensure that human dignity - meant primarily to treat it not as an object of influence of the state, as well as an equal entity that can defend their rights by all means not prohibited by law (Part 2, Article 45 of the Constitution..) And argue with the government in the face any of its organs (the Constitutional Court's Decision of 3 May 1995, N 4-P // SZ the Russian Federation. 1995. N 19. Art. 1764).

Boris Mayorov IV - website editor and author of the project believe that the mass exodus of the population of most countries of the chimera and ideology begins in the modern era of globalization. Every nation is beginning to take scientifically substantiated by UN, values based on the concept of "human dignity" that in the XXI century will be an axiom of public consciousness, the beginning of the calculation of sustainable development of civilization and human basic values of communities in all senses. 
Like the system of Cartesian coordinates (x , y, z - everyone knows) and Galileo's heliocentric system, to ensure the development of modern science and technology, today upgrades and life after modernity (capitalism) need clear every modern man system of social dimensions. To be in the tradition of fix and legislate specifically for each location and quantitative components of values of the consumer basket to the insurance cost of the lives of everyone. At this point, the end of 2010, common system of social scientific measurements do not exist. I hope that the dignity of everyone, the sun above his head and recommended the calculations of values for each person in the coming years will be the basis of social relations, and my sketches in this area will be useful to my followers. 
We must move away from voluntarism in state-building and social impromptu public and local administrations with activities in the squares and streets of any settlements. 
Even today, need analysis and conclusions from the tragic mistakes of fascism, communism, and delusions of limiting the growth of liberal individual countries at the expense of the environment and the utopian ideas of the man over the past millennium. 
An updated leadership, sustainable development technology value- oriented communities will enable mankind to avoid the war and to extend the life cycle of the entire community and a real human civilization to the extinction of all living things in a reasonable and imminent biological death of the planet Earth and the subsequent death of this variant of the universe.

Today, however, many things in our hands! 

In addition to the main image of a person of values ​​of 3 fingers, I suggest to all people friendly to each individual image of the creation and retention of happiness in the value system of coordinates on the basis of dignity (connected by two hands) 10 value orientations (10 fingers of both hands).

Lower the arms can not be - the happiness will disappear.