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Microsoft Wireless Desktop 6000 Keyboard

microsoft wireless desktop 6000 keyboard
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Microsoft Wireless LAser Desktop 6000 v3- what it looks like with my desktop
Microsoft Wireless LAser Desktop 6000 v3- what it looks like with my desktop
i got it for free, what can i complain my v2 version was acting up, called microsoft and they send we will send u a replacment, because the v2 was discontinued, they sent me the v3, free replacment and shipping microsoft has decent customer service, but i hate when indian representitves pick up, its really hard to understand. oh well, took a week to deliever and now i got a new keyboard and mouse WOOTTT
Low signal quality?
Low signal quality?
I have a Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 v2.0. It might as well be wired. As you can see in this pic, even though the wireless mouse and keyboard are 2-3 centimetres from the Desktop Receiver, it still reports low signal quality! Maybe if I glued the mouse to the receiver. Oh, then it wouldn't be wireless, would it?

microsoft wireless desktop 6000 keyboard
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