Advertising & Social media marketing

DC provides its clients unique concepts of advertising and marketing alongside fulfilling and satisfying its customers by result oriented solutions with the best value for the money. We use guerilla marketing techniques with new and developed techniques in marketing and advertising. Some of solutions are

  • Bus TV advertising

  • Nano Taxi TV Advertising

  • Salon TV advertising

  • Buses, Nano Taxis and Three-wheel Branding

  • Web Advertising

  • Shuttle branding on social media platforms

Event Management & Activations

From Product or service activation to corporate event management to a concert organizing and management falls under our room of event management. Where we provide solutions of concept designing, planning and executing, also never to forget analyzing and evaluating will be part of our whole service.

Out bound Training

Activity based outdoor training for team building, develop leadership skills, and motivation at work atmosphere. Currently DC has 3 trainers in-house for out-bound training with over 4 years of training experience. DC also has partnered trainers for soft skill in-house trainings.

Software development (ERP solutions)

We DC provide its clients with state of the art Enterprise Resource Planning with a thorough study of the requirements.

SMS & e-mail promotions

So far we Digital Consultants has done the single largest SMS campaign in Sri Lanka, for over 4 million numbers, collecting all unique number databases and partnering with other leading SMS solution providers in Sri Lanka.

DC has an Email database of over 350,000 working email addresses. And also a partner with other Email campaign services from Sri Lanka and overseas.

Call center solutions

For clients with a requirement of a temporary or a long term call center solution will be the ideal client for DC’s Call center solution service. Where DC uses software based solution with a Dialog Sip trunk system.

Audio & Video productions

Audio production house for all audio related productions such as voice prompt recording, commercial audio productions, and music productions. Based in Colombo and Avissawella.

Some of well-known video directors, videographers and editors are among the partner members of DC Video team. The company also utilizes modern video production techniques and trends.